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Top 10 Best Dust Extractors in 2022

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    Household chores could be difficult if you are not really get used to it. For both ladies and gentlemen, it could be a boring and demanding task. It requires a sense of perfectionism and discipline to keep your house clean. However, it is not a big deal anymore with the help of machines. Here are the top ten best dust extractors in 2022.

    A good extractor has several qualities including smart functions, energy saving, durability and sturdiness as well as various applicability. It requires a thorough look on the Internet to make sure what you get is the best product. In addition, you may need advices from other people as well. However, it is good to start with our reviews.

    List Of Top 10 Best Dust Extractors in 2022

    10. ABASSKY Manicure Vacuum

    Nail Dust Suction

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    This very first dust extractor machine is uniquely designed for those who like to do manicure or owning manicure/pedicure salon. Commonly noticing, getting nail done can be pretty dusty; especially when buffing nails. Besides, the nail buffing get even more dusts when using acrylic gels for the nails extension. Hence, having a tool to vacuum all the dust is very important.

    With ABASSKY Manicure Vacuum, it is super easy to use. What you need to do is just to do the nails job next to the machines, or at least, when doing nail buffing. The air is so strong that it will sucks all the dusts in the surrounding airs; saving them from spreading to your nose or clothes.

    ABASKKY dust extractor has 3 heavy-duty fans that work its best in making sure that not a single dust can avoid this vacuum. Hence, if you want a clean and comfortable manicure job, you shall never forget having this manicure dust vacuum around.

    9. Oneida

    Oneida Air Systems

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    Now, if you are currently look for a good cleaning agent that works like there’s no tomorrow, you should never oversee Oneida. People that have used it have positively said that this machine is very heavy duty in term of capturing almost every single the dust and debris in the area. The machine is equipped with a big 9-gallon Systainer bin that can store a big amount of dust; so you do not have to go around taking the bin in and out every time in the middle of the cleaning job.

    This extractor is pretty smart. In other words, it has the UDD that can efficiently separate the tinier dust and larger debris from each other. By doing that, it can prevent the filter form clogging by the dust and debris that could easily leads to the suction loss.

    It can work on all condition, dry or wet. Noticeability, this extractor’s CFM rating is up to 50-150, making it supers for cleaning. Besides, you can also put the plastic to hold down the waste bin, so after you’re done with suction, you can just easily take out the plastic and throw it away. It is good and super convenient because it saves you from the headaches of cleaning the bin.

    8. AUTLEAD

     AUTLEAD Wet Dry Vacuum

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    Another Wet & Dry dust extractors that will be worth every penny you spend is by AUTLEAD brand. It has the pure copper motor in which its suction capacity runs to 5.5 horse power. One special facts about the extractors in the market is only a very few of them has such capacity.

    Its high capacity motor allows this extractor to be super ideal for everyone; doesn’t matter if you want to own one for your house or use in the office/business. The use of this is very safe and easy; just simply turn on the switch and move it around your space. Its attached wheels allows also makes the movement a lot faster as you do have to carry it around; instead, it will goes whatever direction you are heading.

    What is more, AUTLEAD can extract the dust on anything, from floor to sofa and from window to filters. You can just change the brush for different use. Besides the suction job, this extractor can also do the blowing job by simple press the button on it; you can have your ideal cleaning tool all in one.

    Aside from that, storing this does not consume a lot of space due to its small size. This extracting machine also comes with a full pack of useful accessories and very simple instruction to on how to use it. Last but not least, dust extractor blower also has the 2-year warranty, so you can always call for assistance if you have any concern regarding the performance or the use of this machine.

    7. Vacmaster

    Vacmaster 8 Gallon

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    Do you know what you would have when your vacuum masters its cleaning job? You got Vacmaster. Vacmaster has the capacity of 8 gallon tank that made for crash-proof polypropylene material. Its big disposal storing capacity allows you to collect every dust and debris from your space all in one go. This super high quality extractor also gets the Certified HEPA system for its 99.97% efficient capturing on 0.3 microns. What this means is that even the finest dust will not be able to avoid this vacuum.

