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Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Men in 2022

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    A man will look younger, more handsome and confident without beard, but shaving with the traditional razor and blade is not easy, and it takes time, plus it even leaves cuts on your skin sometimes.

    Thus, today we are here to introduce you best electric razors for men so that you can get one and be the handsome man you are.

    List of  Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Men in 2022

    10. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5570


    Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

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    The first product from our recommendation today is the electric shaver from Philips Norelco. This electric shaver comes with a set of nose and ear trimmer, so that you can use this ideal shaver not only to shave your beard but only cut irritating hair in your nose and ear. Moreover, this can use to shave dry or wet with foam or gel. The most important feature of this electric shaver is that with the Turbo+ mode, it moves faster and closer. Plus, the head of this awesome shaver can move in five directions, ensuring that it can go close to the skin and cut the hair well around the neck and jawline.

    Last but not least, this Philips Norelco Electric shaver works with double blades; the first blade goes to raise the hair; meanwhile the second blade cut the hair and make your skin smooth.

    9. Hatteker Professional Electric Shaver

    Hatteker Professional Electric Shaver Razor


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    Next, this is the professional electric shaver from Hatteker. It comes in 4 devices, featuring travel electric shaver, nose trimmer, beard trimmer, and facial cleaning brush. Hatteker has designed this product in perfect size for travelling. What’s more, with nose and beard trimmer you can cut the undesirable hair from your nose and jawline, and clean the pore with the facial cleaning brush. So that you can always have a clean face after shaving. Furthermore, the head shaver is replaceable. Combining these four function, Hatteker has made it the best men’s electric shaver.

    On top of anything, this waterproof electric shaver has the capacity of 1 hour running time for a single charge. For your information, this incredible shaver comes with 1 year warranty.

    8. Elehot Electric Shaver Razor

    Electric Shaver Razor Wet & Dry


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    Coming up next here is the electric shaver by Elehot. This electric razor comes in 3 removable heads performing 3 different functions. The first head is the rotary floating head moving in 4 directions, allowing the razor to go closer to the skin and catch more hair, and leave you a satisfying result. The next head is the nose and ear trimmer, which goes quickly to cut the unwanted hair in the area of your nose and ear without leaving cuts to your skin.

    The last head is the hair clipper comb. With this head, you are able to trim your hair the way you love to. More than that, the head of the shaver is completely washable and you don’t need to detach it form the device. More interestingly, the battery life lasts for 45 minutes for a single charge.

    7. Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver


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    Here, Hatteker has brought another best electric shaver for men. This time it is a 2 functional electric razor, meaning that it comes in 2 removable heads – one for shaving and the other one for trimming. With the rounded edge of the first head, you can comfortably shave your beard. The second head is the hair trimmer. You can use easily trim the sideburns on the neck or jawline, or even your hair.
    In addition to this, there is an LCD display on the body of this electronic shaver which enables you to keep track with the battery life. This exclusive device is designed with USB charger; you can charge it at home or on your way. For your information, this shaver is waterproof and you can peacefully shave dry or wet.

    6. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 3100


    Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

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    Coming up next on the list of our today’s review is another best shaver for men by Philips Norelco. The company has never failed us with its creativity. With this new concept, Philips Norelco has designed its electric shaver with a pop-up trimmer. This excellent quality product will leave you a comfortable and satisfying shaving experience. With its head moving independently in 4 directions, this high quality shaver can adjust to the curve of your face and get closer contact to your skin, leaving you with a smooth result not the cuts.

    With its pop-up trimmer, you don’t need to change its head; just one click and it is out for you. Easy right? This is not all yet. You can also use this electric shaver cordlessly and the battery life also lasts longer with the Li-Ion battery. This superior product is washable and convenient to use.

    5. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s


    Braun Series 3 ProSkin


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    We are pleased to introduce you out top 5 product on our list. This high quality product goes to Braun Series3 ProSkin. Just like its name, it is a professional electric shaver. For the outstanding performance, this electric shaver is comprised of 3 actions shaving elements making it sharp for the hair but smooth for skin. Moreover, with its 3 actions shaving element, it allows you to save the dense area of your skin smoothly. This superior quality product is also equipped with micro comb technology, making its performance the best in capturing the hair for faster shaving. On top of that, on the body of the shaver lies an LED display showing the capacity of your battery life.
    For your information, this electric razor is totally waterproof, making it easy for cleaning.

    4. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

    Philips Norelco Shaver


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    The top fourth product that comes to our list is another model from Philips Norelco. This newly designed product comes with the pop-up trimmer attached with the body of the shaver. With this pop-up trimmer can trim your mustache and sideburns perfectly and without leaving cuts.

    Moreover, designed with Aquatec Technology, you can comfortably shave dry or conveniently shave wet with gels or foams. On top of that, this ideal shaver is also equipped with a special shaving system that allows you to flawlessly cut long or short hair.

    3. Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor


    Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric


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    Next, this is a cordless shaver brought to us by Panasonic. This high performance electric shaver is formed by 4 sharp blades and foils, making your shaving experience perfect; you can shave quickly and closely and still get the best result. This premium product can shave perfectly even on the curve of your face with its flexible head. What’s more, this Panasonic electric razor is completely waterproof, allowing you to clean the head and shave in hygiene.

    Additionally, with this powerful shaver you can shave dry or wet according to your preference.
    On top of that, this smart electric razor has an LED display on its body in order to show your battery status and remind you to replace the blades when needed.

    2. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver


    Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver


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    The second best men’s electric razor goes to Remington F5-5800 Foil shaver. This optimal performance razor is the combination of the intercept and pivot and flex technology, allowing you to shave your beard and trim the hair perfectly. With its flexible shaving head, this best electric razor goes closely to your skin and cut the facial hair out, leaving a smooth result.

    Moreover, this flex head technology can adjust to your facial contour, meaning it perfectly suit with the curve surface of any faces. On top of that, this design comes with a rechargeable battery; you can use it corded or cordless.

    1. Philips Norelco Shaver 4100

    Philips Norelco Shaver 4100-Electric Shavers for Men


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    Here comes best of the best men’s electric razor from Philips Norelco again. This model is the integration of the pop-up trimmer and the double-precision head design. The double-precision head is flexible and goes in circular movement, making the head adjustable to the curve of your face, meaning that you can shave closely and precisely even on the neck and jawline area with this superior quality products.

    This outstanding product performs greatly even with longer or the shortest stubble. In addition to this, this product is featured with washable technology, allowing you to shave hygienically. The best part of all, this model comes with 2 year warranty from.


    Listed above are the top rated electric razors in 2022. Any of these picks will satisfy you and give you an excellent shaving experience. Do not hesitate to choose one; any of these electric shavers make yourself look younger, more handsome and more confident.


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