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Top 10 Best Combat Boots for Men in 2020

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    Are you looking for combat boots for your adventure time? If that is the case, here is the right place for you. With a pair of top quality combat boots, there are no more worries with your hiking, walking, or any other activities because you can walk with comfort for the rest of the day.

    To help you pick the right one for your fashion, we have gathered the top 10 best combat boots for men in 2020 that are durable, comfortable, and fashionable to wear.

    List Of Top 10 Best Combat Boots for Men in 2020

    10. Bruno Marc

    Bruno Marc Men's

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    If you are looking for a pair of boots that offers a great design and beauty, this combat boot from Bruno Marc is the right choice. The materials used for producing it are man-made materials. On top of that, for enhancing the item’s durability, the high-quality rubber is used for the sole.

    This stylish boot aims to offer more than the durability, it promises to provide great comfort. You will have nothing to worry about even when you are wearing it for many hours. You can comfortably put the boot on and take it off as the zipper is attached at the side of it.

    9. KRAZY


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    The next product that makes its way to our list goes to KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS. At the fist glance, you will notice the classic design of the item. It is extremely durable and light, so it is the one and only choice for conquering the rough terrain. To make it more unique, it uses the combination of fabric and leather for producing it.

    Adding to that, the sole is carefully designed from rubber. It can withstand water well, so it is the right option to choose if you usually go to a wet area. The breathability of the shoes will keep your feet dry at the same time too.  This men’s boot comes with many sizes for you to choose.

    8. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Men's

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    The best tactical boot is the one that is durable and flexible. Here arrives the best pair combat boots for mens that is well designed from genuine leather. The sole is attached with the rubber since it wants to enhance the durability to it. The premium-quality leather and the supportive sole make this boot the right choice for walking in the rough terrain.

    For making this boot more comfortable to wear, the breathable pad is chosen. What’s more, with this durable pair of boots, you will be able to control your step in the comfortable way.  You can enjoy wearing it for many hours without any concern. Better than other products, the company of this product is glad to offer a 1-year warranty.

    7. Dr. Martens

    Dr. Martens Women's

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    It is important to get the right combat boot when you go into the woods. Dr. Martens introduces the best women’s leather boots that are sure to capture your heart. First of all, this boot is well constructed from authentic leather; therefore, the quality given in return is ensured. This stylist boot also has the sole that makes from synthetic materials as well.

    If we measure the height of the shaft, it is about 6.75 inches. This also makes it the right choice for walking in the woods and forest. Besides choosing the boot based on the high-quality product, the total weight of it is very important too. It is the time to get this boot and move with ease no matter where you are.

    6. CQR

     CQR CQ-BZ101

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    We know that you are waiting to hear more from us when it comes to tactical boot. The next combat boots brands goes to CQR. This brand promises to offer the unique work shoes for men. Each part is carefully designed, so you can have the trust on the quality of it. This tactical boot is constructed like the military shoe. This way, the quality of it is built to last.

    Better and greater than other choices, the ankle and eyelet parts are wrapped with the 3D structure. It can support the ankles well, especially when you are walking on the slippery surface. For the comfort of the user, the cushion is added too.



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    This is the show time for a pair light weight combat boots which is known to be one of FREE SOLDIER products. We wish to begin by introducing each material that used for constructing it. For making this shoes light and durable, the high-quality TPU material is chosen. The sole of the boot offers the great flexibility, so it is great for outdoor activities.

    If you want to get a pair of strong and protective boots, this men’s tactical boot is still the right option to consider. The soft and breathable pad can greatly protect the ankle against shock. Las but not least, the design of the booots is known to be very light too.

    4. Danner

    Danner Men's

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    The best is yet to come, this one is the best combat boot that is carefully constructed from top quality leather and textile. It is known to be the best military shoes that offers the great balance on all types of surface. Besides this, the shank is designed from the high-quality nylon. For adding extra durability to it, the sole of the boot is well designed from the high-quality rubber.

    If we measure the height of the shaft, it is approximately 6.5 inches. With the use of the breathable materials, we are sure that you will get only the ultimate comfort from it. Don’t wait any longer, for the safety of the feet, getting this pair of boots in the right choice.

