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Top 10 Best Cash Counting Machine in (2021) Reviews

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    Money is important whether you like it or not. Of course, you do! Everyone needs money. If you run a shop or any business, you inevitably have to count money. This can be a real pain in the neck since you have to count twice or thrice or even more to make sure the amount is correct. Chances are you will make mistake, and you don’t like to make mistakes in money, do you? That is where you need the cash counting money. With one of our cash counting machine, you are ensured with the high accuracy in terms of amount and you can save a tremendous amount of time and turn your focus on other things. Let’s go through each item together!

    List of the Best Cash Counting Machine in 2021:

    10. DOMENS Portable Money Counter

    DOMENS Portable Money Counter

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    Don’t ever give yourself headache ever again while counting money! Actually, you don’t have to count again. With DOMENS Portable Money Counter, you can have your money counted in anytime and at anyplace. With the speed of 600 pcs per minute, you can save a lot of time and rest your mind with the extreme accuracy. In only 0.86 lbs, this machine can work in anywhere you want and does not take any much room at all. Its adapter is AC 100-240 which can connect to electricity and you can simply use 4 pcs “AA” batteries. The LED 3 digits display screen gives you explicit picture of the amount. Perfect for small business, this money counter is suitable for most of the paper currencies in the world.

    9. EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

    EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

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    You can trust your money with EOM-POS. In the speed of over 1,000 bills per minute, you will be amazed on how much time and expenditure on labor you could save. Of course, in business and anywhere else, time is money! This machine is super intelligent since it comes in ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared counterfeit bill detection. It can also sense if the bill is half-note or abnormal-note. The display is 270 degrees rotatable with the carrying handle built in for convenience transport. Never again that you have to feed bills- just lay down the stack on the tray.

    8. Royal Sovereign Money Counting Machine

    Royal Sovereign Money Counting Machine

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    As the name suggests, you deserve the feeling of royalty. Just focus on your business, and this machine will make sure not a single piece of your money will ever get lost. Security is ensured with the 2 phase counterfeit bill detector with ultra violet security thread detection. This intelligent machine can detect if the bill is half-note or abnormal-note. You’ll be amazed by its performance since it can go to 1,400 bills per minute. The coolest part is here. Royal Sovereign Money Counting Machine can total the number of bill by denomination, total value by denomination as well as provide a grand total. With UL certified, the design of this machine allows for 48 hours of continuous money counting and maximum speed. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

    7. Cassida Bill Counter (5520UV)

    Cassida Bill Counter (5520UV)

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    1,300 bills per minutes it is! Just imagine it working in front of your eyes and see the money just flow and the number just keeps increasing incredibly fast on the display screen. Cassida Bill Counter is equipped with infrared sensors to detect chain, double and half notes. When any abnormality encountered, the machine would stop counting, give you a beep and display the error message on the display screen. Ultraviolet (UV and UV/MG models), and magnetic sensors (UV/MG model) are able to detect a wide range of counterfeit bills. The built-in handle makes it easy to be carried, and its contemporary styling blends with any business environment.

    6. Teraputics Money Counter

    Teraputics Money Counter

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    You can find the highest possible quality and craftsmanship in Teraputics Money Counter. Operating quietly, this machine is designed in ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared sensors with a counterfeit detection rate of 1/800000. Its power would blow your mind off since it can count in the speed of 1200 bills per minute up to 6 continuous hours. This machine counts the total number of bills only and does not detect the value of the currency. With Teraputics Money Counter, you will save yourself hours and put your time focusing on the other important parts of your business.

    5. Kolibri Money Counter

    Kolibri Money Counter

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    Have your money counted with Kolibri Money Counter. Constructed in metal, this bill counter is super easy to clean and maintain and provide less jam during the counting with the straight bill path. The operations, counting from starting to error clearing, are running automatically. Just put your money inside it, and let the machine does the work. UV, half, double and chain notes are all detected while the speed can go to 1000 bills per minute. Measuring 9” x 11” x 5”, Kolibri Money Counter is perfect in every home and workplace.

    4. G-Star Technology Money Counter

    G-Star Technology Money Counter

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    Save your time and stop worrying about all those disturbing confusions in money with G-Star Technology Money Counter. Super powerful, this machine can run up to 6 hours straight in the speed of 1200 bills per minute. Don’t worry that it’ll make funny noises since the ultraviolet(UV) and Magnetic (MG) sensors allow system to work quietly with noise levels less than 60 dB. Lowest jam rate is ensured with the enjoy prime undisrupted counting while the LED display and automatic self-testing ability provide extra accuracy. Besides its fantastic performance, the machine also takes less energy of less than 90W when working and less than 3W when idle.

    3. Goplus Money Counter

    Goplus Money Counter

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    With GoPlus, your nightmare about money counting is just a thing of the past. Designed with 13 pcs rubber wheel, this machine makes sure in counting money accurately and fluently. Thanks to dust-proof sensors that ensures the durability of all the functions and the whole machine. The UV and MG anti-counterfeit detection allow system to work quietly, accurate and precise sorting with a miss counterfeit detection rate of 1/700000. LED-display is pretty easy to ready while the speed is up to 900 bills per minute. Suitable for most currencies around the world, GoPlus Money Counter is one of the best choices for you.

    2. Cassida 6600 UV/MG Business Grade Currency Counter

    Cassida 6600 UV/MG Business Grade Currency Counter

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    Imagine 1400 bills of cash being counted in a minute. What a sight! With Cassida 6600 Currency Counter, this is not impossible. Extremely reliable and efficient, this money counter authenticates bills using ultraviolet (6600 UV) and magnetic (6600 UV/MG) sensors. There is the top-loading hopper that can hold up to 400 bills while the power consumption is less than 80 watts. Besides counting, the machine also provides the add function which saves you a tremendous amount of time.

    1. G-Star Technology Money Counter

    G-Star Technology Money Counter

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    Efficiency is the core value of G-Star Technology Money Counter. With the miss counterfeit detection rate of 1/100000, this machine ensures to count every single piece of your money, and you don’t have to examine it over. Working in peace, the ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) sensors allow system to work quietly with noise levels less than 60 dB. The power is pretty saved since the machine operating takes less than 90W when working and less than 3W when idle. It can work 2 hours straight under the speed of 1000 bills per minute. Three styles are there for you to choose from: Deluxe, Elite and Standard.


    Stop making mistakes in money since it is hard to find already! We have walked you through each item describing all their advantages and proficiency. Now it’s you to decide which one that suits you best. Not everywhere that you can find something with such features in such reasonable price. Take it easy and make up your mind. Calculate and see if it’s worth the investment, or you prefer spending hours just going through your money all over again; then, you blame yourself for making stupid mistakes? If you have already made up your mind, click order now to present yourself with one of the most fantastic counting machine in 2021.

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