Top 10 Best Beach Canopy Reviews in 2018

Hot summer is on the ground; you may get feeling of getting on your feet to settle on beach, because you have been craving for the vitamin sea for too long. The weather is perfect for laying and building sand castles. Unfortunately, perfection just turns into disaster when the sun is too hot and insects keep creeping in.

With a beach canopy, your day will be totally saved. If you are looking for an ideal beach canopy, we have come up with top 10 best beach canopies in 2018.

List Of Top 10 Best Beach Canopy Reviews in 2018

10. OILEUS Super Big Canopy Tent

OILEUS Super Big Canopy Tent with Sand

Beach canopy reviews are raving about this all-weather portable tent. With a UPF 50+ rating this is a great summer purchase. Safe from over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays this is a great option for those looking for a summer all in one special. This canopy tent comes with side panels and wind flaps that provide extra protection while still providing excellent ventilation. This canopy is great for kids sporting events.

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You can get this tent set up in 5 minutes as it is so easy to put together. It is also very lightweight, so even if your beach requires some hiking to access, you won’t mind taking this tent along for the adventure.

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9. Mad Grit Canopy Sail Tent

Best XL Portable Beach Shade

This is another instant tent option that folds flat quickly for easy transportation and storage. This pop up tent is so affordable that virtually any budget can afford it and its light enough that you will want to take it out to the park, to a meadow for a picnic, and even for some outdoor sporting events. The size is smaller than other tents and canopies in this category and the front flap design is pretty basic, but the structure is still strong. If you want to be fully covered, this is not the tent for you.

If you just want a little extra protection, however, you will love how effective and affordable this tent happens to be.

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8. EasyGo Cabana

EasyGo Cabana - 6' X 6' - Beach & Sports

This big blue beach tent is the perfect accessory to your next beach visit. The EasyGo Cabana tent has a patented setup system. A basic design this is one of the only canopy tents that actually comes with four wheels on the carryback. Obviously if you are trying to set up on a beach which has paved paths these wheels can come in handy. If you are simply trying to drag it through the sand it might not be as useful.

This design is made of high durability steel and offers UV protection. It is a bit heavy though which is why they furnished the bag with wheels.

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7. Freeland Pop-Up Canopy Tent

Freeland Pop-Up Canopy Tent with Slant

With its unique design and windproof feature, this 10×20 canopy is ideal for a day at the beach. The canopy is made of a sturdy polyester fabric which offers UV 30+ protection.

The metal supporting poles are light-weight and easy to carry. They also give your canopy the stability it needs for windy days. This package includes a carry bag, sand pockets, stakes, and guidelines. The manufacturer also offers a one-year warranty.

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6. HappySummer Beach Tent

HappySummer Beach Tent with sandbag

This shade tent is really tall and has a lot of livable space underneath. More importantly it is rather durable. Once everything is set up you can leave it on the beach for days and enjoy your time in the sun. The biggest downside is that it will take you quite a long time to set up.

It is a relatively heavy design all things considered so it isn’t something you want to pack with you and hike a long way.

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5. ZiggyShade Beach SunShade

ZiggyShade Beach SunShade

You can simply take this ZiggyShade Beach SunShade camping capony out of the package and it springs into action. The unique shape shades your entire family from the sun while being lightweight enough to take anywhere. Three walls protect you while still being able to see the amazing views. Simply store this compact tent in the trunk of your car and you can go to the beach whenever you want.

If the winds pick up simply fill the sand pockets to ensure the tent stays where you want it to. The material uses a zinc coating over a polyester fabric. This creates a durable skin that also protects you from the sun.

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4. Neso Tents Beach Tent

Neso Tents Beach Tent

The unique shape of the Neso Tents Beach Shade Tent has been specifically engineered to provide shade, floor space, and outdoor room. One of the walls folds down giving you space to put a blanket down without getting it sandy. Two chairs can fit comfortably inside the bay. The polyester fabric shell protects your skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays and even rain.

Three mesh windows allow air to pass through and create a cross breeze and can be folded down for more privacy. When the bugs get to bad simply fold up the flap and you are secure.

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3. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy Instant Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy

If you are looking for a canopy-style tent to enjoy at the beach, but want something that is still durable enough to use in your backyard, then this is the investment to make today. A built-in side wall still gives you some added sun and wind protection if this beach shelter is needed. The canopy can fit a family of four pretty easily and give you a base of operations for beach adventures.

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Putting this canopy up is a lot like putting up a beach umbrella – if you don’t mind the price, we think you will find this product is nice enough for your plans this year.

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2. Coleman Instant Beach Canopy

Coleman 2000004407 Instant

Coleman is a trusted name in the outdoor world with this beach shade tent being yet another of its superior products. Made using high quality materials including an incredibly durable fiberglass frame this tent was built to last. The large size provides excellent coverage for the whole family.

So many beach tents offer you sun and wind protection, but they don’t really give you any privacy. That changes with this unique tent design. It has two zippered doors which close so you can have a completely enclosed tent if you wish. There’s a canopy overhang on one side to help prevent stray rays of sunlight from being bothersome and the doors also become a front entryway to let you stretch out while still having a barrier against beach insects. Or unzip both sides and you have a canopy. If you like choices and privacy, this is right option to choose today.

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1. Sport-Brella Canopy

Sport-Brella Portable All

This 8 foot canopy cover is made using 210 D Polyester which means that it is built to last. This durable shell is a must for all-weather protection. This beach shade looks like an umbrella with two sides that stake into the ground giving it a secure tent like structure. This is a great option for small families looking for an incredibly easy setup. The large 8 foot wide design provides adequate shade and rain protection. This tent even has windows that can be lowered to provide easy airflow and better visibility.

This umbrella is an all in one coming as a complete package with 3 tie-down cords and 8 stakes to help secure it. This tent works well in all weather conditions even being water repellant which will protect from rain and wind.

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Being able to escape into the best beach tent will ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice your prime spot near the water in order to keep your family safe. This will help you to get the most out of summer by being able to enjoy the heat longer. Any of these top 10 beach canopies will serve you best.

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