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Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains in 2021

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    A blackout curtain can block sunlight as well as outside noise at the same time. Yet, with plenty of options to choose from, how can we differentiate between low quality and high quality ones? No worries, we’ve got your back on this. To ensure that you make no mistake, here’s a look at the Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains in 2021.

    List Of Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains in 2021

    10. HLC.ME

    HLC.ME Lattice

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    The very first blackout curtain that you are going to hear from us certainly offers a sophisticated look to your indoor area. It is brought to you by HLC.ME and the curtain has the full dimension of 52 x 84 inches. This blackout curtains for nursery is well designed from durable fabric, so it can effectively reduce sunlight. At the same time, this curtain is great for blocking the outside heat too. With this, you will be able to save up to 30% on the energy bill.

    With the new innovative technology that this product adopts, it can even reduce noise from the outside environment as well. With great features, this curtain makes an ideal choice for using in the living room, bedroom and nursery. Don’t worry if you need to wash this curtain; you can simply and gently wash it with the cold water and mild detergent.

    For getting peaceful sleeps at all time, getting a premium-quality curtain like this one is the right choice. Don’t wait any longer, this product is waiting to be yours.


    NICETOWN Thermal

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    NICETOWN is here to introduce to you a top-rated high-quality and durable curtain for those who wish to get 100% privacy. First of all, there are 2 panels coming in this package. The size of this curtain is 42 x 63 inches. For making the curtain both soft and heavy, the materials used for producing this high-end curtain is fabric. In terms of its features, this curtain guarantees to reduce the light and UV up to 99% if you choose a dark colored curtain.

    It is perfect for not only giving privacy, but it can also protect your expensive furniture. This is also the smart choice if you wish to reduce outside noise too. Therefore, you will always get a sound sleep.

    It is the right product to invest in if you are living in the high traffic area. Compared to many other ordinary products, the quality of this one promises to last much longer. Last but not least, this product is safe to wash.

    8. WONTEX

     WONTEX Blackout

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    From time to time, we bet that you have heard of the curtaisn that offers privacy to the room; this time we are here to introduce to you the blackout curtain that keeps the room in a desirable temperature. This superb product is brought to you by WONTEX and the size of it is 52 x 84 inches. It is well designed, so it can fit with almost all types of the curtain rod.

    The reason why this curtain can effectively block the heat is the material that it is produced from. The high-quality triple weave fabric is an expert in blocking the heat and sound. When you install this curtain in the room, up to 99% light will be effectively blocked. Besides being a smart and innovative product, it is also named as a user-friendly choice as well. You can wash and iron it when needed.

    7. BGment

    BGment Blackout

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    The next popular blackout curtain over blind is this beautiful navy blue curtain that carries the total size of 42 x 63 inches. As one of BGment products, the quality of this one is guaranteed to be superb. Please be noted that for ensuring that the curtain is soft and silky, it is produced from fabric without liner. It is very soft to touch and relax to see. For it to be applicable with all types of rods, this curtain is also designed to have 6 metal grommets on the top of the curtain too. This blackout curtain is known to block sunlight from 85% to 99%, depending on the color of the curtain you choose. With the reduction of sunlight, the money spent on the electricity will be cut down.

    Don’t wait any longer, for blocking the light, heat and noise, this product is the right choice to choose. If you are having problems with the unsound sleep, this product is the right solution.

    6. Rose Home Fashion

    Rose Home Fashion

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    Here comes another superb product for using in the house. Rose Home Fashion is a blackout curtain that is specially made for using in the room and nursery. It is well made from high-quality material such as polyester. This imported product has the size of 100 x 84 inches; therefore, it is great for using with many types of rods. With the great technology that this curtain adopts, it can effectively keep the cold and heat from the room.

    More than this, the curtain is great if you want to keep only minimum light in the room. We would like to recommend the dark color if you wish to block more light. This product has received many positive reviews on the incredible quality of it. This user-friendly product requires only a simple maintaining process. You can wash and dry it without any concern.

    5. Utopia Bedding

    Utopia Bedding

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    If you want an ultimate blackout for your room, we would like to recommend you this high-quality curtain. This is known to be one of Utopia Bedding products; therefore, you can have your full trust on its superb quality. The size of this curtain is 52 x 63 inches and it has up to 8 grommets on each panel. It is also well designed to fit well with all types and size of the window. One of the nicest features given by this user-friendly choice is the 99% blackout of it. Without the light, you will sure to get the nice sleep even during the day time.

    More than reducing light, it is known to be an expert in filtering the outside noise too. Please be noted that 60% of the noise will be blocked. If you wish to give it a thoroughly clean, feel free to do so in cold water.

