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Top 10 Best Christmas Tree Stands in 2020 Reviews:

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    The holidays are one of the most opportune times to show off your style.  A Christmas tree isn’t complete until you add some gifts, lights, and decorations to it. Because of this, you will definitely need to make sure it is supported.  The support for your Christmas tree is one of the most visible areas on the decoration and that’s why you should get the best tree stand available.

    The tree stands are also very functional. Aside from offering support, your tree will reap from many benefits like receiving water to keep it looking fresh for the season. Let us have a look at some of the best Christmas tree stands on the market. We have considered some of the factors below.

    List Of Best Christmas Tree Stand Reviews 2020:

    10. Jack-Post Oasis Christmas Tree Stand, for Trees Up to 10-Feet, 1.5-Gallon Water Capacity

    Jack-Post Oasis Christmas Tree Stand Check Price

    • By: JACK-POST Christmas Tree Stands

    Starting off our list is this well designed Christmas tree stand from JACK-POST. It is made of tough plastic and five corrosion resistant screws. It holds a lot of water so you do not have to keep crawling under the tree every other day to water it. You can choose from two different sizes of medium and large.

    The medium-sized one can hold a Christmas tree with a height of up to 8 feet with a water reservoir of 1.3 gallons. The large one is capable of holding a 10-foot tree and comes with a water reservoir of 1.5 gallons.

    Extra features:

    • The heels design traps water spilled from the tree for a clean base.
    • JACK-POST gives you an amazing 5-year limited warranty.

    9. Metal Christmas Tree Stand up to 7 Ft. Home Logic

    Metal Christmas Tree Stand up to 7 Ft. Home Logic Check Price

    • By: Home Logic Christmas Tree Stands

    Home Logic provides this affordable Christmas tree stand that is entirely made of solid steel. From the screws to the heel. Do not be skeptical of the price, since they are so confident in their stand, you even get a 5-year warranty to go with it.

    This stand is made to serve you for many years, holding up a tree of up to 7 feet height easily. It has half a gallon water capacity. This is a nice Christmas tree if you are on a tight budget or if you want to give it as a gift.

    Extra features:

    • With a 23-inch span on the heel, you will not have to worry about your tree tipping over.
    • It is easy and straightforward to use and set up the tree.

    8. Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate

    Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate

    Check Price

    • By: Halloween FX Christmas Tree Stands

    This Christmas tree stand is technologically advanced, making it stand out from others. It is made exclusively for artificial trees. It has a 360-degree rotating feature for you to parade up to 2000 mini lights on the tree. The number of ways you can customize your artificial tree is uncountable.

    This is the best kind of stand for those who want to spruce up their creativity.  It can hold a tree of up to 8.5 feet tall. After setting up your tree, you can switch on the lights from a single control box. You can do the same if you want the rotation feature as well. The tree can always be on the move providing a spectacular show to your audience.

    Extra features:

    • A Plug for lights on your tree is built in the stand to prevent wires from tangling.
    • Has a big base that can support a diameter of 1.25 feet on the tree.

    7. Black & Decker Christmas Tree Smart Stand with 6-Liter Reservoir, Extra-Large

    Black & Decker Christmas Tree Smart Stand with 6-Liter Reservoir

    Check Price
    • By: Bond Best Christmas Tree Stands

    This tree stand gives you a hassle-free experience from screws or pedals. All you have to do insert the tree trunk to the base and lock the steel blade in. Within no time your tree will be upright and ready to display all its glory. You will definitely be impressed by the Christmas tree stand’s innovative design.

    The stand can also support a tree which is 11 ft. tall and 5.2 inches in diameter. Removing the tree will be just as easy. The steel blades are made of stainless steel for protection against rust ensuring you get a long service out of your Bond Christmas tree stand.

    Extra features:

    • Has a 6-liter reservoir that is easy to refill.
    • This Black & Decker tree stand has a 3-year warranty

    6. Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

    Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand Check Price

    • By: JACK-POST Christmas Tree Stands

    Finding heavy duty Christmas tree stands in today’s market is not that easy. Manufacturers have swayed from the basics and focused on looks other than functionality. However, JACK-POST means business with their tree stand. It is well worth the price.

    Take for example the large size version can support a tree with a whopping height of up to 12 feet. This is made possible by the patented design with a steel spike base. The Christmas tree stand is made using ‘gold tone’ zinc-dichromate. This hardware is what enables it to resist corrosion.

    Extra features:

    • It has a large capacity water bowl at 1.7 gallons.
    • The four stands of this Christmas tree stand are padded to prevent scratches on your floor.

    5. National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand for 7.5-Feet to 8-Feet Trees Christmas Tree Stand

    National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand for 7.5-Feet to 8-Feet Trees

    Check Price

    • By: National Tree Company Christmas Tree Stands

    This Christmas tree stand from National Tree Company comes in four different sizes categorized in accordance with the tree width it can support. The largest one has 32 inches in width with the smallest one at 16 inches. The company provides an insert to let you play with varying tree dimension even more. This is perfect for those in a rush and needs a quick fix for their Christmas tree. By just placing the tree in the hole, tightening just one thumbscrew gets the job done.

