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7 Best 32-Inch Smart TVs in 2022 Reviews

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    TVs have seen a tremendous improvement over the last several decades. From the traditional ‘bellied” TVs to flat screens, if guys from the previous generations ever came back to life they would really be shocked at how the TV world has changed. Smart TVs have really changed the way people access their favorite entertainment programs and TV channels. Although most people don’t know the difference between LCD, LED and Smart TVs, there exists a thin line between the three options with some TVs forming a hybrid of either two or three of them. In the article below, we will highlight the Top 7 Best 32-inch Smart TVs in 2022 reviews.

    What Is A SMART TV?

    Commonly referred to as a connected TV or Hybrid TV, Smart TVs are sets which are boast an integrated internet and interactive Web 2.0 aspects and features. It’s a combination between flat screens and set-top boxes which makes it more of a hybrid of both the two aspects. Besides the usual functions similar to those of traditional TV sets and set-top boxes, smart TVs can also be used to access the internet, OTT, interactive media and on-demand streaming of media.

    Top 7 Best 32-inch Smart TVs in 2022

    #7 VIZIO D32x-D1 D-Series 32″ Class Full Array LED Smart TV (Black)

    VIZIO D32x-D1 D-Series 32 Class Full Array LED Smart TV (Black)

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    By: VIZIO

    Why we love this one?
    • New, modern design
    • 1080p Full HD resolution
    • High quality images

    Although my initial plan was to buy a traditional TV set, I couldn’t help picking this one instead. It was my first purchase and it has remained in a tip-top condition for the last five years. Some of its key features which make it a great value for the money include the VIZIO internet plus app which allows one to access the internet instantly. Those who love streaming movies, music, TV shows or any other programs are given an opportunity to watch everything instantly and smoothly.

    Again, it comes with a full-array of LED backlit thus distributing light across the entire back and front section for easy access of functions and any other buttons. Of course, the lights also guarantee uniformity and offer better picture quality. The built-in WI-FI feature makes streaming easier since you don’t have to get any of these internet connecting gadgets from elsewhere. So, you get to download movies and music with unrivaled ease.

    #6 TCL 43S405 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

    TCL 43S405 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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    By: TCL

    Why we love this one?
    • 120HZ refresh rate
    • No motion blur
    • 3 HDMI inputs

    Forgive me for saying this but I have always been skeptical about TCL. That was so since I visited a friend of mine who had purchased this TCL 32-inch Smart TV. I mean, with a pinch, I asked him to use it for a month then tell me what happens. It’s now five years and the TV is still perfect. In fact, I even bought it for my mum and it also works perfect. First, it features perfect dimensions which save space. And, it is equipped with a plethora of smart functions which offer access to way over 4000 streaming channels and about 450,000 movies. Of course, you also get access to all your favorite TV episodes and channels via Roku TV which is a great thing for those who love series and movies.

    Equipped with functionalities that allow it to provide 4K ultra HD picture clarity, the color, contrast and details of each image are guaranteed. It also boasts an ultra-grade HDR for ultimate picture qualities. And yes, it also features a direct-lit LED which produces great and excellent picture quality.

    #5 Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

    Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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    By: Samsung

    Why we love this one?
    • Offers a fluid browsing
    • Motion rate of 60
    • Backlight technology

    Samsung is a name known to everyone across the US and probably across the world. This UN32M4500A model is a 2017 series and features the latest features one could expect in a smart TV. I purchased it as a replacement for my other TCL TV since I had given it to my son to use for in his new apartment. First, this TV allows one to conveniently enjoy up to 2x clarity thus making it a great option for everyone. And, it offers all picture details with excellent clarity and detailing for ultimate performance.

    Again, you’re free to access the internet effortlessly. Of course, you can access catch your favorite channels, movies, live TVs, video on demand, apps and other social media platforms with unsurpassed ease. And, the quick access navigation bar allows one to browse through the options and choose what they want to view for entertainment. Something else, the TV is also equipped with excellent features and fast controls which allow one to switch between apps, stream content and explore other media platforms effortlessly.

