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Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2022 – Buyers’ Guide

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    Electronic dart boards come with multiple games known to provide limitless fun. And, the best ones should perform well and last for a long time. If you’re here to shop for the perfect electric dart board for your needs, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a glance at the top 10 best electric dart boards in 2022.

    List Of Top 10 Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2022

    10. Eagle Dart

    Eagle Dart BlueTooth

    Eagle Dart is a luminous electronic dartboard with Bluetooth 4.0 that is compatible with iOS 8.4 or Android 4.3 or later. The size of Eagle Dart is standardized to 15.5 inches for the face and 21 14”x 21 ¼”x 1 5/16” in dim. Moreover, Eagle Dart can accommodate up to 22g dart. Eagle dart also supports live online play and can be reviewed in Google Play Store or iTunes Store. Eagle Dart is powered by A/C adapter, which is included within each purchase, and 2 AA batteries, which is sold separately.  The shipping weight of Eagle Dart is 9.2 pounds.

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    9. DMI Sports Deluxe

    DMI Sports Deluxe Bristle

    DMI Sports Deluxe is an electronic dart board for bars that can deliver endless hours of both competitive fun and stress-relieving entertainment. In terms of the exterior, DMI Sports Deluxe gives off an extravagant classy vibe with its light cherry finish and finger joint frame. On one side, there is a traditional scoring board that can be used with chalk, and on the other side, there is an electronic scorer. It should also be noted that DMI Sports Deluxe can be used to protect stray darts from hitting the wall.

    As the door can be closed, the dartboard can be hidden when it is not in used. An official 18” x 1 ½ bristle dartboard is included within the purchase as well. The durability of DMI Sports Deluxe can be guaranteed as it made of a high-grade and self-healing sisal that can keep the dartboard surface smooth for years to come. Below the board, there is also a shelf to keep your six darts in place without being misplaced or lost. In terms of its size, DMI Sports Deluxe is 28 x 24 x 7 inches in dimension and 33 pounds in weight.

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    8. Harley Davidson


    Harley Davidson is an electronic dart board that can be used to play up to 48 games including 01 and cricket. Harley Davidson is tailored made for family fun or friend gathering as it can accommodate up to 8 players. Each purchase of Harley Davidson is complemented with 2 sets of darts, spare tips, AC adapter and game manuals. Not only does Harley Davidson offers all the features of an ideal dart board, it also incorporates chic and innovative design that can light up the atmosphere of your recreation area. You do not have to worry about the visibility even from afar as there are 4 color LCD scoring panel that can be light up and flash.

    Once you hit the bull eyes or win the game, there are even classic sound coming out of the engine. In terms of its size, Harley Davidson is 18”x 24” in dimension and 6.61 pounds in weight. The shipping weight is 8.2 pounds.  The electronic dart board reviews of Harley Davidson are quite positive. Many of its users complement on its wide availability of game options and its ability to keep the scoring.

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    7. Fat Cat Electronx

    Fat Cat Electronx Electronic

    Fat Cat Electronx is a hanging electronic dart board with the most cutting-edge technology involved. Fat Cat Electronx offers up to 38 games and 167 scoring option. Not to mention, it is even designed for solo play with cyber players. In the cyber play, there are five skill levels that can accommodate up to 8 players. In order to prevent bounce outs, Fat Cat Electronx is made with concave segment holes and ultra-thin spider.

    Fat Cat Electronx has a sturdy ABS cabinet with a slot to store four sets of darts. Every purchase of Fat Cat Electronx includes 6 darts, 6 spare tips, AC power adapter, mounting hardware, and game manual. It should also be noted that there is a 1 year warranty as part of the customer service.

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    6. Arachnid Cricket

    Arachnid Cricket Pro

    Arachnid Cricket complies with the standard and regulation of a tournament with its 15.5” target area. Arachnid can provide 39 games with 179 variations, including 7 cricket games. Bounce-outs are not a concern for users of Arachnid Cricket considering how there are micro-thin segment dividers. Arachnid can be played with 8 players and there is also an LED score display.

