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Best Children’s Tennis Rackets in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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    Tennis is one of the best sports of all that can promote the physical, emotional, and mental growth of your kids. Playing this kind of sport is not only beneficial for your kid’s development, but it also allows you to have a quality time with your kids outdoor, making the bond between you and your kids closer. This is the perfect sport to keep your kids active and love exercising.

    Besides, your kids may be taking a tennis course in school, and you need to get them good tennis racquets. Therefore, we are here to assist you if you are looking to buy tennis racquets for your beloved kids. Shall we start now?

    List Of Top 10 Best Children’s Tennis Rackets

    10. Liberty Imports

    Liberty Imports Boom

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    Have you been seeking for productive toys for your kids? Today we would like to introduce to you a set of tennis rackets for kids. It is a boom tennis rackets from the Liberty Imports brand. It is very suitable for your children to play tennis in the outdoor space. It comes with a set of two plastic rackets and one soft ball.

    This tennis rackets can be played by kids aged from 3 years old upper. The rackets itself is very light in weight that your kids can hold it very easily. Moreover, this tennis rackets can also be a best companion to train your children in utilizing their eyes and hand when playing sport.

    9. Gamma Sports

    Gamma Sports

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    There are many sports that your children can play with. As of one of those sports, tennis rackets can a great toy and sport equipment for your children. We can say that it is a very essential material that allow your children to have fun while they can also do some sports activity. It is very best for kids under ten years old to practice with these rackets.

    This type of rackets comes in 4 sizes but the suitable size for kids is the 21 inches size. It is light in weight perfect for kids to hold. The look of this racket is very simple which can be played by both boys and girls. Besides that, this racket is also made from high-quality material that is very durable.

    8. Senston

    Senston 23" Junior 

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    This is a junior type of rackets that we want to suggest for your children today. Both boys and girls can play with this style of rackets. This tennis racket weighs only 180 grams which is very light and easy to hold. It won’t hurt your wrist either. The material of this tennis racket is made from aluminum and it is very resistant and strong to damages. If it is used by kids, it will stay longer.

    The ability of this racket is that it can hit the tennis ball very well with small vibration. There many sizes available but here we only talk about one size which is 19 inches best for kids from 2 to 5 years old. Moreover, the pattern string is very strong that it won’t easily fall apart when hitting the ball.

    7. Wilson

    Wilson 55064 

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    This is a US brand; Wilson is known as one of the best quality product. This Wilson rackets is a type of junior equipment. It is the perfect fit for your children to enjoy their tennis sport. Wilson rackets will provide your kid with best quality experience of the game. It is made from aluminum but it is very strong and resistant to damages. The Wilson racket has got many sizes for your choice.

    However, today we only pick the kid size which is suitable for children 10 years old and below. It has many colors so your kid can choose whichever their favorite. The weight of the racket is very light that easy for kid to hold and it is very easy to swing while playing.

    6. Street Tennis Club

    Street Tennis Club 

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    If you are looking for a professional type of tennis rackets for your children to play during their free time, we can recommend you this Street Tennis Club racket. It is a very essential kit to help your kids to develop their sport skill from the very young age.

    There are three sizes available for this racket which the 17 inches, 19 and 21 inches. They are all best suited for your children. The racket itself has very strong strings which can support long term using. You can fight the tennis very efficiently.

    There is also a smile style design on the string as well. The best part is that it is made very light so that your kid can play with it without hurting their arms. To help your kids stay healthy and fit, you can introduce them this tennis racket in their spare time.

    5. Fostoy

    Fostoy Junior Tennis 

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    Just so you know, kid always demand anything that can meet their capacity to play. Even it is a toy or anything else, they always ask for a  small size so that they can play with it conveniently. So, this one is a good choice for them. Fostoy is junior racket that is invented for small children. When you buy this racket, it will come with a storage bag as well. There are two sizes available which are 19.7 inches and 21.6 inches but the best size is the 19.7 inches.

    Each of the racket’s weight is only 360 grams which is less a pound that is very convenient for your children. Rather than buying them other expensive toys, you can gift them with these tennis rackets on their birthday for their better improvement in sports.

