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Top 10 Best Color Laser Printers in 2021

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    For everyday work in the office, you need a printer to handle everything from printing out documents and photos to scanning and copying files/docments. If the old printer that is sitting on desk is not meeting your work needs, it’s about time for you to replace it with a better one.

    To help you sort through the multitude of multifunctional printers, we have made a list of the Top 10 Best Color Laser Printers in 2021 for you below. They will help fasten the speed of your work in the most convenient and effective way.

    List Of Top 10 Best Color Laser Printers in 2021

    9. Hewlett

    Hewlett Packard

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    The first review that you are going to hear from us goes to this Hewlett Packard Color Laserjet. This product is known to be one of HP products; therefore, the quality of it is guaranteed to be the best. First of all, the size of this color laser printer is 23.6 x 21.5 x 13.3 inches, making it the right choice to consider for using in the office and home.

    With the great features that this product adopts, you can enjoy printing more in less time. What’s more, you can also print on both sides of the papers too. In terms of the dpi resolution given, we bet that you will find it hard to get a product that is as good as this one. The price and quality of this printer is just desirable.

    8. Xerox

    Xerox Phaser

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    Xerox Phaser 6510 makes its way to our list today by being a laser printer that promises to perform well. The printing resolution of this device is 1200 x 2400, so the color and quality of each piece of the papers is ensured. Please be noted that this user-friendly product is applicable with any paper that has the size up to 8½ X 14 inches. The heavy-duty tray can hold the maximum papers of up to 550 sheets without any concern.

    Better than other competitive products, it just needs 12 seconds for completing all types of printing tasks – both the color and back-and-white printing. With this fast-printing color laser printer, you will be able to complete your tasks on time. Such a nice product is an ideal choice for using at home.

    Since this color laser printer for home adopts the new technology, it is great for using with all types of smart devices. It doesn’t matter if you connect it with a phone, tablet, or PC, the quality of it is ensured. The size of this product is 22.8 x 25 x 19.9 inches.

    7. Dell

    Dell (C1760NW) Color

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    When we talk about an electronic product, Dell is a brand that you should think of. This is a color laser printer which is known as Dell (C1760NW). The greatest feature of this product I it can cope with high-volume printing effectively. This heavy-duty product can cycle up to 30,000 pages a month. With this great function, we bet that you will have nothing more to concern about.

    The maximum resolution of it is 600 dpi for both black-and-white and color printing. In order to improve the user’s convenience in connecting this printer to other devices, you can use any ready network you want.

    More awesome than this, there is the Wifi feature installed in this laser printer as well. It is great for using in an office as everyone in the office can benefit from it. Last but not least, this affordable product has the total size of 20.7 x 17 x 15 inches. The input tray can store 150 sheets while the output tray can hold another 100 sheets.

    6. Ricoh

    Ricoh 408235 SP

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    If you are looking for many great functions in just one product, you are coming to the right place. This color laser printer is known to be one of Ricoh products. The superb feature of it is, you can get a lot of benefits from this single product. It is great for printing, copying, scanning, faxing and more.

    With just this newly-innovative printer, you can get everything you need for competing your task. The resolution offered by this printer is up to 2400 x 600 dpi. You will sure to get the bright and clear printing on both B&W and color paper. The tray capacity of this printer is 751 pages; therefore, you can store and print it out with ease.

    The performance of this device is great since it can print out up to 21 pages in just one minute. If we look at the shape and size of it, 23 x 22 x 23 inches as a multi-function printer, is highly recommended. With the great features mentioned, we bet that you have no reason to say no to it.

    5. Hp

    Samsung Xpress

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    In order to complete your office tasks early, it is important to get a smart item like this Samsung Xpress C430W. It is a wireless color laser printer that allows you to connect it with other smart devices with ease. More than just printing content from the devices such as phone, tablet, and PC, this newly innovative product can even be used with Google Cloud Print.

    It can print documents faster than the ordinary product; therefore, you will be able to finish your task with ease. It can print up to 19 pages in just a minute. It is also great for using with all sizes of plain papers, too. No matter what types of content you are going to print out, the quality of it is ensured.

    This product carries the total size of 12.2 x 15 x 8.3 inches. The good news for the user is, you will also get a 1 year warranty and other support from the company.

    4. Lexmark

    Lexmark Color Single

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    Let’s start your color printing journey with a high-quality product like this one. It is known to be a Lexmark product. First of all, the printer is designed to have the size of 23 x 16 x 20 inches. It is also well recognized as an ideal choice for using in the office and home.

    This reliable product allows you to connect via USB port; therefore, you can even complete your printing task without having a PC. For increasing the connectivity ability, the Wifi feature is pre-installed with this laser printer. It is suitable if you need to share this incredible printer with others in the office.

    With this duplex printer, it helps ensure that you will complete the printing task with less time and little effort. The recommended page is up to 6500 pages a month. Now should be the time to give your trust on this product.