    4. AmazonBasics

    AmazonBasics Room

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    A good curtain can even make your room cooler; this is a room darkening curtain which is well produced from polyester. As one of the AmazonBasics products, this pick promises to carry the superb quality. First of all, this curtain is great for blocking the harmful UV light from entering your room. This is the right way to protect the furniture as well. Better than other ordinary choices, this curtain can even reduce the outside noise effectively too. With the installation of this product, we are sure that you can sleep without any disturbance.

    It is a high-quality curtain that has the size of 52 x 48 inches, and it is designed to come in many colors for you to choose. For those who wish to get extra privacy, we do recommend you this blackout curtain set. With all the great features mentioned, we bet that there is nothing to worry about.

    3. Miuco

    Miuco 2 Panels Room

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    Coming up next, this is the best curtain for window, and it is known as Miuco 2 Panels Room Curtain. This choice is perfect if you are looking for the product that has more than one great point. First and foremost, the role of this curtain is to block the sunlight. With this durable curtain set, it can effectively block the UV light from 98% to 100% depending on the color that you choose.

    On top of giving you added privacy, it can reduce the noise way better than other products too. If you choose to install this curtain in the room, it can filter up to 60% of the outside noise. You will get sound sleeps even during the day time. Such a nice product is indeed the right choice for using in the nursery and bedroom. The size of this well-designed product is 52 x 63 inches; this is known to be the right size for a standard rod.



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    This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the curtain that offers an sabsolute privacy. NICETOWN makes the way to the list today and introduce to you the 100% blackout lined curtain. The very first great feature of this product is, there are up to 2 layers in this curtain. As a great result, the performance of this product is way better than the competitive products

    Looking at the material that it is produced from, it is 100% polyester. Another bonus point of this product is, the thickness of the curtain can keep the sunlight and UV ray from entering the room.

    What’s more, with the soundproof feature of it, the quality given is 2 times better than ordinary products. The last greatest feature of it is, it will keep the temperature of the room moderate all the time. Last but not least, this eco-friendly product can even be washed in the machine too.

    1. Rose Home Fashion

    Primitive Linen

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    The wait is finally over, this is the product from the popular brand, Rose Home Fashion. This curtain is well designed from linen; therefore, it is known to be great when it comes to blocking the light and noise. With the use of double layer curtain, it can block the light from getting through the window. This is the perfect choice for those who need to sleep during the day time.

    The layer of this curtain works well in keeping away heat and cold. This way, you room will always have the desirable temperature. Please be noted that there are up to 8 grommets attached to this curtain, so you will find it very convenient to install. This elegant product carries the size of 50 x 84 inches. The good news for the user is, the quality of it is guaranteed to last for 8 years.

    Buying guides

    • Curtain fabric

    The first thing that should comes into your mind is the material used for producing the curtain. There are many types of fabric; however, each of them has its own great features. There are many decorative curtains available on the market today, yet it isn’t the only thing you should take into consideration. First of all, the layer of the curtain also determines the quality of it. The thickness and the color of each product carried different quality. For limiting the light from getting in the room, the dark color will do the task better than the light color ones.

    • Noise control

    This point is very important if you room located next to the high traffic street. For solving this problem, we also have the durable curtain for controlling the outside noise too. The simple tip to choose the right fabric is; firstly, check if it absorbs the water. The fabric that absorb the water will also absorb the noise. For this reason, you can check the quality of the fabric and get only the right curtain for the room. For getting the night sleep, this point should not be overlooked.

    • Temperature control

    Though the use of the curtain is for blocking the light and offering privacy, it is a bonus feature if it can ensure the nice temperature in the room. For keeping the room in the desirable temperature, it is highly recommended if you choose the curtain that can block the heat and cold at the same time. The good curtain like this one is perfect if you want to reduce the monthly electricity costs.

    • Washable

    Equally important, the maintaining process of the curtain is also what you should think about. For ensuring the safety to the user, a blackout curtain should be washed from time to time. That’s why we highly recommended you get the curtain that can be washed safety. It is a smart choice to choose a curtain that can be washed in the washing machine.

    • Quality

    A common problem faced by the buyer these days is a product with low quality. Though all the curtains are attractive in terms of its decorative pattern, you should look for more than that in the curtain. The quality of the blackout curtain is the important aspect to consider. We would like to remind you that a high-quality curtain has the quality that last up to 8 years.


    After browsing through many blackout curtains available on the market today, have you spotted any that catches your interest yet?  As each stylish curtain varies from one another, you can compare and decide to get the nicest one for hanging on your window. Hopefully, the review can help you in making an informed decision.


