Top 10 Best Children’s Tennis Rackets in 2018

Tennis is one of the best sports of all that can promote the physical, emotional, and mental growth of your kids. Playing this kind of sport is not only beneficial for your kid’s development, but it also allows you to have a quality time with your kids outdoor, making the bond between you and your kids closer. This is the perfect sport to keep your kids active and love exercising.

Besides, your kids may be taking a tennis course in school, and you need to get them good tennis racquets. Therefore, we are here to assist you if you are looking to buy tennis racquets for your beloved kids. Shall we start now?

List of  Top 10 Best Children’s Tennis Rackets in 2018

10. TOYMYTOY Badminton Tennis Rackets and Ball Set

TOYMYTOY Badminton Tennis Rackets


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The first product that comes to our review today is the badminton and tennis racket set for kid. This set from TOYMYTOY brings the perfect game time for you and your kids. This fun toy comes with a water ball, a PU ball, a badminton ball, and the most important thing that can’t be missed is a pair of rackets. With this multifunctional rackets set, your kids can enjoy playing tennis whether they are at the park or in the sea. Made with high quality, all of the balls are durable and lightweight.

For TOYMYTOY safety is the main concern; therefore, all the balls are made careful and have smooth surface, ensuring safety for your kids. You can let your kids play without worries.

9. Tennis Racket Two Piece Active Play Set

Tennis Racket Two Piece Active Play Set WithTwo Foam Balls

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The next product that we are going to introduce to you is the tennis gear for kids with the age of three and above, the age that needs proper exercise to support their physical and mental development. This tennis set features a pair of rackets and two elastic foam balls, allowing your kids to enjoy the game with family or friends. These tennis racquets are designed in perfect size, light enough for kids to handle and play comfortably.

Moreover, the foam balls and the plastic racquets are specially made with some elements that make your kids feel like the real tennis players.

8. Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet


Gamma Sports Quick Kids 93" Tennis Racquet


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Coming next is the high performance tennis racquet for kids. This is the excellent quality product by Gamma Sports. It is a newly designed racquet that is sized and weighed for kids, and even great for children with the height of between 39 to 49 inches. The high quality racquet is made to be sturdy and durable enough for you the kids to play at schools or in the park.

Not only that, this good performance racquet is good for beginners who wish to learn how to play tennis; your kid can also play it in play and stay format or take it to school competition. So with this racquet, your kids will indeed have a good play time.

7. Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet


Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet


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Now, let us introduce you another tennis racquet that is appealing for your little kids. This is the Spider-Man Tennis Racquet from Marvel Junior. Its name reveals everything on the racquet. Just like what you imagine, this racquet is specially designed for boys and the spider man fans. Having Spiderman’s eye printed on the net, this high standard racquet makes the game more enjoyable for your kids as they feel that they are playing like a superhero.

Additional to its eye-catching appearance, this racquet is perceived to be sturdy and durable. Besides, no worries that your kid is a starter because this racquet is designed for all the tennis lovers.

6. Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet

Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet

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Next is another attractive tennis racquet from Wilson Junior. The product preceding this was the tennis racquet designed in Spiderman style, but this time, Wilson Junior has brought a new idea. The racquet is now designed in pink ideal for your little daughter who loves and wants to play tennis. This pinky lightweight racket features a shoulder strap, allowing your kids to carry it to their tennis lessons or to play at the park.

Not to mention, this racquet fits greatly and make your little girls love sport even more. So from now, you little daughters will love to play tennis and make a sense of an athlete.

5. Wilson Burn Series Junior Tennis Racket

Wilson Burn Series Junior Tennis Racket

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Here is the best tennis racquet brand, Wilson from America. Wilson has never disappointed us with their innovation. This is a new model of tennis racket which is the best for your kids who loves to sport especially playing tennis. This high standard tennis racket is well structured due to the combination of the perfect size and weight, and strung balance, making it more stable for your kids to handle.

Plus, the string pattern is innovated to help the ball spin faster; so that, our kids can play well in their tennis class or at their game.

4. Le Petit Tennis Racquet

Le Petit Tennis Racquet 17 Inches

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The product that comes on the top 4 of our review tennis rackets is the Le Petit Tennis Racquet. Coming with the measure of 17 inches, this racquet is ideal for your little kids from the age between 2 and 4. This fantastic racquet is designed to be ultra-light, making it perfect for those smooth and small hands of your kids.

The materials used to make is the high quality graphite-aluminum, making it durable and easy to hit and manage; there is no concern even though your kids are the beginners. For your information, this product is highly recommended to be purchased with the inflatable balls under this brand too.

3. Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

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The top 3 product today goes to Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet. Your little girls must be excited to see this Hello Kitty tennis racquet. Just like its name, this racquet is designed in Hello Kitty frame. Featuring pink and white, this racquet is cute for your little kids from the ages of 2 and older. The special feature is that on the string of this stylish tennis racquet printed the pinky bow of Hello Kitty, making it even more attractive for you little athlete girls.

Coming in the height of 19, 21, 23 or 25 inches, this racquet is small enough for the tiny tennis players but strong enough for the fun.

2. Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

Tennis Rackets for Kids by Street Tennis Club

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We are now approaching the best kid’s tennis rackets. Coming here is one of the best tennis gear for kids from Street Tennis Club. This good quality racquet can helps your beloved little kids to adapt to tennis skills faster. Due to the string, this beautiful racquet helps your kids to hit the ball more often, so they will feel they are the star in tennis field and develop the sense of tennis athlete.

Moreover, this stunning tennis racquet is made of ultimate quality aluminum, making it durable and light for the little users to control and manage their stroke.

1. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet-Children’s Tennis Rackets

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Now, the wait is over. You are reading the best of the bet product in our review. Coming in various size, this is the best choice for your starter kids of the little tennis players. The grip is perfectly made to fit with the little hands of your kids. The string is flawlessly tied to make to make the best contact with the ball and make it spin smoother; your kids will have an enjoyable play.

On top of that, this superb quality racquet is made out of high quality aluminum, making it light and easy for your little kids to swing and make the play smooth.


The products listed above come with its own special characteristics; you can choose any of them that you find ideal for your kids. So, you now will have quality time with your little loves while keeping them active in sport and improving their lifestyle. Don’t feel reluctant to purchase while these best quality items are still available.

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