    4. Babolat

    Babolat Nadal

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    Babolat is a brand of children’s tennis racket that us designed very carefully to fit the style for kids as well as for professional players. The manufacture of this type of racquet is very cool to look exactly the same to Raphael Nadal type of racket.

    This is a nice racket which is 26 inches in size which is one of the choice for kids whose age if from 10 to 12 years old.  The length of this racket is about 11 inches long. The color is painted in black and light green which is very cute for kid.

    Moreover, it is an aluminum racket with a super lightweight. The lightweight construction is purposely made exactly for your children since they can only hold light things. Let your kid learn and grow everyday with this professional-like racket.

    3. Insum

     insum Junior 

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    Playing sports is good for health and it also can release stress as well. Sports can be played by any generation of people. Especially, we would like to introduce your children to be involved in more sport activities, that is why we want to suggest you the Insum tennis racket for kids. It is a starter pack for beginners like your children who is interested in playing tennis. This racket is very suitable for 2 years old kid to 10 years old kid.

    It has 5 different sizes for your choice but the smallest one for kid is 17 inches. The racket itself is made out of aluminum material with light weight to support kid’s carrying ability. Moreover, the string of the racket is very strong and can bounce the tennis ball very well.

    2. Head

    HEAD Speed Kids 

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    Head is another type of tennis rackets that is made for children to accompany their free time activities after school. The design of this racket just looks like a professional racquet. The Head racket is a junior style racket as we mentioned that it has the strong ability to hit the tennis ball. It can swing very well during the play because of its weight.

    This racket is estimated that it weighs only 7 ounces which is very convenient for your children. The grip part of the racket is also small that your kid can easily hold with one hand. There are four sizes available for this type but the one for kid that we are talking about is 25 inches in length.

    1. Weierfu

    weierfu Junior Tennis 

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    Here we come to last style of today’s choice for children tennis rackets. It is from a brand named Weierfu. The design of this tennis racket looks very attractive for kids because they have included the cartoon image and colors on the racket. For  starter player like your kids, they can use this because it is small in size which in only 17 to 21 inches, and it is very light in weight that your kid can carry very well.

    The gripping part is also not too big that your kid cannot hold. In addition to this, when purchasing this racket, you will also get one carry bag for the racket which is also very cute.

    Buying Guide for children’s tennis rackets

    When buying anything we have to be very consider because it is the spending we made out of our energy that we work for. Even it is a big stuff or a small stuff they are all important because we should not waste our own expense too much.

    Just like this tennis rackets for children, we also have to think and pick the one with the right criteria for them too. So, below you will find some guiding pointa that you should think of when buying your children tennis racket.

    Weight: In regards to the item’s weight, just so you know, kids they only can play with the equipment that has a light weight because their energy is small. So, you should pick any tennis racket that is made with lightweight for them.

    Looks: The look of the racket itself is also important for kids. As we know, children are attracted to colors and lovely designs so for the tennis rackets you also should look for any type that has acute and colorful design to encourage them more to play with the racket.

    Grip size: As of grip size, we refer to the holding or carrying part of the rackets. Some rackets might have a big gripping part that can be difficult for kids to hold when playing. That is why we would like to suggest you to choose the one with a smaller grip for them.

    String: String is also crucial for playing tennis because it is the part that can determine whether or not the racket can handle the power of the tennis ball coming in. Thus, you have to search for the one with stronger strings as much as possible for your children.


    The products listed above come with its own special characteristics; you can choose any of them that you find ideal for your kids. So, you now will have quality time with your little loves while keeping them active in sport and improving their lifestyle. Don’t feel reluctant to purchase while these best quality items are still available.


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    List of  Top 10 Best Children’s Tennis Rackets


    10. TOYMYTOY Badminton Tennis Rackets and Ball Set



    The first product that comes to our review today is the badminton and tennis racket set for kid. This set from TOYMYTOY brings the perfect game time for you and your kids. This fun toy comes with a water ball, a PU ball, a badminton ball, and the most important thing that can’t be missed is a pair of rackets. With this multifunctional rackets set, your kids can enjoy playing tennis whether they are at the park or in the sea. Made with high quality, all of the balls are durable and lightweight.