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    5. Target Nexus

    Target Nexus Online

    Target Nexus incorporates groundbreaking innovation features making it the newest player in the online network. Target Nexus is here to assist you in eliminating the need to prop up your camera and scoreboard app. Target Nexus has a live camera function which drives fair and immersive playing experiences. In addition, there are in-game microphone allowing you to easily communicate with your opponents. There is also an amazing on-screen graphic to enhance the quality of play.

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    4. Hathaway

    Hathaway Brookline

    Hathaway is a wall-mounted Brookline electronic dartboard. The assembly process of Hathaway can be done quickly and easily with the complementary hardware included in the set. It remains sturdy and stable withholding all types of aggressive dart flings. You can never get bored with Hathaway as it supports up to 29 games and 90 different variations. In terms of its size, Hathaway is 6 x 32.2 x 24 inches in dimension and 27.2 pounds in weight.

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    3. Viper 850

    Viper 850 Electronic

    Viper 850 is everything that you are looking for in an electronic dart board with 470 scoring variations and 50 games. Offering you the best scoring experience, Viper 850 is headlined by the ultra-bright triple score display. The segment of Viper 850 is designed to minimize bounce outs while maximizing scores considering how there are locking holes and ultra-thin spider. Every purchase of Viper 850 comes along with six starter darts and a measuring tape.

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    2. Gran Board

    Gran Board Dash Bluetooth

    In regards to its size, Gran Board is 21 ½” x 19 ½” x 1 ¼” in dimension and 2 pounds in weight. The special feature of Gran Board is its low energy Bluetooth which supports long term play with just 2 AA batteries. The installation is extremely easy and cordless. Gran Board allows you to play on an international level with players from all around the world. Furthermore, it supports both Android and iOS which make Gran Board extremely versatile.

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    1. Shelti Eye II

    Shelti Eye II Electronic

    Shelti Eye II offers multiple games and game options to enhance playability. The quality of Shelti Eye II has contributed to its success as a popular choice among league players throughout the country. The hinged carbinet can be folded allowing easy portability and transporting. The scoring system is designed as overhead to ensure visibility even from a far distance.

    Furthermore, Shelti Eye II uses groundbreaking technology to further provide convenience for its users. For instance, its keypad is in the form of phone-styled and the menu operation is illuminated with LCD. There is also an auto manual player change. In terms of size, Shelti Eye II is 48 x 35 x 28 inches in dimension and 250 pounds in weight. Meanwhile, the shipping weight is 200 pounds.

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    Buying Guide

    Visibility and audio system: It is highly suggested to consider electronic dart boards with visibility of lights and sounds.  Visibility increases your ability to performance levels driving a more enthusiastic and competitive fun. You can imagine how exciting it would be to see lights flashing when you win or hit the bull eye.

    Bluetooth: When it comes to a great dart board, it should be able to support Bluetooth functions to connect with iOS or Android device.

    Design and Size: This is to ensure that you are choosing the right rolling laptop cart according to your workspace vibe and preferences. Different color themes are designed to add different kind of vibes to the room.

    Set Purchase: It is common that most purchase of electronic dart boards come in a set of complementary items, such as, adaptors, tips, darts and manual. However, some products require customers to purchase these items separately as they are not included within the purchase. Therefore, it is essential to look out for this factor to analyze and compare the price of the item.

    Scoring Board: A scoring board is necessary to providing you the convenience and assisting you in using your electronic dart board.

    Live play support: During occasions when it is difficult to gather a group of people to play dart with you or when you are in the mood for solo play, an electronic dart board with the function of live online play with other players around the world can be your go-to solution.


    We have already walked you through the top 10 best electronic dart boards which are available on the market today. Since each product carries its own feature and uniqueness, we do hope you can select the right product that suits your needs and preference best. Any of the recommended will serve you well; get yours soon.


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    List Of Top 10 Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2022

    10. Arachnid Cricket Pro 900

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Talking

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    Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 offers the great combination of playability and durability at the same time. First and foremost, the quality of this incredible product is ensured to last for a long time. It can be used for countless games. The size of this product is 30 x 22.5 x 3.2 inches. This unique product can accurately calculate the scores for each player at the end of the game.

    There are also many modes for you to choose as well as reset easily too. Please be noted that the package of this product comes with the dart, AC adapter, hardware and more.