    3. Original S.W.A.T.

    Original S.W.A.T. Men's

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    For greatbalance and stability when you are walking on the rough terrain, getting the product from Original S.W.A.T is the right choice. It is the product which is made from the high-quality leather. Instead of using rubber, this boot breaks free from the ordinary design. It chooses the leather for making the sole.

    For giving extra comfort for your heels, feet and toes, the cushion is added. With the attachment of the full grain leather and nylon, the durability of it is enhanced. Please be noted that some parts of the boot such as the heels and the toes are stitched very well. If you are looking for a light and stylish tactical boot, this is the right product to get.



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    Let’s look at a pair of high-quality military boots from GM GOLAIMAN. This is the men’s boots that are thoroughly designed from breathable leather. For offering a nice comfort for the user, the interior part of it is attached with the soft and breathable cushion. The breathability of it allows you to wear it for many hours without feeling any discomfort.

    What’s more, the boots aim to offer great balance; therefore, you can enjoy many outdoor activities without worry. With the side zipper, you will be able to put them on and take them off anytime you want. Such a nice pair of boots is highly recommended for using during the winter.

    1. Ryno Gear

    Ryno Gear Tactical

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    We know that you are waiting to hear from us the best-of-the-best product in the list. This product is known to be RYNO GEAR combat boot. Better than other choices, it chooses to use both the leather and ballistic nylon. It is great for giving the comfort for the user, at the same time, the durability is ensured. If we take a look at the shoe collar, the soft pad is added.

    The outsole is constructed from the high-quality rubber, therefore, it can resist water. It is also a great option to consider if you are planning to go out during winter. With all the great features mentioned, you will have no reason to say no to it.

    Buying guides

    • Height

    The first thing you should consider is the height of the combat boots. Nowadays, many brands tend to produce the combat boots of various height and purpose. For ensuring that you get the right product, it is a wise choice to only get the boots that conform well with the standard. As illustration, the boot itself should be 8”, higher than 10” or the in between. The reason why the height is important, is the great protection that it offers. A pair of high boots can give better protection when you are going to the dangerous places. More than this, the boots that meet the standard will have better performance as well. You should bear in mind and think of it before making a purchase.

          . Weight

    For a great time moving around and performing different tasks that involves walking, it is a wise choice to only get lightweight shoes. The total weight of the boots is what you should consider closely. The advantages of the light combat boot is plenty, among that, light tactical shoes will allow you to wear them for many hours without any problem. With the ultra light boot, you will be able to travel without any distraction. There are many types of boot which are available on the market, so you should pick the ones that matche your usage.

          . Slip resistant boot

    It is a wise choice to go for non-slip combat boots especially if you find yourself performing the tasks on a wet and oily surface. The non-slip boots allow you to perform the task well in all types of weathers and walking conditions. You should thoroughly look at this point if you always walk on a slippery floor. More than this, such a nice pair of boots can effectively prevent potential injuries at the workplace, too.


    For hiking, military duty, or any other adventure activities, all you need is a pair of top quality combat boots to accompany you. With what we have highlighted, you can turn your long distance walking or hiking into a very fun activities with comfort. All of them are highly designed for your convenience and better walking experience. More importantly, the construction of these combat boots are superior which will stay with you for years.


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    List Of Top 10 Best Combat Boots for Men


    10. FREE SOLDIER Tactical Boots


    FREE SOLDIER Tactical Boots are military shoes that offers full support to your ankle. The sole of this boots is made of top quality rubber that offers a good gripping during walk. Moreover, the sole itself is perfectly resistant to slipping which is good to wear in any kind of surface conditions. This pair of use is greatly made of leather which is safe to be polished as well.

    FREE SOLDIER Tactical Boots looks solid and sturdy. However, it features a very lightweight design which you can wear and walk comfortably. The shoes are also breathable so that your feet will not break into sweat.

    9. IODSON US Mens’ Combat Boots


    IODSON US Mens’ Combat Boots is another ultra light work shoes for men. This shoes are designed in military color which is really popular for any outdoor and tough activities. This pair of combat boots is a great wear for hiking or mountain climbing because it features non slip rubber sole. The interior of this combat boot is made with microfiber material which is breathable and soft.

    IODSON US Mens’ Combat Boots also has an exterior design that is highly resistant to water. Therefore, this makes it easy for users to wear it conveniently in any seasons.