    For TOYMYTOY safety is the main concern; therefore, all the balls are made careful and have smooth surface, ensuring safety for your kids. You can let your kids play without worries.

    9. Tennis Racket Two Piece Active Play Set


    The next product that we are going to introduce to you is the tennis gear for kids with the age of three and above, the age that needs proper exercise to support their physical and mental development. This tennis set features a pair of rackets and two elastic foam balls, allowing your kids to enjoy the game with family or friends. These tennis racquets are designed in perfect size, light enough for kids to handle and play comfortably.

    Moreover, the foam balls and the plastic racquets are specially made with some elements that make your kids feel like the real tennis players.

    8. Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet




    Coming next is the high performance tennis racquet for kids. This is the excellent quality product by Gamma Sports. It is a newly designed racquet that is sized and weighed for kids, and even great for children with the height of between 39 to 49 inches. The high quality racquet is made to be sturdy and durable enough for you the kids to play at schools or in the park.

    Not only that, this good performance racquet is good for beginners who wish to learn how to play tennis; your kid can also play it in play and stay format or take it to school competition. So with this racquet, your kids will indeed have a good play time.

    7. Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet




    Now, let us introduce you another tennis racquet that is appealing for your little kids. This is the Spider-Man Tennis Racquet from Marvel Junior. Its name reveals everything on the racquet. Just like what you imagine, this racquet is specially designed for boys and the spider man fans. Having Spiderman’s eye printed on the net, this high standard racquet makes the game more enjoyable for your kids as they feel that they are playing like a superhero.

    Additional to its eye-catching appearance, this racquet is perceived to be sturdy and durable. Besides, no worries that your kid is a starter because this racquet is designed for all the tennis lovers.

    6. Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet


    Next is another attractive tennis racquet from Wilson Junior. The product preceding this was the tennis racquet designed in Spiderman style, but this time, Wilson Junior has brought a new idea. The racquet is now designed in pink ideal for your little daughter who loves and wants to play tennis. This pinky lightweight racket features a shoulder strap, allowing your kids to carry it to their tennis lessons or to play at the park.

    Not to mention, this racquet fits greatly and make your little girls love sport even more. So from now, you little daughters will love to play tennis and make a sense of an athlete.

    5. Wilson Burn Series Junior Tennis Racket


    Here is the best tennis racquet brand, Wilson from America. Wilson has never disappointed us with their innovation. This is a new model of tennis racket which is the best for your kids who loves to sport especially playing tennis. This high standard tennis racket is well structured due to the combination of the perfect size and weight, and strung balance, making it more stable for your kids to handle.

    Plus, the string pattern is innovated to help the ball spin faster; so that, our kids can play well in their tennis class or at their game.

    4. Le Petit Tennis Racquet


    The product that comes on the top 4 of our review tennis rackets is the Le Petit Tennis Racquet. Coming with the measure of 17 inches, this racquet is ideal for your little kids from the age between 2 and 4. This fantastic racquet is designed to be ultra-light, making it perfect for those smooth and small hands of your kids.

    The materials used to make is the high quality graphite-aluminum, making it durable and easy to hit and manage; there is no concern even though your kids are the beginners. For your information, this product is highly recommended to be purchased with the inflatable balls under this brand too.

    3. Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet


    The top 3 product today goes to Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet. Your little girls must be excited to see this Hello Kitty tennis racquet. Just like its name, this racquet is designed in Hello Kitty frame. Featuring pink and white, this racquet is cute for your little kids from the ages of 2 and older. The special feature is that on the string of this stylish tennis racquet printed the pinky bow of Hello Kitty, making it even more attractive for you little athlete girls.

    Coming in the height of 19, 21, 23 or 25 inches, this racquet is small enough for the tiny tennis players but strong enough for the fun.

    2. Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids


    We are now approaching the best kid’s tennis rackets. Coming here is one of the best tennis gear for kids from Street Tennis Club. This good quality racquet can helps your beloved little kids to adapt to tennis skills faster. Due to the string, this beautiful racquet helps your kids to hit the ball more often, so they will feel they are the star in tennis field and develop the sense of tennis athlete.

    Moreover, this stunning tennis racquet is made of ultimate quality aluminum, making it durable and light for the little users to control and manage their stroke.

