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Top 10 Best 24 Inch TVs in 2022 Reviews

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    With TVs, it’s not just a matter of owning one as quality matters. Of course, the quality ones will able to portray quality images with enhanced clarity. Indeed the 24 inch TV can be great for your use just in case you are looking for a small sized TV. It’s ideal for those with limited space and additionally, the small size will lessen your portability concerns when you need to change locations.

    In terms, of performance, you will experience high-quality images the same as there natural state thanks to the great resolution and refresher rate. If you were scared by the large screens hefty price tags then with the 24 inches you cost concerns have been eased. With the many screens in the market choosing a small sized one can be hectic and sometimes confusing. However, with the review below that contains the best 10 in the market. This should surely aid any buyer that is looking for one.

    List of Best 24 Inch TV Reviews 2022:

    10. SANSUI LED TV 24” 19201080 HD 60Hz

    SANSUI LED TV 24'' 19201080 HD 60Hz Ultra Slim Flat Check Price

    • By: Sansui 24 Inch TVs

    If you want a portable TV for your uses then this Sansui fits your needs. Its small size can be perfect for a small sized family. With high HD it will show clear images. For dimensions well it has a width of 21.9, length of 13.1 and further height of 3.4 inches. Moreover, it has a refresher rate of 60 HZ this will ensure the fast moving scenes are clear enough.

    On the other hand, it comes with other interfaces like USB, VGA and PC audio in. This TV is known for its great performance and a colorful life that it will bring to you. Even more important is its portability nature that ensures you can use the television set wherever you want.

    Extra features:

    • It’s light and easily portable for use at your preferred place.
    • It shows crystal clear images.

    9. LG 24-Inch 720p LED TVs

    LG 24-Inch 720p LED TV Check Price

    • By: LG 24 Inch TVs

    You can consider upgrading your old model TV with this LG electronics. With the 720 pixel HD, this will serve as an upgrade judging by the quality pictures that you will receive. Besides, it has a LED light that perhaps boosts the quality of the images. If the is not enough, well with 60HZ refresher rate this will ensure you witness quality images from the fast-moving action scenes.

    There is no doubt the triple XD engine will ensure you get the images in their natural color state. Other interfaces include the HDMI that ensures you can link it to other devices to enjoy the high-quality images. Additionally, its energy efficient when it comes to power consumption. All is now for you to get this quality screen that will not have negative effects on your eye.

    Extra features:

    • The led backlight ensures the images are clear enough.
    • It has the HDMI interface that can link easily to other devices.

    8. Element ELEFW248 24″ 720p 60Hz LED HDTV – 24 Inch TVs

    Element ELEFW248 24" 720p 60Hz LED HDTV Check Price

    • By: Element 24 Inch TVs

    This TV gives quality sounds in addition to the high-quality images. Of course, with built-in 3D noise reduction, this will ensure you get every sound. For the images it has a contrast ratio of 800:1 this will ensure you get dark and brighter images as they are in their natural state. Still, with image quality, it has a resolution of 1366 by 768 you will get an amazing viewing experience.

    Additionally, equipped with 720p and the advanced design this will be great for you. Other interfaces include the usual HDMI and RF input support. With its size, it can be perfect for your room. Finally, the pricing is very fair if you can afford this TV then you probably won’t afford other TVs.

    Extra features:

    • It gives high-quality sounds as it’s equipped with noise reduction technology.
    • With the cheap pricing, you will enjoy quality images and sounds.

    7. Sceptre 24 Inches 720p LED TV  – 24 Inch TVs

    Sceptre 24 Inches 720p LED TV

    Check Price

    • By: Sceptre 24 Inch TVs

    Yet another design that can fit your small desk is this scepter television. For very many years of the company existence, it has been providing electronics with great qualities at affordable prices. This TV is in the category. Boasting of the LED lights the display will feature a vast array of colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

    Moreover, it has the USB port that enables you to listen to the music collection on your flash disk. Another interface is the reliable HDMI for quality video access. Elsewhere, the TV can look perfect when mounted on the wall. Both the high resolution and contrast ratio will ensure you have a great viewing experience.

    Extra features:

    • It’s an energy efficient design as it cost you less than 5 dollars in your bills.
    • It has many interfaces VGA, HDMI and a USB port for you to access other devices.

    6. LG Electronics (24LJ4540) 24-Inch Class HD 720p LED TV  – 24 Inch TVs

    LG Electronics (24LJ4540) 24-Inch Class HD 720p LED TV Check Price

    • By: LG 24 Inch TVs

    For your small sized room, this 24 inch LG TV will occupy the least space. Equipped with the triple XD engine the results will be images in their natural colors. The image’s clarity has been enhanced by the LED backlight that gives brightness for image clarity. With the LED light this will also save energy.

    Furthermore, the 1080 pixel resolution delivers outstanding images.  It strengthened further by the special process that ensures the colors green, blue and cyan look very bright. Its refresher rate is 60 HZ but is very effective even in fast-moving scenes. If you want to save space this TV can be wall mounted too. For better quality sounds and images hurry and get yours as the TV is up for grabs.

    Extra features:

    • It has a great resolution of 1080 pixels for the great image quality.
    • The blue skies process ensure the colors appear better than they are.

    5. RCA 24-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV – 24 Inch TVs

    RCA 24-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV Check Price

    • By: RCA 24 Inch TVs

    If you are out there looking for an affordable TV that has image quality then try this RCA product. With its fair pricing, it will definitely fit your budget. It has an amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a further contrast ratio of 1000:1. All these combined will lead to amazing image quality as if they appear in their true state.

    The sounds too cannot be left behind as you will get rich sounds to accompany your favorite program. In addition, it has other interfaces VGA input, USB media player. This will enable you to access your videos and music on other devices. Equipped with the 16.7 million colors playing games will be fun. Make your dream of ever owning a TV a reality by getting this affordable and high-quality TV.