    On top of this, it has the 2-stage industrial motor; making it performs the suction job powerfully with flaw. Also it has a strong performance motor, yet the sound is not extremely loud; so you can comfortable clean the house in the morning even worrying about waking everyone up. Furthermore, Vacmaster can do its job well with dry or wet condition. One thing you might want to take note when using this extractor for the wet dirt is that you can use the optional foam filter instead of the default fabric filter in order to make sure you do not spoil the quality of the fabric one.

    6. Makita

    Makita VC4710 12-Gallon

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    On the top 6 of the list, the beautiful looking in blue dust extractor, Makita, will never disappoint you with its performance. Generated by a powerful 12AMP motor, this dust extracting motors can produce the suction power up to 135 CFM while in wet cleaning, it can challengingly lift 92″” of water. What this means is it has the best quality on absorbing anything, from dry to wet. What ultra-special about this is it doesn’t cause much noise while operating.

    As long as its weight is concerned, this Makita dust extractor is super light. Along the side, it also has the automatic cleaning system to make sure that always clean the filter regularly; allowing it to last longer despite regular usage. Another special feature of this extractor is its ability to reserve the air flow through its filters; by doing that, it could prevent any stuck during the suction. In addition, it is very easy to use because all the tools –activated button are on the machines. It is pretty precise and straightforward.

    5. Bosch

    Bosch 14 Gallon

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    Can you imagine how useful it is to have a high quality extractor with a large dust storing capacity? All of this can be found in Bosch; one of the best dust extractor ever reviewed in 2022. With the waste bin capacity of 14 gallons; it is ideal for those who have the big space to clean. This Bosch extractor also has the auto-cleaning feature for the filter; what it does is it gets the filter cleaned very 15 second to make sure that it can perform at the finest.

    Another great feature that contributes to the greatness of this extractor is the HEPA filter that can absorb up to 99.97% of particles even it’s as small as 0.3 microns. Additionally, this Bosch vacuum machine also complies with OSHA by integrating Bosch PRO+GUARD, so you can totally trust on how useful this dust extractor can help you.

    4. DEWALT


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    DEWALT has been rated as one of the most favorite dust extractor for many craftsmen. It has the 15 Amp motors that powerfully generate 130 CFM of air flow in order to maintain the maximum suction performance. On top of this, it also has the automatic filters cleaning system that self-clean the filter every 30 second although you keep the operation going non-stop. By doing so, it helps prevent the suction from getting stuck by dust or debris.

    On top of this, DEWALT was designed for lightweight so make it easy to locate from a place to another. With only 27 lbs, it is super portable no matter on what surface. Besides, its relatively small size also makes it easy with storing without bothering other things.

    3. Festool

    Festool 575267

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    Looking like no typical dust extractor, Festool does the job incredibly like no others. Festool possesses the heavy-duty turbine for the smooth suction. Besides, it also has the T-loc function that allows it to connect the systainter to the dust extractor. Economically speaking, you can save a lot from changing the filter with Festool because its auto-cleaning system allows the filter bag to last longer than other extractors that do not have this self-clean technology.

    This modern innovation applied in this Festool dust extractor also allows you to use Bluetooth Module for remote control to monitor the suction hose or to start the motor automatically with the bluetooth battery pack.

    2. Pulse-Bac

    Pulse-Bac 550H Dust

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    Are you looking for a dust extractor that does all the cleaning jobs without having human operating it? Here introducing the Pulse-Bac dust extractor that has the latest technology of automatic cleaning with people. How this works is you just bring it to anywhere you want dust or debris to disappear, leave it with power on, and it will do the its best job in cleaning. The suction power is up to 150 CFM with 87” water lifting.

    Besides, it also has the HEPA Certified for the filter along with self-cleaning filter system; so you can expect not to spend a lot of money on changing the filter regularly. This premium quality dust extractor is also made to be super durable by powder-coating the steel and ABS construction; so it can endures works at any condition.