    1. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet


    Now, the wait is over. You are reading the best of the bet product in our review. Coming in various size, this is the best choice for your starter kids of the little tennis players. The grip is perfectly made to fit with the little hands of your kids. The string is flawlessly tied to make to make the best contact with the ball and make it spin smoother; your kids will have an enjoyable play.

    On top of that, this superb quality racquet is made out of high quality aluminum, making it light and easy for your little kids to swing and make the play smooth.



    Choose the right racket by the age

    A good racket has to match well with the kid’s strength and motor skill. For kids whose age is from 1-4 years old, you should choose a racket with a light and good grip handle for them. Since the purpose of playing is not for competition, the kids’ fun game should start with the right racket. More than just paying attention on the racket, the inflatable ball is important too. You should choose the right ball that minimize shock.

    Once your kid is 5 or 6 years old, the right length of the racket for them is 19 inches. It is a good start for the kid to develop from playing as leisure to a serious game. A good racket allows them to swing and shot the ball with less effort. It is also a ground point for making future progress too.

    Later, for 7 to 9 years old kid, it is the right time to change from a 19 inch to 23 inch racket. A good racket length for them should not be longer than that at all. It is the perfect length as the kids have developed their skill in the game. They are able to control the ball and each movement way better.

    Once the kids reach the age of 10 to 11 years old, they can possibly hold and use the adult racket.Next, as the child grows bigger, it is the time to shift from using ta small and light racket to a large and heavier one. 

    Choose by height

    On top of choosing the right product that suits your kids’ ages, it is equally important to get the right product for their body size. Though age is an important aspect to consider, choosing the racket based on their height allows them to stand in the right posture. The best way to check is by placing the racket next to the kids and let them extend their hand. If they can comfortably place their hands on the racket butt cap, then this product is likely to be the right choice. If you are not sure about what to get, it is wise to check the recommended racket size first.

    Grip size

    Similar to choosing an adult racket, the grip size of a children’s tennis racket should not be overlooked. Comfortable and risk-free gaming time is the top priority. A good grip allows the kid to enjoy the game comfortably. If the grip is too large, it may risk causing harms to the kids. It is a good idea to choose a smaller grip since it is possible to make the small grip bigger.

    You can easily add the over grip to it when needed, in the case that you want to customize it. On the other hand, please be noted that you should not attempt to do it without a thorough discussion with the coach.


    Sting is one of the most important parts of the racket. It receives the ball and hit it back while playing. The key point to look at is the tightness of the string. The right string allows the kid to throw the ball without using much effort, and it conforms well to the kid’s strength. The material usually found in the string is polyester. This user-friendly material is also the popular one when talking about the kid racket. Therefore, a good choice for the kid is polyester strings.


    As all the aspects in a racket are important, you should think about the weight of  it too. It is a good idea to select a light weight racket that the kids can hold and take control over it with ease. As tennis game requires energy in swinging;  the lighter, the better it is for the kids of all ages. It can relieves the burden they face when carrying the heavy racket. The question is how light should it be for the kid’s racket? A good one should weighs about 250 to 320 grams. The weight can increase once the kids can have a better control over the racket.


    Regarding to materials, aluminum and graphite are the key materials usually found in popular rackets. It is a wise choice to look for the durability and lightness through the aluminum material. It is also an ideal choice to get the aluminum-made racket for the beginner players, or the young age kid. Besides, another superior quality product is well produced from the graphite. It is a bit heavier than the aluminum; however, it is suitable for kids who start to make the progress in the game. For the safety of the kids, it is good to consult with a coach before shifting from one racket to another.


    You can choose a nice racket for your kids to enjoy the game by their weight and height; however, it is also a highly recommended way to get the right racket of the most suitable length. With the right length, the kid can engage in the game in the safest way. The manufacturers nowadays care so much about the production of the racket; therefore, many high-quality products are the best choices to consider.

    Final testing

    Last but indeed not least is the good final testing. With the chart of the weight and height that you can consider before making the purchase, the risk of getting the undesirable item can be greatly eliminated. The best method is to let the kid test the product first before buying it. Trying demos before purchasing give the kids some ideas about what they like, as well as figure out which racket is the right option for them. The testing can usually be done at the retail stores.


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