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Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Tables Reviews In 2022

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    Dog grooming can be a very expensive exercise but when done at home it becomes a little bit cheap. This exercise is very important as it makes one have a very good relationship with his dog. One is also able to evaluate his pets health issues easily. When one does the right grooming to his or her pet it gives a very good close association between the two. It’s very expensive to afford dog grooming tables therefor the need for one to buy the best so as to give a long time service. Below is a guide on the best dog grooming tables.

    Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Tables Reviews

    10-Go Pet Club Pet  table

    Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm

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    This is an excellent dog grooming table that measures 30 by 18by 32 inches and comes mostly in black color. Its designed to offer a large surface area and restrict the dogs’ movements. It features an adjustable grooming arm that can be adjusted up to 40 inches high. It also comes with strong legs with a goal post design and feet caps. These stands are very easy to fold during transportation.

    Top features

    • Long goal post design legs
    • Capped feet for stability
    • Large surface area
    • Adjustable grooming arm

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    9-Downtown Pet Supply Grooming Arm table

    Downtown Pet Supply Grooming Arm with Clamp (36" Adjustable Arm) and Dog Grooming loop + TWO FREE No Sit Haunch Holders

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    This is another very ideal dog table that offers a large surface area for the grooming purpose. It comes with a thirty-six inches adjustable arm and the clamp measures 1.8 inches when open. It easily folds and does not require any technicalities to assemble making it very portable. It’s designed in a very strong way and its stands are strengthened to carry a weight of up to 200 lbs

    Top features

    • Maximum weight capacity of 200lbs
    • Easy to assemble
    • Collapsible
    • 36 inches maximum height adjustable

    8-Best Pet New Large Adjustable table

    BestPet New Large Adjustable Pet Dog Grooming Table w/Arm/Noose

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    This is a very modern grooming table that can easily be assembled and dissembled making it very ideal to transport. It comes with dimensions of 32 by 24 by 30 inches while in the whole unit. The table can easily be adjusted to a height of thirty inches. It comes with other added grooming assorted items giving it the value for your money. It’s very strong and stable as it comes with steel legs that are covered at the base. This makes it very fit to control the dog’s movement

    Top features

    • Measures 32 by 24 by 30 inches
    • Has an adjustable arm
    • Allows for a large working space
    • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.

    7-Yaheetech Pet Grooming Table

    Yaheetech Pet, Dog Grooming Tables

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    This is a grooming table that one can use for various purposes including the grooming dressing trimming and drying of the pet. It can be used for both professional and home purposes. The table measures 47.2 by 23.8 by 29.9 inches. It comes with rounded ends to avoid unwanted damages. It’s also fitted with anti-slip rubber at its feet base to increase the stability. To improve its portability the tables is easily adjustable and foldable. Its legs are very strong as it is designed to hold weight between265 to 361 lbs. it’s also fitted with a tray for the storage of the pets grooming accessories and tools

    Top feature

    • Fitted with a storage mesh wire
    • Made of very strong stands
    • Can hold a weight between 265 to 331lbs
    • Can be used for both commercial and home grooming

    6-Flying Pig table

    Flying Pig Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pet Dog Cat Bone Pattern Rubber Surface Grooming Table with Arm/noose

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    This is a perfect choice of or a grooming table. It’s designed to be strong enough to carry a weight of up to 150 kilograms without any struggles. It’s very easy to assemble, all one needs is to open the legs and pop the tray out. These aspects make it also very easy to clean. The table is very durable and has a non-slippery surface. Its stands are made of stainless steel metal so as to make them rust resistant and durable. Due to its adjustable nature its fit for different kinds of dogs.

    Top features

    • It welcomes dogs of all sizes
    • Hold up to 330 lbs.
    • Comes with 38″L x 22″W x 31.5″H dimension
    • The flame is constructed using stainless steel metal bars

    5-SHELANDY Professional pet/dog grooming tables

    SHELANDY Professional pet grooming table with double leashes and clamp for large and medium dogs

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    This is an exceptional grooming table that comes with all grooming tools and accessories. It measures 31.5 by 19.5 inches and accommodates weight up to 220 pounds. It has very strong stands made of stainless steel metals and clamp. Its adjustable grooming arm makes it very ideal as it gives maximum restrictions to the dogs. The surface is made of very quality materials that are waterproof and wear resistance. It is therefore ideal for purposes like grooming drying and dressing of the pet.

    Top features

    • Holds Capacity Weight of 200 lbs.
    • Has a sturdy clamp
    • Ideal for multipurpose
    • Measures 31.5 by 19.5 inches

    4-Reliance Large Heavy Duty table

    Reliancer Large Heavy Duty Foldable Pet Grooming Table Professional Dog Cat Show w/Adjustable Arm &Noose & Mesh Tray Maximum Capacity Up to 330lbs

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    This is one of the most preferred tables, it comes with its edges covered with an aluminum lining. It is also strengthened with rubber matting that ensures the pet is safe. Its static freeboard makes it very easy to clean the pet’s hair easily. The strong stainless steel stands ensure its stability and the rubber craps prevent the floor from scratches. It also comes with a mesh tray that acts as the storage for the grooming accessories, also fitted is an adjustable grooming arm. It’s very easy to assemble and fold for easy storage.

    Top features

    • Comes with 47.5’X 23.6” X29.3” dimension
    • Easy fold up and assemble
    • Comes with heavy duty folding legs
    • Can hold weight up to 330 lbs.

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    3-Yaheetech Professional table

    Yaheetech Professional 32" Foldable Pet Grooming Table W/Arm & Noose & Mesh Tray, Maximum Capacity Up to 220lbs

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    This grooming table is very strong and comes with 32 by 18 by 30 inches. It’s designed with rubber linings on its ends to prevent the pet from being injured. The surface is very waterproof and its texture is very friendly to the pet. The legs are covered with a rubber cap making them very floor friendly. It comes with an adjustable grooming arm. It’s very easy to fold and store.

    Top features

    • Comes with32 x 18 x 30 inch dimension
    • Has a waterproof surface
    • Designed with an adjustable arm
    • Comes with rubber capped stands

    2-Flying Pig 38″ table

    Flying Pig 38" Medium Size Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame Foldable Dog Pet Grooming Table (38" x 22")

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    The table is designed with a very friendly surface to the pet. It offers a large surface as it comes with 38″L x 22″w x 31.5″H dimensions. The table is also fitted with a very strong adjustable grooming arm. Its stainless steel metal frame makes it very strong and can hold up to 330 lbs.

    Top features

    • Has 38″L x 22″”w x 31.5″H dimensions
    • Designed with strong stainless steel frames
    • Can hold weight unto 330 lbs.
    • Offers a large surface for the dogs grooming

    1-Pingkay High-Quality table

    Pingkay High Quality 3 Size Pet Dog Cat Profession Dog Show Fold Grooming Table

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    This table is designed with legs resembling those of a goal post. This ensures that the table is very stable and it folds easily. It comes with a surface that is static free making it very comfortable for the pet. It’s very easy to clean and comes with an adjustable grooming arm

    Top features

    • Its size is 36″, W24″, H27″
    • Comes with a static free surface
    • Easy to clean
    • Can hold weight up to 330 lbs.

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