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Best Car Cup Holders in 2022 Reviews

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    The present-day cars are equipped with lots of accessories in order to simplify the driving experience of people sitting inside. These accessories let the people access the required items while driving without any hassles. One of the important car accessories is the car cup holder. It is considered as a significant part and helps you a lot while driving. It is true that everybody who rides a car or even the passenger prefers to drink coffee, tea, soft drink, etc. at regular intervals, in order to stay hydrated and make the trip interesting. Therefore, it is essential to install supreme quality and durable car cup holder. The holder can easily fit inside your car and then you can relish your drive comfortably. There are lots of car cup holders available in the market from the renowned brands and let’s have a glance at the 10 best products in this category:

    List Of The Best Car Cup Holders in 2022

    10. URO Parts 51 16 8 190 205 Cup Holder:

     URO Parts 51 16 8 190 205 Cup Holder:

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    This cup holder from this renowned brand enables you to easily keep beverage on the console. There are no chances of a spill of drink. You will be amazed at its simple and easy installation.

    • With the purpose to safely install this car cup holder, you only need to utilize two screws.
    • The packaging includes an instruction manual which helps you with the process of fixing and installation.
    • This car cup holder is great for the price offered.
    • Its part fit seamlessly without the need of any modifications, unlike many aftermarket parts.
    • You can install front as well as rear cup holders easily.

    9. Hopkins Euro Mini Console:

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    If you are looking forward to conveniently carry cups in your car, go for this product. It is found that this product features coin slots as well as storage compartments for easy storage.

    • It comes with a coin slot that lets you easily change while your drive-thru is continued. The compartment is capable to hold coins.
    • The overall design is made stylish with the help of the efficient organization.
    • It highlights an adjustable cup holder which can efficiently hold beverages in varying cup sizes.
    • It comes with an adjustable holder that can conveniently hold big water bottles that are incapable to fit inside the standard cup holder.
    • This product is steady and would not require you to screw it in place.
    • There is availability of a CD slot that makes the car cup holder stable.
    • It can effectively hold five CDs.

    8. Rubbermaid Automotive Cup Holder:

     Rubbermaid Automotive Cup Holder:

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    Are you the one who is worried about how to store and organize all the small stuff and cups while driving the car? Well, this car cup holder from Rubbermaid is a perfect solution. Your bottle, cup, or handled mug would conveniently fit in the central region, whereas the tiny compartments in the side help to keep many different items like smartphones, mp3 players, etc.

    • You can experience spacious storage feel because it comes with sleek and lined eyeglass compartment on its front side. This helps you to easily keep your eye-wear and also prevent it from scratches.
    • There is a slot for power cords provided on the left compartment and this enables you to effortlessly charge electronics.
    • It can fit majority of the console cup holders.
    • The product is intended to be fixed inside your prevailing cup holder in order to comfortably relish the huge size of beverages.
    • You can put many items like phones, coins, keys, etc., in addition to cups.
    • This cup holder is very easy to clean. You only need to wipe with a damp cloth.

    7. Topoint Adjustable Car Drink Stand:

     Topoint Adjustable Car Drink Stand:

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    Now remove the hassle of how to store cups of beverages and other essential accessories while going on a drive. It is known that this cup holder is capable to connect in the front side of your air conditioner device. Therefore, you can keep your beverage cool.

    • There is a mount provided along the front side for effortlessly holding your smartphone.
    • You can effortlessly mount your cell phone when you rely on GPS navigation.
    • It comes with brackets on the top side for ease of use. This enables you to adjust the cup holder to function with various types of cups and phones.
    • You can now keep your car clean because there is a separate compartment for cell phone.
    • Overall, the car cup holder is easy to use and functions like an excellent product with 12 months warranty.
    • It comes with sleek rubber holder grips as well as sleek anti-scratch padding which prevents your cup holder from scratching.
    • You can let your beverage stay hot or cool when the air condition flows.

    There is a provision of secure attachment along with two clips that defends your cell phone from dripping down.
    It comes with the built-in lever that can keep different sized bottles steady.

    6. Bottle Pro – Adjustable Car Cup Holder:

     Bottle Pro - Adjustable Car Cup Holder:

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    Whenever you are looking for an adjustable car cup holder that can securely hold different items and cups, go for this product. The appealing aspect of this holder is the inclusion of foam sleeve to securely hold the items in place.

    • It comes with free soft Fit foam sleeve which assures that you avail an excellent fit.
    • There is an adjustable type 3-ring base that works to firmly fit most cup holder sizes.
    • It presents a simple and effective design.
    • There are less moving parts as compared to similar other models from different brands. Therefore, there is no hassle while using.
    • A major portion of the cup would be effortlessly fitted inside the cup holder because it comes with three ring base which is found to be adjustable.

