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Top 13 Best Egg Chairs in 2022 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

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    Kicking your feet up and getting to relax after a hard day’s work is what everyone deserves. However, you can make it even better with an egg chair. They are a great purchase if you ever want to swivel in a serene environment. The best egg chairs have many therapeutic benefits, which will come in handy whenever you want to relax your mind.

    Since there are many manufacturers of egg chairs out here, it may be difficult to find one that is just right for you. In here, we have compiled some that we deem fit enough for your home or office based on the factors below.

    List of Best Egg Chair Reviews 2022:

    13. Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair with Tufted Khaki Cushion and Stand

    Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair with Tufted Khaki Cushion and Stand

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    • By: Island Bay Egg Chairs

    Starting our list is this wonderful chair from Island Bay. If you want a comfortable and relaxing environment, you can get it through this chair. The material is sturdy and will definitely last a long time. The cushion is made of khaki that is detachable from the seat.

    The cushion is easy to clean or wipe. This is one of the best egg chairs in the market today, providing you great value for money. What makes it a favorite is the fact that a single individual can assemble it.

    Extra features:

    • The padding on the heel of this egg chair prevents it from scratching your floor.
    • You can also place in it your own cushions if you want.

    12. ART TO REAL Egg Shaped Hanging Swing Chair with C Stand – Egg Chairs

    ART TO REAL Egg Shaped Hanging Swing Chair with C Stand Check Price

    • By: ART TO REAL Egg Chairs

    This egg chair from ART TO REAL is perfect for almost any outdoor location that comes to mind.  You can put it in your backyard, patio, garden, or balcony. The primary reasons for this are because the stand base design provides all-around stability to the egg chair itself. Additionally, the frame is made of aluminum making it able to support people weighing up to 350 Lbs.

    The aluminum frame is powder coated to prevent rust from creeping in. The cushions are made of UV resistant and water-resistant materials. The sponge inside the cushion is soft for the users to relax comfortably. Your package will include an instruction manual, which is very easy to follow.

    Extra features:

    • The cushion is detachable from the egg chair frame.
    • Zippered cushion covers are easy to remove and simple to clean.

    11. Flash Furniture Grass Green Wool Fabric Egg Chair with Tilt-Lock Mechanism

    Flash Furniture Grass Green Wool Fabric Egg Chair with Tilt-Lock Mechanism

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    • By: Flash Furniture Egg Chairs

    At number 8, we have an egg chair, which works great for both an office set up or at home. Owning furniture that conforms to all eras makes your décor much more interesting. Such pieces are often timeless and provide you with a wide range of options.

    As far as lounge chairs go, Flash furniture has the widest range of colors to choose from. The egg chair’s upholstery is made from grass green wool fabric and the cover is removable. It has integrated curved arms as well.

    Extra features:

    • Tilt lock mechanism provides an easy change in recline and tilts on the chair.
    • The chair rotates 360 degrees providing easy access to the user all round their range.

    10. Outdoor Brown Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair – Egg Chairs

    Outdoor Brown Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair by Christopher Knight Home

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    • By: Christopher Knight Home Egg Chairs

    Falling asleep in your balcony or next to a pool in this delightful egg chair from will become a norm. You will realize its superior quality from the second you seat on it. It is built using thick brown meshed wicker and has beige cushions for extra comfort. The whole chair is weather and UV resistant, meaning that it will still be fine even when placed it in the harshest of the environments. The cushion fabric is made of 100 % polyester.

    Extra features:

    • Metal frame looks like wood for a premium finish look on egg chair.
    • The chair is easy to assemble and the process will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

    9. Modway Hide Outdoor Patio Swing Chair with Stand, Egg Chairs

    Modway Hide Outdoor Patio Swing Chair with Stand

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    • By: Modway Egg Chairs

    Modway sets itself apart from the competition by offering an egg chair that will be used throughout the year. It comes with a cushion, which is plush and made of all-weather fabric. Having a hide swing chair such as this one helps save on replacement costs thanks to its make-up. It is also resistant to UV, meaning that it will retain its luxurious rattan weave look.

    Extra features:

    • The egg chair has dimensions of 40″L x 43.5″W x 77″H.
    • Its cushion is 24″L x 24″W x 20″H in size.

