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Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables for Adults Reviews In 2022

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    Does air hockey fascinate you? If your answer is yes, believe me, you are not alone. Since the time air hockey has become popular, it has gained quite a momentum in becoming favourite of all. This game is so exciting that it compels many to become its fan. There are many indoor games, but some of them have made a remarkable place in the hearts of players. Air hockey is one of them which are now preferred by many due to its fascinating gameplay and the way it charges them up. If you are also one of those who loves to play air hockey and looking for getting your air hockey tables, then the content below will help manifolds. Here we have listed the top ten best air hockey tables with their significant features. So, check them out and get the one which you find most suitable. You can read more about the best floor chair reviews.

    Table of the Best Air Hockey Tables

    10. Harvil Full-Size Air Hockey Tables for Kids and Adults

    Air Hockey Tables

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    The air hockey table from Harvil is considered as a one-stop solution for all air hockey lovers. Coming in the size of 7 foot- this table looks very alluring and makes a great place to play the game with friends and family. The paddles and pukes that come with the table make the whole pack worthier.

    Key features:

    • It comes with powerful dual electric blowers.
    • The assembled dimension of the table comes out to be 84 L x 48 W x 32 H.
    • The four legs of the table are very sturdy and provide an excellent base.
    • Cool design and easy assembly contribute to making it one of the best.

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    9. Sport Squad HX40 40″ Air Hockey Table with  Electric Tabletop

    Sport Squad HX40 40-Inch Electric Tabletop Air Hockey Table

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    Sport Squad is known for manufacturing top-class and highly alluring sports accessories, and their air hockey table is no exception. Coming with two pushers and two pukes this is a complete package to consider.

    Key features:

    • The tabletop of the product is electronic.
    • It is designed to enhance its portability as well as convenient storage.
    • The whole table gets assembled easily.
    • Due to the presence of high output fan, the surface of the table becomes very smooth.

    8. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Air Hockey Tables

    Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

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    The air hockey table From Play Craft is another fantastic product which is perfect in size and dimensions. It makes a great play area not only for the adults for the kids as well.

    Key features:

    • It is 40 inches big tabletop made of sturdy and durable materials.
    • The use of MDF hardwood elevates the durability of the table manifolds.
    • It is UL approved, so there didn’t remain any chance to doubt the authenticity.
    • The dimensions of the table are 40 x 8 x 20 inches.

    7. Best 54-Inch Air Powered Hockey Table with LED Score Board

    Air Powered Hockey Table with Puck, Paddles, LED Score Board

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    Best Choice Products are already known for manufacturing high-grade and worthy products. The air hockey table coming from them is no exception as it comprises every essential feature.

    Key features:

    • The size of this air hockey table is 54 inches which endow unbeatable game experience.
    • It is made up of MDF and PVC materials which provide it durability.
    • Due to 12v DC motor and adapter, the airflow remains steady.
    • There are LED electronic scorekeeping on the side rails as well.

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    6. EA Sports 60″ Air Powered Hockey Tables with Electronic Scorer

    EA Sports 60 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic Scorer

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    EA Sports is another reliable brand which is famous for manufacturing high-quality sports materials and accessories. Their air hockey tables are made with perfect size and dimensions and provide every critical feature to the users.

    Key features:

    • It is a large air hockey table with size 60 inches.
    • The electronic overhead scorer enhances the worth of the stable manifolds.
    • The use of high-grade materials like PVC and MDF make the table long-lasting.
    • It has a sturdy and very enthralling design.

    5. NHL Sports 80″ Hover Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top

    NHL Power Play Hover Hockey Table

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    Every sports accessory coming from East Point Sports are preferred by people due to its quality. The air hockey tables from them are no exception as they are sturdy and encompass every vital feature.

    Key features:

    • It is a big air hockey table with size 80 inches.
    • It can also be used as a table tennis top, therefore, acts as a dual tabletop.
    • The easy to assemble and store feature makes the tabletop worthy.
    • The sleek design makes it a perfect product to place in any corner of the room.

    4. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

    Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

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    Coming installed with LED light this air hockey table looks very alluring and provide every desired feature to the player. From the big and broader size to the sturdy design all contributes to making it one of the best to use.

    Key features:

    • It comprises the size of 54 inches.
    • There are LED lights in the tabletop which lit every time with the work of pucks and pushers.
    • Due to the presence of four-leg cross braces, the table becomes more stable.
    • Every time the goal is scored the table features get lit up.

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    3. Giantex Multi Game Air Hockey Table

    Giantex Multi Game Table Pool Air Hockey Foosball Table

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    Giantex is another fantastic brand which is preferred by many for its wide range of products. The air hockey table from Gaintex is a multi-game playing top where one can play tennis, pool football as well as table tennis along with billiard and air hockey.

    Key features:

    • The use of high-quality materials makes the table sturdy and reliable.
    • It is made of non-toxic materials making it excellent for the kids as well.
    • The 4 in one design allows the user to play multiple games above it.
    • It makes a great tabletop for both adults as well as kids and can be converted as per the game.

    2. Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Tables with Electronic Scoring

    Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

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    The air hockey table from Hathaway comes with free pukes and strikers and is an excellent product for every member of the family. Both adults and kids enjoy playing different games on it.

    Key features:

    • The product comprises a compact design and easy to collapse the structure.
    • There are A5 blades to provide superb airflow quality.
    • The use of engineered woods endows sturdiness and durability to the table.
    • It comprises an American design and has excellent customer support.

    1. Harvil Air Hockey Table for Kids & Adults

    Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Kids and Adults

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    The best in the category of air hockey table comes from Harvil which comprises free pushers and pucks. The 4-foot size makes it a perfect tabletop for the kids to enjoy different games.

    Key features:

    • The goals of the tabletop are more comprehensive in dimension, so that puck retrieval becomes hassle-free.
    • The size of the tabletop is compact and can be stored easily.
    • Coming with free accessories, it becomes highly impressive.
    • It is backed with a money-back guarantee and splurging on it is a smarter choice.


    Air hockey is one of those games which fascinate not only adults but kids as well. The way it is being played between two people is enough to bring the adrenaline rush in the body. The faster you move your hands and coordinate your mind with the pukes and strikers- the more you would be able to score. These air hockey tables are designed to provide you with the best playing experience with your buddy. So make a wise decision and get the best air hockey table for yourself.

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