    Extra features:

    • Legs can fold flat for easy storage.
    • Rubberized heels on the Christmas tree stand to prevent damage to your floor.

    4. DYNO SEASONAL SOLUTIONS XTS3 20-Inch Best Christmas Tree Stands


    Check Price

    • By: Dyno Seasonal Solutions Christmas Tree Stands

    Dyno Seasonal Solutions offers a Christmas tree stand which delivers in under 1 minute. If you had issues when it comes to straightening the tree color box, this is the ideal purchase for you. It comes in two different sizes with the smallest able to carry 20 inches in width.

    The foot pedal retracts or locks the tree in position. This is a seamless addition to your Christmas tools collection and will be for many seasons to come. The cup fits on the bottom of the stand and is very easy to fill up.

    Extra features:

    • Has a patented accelerator ring to clamp your tree tight in place.
    • No messy spill will occur thanks to the drain slots provided.

    3. National Tree 32-Inch Folding Tree Stand for 9-Feet to 10-Feet Trees Christmas Tree Stands

    National Tree 32-Inch Folding Tree Stand for 9-Feet to 10-Feet Trees

    Check Price

    • By: National Tree Company Christmas Tree Stands

    For the most stable Christmas tree stand, this one from National Tree Company fits the ill. It is made of tubular steel frames for optimum strength and for it to be light in weight. It has a classic timeless design to it, which is sure to bring back memories of past Christmas events. The bark insert is long to provide a low center of gravity.

    The chances of your tree tipping over are non-existent. This design is also functional to provide the firmest tree for you in town. This Christmas tree stand comes in three different sizes.

    Extra features:

    • This Christmas tree stand can be disassembled for easy storage.
    • Has a central reinforcement for added strength.

    2. Krinner’s Tree Genie Deluxe L, Best Christmas Tree Stands

    Krinner's Tree Genie Deluxe L, Christmas Tree Stand Check Price

    • By: Krinner’s Christmas Tree Stands

    This is the best Christmas tree stand for those who are not sure of their tree specifications or receive different trees in different years. This is possible because this Christmas tree stand is designed to hold trees with trunks of 1 to 7 inches diameter. That is the widest range found in tree stands.

    Compared to most Christmas tree stands, Krinner’s is one of the highest standard alternatives. One of the features that make it incredibly popular, is its water level indicator. Unlike with other Christmas tree stands, you will know exactly when you need to fill the reservoir. This is a highly convenient feature.

    Extra features:

    • Five extendable feet provide extra stability to your tree.
    • The stand comes with a 3year warranty.
    • This stand is German made and weighs about 13lbs.

    1. Krinner Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stands

    Krinner Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

    Check Price

    • By: Krinner Christmas Tree Stands

    The Germans have done it yet again with this smart design from Krinner. Even though it is one of the higher priced options in this review, don’t let that discourage you. You will not be wasting your money at all. Most users who own one of these stands can attest to the fact that they have outlasted the previous stands they had. You will truly appreciate owning one when other people are dealing with replacement costs and such.

    This stand was not designed with any bolts or screws. Instead, it uses claws to hold your Christmas tree tight. This is done by pumping your feet on the stands lever, bringing in the five claws. It has a sizeable water reservoir with an 11L capacity. Much like the previous stand, it also has a water level indicator to show when to stop or when to fill up the tank. If you want an extra-large option, this 20” diameter stand is the one for you.

    Extra features:

    • Single cable operator ensures equal pressure when you fasten your Christmas tree in place.
    • Security lock ensures no accidental opening.
    • The stand is also available in XXL Deluxe and medium sizes.

    How to choose the best Christmas Tree Stand:

    Tree dimensions: Christmas trees come in different sizes. So does the capacity of these tree stands. Make sure that the Christmas stand you pick will offer maximum support to your tree without any difficulty.

    Water reservoir capacity: For natural trees, they do require water at least to give the tree that fresh green look. This is provided for by this Christmas tree stands. A large tree siphons more water than a smaller one understandably. If you have such a large tree, see to it you will not constantly move back and forth filling up your reservoir. So get the largest capacity available for the Christmas tree size you have.

    Construction: you should make sure that the Christmas tree stand is stable. You don’t want your tree falling down at the very last minute and ruining the festivities. A good tree stand should be sturdy and well-constructed.

    Why you need a Christmas Tree Stand?

    For a clean environment: In the past, people used to place their Christmas trees in a bowl filled with soil. Moving this soil or filling the bowl used to make the tree area dirty. On top of this, you had to add water to it in the most uncomfortable ways. Luckily, these stands were made to make such matters a thing of the past. Your Christmas will be effortless clean with this stands.

    Easy fast set up: The materials used to make these stands are quite different from what was done in the past. You will be able to move your support easily rather than filling your bucket with soil. Moreover, when Christmas is done, you wonder where to discard that waste. This stress will not happen with either of these stands.

    Final Thoughts:

    In this review, we have taken you through the widest range of Christmas tree stands. Each of the stands above, deserve to be among the top 10 best Christmas tree stands in 2020. This is true in terms of both features included and the prices they come in. You do not have to look any further than this review as we have narrowed down the scope to ease your trouble. Pick one that fits your household needs and you won’t end up with any regrets.

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