    3. Canon

    Canon Color image

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    The next best product that you are going to learn more from us goes to the Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw. As the name has suggested, this one comes under Canon brand, so the quality of it can be trusted. It aims to assist you well in large scale printing time. As illustration, within one minute, this durable color laser can print up to 28 pages without any concern.

    More awesome than this, the memory capacity of this printer is up to 512 sheets. And, if you take a look at the paper tray, it can conveniently hold up to 850 sheets based on your need. For adding extra convenience for the user, this printer is installed with the Wifi feature; this way you can connect it with other devices even better and simpler.

    Last but not least, on top of offering the great quality, it can save the toner at the same time. The size of this sleek printer is 18.5 x 18.5 x 18.1 inches. We know that you are looking for the warranty, so this product is happy to offer a 3-year warranty hassle-free.

    2. Brother

    Brother Business

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    Another product that we recommend is Brother Business Color Laser Printer. This model comes with the newest innovative technology, so it can provide the best result with low cost. It can save the toner, yet the quality of each paper is ensured. Next, it is known to offer the high-quality printing in less time. If you plan to use it for business purpose, this product is the right option to consider as well. The tray attached with the color laser printer can hold up to 250 sheets.

    More than this, it is also compatible with all sizes of papers, too. For ensuring that you have a great time connecting this printer with other devices, there are many options for you to choose. This unique product has the size of 19.1 x 17.4 x 12.3 inches. Lastly, you can now buy it with confidence as a 1-year warranty is given.

    1. HP

    HP LaserJet Pro

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    Topping the list, it is another HP product. This model is known as the HP LaserJet Pro M29w and it is the multi-purpose printer which is suitable for using at home and office. With only this product, you can print, scan and copy the document without any concern. The printing speed of this printer is fast; stating the fact, it can print up to 19 pages in just a minute.

    On top of being a smart and durable printer, it allows you to print content from various devices easily, too. You can simply install the App and print from iCloud, Google Dirve, Dropbox and more. The Wifi feature is also built in it, making it the great option for using in the office.

    If you want to print on both sides, this color laser printer is also the right answer. For saving the energy, this guy will automatically shut-down. Now should be the time to get this product and enjoy its 1-year warranty from the company. For your information, 10.4 x 14.2 x 7.8 inches is the full dimension of this product.

    Buying Guides

    • Portability

    The very first and super important feature to look for in a color laser printer is the portability of it. A portable color laser printer is great if you own a small working space. A printer that comes in the medium size allows you to place it on the working desk with ease. It will not reduce your working space as well. Many color laser printers are designed to have a small size, yet the quality of it is still ensured. It is a great choice to choose a lightweight and portable laser printer for saving your energy when you move it from place to place. A good all-in-one color laser printer should come in the total weight from 2 to 5 pounds.

    • Resolution

    We know that you are only looking for the best quality when it comes to a printer. Similarly, a high-quality printer also gives a good resolution in return. You should check the clarity of the content on the printed paper by carefully looking at the resolution of it. It is even more important if you want to achieve the vivid and color images. The ideal choice that you may want to choose in the color printer is 600 dpi.

    What’s more, you may need the printer which has better resolution than this if your content needs each curve and line shown on the paper. Don’t choose anything lower than this, as you may not get the desirable quality that you are looking for.  Please also be noted that the resolution of each color laser printer makes the price of the item varies from one model to another.

       . Print Speed

    For ensuring the fast printing time, we do recommend you check the number of paper that it can print in a minute. As illustration, many models allow you to enjoy the non-jamming printing around 20+ pages in a minute. Though the fast speed ensures that you can complete the task early, you are not only looking solely for the speed.

    Bare in mind that you need the printer that can print fast and accurate. Besides looking at the printing capacity, it is a wise choice to look at the tray and the ability to reload the paper of the machine as well. If you are looking for the premium quality product that functions right in the desirable speed, this buying guide shouldn’t be overlooked.

       . Tray capacity

    The tray capacity refers to the storage capacity of the stored papers that haven’t been printed out yet. Some users think that it is not something to care about; however, almost every part of a printer is equally important. First of all, a large storage capacity will save your time from restocking the blank paper often. If you plan to us it in the office, your printer should be able to hold up to 500 sheets. Last but indeed not the least, do check if your printer can automatically reload in order to avoid paper jamming.


    Once you own any of these top 10 best color laser printers in 2021, your nightmare over printer failures can never haunt you again. These are high performing and fastest printers that will take your productivity to greater heights. Get your hands on one of the leading color laser printer models soon.


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    List Of Top 10 Best Color Laser Printers


    10. Canon imageCLASS LBP612CDW


    First off, we would like to introduce to you a printer from Canon; it is the Canon imageCLASS LBP612CDW. The speed of printing of this model is very fast; it can print up to 19 pages within a minute. More than that, it also comes with V2 which means vivid and vibrant. With these features, it allows you to print your papers in color with a high-quality image.

