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Best Bumper Guards in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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    List Of Top 10 Best Bumper Guards in 2022

    10. Runmade

    runmade Universal Black

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    First and foremost, we would like to introduce you our 10th place product, that is a bumper protector for car from Runmade. In order to prevent your car from scratch if the other car happen to bump into yours, it is essential to attach the bumper guard on every edge of your car. For your information, Runmade bumper guard is designed to be usable with many kinds of cars including mini car, SUV, pick up, and truck as well.

    In terms of the material, this Runmade bumper protector is made of high quality carbon fiber rubber. These bumper protectors have come with many outstanding features. It is able to keep your car from scratches, prevent it from wear and tear and especially it can cover the old scratches as well. More importantly, the guard is flexible, so you can easily stick it on any edge of your car.

    9. BumpTek

     Rhino Guard

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    The following item that stands on the 9th rank of our review list is from BumpTek brand. BumpTek is a heavy duty corner car bumper guard that has received many good comments from customers. The overall dimension of this bumper guard is 20 x 2 x 0.75 inches, so it is long and thick enough to protect your car corners.

    If you take a look at the design, it comes in black and matte finish. This cool design makes the bumper protector looks perfectly fit with all models of car. On the other hand, BumpTek bumper guard is manufactured using good quality, flexible and durable material. Furthermore, you do not have to doubt its quality because BumpTek is created in Europe. By the way, in a package, there are 4 pieces of corner bumper guards, thus, it is enough for 4 corners of your car.

    8. Goodream

    90cm Rear Bumper

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    In case you are looking for rear bumper guard, our number 8 product is highly recommended for you. Goodream is a well-known rear bumper guard that is made of top quality silicone polymer material which makes the bumper guard resistant to heat and cold and will not be abrasive easily. This rear bumper is designed with a non-slip function, so it is able to keep the thing that you put on the rear temporarily from falling down.

    Besides this smart design, there are more great functions that Goodream has. First of all, you can use this rear bumper guard to prevent the rear part of your car from scratch when you loading or unloading luggage, boxes, groceries and other heavy stuff. The second function of Goodream protector is that it can serve as a cover to conceal old scratches.

    7. BumperSafe


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    Let’s take a look at another bumper guard for car that can protect your car from corner to corner. The overall size of BumperSafe guard is 72 x 9.5 inches, so you can rest assured that your entire bumper will be protected at any time from low speed scratches and dents. In addition, this bumper protector is very light in weight and its thickness is only 0.25 inch, but still it is very protective.

    On the other hand, BumperSafe is a universal bumper guard because it is designed to be compatible with almost all types of cars and SUV as well. While for the material, this guard is produced using soft foam, thus, you don’t have to worry that it will dull your paint. Another outstanding point of this bumper protector is its safety reflection. When you drive in the dark, the protector will stand out and visible to other vehicles.

    6. BumperX

    BumperX Bumper

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    Coming up next is another rear bumper guard that is also one of the best selling protectors. BumperX has come in a great design due to the fact that it is formulated using premium EPDM, soft, and elastic rubber material that makes the bumper tough enough to bear with hard impact. Also, this bumper protector is very flexible, so it is able to maintain the nice lines and sculpture of your car.

    More than that, BumperX protector is made of 3M adhesive tape that will be stuck to your car firmly for many years. In addition to that, with its strong materials, this bumper guard is capable of withstanding with harsh weather conditions and UV rays as well.

    5. BumpShox

    BumpShox XL

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    Aside from rear bumper guard, we would like to show you front car bumper protection this time. This front bumper guard is specially designed to not only prevent the front area of your car from scratches but also it serves as a plate number frame. The guard is so tough that it can endure with all weather. The overall dimension of the BumpShox guard is 14 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches, so it is wide and thick enough to be able provide maximum protection to your car from low impact parking bump.

    In terms of installation, BumpShox protector is very easy to be installed, there are also 4 screws inside the package that you can use them for attaching the guard to your plate number. Other than that, this front car bumper is designed to compliment the shape of your vehicle and at the same time gives protection to your car.

    4. Bumper Bully


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    Moving on to our 4th place item, it is a rear bumper protector from Bumper Bully brand. Bumper Bully is a high quality bumper that receives many good feedbacks from customers. The overall size of this rear protector is super wide; it measures 46 x 12 inches. The design of this rear bumper guard is black edition in which it comes with standard patented stabilizer bar. On top of that, this Bumper Bully is produced using premium grade, soft and elastic rubber, so it is not only water proof but also able to keep the corners from folding back and leave your bumper stood out.