    8. Boho-chic-style Resin Wicker Kambree Rib Hanging Egg Chair 

    Boho-chic-style Resin Wicker Kambree Rib Hanging Egg Chair Check Price

    • By: Island Bay Egg Chairs

    I am yet to find anyone who doesn’t love a fluffy tufted cushion. Island Bay used a steel frame and wrapped it with resin wicker, to provide you with this sturdy alternative. It is a great option for individuals looking for a stylish egg chair that has a chic element to it.

    The chair has a breezy driftwood finish, which adds on to its intriguing look. If you are looking for one that can accommodate a single individual, you don’t need to search any further. It comes in dimensions of 37.5D x 75H in.

    Extra features:

    • For added durability, the steel frame is wrapped in resin.
    • This egg chair can support up to 300 pounds easily.
    • The driftwood finish and black curves on the frame provide a wonderful contrast.

    7. Unfade Memory Swivel Egg Chairs

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    • By: Unfade Memory

    GDF Studio offers timeless beauty and strength with this egg chair. This chair is made to for living rooms. Thanks to the egg chair’s steel base design, it is one of the sturdiest alternatives in the market. Soft velvet material was used to make it, giving it a 70’s type of appeal.

    The seat is contoured to ensure the user is always at ease. This Arne Jacobsen Inspired, Egg Chair, is worth buying and will transform your living room.

    Extra features:

    • The chair can swivel all around 360 degrees.
    • The chair is 33.50 inches deep x 29.75 inches wide x 44.25 inches high
    • The seat dimensions are Width: 18.00 inches Depth: 17.75 inches Height: 17.00 inches.

    6. Flower House FHEC100-RD Best Egg Chair

    Flower House FHEC100-RD Egg Chair

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    • By: Flower House Egg Chairs

    This chair is the perfect addition to your “relaxation” room. The best thing about it is that it is available in several colors for you to choose from. The colors are blue, light blue, red, bark, blue cloud, and light green. You can select one for each member of the household since it is also cheaper than others are. However, do not let that put you off since this chair is built to last with high-quality materials from the kickstand, frame to the fabric.

    This chair is also very roomy and can hold more than one person. If you have a minor, you are going to be amazed at how they come in handy for bedtime stories. Both you and your young one can fit on this egg chair with room to spare.

    Extra features:

    • The chair measures 66-Inch high combined with the stand.
    • With the added room, you can place your own pillows for that extra plush feeling.
    • Rubber stops on the heels ensure the egg chair stays in place securely as you swing on it.

    5. Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, Cashmere Wool – Black

    Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Check Price

    • By: Urban Furnishing Egg Chairs

    This egg chair from Urban Furnishing is very well thought out. The design is top notch and materials are of premium quality and functionality. The curves on the body create stunning visual impressions with its fluid lines. Cold pressed foam cushioning is durable for you to get that bounce on your egg chair for many years.

    In addition, it is covered in cashmere wool for a premium finish and feel. The frame is constructed of a fiberglass shell making it sturdy and one of the lightest egg chairs in the market. This chair is designed to fit in any home or office.

    Extra features:

    • This egg chair can swivel to 360 degrees with an added twist of a tension tilt.
    • The fabric is hand stitched giving off a unique look to any of these Arne Jacobsen Egg chairs. None looks the same as the other.

    4. Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair – Black

    3. Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair - Black

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    By: Arne Jacobsen

    This egg chair boasts a badass black construction making it stylish and attractive. The black upholstery offers resistance to dirt and tearing, thus offering years of a perfect look. Something else, this product features a contemporary design introducing that vintage touch to your home. The attractive mid-20th-century look gives your home that nostalgic look making it amazing.

    Furthermore, the sturdy fabric offers a durable finish making it a great masterpiece. This egg chair also features a padded design for ultimate comfort. The state-of-the-art craftsmanship and quality make this chair a great purchase.

    Extra Features:

    • It goes at a fair price
    • The chair adds a classical touch to your home

    3. Flower House Hanging Pumpkin Loveseat Chair

    4. Flower House Hanging Pumpkin Loveseat Chair

    Check Price

    By: Flower House

    This is a classical chair boasting a comfortable construction. The beautiful design spices up your décor, making it a perfect piece of art. Additionally, it introduces a traditional touch to your home to complement the interior design. The chair looks ideal at home or in the garden. It also features a sturdy construction making it suitable for all places. For instance, the chair boasts a durable weather-resistant fabric which makes it perfect for use in the outdoors. The washable material also offers easy cleaning. Lastly, the sturdy and durable construction makes it ideal for holding up to 400 pounds.