    5. Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder from Zone Tech:

     Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder from Zone Tech:

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    Equipped with smart design, this car cup holder from Zone Tech implements advanced technology for efficient cup holding. This holder is competent to hold a wide variety of beverages with its well-designed construction.

    • It comes with a detachable arm that presents a range of motion. Therefore, you can easily move this arm to any desired position as per your needs.
    • The cup holder would expand a bit to accommodate various sizes.
    • The product focuses on cleanliness because it removes undesired car spills. Moreover, it would also the car’s interior clean. The beverages would not spill around whenever the car takes turns.
    • Its suction cup can be attached effortlessly and stays stable without shifting.
    • You can conveniently ride on bumpy roads at the fast pace without any trouble of drinks spilling over.
    • There is a sufficient number of compartments to conveniently store required accessories in a car.

    4. Auto Truck Car Seat Drink Cup Holder from WinnerEco:

     Auto Truck Car Seat Drink Cup Holder from WinnerEco:

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    With simple installation and removal process, this car cup holder from WinnerEco is a perfect solution. The unique specialty of this product is that it does not occupy much space and can be easily accommodated in a small space.

    • This holder works to keep your car clean and organized and.
    • Sufficient space is provided for storing drink cups, cell phones, water bottles, etc.
    • The items stored in this holder can be easily accessed without any hassles while driving the car.
    • The entire design is well-made with no trouble of drink spilling over.
    • All the items kept inside stay firmly in a place and would not shift or move even when the people sitting inside bends down.
    • It is designed to last for long-term.
    • With the compact design, this holder is a beautiful product as compared to its competitor models.
    • You can put a water bottle, cell phone, paper towels, etc. inside it.
    • The persons sitting inside can experience clean and tidy surrounding.
    • With the simple design and great flexibility, this product is suitable for all types of models.

    3. Smart Kup – Car Cup Holder:

    3. Smart Kup - Car Cup Holder:

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    As implied from the name, this car cup holder is intended to hold massive cups or coffee mugs. You can conveniently store 32-ounce and 40-ounce mugs/cups. The holder is basically designed to elevate your prevailing car cup holder in which you can conveniently place this new cup holder within the old holder of the car. This provides great flexibility to fit massive mugs or cups. The model presents a convenient option at a reliable cost.

    • You are allowed to safely place big cups of beverages inside this car cup holder.
    • The size of the 3-inch upper cup would conveniently hold your flask whenever you ride your car or take huge turns. This is far better as compared to other holders which are only 2″ and may result into bottle falling out.
    • It also includes one inch cut out to effortlessly hold mugs and cups using an external handle.
    • There is a provision of the tapered base that extends its length from 3.2″ to 2.6″ to conveniently offer a snugger fit for the majority of car cup holders.

    2. Guzzie+Guss Universal Cup Holder:

     Guzzie+Guss Universal Cup Holder:

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    It is possible that many people look to have a universal cup holder, and this is a perfect car cup holder for them. Capable to hold almost anything, ranging from baby bottles to huge coffee mugs, this product is known to be a flexible one. In addition to being flexible, this model from Guzzie+Guss implements the innovative design.

    • The holder is quite adjustable and would fit the majority of cups and bottles.
    • You have the flexibility to spin the holder in any desired direction. There is no hassle of you turning yourself to watch whether the cups and bottles are secured or not.
    • This holder is manufactured out of durable material for long-term use. You can carry it for long journeys in your car.
    • It can conveniently fit all types of drink containers.
    • Entire holder is sturdy enough to hold a Slurpee, and you can easily clean it because it is removable.
    • Whenever you use it, you experience a feeling of security. This is because the bottles and cups are firmly held in a place.
    • Overall, the material is durable and its design is impressive.
    • You need not worry about liquids spilling over even when you ride on the bumpy road.
    • The process to install and remove is quite simple.
    • You can easily attach this car cup holder to a wheelchair.

    1. Binmer(TM) 2 Cup Holder:

     Binmer(TM) 2 Cup Holder:

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    Securing the #1 position in the list, this car cup holder from Binmer is intended for your cell phones, keys, coins, and many small items, in addition to beverages. It is an affordable car cup holder for the features offered.


    • This holder can easily hold two cups due to its huge size.
    • Overall, the look is made beautiful and classy with the use of leather.
    • You can easily place this multi-holder at the front side of your car. Moreover, you can easily access the items placed inside.
    • It fits in seat wedge fashion to conveniently hold different items.
    • The size is compact and it makes use of microfiber leather + PU material.
    • This car cup holder is excellent for cars that have minimal space for installation of the same.

    It is not possible for every person to hold a cup of beverage on one hand and drive using the other hand. For them, the discussed car cup holders prove to be the recommended choices. The traditional car cup holders come with many limitations and by now, they are outdated. Few of them are incapable to easily accommodate the size of your bottle or cup. You can fix these holders on the front side, a rear side, top or bottom of the car. Overall, the process of installation of these car cup holders is quite simple.

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