    3. HitchHammer


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    Unlike the previously mentioned rear bumper protector, this 3rd rank item is specifically unique due to the fact that it comes in a hammer shape. HitchHammer is a newest designed rear bumper guard that can protect your car rear bumper from dents. This guard can be used with all types of cars, but it can give a cooler look with SUV or truck.

    HitchHammer bumper protetor is made of super duty rubber material that is resistant to hot and cold weather. Interestingly, even though you park your car under a freezing temperature, this bumper guard remains flexible as normal. Another benefit of this rear bumper protector is that it will not crack like plastic item and will never be rust or dent as well.

    2. Bumper Thumper

    Bumper Thumper

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    Right now, let’s take a look at another front car bumper protector from Bumper Thumper brand. Bumper Thumper is a guard for front car bumper that you can also us it as a plate number frame. At the same time, it can offer maximum protection to your front bumper because it is more than 2 inches thick.

    Meanwhile, its size is 15 inches wide and 7 inches tall, so it is perfectly fit to your license plate and will not obscure your plate number. It also has reinforced stainless steel rigidity and recessed screw head that will not damage other vehicles if you accidently bump into them. Bumper Thumper guard is manufactured using foam rubber; thus, it will not crack or rust.

    1.  Boot Flap Co

    Boot Flap Co Rear

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    Finally, our number 1 item is here. It is a rear bumper protector from Boot Flap Co brand. You might wonder what is so special about this item that makes it rank the 1st place. For your information, Boot Flap Co does not serve as only a guard but it also functions as a trunk mat for your car.

    With this rear bumper guard, you can easily load or unload your suitcases, wheelchair and other heavy stuff without worrying that you might leave scratches or dents on the back area of your vehicle. On the other hand, the neoprene pad can keep your trunk organized and cleaned. The pad is also removable, so when you do not need to use it, you can take it off from the guard.

    Buying Guide for Bumper Guards

    To help you get the right bumper guard for your vehicle, we have come up with some points for you to consider before purchasing.

    Weather resistance: You need to choose any bumper protector that is made of durable, good quality material, so it can withstand with whatever weather condition.

    Easy Installation: For better convenience, it is recommended that you should purchase the bumper guard that is easy to be installed on your car.

    Suitable with all cars: It is necessary to look for any bumper protector that has cool and universal design, so it can fit best with your car.

    Multiple usage: If you need a bumper that can provide protection and cover old scratches at the same time, you should choose the guard that has multiple usage.

    Safety reflector: To be safe when you are traveling at night time, it is essential to buy a bumper protector that has reflective strip attached on it.


    Old Edition = Archived Purpose Only - Read More

    Besides knowing how to drive, you need to know how to protect your car as well. A well-protected car helps you to go to any destination you wish. At the same time, a well-protected car is durable and still valuable if you want to sell it. There are different ways to protect your car, one of which is to have a bumper guard for it.

    A bumper guard helps to protect your car from bumping. In addition, it also makes your car look awesome if you choose the right bumping guard. It also makes you feel confident while you are parking. Because of many benefits, it is important that you choose the right product. Here are the top ten best bumper guards in 2022.

    List Of Top 10 Best Bumper Guards in 2022


    10. Tyger Auto


    Tyger Auto serves as an armor to your automobile. Its essence is the fact that the bumper guard gives you a convenient access to storage area. At the same time, the dual girder standard protects your car at maximum level from collisions at rear-end level. Tyger Auto is matching with two-inch hitch receiver. The product weighs 350 LBS. The product has a diameter of two inches and a tube thickness of 0.120 inch

    Tyger Auto is powder-coated so that it got black finish. The installation is not difficult while the stabilizer and pin lock are included in the package. The product has a five-year warranty with no hassle. The warranty helps to add up to benefits.

    9. Parking Armor


    Parking Armor’s bumping area is 36” x 12”. The product is made of rubber and weather-resistant properties. The SRS Straps are designed to avoid theft. The straps are reinforced by waterproof steel. Furthermore, the foam core is 2-inch extra thick. The straps are soft on the paint finish because the foam is anti-skid.

    Also, the structure is flex-body so that it allows the armor could flex around the curves of bumper. The flexibility adds up to many great advantages of Parking Armor.