    Extra Features:

    • It boasts dimensions of 66″ tall stand, 43″ high opening, and 50″ wide chair
    • The chair features excellent cushioning

    2. Flower House FHEC100-BRK Egg Chair

    5. Flower House FHEC100-BRK Egg Chair

    Check Price

    By: Flower House

    Flower House is a leading maker of top-quality egg chairs. Like most models, this is an excellent product boasting an attractive design. The stylish design makes it an addition to your décor.

    Furthermore, this is a versatile product which works perfectly at home or in the garden. The weather-resistant fabric makes it durable and perfect for your needs. Another thing, this chair also features an ultra-tough frame which makes it durable. The padded construction makes it a comfortable resting place. What’s more, it comes in a convenient size for easy carrying and storage.

    Extra Features:

    • The washable fabric offers easy cleaning
    • There are various color options

    1. Island Bay Resin Hanging Egg Swing Chair, Brown

    6. Island Bay Resin Hanging Egg Swing Chair, Brown

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    By: Island Bay

    This is another top echelon egg chair perfect for indoors and outdoors. It boasts a convenient construction making it portable. Another thing, the chair comes with an Orange cushion designed to offer extra comfort for the users. The hanging design makes it extremely comfortable and perfect for relaxing.

    Additionally, this chair features a robust Resin construction for ultimate durability. The powder-coated steel frame also makes it durable and perfect for outdoors. Besides the durable construction, this chair also boasts a long-lasting finish and extreme chip resistance.

    Extra Features:

    • It comes in a convenient size of 48.03 W x 35.58 D x 76.37 H in.
    • This is an ideal seat for indoors and outdoors.

    How to choose the best Egg Chair

    Material: Ensure the materials used to make any of these chairs are not harmful to your health.  If you have allergies, you should not rush to make purchases without considering this. The materials used will also help determine how cozy you will be. The chairs on this review are made mainly of breathable materials on the cushion fabric for extra comfortability.

    Support: Egg chairs have two major varying types of support. This is distinguished by a chain support at the top or support at the bottom. To accommodate both preferences, we have highlighted both of these types in this review. They each have their own advantages over the other. For example, the elevated egg chair provides more swivel than one supported at the base. An egg chair supported at the bottom provides greater stability.

    Size: The size of your egg chair will also determine if you will be comfortable. If you want company, a larger seat can accommodate more people. This will enable you to snuggle with someone else. We have picked out a number of seats, which will be perfect for such an occasion.

    Weight carrying capacity of the chair: Look to see that the egg chair can support your weight. You do not want it to break down while you are using it. This can lead to serious injuries.

    Why you need an Egg Chairs

    Coziness: If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, we recommend getting yourself either of these egg chairs. These egg chairs provide a plush environment making most users find themselves getting lost in deep relaxing sleep. After a long day, you will find these chairs the perfect spot to unwind.

    They are beautiful: These egg chairs are very inviting to any user. No matter the age bracket they are in, they will all want to sit or admire this kind of chair. Another great thing about them is the fact that they complement any kind of décor.

    Final Thoughts:

    The egg chairs in this list have been carefully considered to be here. The price on each chair has been matched up to provide you value for money. You do not have to spend valued time scouring the internet to find any other egg chairs that offer the same benefits.

    Taking such risks and ending up with one of poor quality, is not necessary thanks to this review. Select either one of these egg chairs, in order to experience a world of convenience and ultimate relaxation.

    Currently unavailable.

    1. LeisureMod Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair & Ottoman in Black Wool – Best Egg Chairs

    LeisureMod Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair & Ottoman in Black WoolCurrently unavailable.

    • By: LeisureMod Egg Chair

    If you want the best egg chair, then look no further than this. Everything about this chair is perfect, from its form and practicality. Much like the previous egg chair, this one particular one also consists of the finest cashmere wool blend. The design is such that the fabric curves tight onto the frame, providing a stunning appeal.

    The chair has a Satin finish, which is resistant to chipping and flaking. You won’t need to worry about floor repairs since it has plastic pads to offer protection against any scratching. The chair’s quality is undisputed and is evident due to the high-density CA 117 foam used to make it. I would definitely recommend this chair for households with décor that is impeccably modernized.

    Extra features:

    • The chair’s inner shell is made from fiberglass
    • The four-star aluminum base of the chair offers exceptional stability.
    • Comes with an ottoman, an excellent addition to any chair for added functionality.

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