    8. WIDEWAY Men’s Military Tactical Boots


    While we are on the topic of military tactical boots, let’s take a look at another product which is WIDEWAY Men’s Tactical Boots. To ensure that this boots serves for longer period of time, the manufacture has made it from many durable materials including leather and nylon. This pair of shoes is nicely polished which remains shiny for most of the time

    Other than that, this military hiking boot features a very lightweight design which is good for long distance walking. WIDEWAY Men’s Military Tactical Boots has the sole that is perfectly resistant to slipping. That way, walking on any kinds of surface is no longer a concern.

    7. Polar Fox Patrick MPX808583 Mens Casual Cap Toe Buckle High



    If you are a black lover and want top quality leather uniform boots, Polar Fox Patrick Combat Boots will not disappoint you. This pair of shoes is perfectly made with synthetic leather for greater durability and higher comfort. Besides that, the exterior leather is perfectly proof against water which makes walking under the rain or on any moisturized area nothing to worry. It also features breathable materials which does not make your feet sweat during long hour wearing.

    Polar Fox Patrick Combat Boots comes with a very soft cushioning on the inside which offers the best comfortness to your sole and ankle. Moreover, its rubber sole is what keeps your walking safe and non slippery.

    6. Danner Men’s Tachyon Tactical Boot


    Fighters actually choose a pair of fighting boots to keep them comfort and convenient. Danner Men’s Tachyon Tactical Boot is what you need. This product is highly crafted with supreme textile to ensure that its durability is always there after years of usage. Its rubber sole is made very sturdy and durable which is good at preventing you from slipping while walking on wet and slippery surfaces.

    Besides that, Danner Men’s Tachyon Tactical Boot is very breathable. Therefore, your feet will not be stuffy and hurt. The insole of this combat boots can be quickly removed for ease of washing. Furthermore, the lace is very easy to tighten and will not be loose in the middle of the way.

    5. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach Combat Shoes


    Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach Combat Shoes is what next on our list. Although it comes with a low price, the quality of this shoes are absolutely superb. This pair of shoes is nicely constructed with leather and nylon materials which is not only durable but also comfortable to wear. The boots offer a full coverage to your feet which is great at protecting your feet from dirt and debris. The interior of this shoes is made with EVA materials which is very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.

    This security guard shoes features a waterproof design which is what you need for outdoor activities. On top of that, the outsole of the boots is thick rubber which helps to prevent you from coincidental slipping.

    4. Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Classic Tactical Boot


    Coming next, we would like to introduce you another black combat boots for mens which are from Original S.W.A.T brand. This tactical boot is another pair that features leather sole. It comes with water resistant outsole which is great at kicking moisture away from your feet. What is more, the bottom sole is nicely made of rubber for higher protection from slipping. On the inside, the boots feature soft padding for better comfortness during a long period walking.

    Original S.W.A.T Men’s Classic Tactical Boot arrives with lacing style which is not only stylish but also offers a great tightening for better walking experience.

    3. Smith & Wesson® Footwear Men’s Breach Boot


    If you are also looking for a side zip men combat boots, Smith & Wesson Footwear Men’s Breach Boot is what we highly recommend. This product features a modern side zipping style which is not only good-looking but is also easy to access. Coming with a very tough leather construction, it allows you to wear for many years. Moreover, this footwear is nicely built with EVA midsole which provides greater support and comfort to entire feet, especially the bottom parts.

    Smith & Wesson Footwear Men’s Breach Boot is also very lightweight which is very easy to lift up and walk. Also thanks to its steel shank construction, users can now feel no fatigue during the walk.

    2. 5.11 ATAC Men’s Boot


    The top 2 on our review list goes to 5.11 ATAC Men’s Boot. It is a pair of mens brown combat boots that soar in popularity. It has a very durable construction made from synthetic and nylon leather to keep it last for a very long time.

    Besides, the rubber sole is made with quality for ease of walking and greater prevention from slipping. The product also comes with side zipper system and lacing style which makes sure to greatly tie your feet in place during the walk.

    1. Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP Work Boot


    Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP is a work boot that is highly designed for men. It comes in black color that is made from top quality leather. That way, it looks very stylish with class. Thanks to high quality materials, this Maelstrom is very durable to wear for years. The upper materials of this shoes is breathable and polishable which you can easily wipe clean it. Besides all above, this men combat boot is very light in weight which allows you to feel at ease during walk distance walking.

    Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP Work Boot features a durable and convenient side zipper that allows you to take on and off the shoes more quickly.


    Types of combat boot

    Before purchasing any combat boot, it is recommended to study more about each and every type of the boot itself. First off, there is the jump boot, as the name has suggested, it is specially designed for jumping. Most of the time, you will notice the unique design of it. Since jump books are thoroughly made for supporting your feet and the whole weight, the shanks are designed to reach the calf. For ensuring the wearer’s comfort when walking on an uneven surface, the heel and toe parts are attached with rubber.

    Another type of product you should also learn about is the Taker Boot. Different from the jump boot, this one is perfect for walking in the forest. The first distinctive feature of it is the use of leather strap instead of laces. As a great result, this shoe is good to go when you have to go into the forest. The interior parts are designed to have the steel for protecting your feet. This superb feature can withstand sharp objects way better than other choices.

    • Height

    Though combat boots nowadays are designed differently for various purposes, it is also a good idea to check the standard combat boot first before making a purchase. As the materials used in constructing the shoes is important, the design of the height is equally important. Normally, the boot itself should be 8”, higher than 10” or the in between. The reason why the height is important is the great protection that it offers. The one that conforms well to the standard has a better performance. With this guide, you will sure to have more ideas about what to get.

    • Weight

    For a great time moving around, it is wise to only get the lightweight shoes. The light tactical shoes will allow you to wear it for many hours without any problem. Even though this type of shoe is designed to endure the tough situation, the weight of it still light.

    However, some are attached with the steel; therefore, the weight of those brands can be a but heavier. If you always walk in dangerous sites and forest, the inner steel can offer a great protection. No matter what you are going to choose, pick the one that match your usage.

    • Materials

    For the utmost convenience when wearing combat boots, it is highly recommended if you thoroughly look at the materials used. Normally, if you use the boot for walking on the terrain and mountainous areas, the full-grain leather boot is the right choice. Though this type of leather may lack breathability, once you wear it on the water, it can dry faster. However, if you wish to get the same feature yet more flexibility, you should get the nubuck leather.

    The next type of leather that usually found in the good combat boot is the split-grain leather. It is light and breathable, so it is good if you are wearing it for long hours. The thing to notice about this type is it may become loose when walking in the water.

    Last but indeed not the least, besides leather, you can resort to the synthetic materials like nylon, polyester and more. Compared to the leather, it is light in weight and it is especially good for walking in all types of weather. At the price point, it is way cheaper than the leather boot as well.


    The design refers to the design of each and every part of the boot itself. Those small and detail features are on the midsoles, outsoles and the upper part. More than just coming in a great look, it plays a role in making the shoe more durable. The upper is the top part of the shoe, the weight, breathability and flexibility of the shoe depend on it.

    Next, the midsole located at the middle part of the boot can add comfort and convenience for the users. it can reduce shock when you are walking. The outsole of the boot is generally produced from the rubber. It is perfect for adding extra durability to the combat boot. A good outsole can last for years.

    Size and socks

    Though this point is more personal, it is still worth talking about. You will love you to have a pair of combat boots which fit your feet perfectly; however, the combat boots needs the boot socks. As the boot socks are thicker than the normal ones, it is good to try the boots with the boot socks.

    Next, socks provide plenty of benefits, too. Socks protect your heels and toes when you are performing tough activities. It is the right way to keep your feet dry when wearing combat boots for long hours too.

    Slip resistant boots

    Slip resistant boots are perfect for using in all weathers and walking conditions since the pair reduces the risk of slipping effectively. If you find yourself walking on wet and oily surface, it is wise to look for slip resistant boots. It is the ideal product for wearing on a slippery floor. The good boots can prevent accidents that are usually found at the workplace. With such a great pair of boots, you will have a safe working time at the site.

    Waterproof boots

    We know that you have to wear your combat boots and walk to many places. In that case, it is always recommended to look for the waterproof product. With its water resistant features, you can enjoy wearing the shoes in both dry and wet environment without any concern. More importantly, since the pair is constructed from the high-quality materials, the feet sweat can escape the boots way better than when wearing other products too. Waterproof boots are the right choice to make yourself comfortable in almost all working conditions.


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