    Moreover, you will find it comfortable in printing out any document from your mobile as it is built-in with WIFI that is directly connect to your phone. Aside from that, this fast color printer can easily connect to your USB and print documents in JPEG, TIFF and PDF formats as well.

    9. Color imageCLASS MF634Cdw


    Another best color laser printer we adore is Color imageCLASS MF634Cdw. This color laser printer is from a US based company that provides a 3 years warranty over the printer that you purchase. With this model of printer, you can scan as well as print your document both sides in a single pass.

    More than that, it works really fast, as within one minute, it can print out the paper up to 19 pages. What is more, you can directly connect your mobile phone to this printer easily without any adaptor since it is designed with WiFi.

    8. Brother Printer HLL8360CDW


    Brother Printer HLL8360CDW has coms with the three models as the options for you to choose from Printer, Printer and High Yield Black Toner Bundle, Printer and Standard Yield Black Toner Bundle. This is marked as one of the fastest printers since it has capacity to print up to 33 pages per minute for both black and color printing. Thus, you would be able to work fast and effectively.

    Aside from printing fast, this dual tray laser printer could save a lot of money in purchasing toner. A toner can handle 6,500 pages. More than that, the printer is also designed to easily connect to your smartphone through WiFi connection which is fast and convenient.

    7. Brother MFC-L8900CDW


    This is an all in one solution printer by Brother which suits best for the business that need large volumes of printing or copying. With this printer, you can access to all functions such as printing, copying, and scanning. Moreover, this color laser printer can also help boost the production of your business as the speed of printing is quick which can print out up to 33 pages per minute, and at the same time, it can scan up to 58 ipm for the double side pages.

    Brother MFC-L8900CDW printer is additionally designed with Wifi that gives ease in setingt up and scaning to any mobile phone. Lastly, this printer can also access three drivers which are window, Mac OS and Linux.

    6. HP LaserJet Pro M452nw


    Moving on to another fast printer we have on this review, it is the HP LaserJet Pro M452nw Wireless Color Laser Printer. This high-volume printer works faster than what you are expected. It is super convenient when it comes to controling and setting up. More importantly, it can ensure the quality of the color as well as the resolution of the pictures well.

    Furthermore, this printer can easily be connected to your mobile phone for printing the documents out in any emergency situations because you do not need to set up or download any apps to connect. What is more, it also has one-year warranty for the hardware of the printer as well as a week warranty for web support.

    5. Brother Wireless Digital Color Printer


    Continuing to another product of Brother, we have this Brother Wireless Digital Color Printer. This is a laser ink printer that you would find it comfortable to scan or print your documents . With the scan feature, this printer can scan up to 19200 x 19200 dpi (interpolated) resolution which is a huge number. More than that, it can also print both color and black up to 23 pages per minute. Additionally, it is designed with the wireless feature which allows you to connect to your personal mobile phone easily. Aside from that, this printer model has a large capacity to withstand a 250 sheets of paper per tray so that you do not need to add the paper frequently.

    4. Canon Office and Business MB2720


    This is a dual tray laser printer from Canon. This CanonOffice and Business MB2720 Wireless can handle 500 sheets of papers thus, it would save your time in adding the papers. This printer is additionally designed for multiple uses including printing, scanning and copying.

    You can also use all the features from your mobile phone as well because it also has the wireless system that can connect your phone to the printer quickly. What is more, the operating system of this Canon printer is also adjustable to all windows as well.

    3. Dell (C1760NW)


    Here is color laser printer from Dell. This color laser printer review is designed with the new technology for heavy duty uses. The speed of this printer can print up to 15 papers in black within a minute, while other 12 papers per minute for color printing. More than that, this printer has a huge capacity to withstand 150 sheets input within a tray. Furthermore, the new innovation also designs the printer with wireless connectivity which can directly connect your mobile phone to the printer, and easy to connect to USB, WiFi and so on.

    2. Brother Printer HL3140CW


    Here, let’s take a look to another product from Brother, which is Brother Printer HL3140CW Digital Color Printer. It comes in the size of (WxDxH) : 16.1 x 18.3 x 9.4 inches which is good enough to put in your office or personal room at home. Aside from that, it has the capacity to print out both in black and color up to 19 pages per minute. This fast color printer has the capacity to handle as 250-sheet paper tray. What is more, it can also be connected to your personal phone quickly and directly without any set up needed.

    1. Brother HL-3170CDW


    The last printer model that we have in the list is this Brother HL-3170CDW Digital Color. This color laser delivers high quality printing with the speed to print up to 23 pages within a minute. Thus, it could help you to speed up the productivity of your works. What is more, this printer is also designed with the wireless connectivty that allows you to access your mobile phone which you could easily print the documents with just a click your phone. Aside from that, the capacity to handle the paper within a tray is also huge; specifically, it can hold a 250 sheets paper tray without a problem.

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