    8. BumpTEK


    3M Adhesive Tap supports BumpTEK. In addition, it helps to avoid rear bumpers from scratches and scrapes. The product is made of high quality and durable material. It comes with a three-dimension size as followed; 60 inches in length x 2.75 inches in height x ½ inch in thickness. The product is resilient with weather including a freezing temperature.

    At the same time, your car will look sporty if attached with BumpTek. However, it is recommended that you need to attach the armor at the right height of your car so that it could protect your car from bumping.

    7. Tyger Auto TG


    Tyger Auto TG’s package includes bumper guard, assembly hardware and installation manual. The product is made of tubing frame with 2.5-inch thickness. It is coated with black finish so that the product becomes more durable and rust-resistant. The durability does not only account for material but also the structure as the structure is designed for sturdiness. There is also channel to mount light so that you could attach LED lights with the armor. Nonetheless, the lights are not included in the package.

    There are also two holes in case you want to relocate the license plate. The product is easy to install. It also gives a five-year warranty with hassle free. A warranty helps to tackle your hesitation problem.

    6. BumpTEK RP


    3M Adhesive Tap technology is included in the product. At the same time, scratches and scrapes are prevented because of the design. Material with high-flexible and durable quality is used to product the product. At the same time, the three-dimension size of BumpTEK RP is 53 inches in length x 2.75 inches in height and ½ inch in thickness.

    The product is weather-resistant. It could resist hot weather. At the same time, it could also survive freezing temperature. The product will still remain new after years of use.

    5. RBP


    Scratches, nicks and scuffs are prevented because of technology included in RBP. In addition, the product is slip-resistant. The installation is easy as it takes little time, and no drill is needed. 3M Tape is equipped in the product. You could attach directly to rear bumper. The product comes with a three-dimension size as followed; 47” x 3” x 0.5”. It weighs 9.6 ounces. The weight and size are matched with balance.

    4. Parking Armor 4.8


    Parking Armor’s protection area is 48” x 12”. The product is made of rubber and weather-resistant. In addition, the straps are waterproofed as they are reinforced by steel. The foam core’s thickness is two-inch extra. The foam pads are soft as they are anti-skid. The straps are also paint-finished. The structure is flex-body so that it could be flexible with different contours of your bumpers.

    The product weighs four pounds with a three-dimension size as follow; 48 inches x 2 inches x 12 inches. The rubber bumper guard gives you a good impression about bumper protector.

    3. APS


    The product is inspired from iPhone. The product is highly-functional and outstanding. At the same time, the design is unique. iStep is made of a solid piece of material with four-inch length. Therefore, you could get more for secure footing. In addition, the boards are made of aluminum while they are powder-coated. The product is thus rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Also, the car bumper steel guard is weather-resistant.

    The rubber pad is non-slip. You could choose three different sizes from APS including 14-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch size. As a result, you have many choices to match with your car. You could choose a size for truck rear bumper guards.

    2. LUV-Tap


    LUV-Tap helps to protect your car from scratches and impacts of low speeds. In addition, you could attach the product with suction cups or bungee cords. Therefore, it makes your driving safe. You do not need any necessary tools to resize and customize. It could take you only seconds. There is no hassle so that you could keep the product fresh-looking and clean. The product is flexible with different contours of bumpers.

    At the same time, LUV-Tap helps to make your car look more awesome. The product weighs 2.9 pounds with a three-dimension size of 105” x 0.2” x 11”. LUV-Tap is unique with its many benefits.

    1. Bumper Bully


    The impact pads attached with the product on the backside helps to add up on the absorbing ability of the impact. In addition, the protecting area is 46” x 12”. The measurement is considered as one of the largest bumping protector. There are also safety reflectors so that other cars could see it easily and avoid bumping each other by accidents.

    The security straps are reinforced by steel so that it counters theft. The product is also scratch-resistant. Thus, the Toyota bumper guards is a great quality of bumper cover protector.


    There are several features of a bumper guard. First, a good bumper guard has a great design and is weather-resistant. The bumper should be durable for years. Thus, it is important that the product is weather-resistant. At the same time, rust-resistant feature should be another quality. Furthermore, the product should be flexible with different contour of bumpers. It should also be scratch-resistant. Also, a front bumper guard for car shall make it easy for other cars to see and notice so that they could be warned. Lastly, a warranty is a great deal so that your decision is guaranteed if the expectation is not met.

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