    Extra features:

    • It has great resolution and contrast ratio for you to see the colors as they appear in their natural state.
    • With an amazing 16 million colors this can have you the great viewing experience.

    4. LG Electronics 24LH4530 24-Inch 720p LED TV  – 24 Inch TVs

    LG Electronics 24LH4530 24-Inch 720p LED TV

    Check Price

    • By: LG 24 Inch TVs

    One of the best televisions in the industry if not the best in LG products. This one is not an exception as the unrivaled image quality with its great performance will have you a great viewing performance. For the resolution of around 1366 by 768, this makes the images appear detailed in their true natural colors. The presence of the LED light further makes the images appear bright. Whether you want to play games or use your laptop the convenient HDMI input is there for a quick go experience.

    For quick action scenes well it has an effective refresher rate of 60 HZ. Additionally, the screen is equipped with a triple XD engine that is normally associated with great contrast and clarity plus rich colors with no blur. No matter what angle you are seated in the images will be a good quality you will surely like the experience.

    Extra features:

    • You can view it from any angle but still see the great image quality.
    • The great resolution plus the LED light will give you quality images.

    3. Samsung Electronics UN24M4500A 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV – Best 24 Inch TVs

    Samsung Electronics UN24M4500A 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV

    Check Price
    • By: Samsung 24 Inch TVs

    Of course when you talk of the best TV models then you will never Miss Samsung on the list. With this model, you will be able to enjoy your viewing experience as it has 2 times clarity. Besides with the 60 HZ refresher rate, this will enhance processing speed when it comes to watching high action scenes.

    The backlight technology gives enough light for the images to be bright. It also boasts of PUR color that will enable you to see all the colors vividly. On the other hand, it has a micro dimming pro that divides the screens into very pure black and whites. Your controls of other linked devices have perhaps been made easier by any net feature. This TV is also WIFI enabled for a great viewing experience. Finally, other inputs include the HDMI, USB port, Ethernet port and RF input.

    Extra features:

    • The TV is Wi-Fi enabled for the great streaming experience.
    • The ultra-clean view purifies the TV signal for the great viewing experience.

    2. Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV – Best 24 Inch TVs

    Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV Check Price

    • By: Samsung 24 Inch TVs

    Samsung  TV price should not be an issue as the great performance will prove its worth. Boasting of an effective motion rate of 120 the fast-moving actions will experience hanging. The TV has 720-pixel resolution hence the quality image. If that is not enough it has LED light to brighten up the images.

    For the inputs well it has the 2 HDMI, 2 USB for you to access other media. You can also decide to stream as it is WIFI enabled. Furthermore, with the smart hub, this will definitely organize your items into 5 panels for you to navigate easily and choose one. Another feature is the wide color enhancer that perhaps give enriched colors while viewing your favorite content. Additionally, it features a remote control for easy control. You don’t need to stand any time you feel like adjusting your television.

    Extra features:

    • With the wide color enhancer features, you will see images with true colors.
    • It has a standard remote for the convenient controls.

    1. Samsung UN28H4000 28-Inch 720p LED TV – Best 24 Inch TV

    Samsung UN28H4000 28-Inch 720p LED TV Check Price

    • By: Samsung 24 Inch TVs

    Lastly, is another Samsung product in an industry dominated by the great televisions. This Samsung stands out clearly as it can give you years of the same consistent service. With 720 pixel HD quality, the image quality will be great. Besides, it has a refresher rate of 60 HZ this can be great for fast moving action like watching football.

    Likewise, with wide color enhancer expect nothing less than enriched colors. On the other hand, the eco sensor automatically adjusts the TV brightness according to the room lighting conditions. The sounds too have not been left behind as it has the DTS sound that will help process the 2 sounds.  With this, you can also access your other content from your phones easily. All is now to get this product for the great viewing experience.

    Extra features:

    • It has an eco-sensor to adjust TV light according to the TV light.
    • The DTS stereo sounds to ensure the sounds are of great quality.

    What to consider when buying the 24 inch TV

    Resolution: This is the number of pixels that are displayed either vertically or horizontally. The most common are HD ready, full HD and ultra HD. Most 24 inch TVs are HD but it, in that case, do give quality image too. The higher the pixels the better the resolution of the TV

    Refresher rate: The higher the refresher rate the more the screen is refreshed and hence image quality. Getting a TV with at least 60 HZ refresher rate will do you good. The TVs with better refresher rate are able to effectively show fast-moving action without blur.

    Connectivity: You should look for a TV that is able to connect to as many media as possible. This will ensure you get to enjoy items from man should have HDMI, USB, VGA headphone jack and sometimes built-in Wi-Fi.

    Price: The price of the 24 inch TV is fair compared to the large screens. However, price varies according to the features and the quality of the TV. If you want a pure quality one with a variety of features it will definitely fetch more money. There are also considerably priced TVs that will fit into your limited budget.

    Why you need the 24 inch TV

    Image quality: With the HD images expect nothing less than pure quality. The images here are fine-tuned to produce only the quality images. The screens have various resolutions with those with high pixels giving superior quality images.

    Clarity: With the rich colors and color enhancer features. You will experience images rich in details. They actually appear as if they are in the natural state. Even in high motion activity the able refresher is will ensure you are up to date with the ongoing action as it unfolds.

    Portability: The small size and lightweight nature ensure they can be carried with ease to the required destination. The small size will be ideal for those with moving projects.

    To wrap it up

    Having examined the best TVs you now know that image quality and clarity is what you should expect from great televisions. Your viewing and gaming experience will be great. All the TVs in the review are of great quality. You can choose any from this list for quality sounds, quality images, and last but not least great viewing experience.

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