    #4 Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV (2016 Model)

    Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV (2016 Model)

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    By: Sony

    Why we love this one?
    • Enjoy natural pure audio
    • Smooth video streaming
    • Fair price

    Who doesn’t know Sony? I mean, we all love their electronic items and they are among the leading brands on the market. This is a 2016 model which comes is equipped with excellent features to offer unrivaled image quality. My neighbor bought it to replace his traditional “bellied” option. Of course, some of those traditional smart TVs had a plethora of challenges which have been solved by the new designs. This TV features a beautiful design and offers added clarity and gives unmatched sharpness. It lets one access YouTube, or any other platform where they wish to visit and stream their favorite movies, music and TV programs.

    The smart TV also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and a number of excellent features which guarantee a great viewing experience. To access a world of movies, apps and TV programs, this is the ultimate choice. Of course, it also boasts a design which ensures wires are kept out of sight and also offers a precise motion clarity and a flow rate of RX 240.

    #3 Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

    Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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    By: Samsung

    Why we love this one?
    • Motion rate of 60
    • Great refresh rate

    My dad loves Samsung so I decided to buy him this TV for his 70th birthday. This TV allows one to enjoy top-quality images with up to 2x clarity. I mean, it works better than most of its competing brands. Something else, one is able to access live TV, apps, Videos on demand and social media with unrivaled ease. Again, it has easy navigations and ensures that you have a great experience choosing the function you wish to use. Whether it’s TV, apps or any other social media platform you wish to visit, you can trust Samsung to deliver on all your requirements.

    Again, this TV allows one to enjoy a fluid browsing with least struggle. The quick and instant controls allow one to easily switch between apps, select other media and stream content effortlessly. Also, the sound and video quality is simply unsurpassed. Lastly, the TV also features a great backlight technology and a quick processing speed for ultimate results.

    #2 TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

    TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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    By: TCL

    Why we love this one?
    • 3 HDMI ports
    • USB included
    • Headphone jack present
    • Minimal motion blur.
    • Mount Pattern is 3.9 inches

    My friend owns a movie shop and he bought this Smart TV to be able to stream and download series, movies and TV programs for his clients. Of course, this is a multi-purpose masterpiece although he mainly uses it for accessing the internet. The dimensions make it ideal for his small space although the screen size is 32 inches. Of course, it also comes with a stand so you are assured of the safety of your TV. And, the smart functionality offers up to 4000 channels and features more than 450,000 TV episodes, movies and other programs which can be accessed via ROKU TV.

    The resolution of 720p, although not the best on the market, ensures that you get the best picture quality and unsurpassed clarity. Again, for a crisp picture, the smart TV is equipped with the latest technology and ensure that you get the right images which seem life-like.  With a direct-lit Led, the quality of all images is uniform and clear for a sophistaicated viewing experience.

    #1 LG Electronics 32LJ550B 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

    LG Electronics 32LJ550B 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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    By: LG

    Why we love this one?
    • 2 HDMI inputs
    • Ethernet included
    • A USB added
    • Comes with a single RF

    Finally, LG scoops the top position. If the customer reviews is anything to go by, then you can never go wrong with this smart TV. It boasts unique features and the size is also quite unique. The smart functionalities also allow one to access apps and several other contents from the WebOS 3.5. While most smart TVs use web 2.0, this is an advanced model which boasts an advanced web 3.5 for added accuracy and better performance.

    This is the TV my neighbor uses and they really love it when it comes to following local and international episodes and TV shows. Again, the TV boasts a 720p resolution which is a great feature for a smart TV. And, the direct-lit function ensures that you have the best results and ideal lighting.

    What to Consider When Choosing A Smart TV?

    Whether it’s a 23 inch smart TV or any other size, one has to consider the following parameters before making a purchase:

    • The Resolution: The resolution is quite significant in determining the image quality. Although 720p resolution is used for most TVs, we have others which are lower and others which are even higher. It’s advisable that you pick a high resolution but 720p is ideal for a good image quality.
    • Added Features: Extra features like WI-FI and any other ports which aren’t in the usual smart TVs should be checked. Get a TV which makes its operations and use easier and more convenient.
    • Ease of Operation: The ease of use is also quite significant. Don’t go for those complicated TVs whose operation requires some sort of training. Pick something simple and user-friendly.

    Smart TV – Usage

    For those who want to know how to easily install and use their Smart TV, you can watch the video below:

    Wrapping It Up!

    Smart TVs are the in thing these days. And yes, getting the cheap ones can be quite inconveniencing and costly. That’s why I suggest you pick one of the options listed in this article. Having keenly inspected all the brands, you can be sure to have the best experience with any of the options.

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