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    List Of Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains


    10. DriftAway Lily Blackout Curtain Liner


    The first blackout curtain that give your room and window the sophisticated look goes to the DriftAway Lily White Curtain. With the great design and pattern of it, it is the good choice for using in the nursery room as well. This curtain and blind is well produced from polyester, so it is very soft.

    The rod pocket of the curtain can go well with all types of curtain rod. The size of this product is 52 x 84 inches on each size of it. If you want to wash this product, you can do it in the tumble dry setting.

    9. Astoria White Window Panel Pair


    Greenland Home is proud to introduce to you stylish and high-quality curtains over blind that you can get online. This window curtain is well produced from only one material, which is polyester. This imported product comes with 2 panels and another 2 tiebacks in the package, so you can have the full set of the nice curtain.

    It is also beautifies your room and house too. It is the best choice if you want to have a little more privacy. Please be noted that the pocket of it can easily accommodate up to 3 rods. There are many colors and patterns for you to select too.

    8. FlamingoP 100% BLACKOUT Curtain Set


    If you want the ultimate blackout for your room, here is the right product for you. Flamingo P 100% Blackout Curtain Set can effectively diffuse the sunlight and create the privacy that you want. Next, this blackout material is 100% made from the high-quality polyester.

    The great fabric not only blocks the light, but it also makes your room much cooler at the same time. Once you hang such a nice product in your room, you will need the modern decoration to your house. It is suitable for dry cleaning and machine washing.

    7. ME Lattice Thermal Blackout Window Curtains


    This is one of the top rated and elegant white ruffle blackout curtains by HLC.ME Lattice Print. The pair of this incredible curtain is thick, so it can block the light well. With the great fabric that it uses, it will make your room the best place to live in. Another great feature of it is, it can save the energy that you use each day too.

    As it can block sunlight, you can reduce the energy spent on the heating and cooling system. On top of that, it can reduce the outside noise as well. With such a great product, you will have privacy and a desirable room to rest in.

    6. Deconovo Room Thermal Blackout Curtain Panels


    Deconovo Room Darkening Curtain promises to give both the durability and efficiency. With the use of the high-quality fabric, this curtain can block the sunlight as well as reduce the noise without any concern. It offers you a nice and enjoyable room for you to relax.

    There are many different colors for you to choose; so you can easily select the right one that suits your indoor decoration. The care and maintaining process of it is very simple. If you want to get the good product in the good price, we bet that it is the right one.

    5. Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtains


    If you want to get a unique and nice product, it is the time to give H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Curtain a try. First off, this product uses the blackout material, so it can 100% block the sunlight and prevent the UV light from shining in. There are many functions that this product has such as from blocking the light, reducing noise, and saving energy.

    It can go well with all types of windows and décors of your house. No matter what style you are going for, this curtain is a versatile choice. The good news for the users is the curtain is backed by a 10-year warranty.

    4. NICETOWN Patio Sliding Glass Door Curtain


    Next, this is the NICETOWN Patio Sliding Door Curtain which is produced from the amazing fabric. The thick and durable fabric can reduce sunlight and prevent the UV light from getting into the room. This best blackout shade is another smart choice if you want to save the energy spent on the heater and cooler.

    The size and decoration of it is compatible with both door and window. If you want to wash this curtain, you can wash it in the machine too.

    3. Miuco Room Darkening Grommet Blackout Curtains


    Miuco Thermal Insulated Grommet is designed to go well with all types of furniture. During the hot season, it can block light from getting in; therefore, it will create a good atmosphere for children to sleep in. It can reduce the outside noise effectively.

    For the household that usually spends a lot of money on the heating and cooling system, this curtain can also solve this problem. If you choose this product, you will have privacy and noiseless time to relax.

    2. Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening Curtains


    When you purchase the curtain, the first thing to consider would be the material that it uses. Utopia Bedding is proud to introduce to you an incredible curtain that adds a touch of elegance to your window. It can work well with the standard rod, and you will get the smooth and easy slide too.

    The special feature of it is it can block up to 99% of the light. At the same time, 60% of the outside noise will be reduced along with it too. As the product uses the high-quality material, you can wash it without any concern.

    1. NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels Window Draperies


    Topping the list, it is this NICETOWN Blackout Curtain. The curtain is 100% made from polyester, so it is soft and durable. This product will impress you by being able to block up to 99% of the sunlight. At the same time, you can save the energy that you usually spend on the heating and cooling system.

    If you want to protect your expensive furniture, choosing this product is the right choice. Last but not least, taking care of this curtain and blind is an easy task.

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