    9. Bullshooter by Arachnid Marauder

    Bullshooter by Arachnid Marauder

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    Bullshooter by Arachnid comes with the stylish cabinet set that gives it an elegant look. This arcade dart board is highly recommended for hanging in the high traffic area as it can decorate your house and business place at the same time. The games offered are up to 38 while you can conveniently choose one of the right options in 137.

    For the player’s added convenience, the display of this dartboard can show the scores after each game. Plus, it is large in size too, allowing you to view it with ease. Having this 27 x 22.5 x 5.5 dart board for fun parties is a wise choice.

    8. WIN.MAX WINMAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

    WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip

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    WIN.MAX WINMAX Electronic Dart Board is the definition of quality and affordability. This incredible product offers up to 21 games for you to choose with ease; more than this, the options provided are up to 65 in total. We bet that you will find yourself enjoying this game. For keeping you updated about the score, the LCD display is attached.

    The other great feature of this is the fact that it can accommodate up to 8 players. If you are hosting a party and wish to give great fun for the guests, you can have your trust on this board. And, with the large catch ring, your wall will stay protected.

    7. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

    Fat Cat Electronx Electronic

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    Coming up next in the list today is the Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard that has the total size of 20.2 x 1.5 x 24.8 inches. First of all, this digital board is built-in with the LCD screen which can ensure the convenience when it comes to viewing the score. As the materials chosen for producing this product are the top quality ABS, you can use this board for countless time.

    The games given by having this board in the house are many; plus, up to 8 players scan engage in this. Please also be reminded that there are sets equipment which are attached to this package as well. This dartboard is backed by a 1 year warranty.

    6. Bullshooter by Arachnid Cricket Maxx

    Bullshooter by Arachnid

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    Bullshooter by Arachnid has its total games up to 34 games along with another 183 options for you to choose. With the full dimension of 27 x 22.5 x 5.5 inches, the target area for you to throw the dart is 13.5 inches. For added fun while playing it, sound effects are added. And, the applaud sound will be given for the good scorers, while you will get the teasing sound for bad scorers.

    5. Viper Neptune Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

    Viper Neptune Electronic

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    If you are looking for an awesome professional electronic dart board, Viper Neptune is the high-quality dartboard that you should consider. Firstly, the target place of this product is designed to be 15.5 inches and it is well produced from the durable nylon. For reducing the bounces outs when you are throwing, it is built-in with the super thin spider. You can have your trust on this board for you can have the countless fun with it.

    The score will be accurately calculated after each round on the LCD display. For your information, the package of this product is attached with 6 pieces of darts. Last but not least, this Viper model has the total size of 22.5 x 27.8 x 3.5 inches.

    4. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing

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    Having an electronic game in the house is the great fun that you can offer to your family. This is the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 which is creatively designed to be the standing dartboard. With its total dimension of 51.8 x 26.5 x 5.5 inches, this board is 7 ft tall. The height and the size of the dartboard is highly recommended for using in the house or businesses. Besides, the LED display can show the score after each game immediately too. Please be noted that there is some assembly processes needed as well.

    3. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

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    Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 is the superb electronic dartboard that provides the combination of the traditional appearance and the new innovative design. There are up to 24 games and another 132 options for the users to use easily. It is also produced to withstand darts too since the material used is the durable nylon.

    As it uses the ultra-thin segment, the bounce-outs can be greatly reduced. With the great look of this 29 x 7 x 22 inches dartboard, hanging it on the high traffic area is an ideal choice.

    2. Viper 797 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

    Viper 797 Electronic Soft

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    Right now, it is the show time for the second best product in the list today. With the total measurement of 25 x 3 x 20 inches, the product called Viper 797 Electronic has the target face size of 15.5 inches.  The games which are built-in in this product are up to 43. Plus, there are up to 240 options provided for 16 players at the time. For adding the convenience in calculating the score after each game, the LCD screen comes with this board.

    The soft tip darts allow you to throw it for the target easily. The package of this digital dart board comes with the mounting hardware too.

    1.Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

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    The dart machine that tops the list is this Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. It is one of the Arachnid products that provide many great games and options for the users; 39 and 179 respectively. With the use of this product, the bounce-out can be reduced since the segment of the dartboard is very thin.

    The number of players who can take part in this game is up to 8 and the score of each player will be shown on the display. With the innovative technology, it has the solo-player feature which means you can play against the computer as well.

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