    1. Fein

     Fein 92027060090

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    Finally, on to the Number 1 of the best dust extractor reviews in 2018; it is the unbeatable Fein dust extractor. Available to work on both dry and wet condition, its ultra-powerful turbine can generate the air flow up to 151 CFM for dust or debris suction while it does up to 71” for water lifting. However, do not let the powerful turbine get you to think that this Fein extractor will be noisy because the fact is it’s not. The noise level of this vacuum is only 66 dB.

    This dust extracting machine can use anywhere regarding how big the your cleaning section is. Its capacity is 5.4 gallons; which is reasonably fine for on-going cleaning without having to take the waste out form the bin and put it back during the operation. What is more, it has the 360 degree rotatable large wheel that allows that extractor to move every direction even situated in tight condition. Commercially or residentially, this is the perfect dust extractor that you’d regret not owning one.

    Buying Guide

    There are 3 recommended guides to assist you with choosing the best dust extractor for yourself. They are:

    1. Cleaning ability

    Choosing the best vacuum cleaning machines can be determined by the capability that it can perform. Economically speaking, you may want to look for any extractor that is reasonably cheap while it can do the job. However, the ideal one should be anything more than the price itself. That is you need to determine how big is your cleaning scope or are you going to cleaning only on dry condition or on wet condition, too. Let’s say if you need a vacuum machine that would work with dry and wet surface and could also blow, the ideal one must include all of these. Otherwise, you have to buy extra machine for your cleaning tasks.

    2. Capacity

    Capacity of waste bin in the dust extracting machine is also important when buying one. In other words, if your cleaning scope is big, you need to look for any dust extractor that has the big capacity in storing the dust or debris because it can helps you from taking out the waste to dispose in the middle of operation before continuing to clean. Nevertheless, you should also note that sometimes the large capacity waste bin might also cost a lot too. Therefore, do not try to buy a large capacity bin if you’re not going to fill it up when using; you may balance your demand to any extractor that is friendly for your pocket.

    3. Self-cleaning filter

    The last thing that you need to look for before purchasing the dust extractor is to see whether or not it has the self-cleaning or automatic filter cleaning system. It is important that your preferred extractor has this feature because it can save a lot of headache from change the filter a lot when utilizing. This self-cleaning technology allows filters to last longer that it usually is.


    All of the top 10 best dust extractors have summarized qualities as follow. First, it is about functions. For example, it is whether the motor could operate on dry or wet surface. In addition, a good product should be easy to transport so that you could get the machine to clean every corner of your house. Third, you should take a look whether there are any helpful features that give you a convenient way to control the machine. Fourth, you should also concern about the filtration system. Some filtration systems could not catch very small particles. There are more to describe about the best dust vacuum. If you happen to need more advices, you could contact us anytime.


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    List Of Top 10 Best Dust Extractors

    10. Makita


    Makita is a quality dust extractor. The brushless motor gives a convenient dust extraction process. All it consumes is 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries. However, Makita package does not include the batteries. Therefore, you need to get the batteries on your own. The filtration system is a three-stage HEPA design. Particles as small as 3 microns could be captured by the system. The filtration system is efficient in optimal suction while it could provide durable filter life.

    Moreover, the wireless system automatically starts by its own. Makita could operate for 75 minutes in maximum before running out of power if you set it on energy-saving function. If you use a powerful setting, the machine could function for 40 minutes.

    9. Festool


    Festool also uses HEPA filtration system. The package includes abrasive sheet, edge protector, filter bag, and more. The product uses electricity as a power cord is included in the package. At the same time, you could remove the dust channel from Festool. The motor complies with 120 voltage system.

    If you clean your house, it is not going to disturb your family members while they are sleeping. The motor runs smoothly and quietly. The product weighs 53 pounds.

