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Top 8 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2021 Reviews & Guides

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    Those who love a game of Frisbee disc golf, whether for recreation or professionally, know how tiresome and frustrating it can be carrying the gear around. There are numerous different types of disks that vary in material, weight, and color. There are many types of disc golf bags depending on one’s preference.

    These bags vary in design, from trendy style to the old school fashion type. Whether you have many or few discs, storage space is of concern. Disc Golf has weight especially when carrying several of them and durability of the bag is also important. There are a whole lot of considerations, from traveling to carrying other items.  The recommendations below will help you determine the best bag for you.

    Top 8 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2021

    #8 Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag – Fits Up to 18+ Discs and Four Putters


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    By: Dynamic Discs

    If you are looking for an affordable high-quality disc bag then this bag is for you. The bag is quite large as expected for superior disc storage of about 15 plus discs. It has padded straps and a back panel for easy and comfy carry. It includes draw-string water bottle on one side with a hidden pocket for your small accessories. Its backpack design with a low center of gravity to keep it upright on your while carrying it. If you are a beginner this is bag is definitely for you and it can also act as a side bag for the pros.

    #7 Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack Disc Golf Bag

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    By: Dynamic Discs

    This disc bag is definitely more than sufficient. It comprises of the main compartment that has plenty of room for all your discs and an extra two pockets for your extras. It boasts of its unbelievable light weight and excellent quality therefore long lasting with no signs of wear and tear. It includes two bottle holders at the sides and a reinforced haul handle for ease of operation. This bag can be a great gift for one who loves a game of disc golf.

    #6 Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag – Fits Up To 10 Discs and 2 Putters – Lightweight

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    By: Dynamic Discs

    This is a standard suitable disc bag for light travel enabling one to carry a few discs. The main compartment fits about 10 discs. It has some extra pocket to store your cell phone, wallet, and other add-ons. It has a shoulder strap that makes the bag easy and comfortable to carry. It includes a putter pocket of 2 a, reinforce bottom for stability and one bottle pocket at the side. It is an opportune bag to carry few extra discs and available in various sizes and different colors of choice.

    #5 Kestrel Disc Golf Bag | Fits 6-10 Discs + Bottle | For Beginner and Advanced Disc Golf

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    By: Kestrel

    Simplicity is the word that would best describe this bag. Its emphasis was to get the best possible durable kit on all courses hence offering maximum performance. Its small fits 6-10 discs and a bottle of a drink of choice. The main section is divided into two separate pockets allowing quick access to disks enabling one to keep the focus on the game. This bag is suitable for all ages and sizes of players. The bag includes a modifiable shoulder strap to ones fitting.

    #4 Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

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    By: Innova Champion Discs

    This bag is perfect for the occasional disc thrower. It is simple and small in size that fit around 10 disks. The major compartment contains dividers that are great for arranging discs between drivers and putters. It comprises of an external pocket ideal for storing your bits and pieces enhancing an overall nice organization to our stuff and steadiness to the bag. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with a spindle style hooks for easy adjusting to the required size for ease in carrying the bag. Not forgetting a towel holder which is cool. This is a perfect starter bag for the new entry disc golfers.

    #3 Innova Beginner’s Disc Golf Set with 4 Innova Discs and Innova Starter Disc Golf Bag

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    By: Innova

    This is a perfect disc bag for beginners. This impressive product comes with an inclusive set of a fairway, midrange, and distance drivers, putter and special mini disk for a starter disc golfer. The bag is designed as an open box, which allows for more concentration on the course since it’s just an easy select and removes. The inclusive putter is substantial and sturdy. The mini disks weights are kind to the beginner. It’s of high quality and provides excellent grip in different weather conditions.

    #2 Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

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    By: Discraft

    For those who don’t mind playing basics with this bag will enjoy this bag. It is small and allows carrying just enough disks to complete the entire hole on the course. It is fairly average in size fits up to 8 disks and contains an inside zip pocket. Has an external bottle pocket, front putter pocket that is flexible and secure and strap that is adjustable. This bag is pocket-friendly. Its size allows for average weight hence doesn’t weigh you down on the course.

    #1 Athletico Disc Golf Bag – Tote Bag For Frisbee Golf – Holds 10-14 Discs, Water Bottle

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    By: Athletico

    This is an appropriate and suitable bag for anyone and everyone into disc golf player’s age and size. It boasts of its high-quality fabric that is durable in any condition, environment, and continuous use. It’s designed for utmost storage equipping up to 15 discs and putters.  It is installed with an insulated water bottle pocket and large exterior flank pocket that can hold all your personal possessions.

    The shoulder leash is padded, removable and allows configuring the bag at comfortable position and length that makes it convenient to carry. Its main pocket allows for easy access to all most used discs. This grand bag comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee henceforward no reason why you should get a proper bag like this one.

    What To Know Before Buying A Disk Golf Bag:

    • Material: Ensure the material used to make the bag is of high-quality fabric for durability thus avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.
    • Storage space: The number of disks you own or intend to be carrying should be your guide.
    • Design: Consider either a backpack or shoulder strap type depending on your tastes and comfort since each has its own pros and cons.
    • Waterproof: Look out for waterproofing capabilities both inside and outside. Since disk golf is an outdoor activity, the weather condition might bet wet.

    Wrap It Up!

    Owning the best disc golf bag is essential since it can make playing more interesting and fun. Disc golf is all about competing and choosing the perfect gear might be the difference in enjoying this lovely game. Therefore take into reason and make a decision, click to get yourself one of these amazing products and see the improvement in your game stats.

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