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Top 10 Best Bluetooth car stereo in 2019

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    Some states have headphone laws this means you need your ears free to hear the traffic around you. Yet, you want to listen to your favorite music without disc jockey chatter. The answer to your problem is purchasing one of the top 10 best Bluetooth care stereo in 2019.

    You can listen to your favorite music, or whatever through one of these units without breaking the law. Bluetooth technology is advancing and will give you more freedom to listen or communicate with your friends.

    List of  Top Best Bluetooth Car Stereo Reviews

    10. BOSS Audio Single Din, Bluetooth


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    A wireless remote controls your driving music or communication activities. It operates a 50-watt car stereo with Bluetooth technology. You can make or receive calls, use your MP3, attach a USB or opt for SD or WMA.

    Along with all of this, you also get a preset equalizer, balance, treble, bass and fade controls. Everything you need to have quality sound in your cr. A 3 year warranty protects your investment.

    9. BOSS Audio BV9364B Car Stereo


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    While you can still get commercial radio with this Bluetooth car stereo, you have a lot of other features available. A microphone allows you to make calls wireless through its Bluetooth function. Plus, you can charge all your digital equipment through its USB port.

    A remote control handles the operating system and lets you select 18 pre-set FM stations or use your phone, MP3, 4 & 5, plus many more features. One drawback is that this is a 12v system only.

    8. SPEEDTON 4.1 Inch single Din Car Stereo

    4.1 Inch single Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth

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    You can entertain your children while you drive. This bluetooth car stereo lets you play your kids’ favorite movies with its 4.1-inch screen. It has 800 x 480 resolution with 1080 video quality.

    Its 60 watts of power support many different formats while giving you hands free calling, and USB hook up. There is also a possibility of rear view camera function. Plus, you can still listen to 6 pre-set FM stations.

    7. Pioneer 2-DIN CD Receiver

    Pioneer FH-X720BT 2-DIN CD Receiver

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    One unique feature to this bluetooth car stereo is its ability to light up. You can choose the color of its light feature to match your car’s interior. Its anti-dust design protects the USB & Aux ports as well as the preset equalizer.

    The LCD display lets you see exactly what is happening. The remote control handles all of this along with the subwoofer feature and the high/low pass filter functions. Everything is powered by 50 watts.

    6. BOSS Audio BV9967B Single Din


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    With this Bluetooth car stereo, you can play different apps like Pandora or Spotify. Its 50 watts of power gives you AM/FM radio frequencies, USB connection, AUX port, plus MP# capability.

    Also, you have Smartphone compatibility which allows you to make or receive hands free calls. The wireless remote enables you to control the balance, bass, treble and other functions like the pre-set equalizer. Read the 3-year warranty to see what is or isn’t protected and for how long.

    5. Pioneer DEH In Dash CD Receiver

    Pioneer DEH S4000BT Single Din In Dash CD

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    Besides hands free calling and audio streaming, you can use the USB, Pandora, and Android playback features. A 10-level of dimmer control plus light selection lets you select a color that matches your car’s interior.

    The long mic cord, lets you talk with ease and still be heard. This 50-watt car stereo also works with your IPhone the AUX feature allows you to hook up a DVD player. 2 RCA pre-outs and amplifier complete this car stereo.

    4. CarcarTong In Dash Stereo Car Receiver

    Car Rear View Camera + CarcarTong 7

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    This 50-watt Bluetooth car stereo seems to do it all. Not only can you use the standard USB, AUX, FM radio features, you play videos as well. The built-n memory card holds up to 32GB of information.

    The 7-inch touchscreen has 800 x 480 resolution with 1080 video quality. While it is programmed to tune in 18 AM/FM stations, this is not a CD or DVD player. A wireless remote control also helps you select the function you want.

    3. VC KD-RD87BT CD/MP3 Car Stereo

    JVC KD-RD87BT CD/MP3 Car Stereo USB

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    The built-in Bluetooth technology gives you freedom. You get the freedom to make or receive phone calls, play MP#3 music, or use the AM/FM radio. Plus, USB connection, subwoofer capability, and remote control action.

    On top of all this it tells time. A continuous clock function lets you know the time wherever you are. It is also Android, IPhone, Spotify compatible. The face is detachable to keep your car stereo safe from theft.

    2. Pioneer Digital Media Receiver

    Pioneer MVH-X390BT Vehicle Digital Media Receiver

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    Not only does this work with Pioneer’s ARC app, this Bluetooth stereo is also compatible with IPod and IPhones. Not to mention a few Android phones. Its USB connection allows you to work with Spotify as well.

    Along with hands free calling, you have equalizer and bass booster controls. A wired mic allows you to talk easily and freely. You can place the mic where you need it most. For best results, a lithium metal battery is needed.

    1. JVC Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash Car Stereo

    JVC KW-V130BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash

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    This 50-watt car stereo has up to 17 multi-language display, as well as being Sirius satellite radio compatible. But that is not all. This Bluetooth car stereo allows you to use a CD/DVD player as well as hands free calling.

    All you need to operate the 6.2” touchscreen is your fingertip. A detachable face makes it theft proof, and you have the usual USB connection.

    Some Final Words

    The car radio is not like it used to be. Instead of being limited to AM/FM only, you now have a command center at your fingertips. With one of the top 10 best Bluetooth car stereos on board, you have a lot of options.

    You can keep in contact with your loved ones, listen to music without interruption or entertain your kids with videos. The power and control of what happens in your car is in your hands.

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