    8. Festool CT


    Festool CT could be operated on either wet or dry surface. At the same time, it could automatically function on its own. At the same time, there are various applications that you could set for Festool CT to operate. The hose comes in 11-1/2 foot length while it is also kink-resistant. You could easily transport the motor as it is designed to understand its users. Festool CT is light-weight so that it helps to prove the product is easy to carry.

    There are sys-dock feature and center handle so that you could attach the sustainers with the top easily. Festool CT also has a built-in foot brake so that unintentional hit could be prevented.

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    7. Bosch


    Bosch has a filtration system which operates automatically. However, the filter cleans itself every 15 second so that suction power could yield its highest capacity. The filter system adopts a HEPA standard. Particles even a small 0.3 microns could be caught with such technology. Bosch also comes with a strong airflow.

    A 150 CFM could be delivered by the motor. The static water life is 97 in in maximum. At the same time, the power tool activate the vacuum to be off and on.

    6. Festool 584014


    Festool 584014 operates under the filter technology which functions automatically. The filter system allows suction to yield maximum power. There is a tool start which turns the motor on and off automatically. This Festool model could clean both wet and dry surface as well. The mini dust collector is lightweight while the hose extends over a length of 11-1/2 foot.

    Such a length gives flexibility and kind resistance. Furthermore, it is convenient for transportation and storage because of hose garage and sys-dock feature. Festool is designed by having an ergonomic balance.

    5. Festool 584084


    This Festool model has a similar design to the rest. It comes up with a tool start that automatically switch on and off the motor. The suction could be adjusted while the motor could operate on both wet and dry surfaces. Furthermore, the anti-static hose is as long as 11-1/2 foot. The hose is therefore kink-resistant and flexible. Shock hazards are also minimized.

    The transport and storage are possible with hose garage and sys-dock feature. The mobile dust collector comes with a large wheels while the center of gravity is low.

    4. Bosch VAC090A


    Bosch VAC090A has a built-in filtration system that operates automatically. The filter system will clean itself in every 15 seconds. Thus, the suction power could be maintained in maximum. Bosch comes with a L-BOXX Integration. The integration allows a mobile workstation. In addition, the power tool activates the vacuum off and on.

    There is a dial of power broker so that the motor could use available power efficiently and prevent blown circuits. The level sensor will shut off the motor automatically if the sensor detects that the water reaches a caution level.

    3. Festool 584156


    Festool 584156 is a vacuum cleaner that is applicable for both dry and wet surface. At the same time, the start function automatically operates. There are different applications for suction forces. Furthermore, the hose is anti-static while the length is 11-1/2 foot. Thus, the hose provides flexibility and kind resistance. Such quality enables a good protection and convenient transport.

    The dust extraction equipment has a compact size while the weight is light. The handle is in the center while the feature of sys dock allows an attachment between the top and sustainers. The foot brake helps to avoid unintentional movement.

    2. DEWALT


    Dewalt has a compact size and beautiful-yellow design. Dewalt operates within a motor of 15 Amp. The airflow of 130 CFM could be delivered so that suction power could be maintained in maximum. Furthermore, the filter system cleans itself automatically in every 30 seconds. The power tool operates on and off. Dewalt is easily portable because it weighs only 27 lbs. The power cord is 8 feet.

    The product comes with a three-dimension size as followed; 20 x 19 x 20 inches. Lastly, the dust extraction system comes with a one-year warranty with some limitations.

    1. Festool 583492


    Festool 583492 has a tool start which could function automatically for on and off. At the same time, the suction could be adjusted while the product could be operated on both wet and dry floor. Moreover, the hose is anti-static and as long as 11-1/2 foot. Festool gives a kink-resistant and flexible performance. Thus, shock hazards could be minimized. Convenient transport and storage are possible with hose garage and sys-dock feature.

    Festool has a large wheel, a design with an ergonomic balance as well as center of gravity which is low. The HEPA filtration system provides a maximum capacity. Lastly, this dust hood model has a compact design.

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