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Top 10 Best Floating Water Mats in 2019 Review

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    If you are going to visit a beach in your holidays, you should definitely carry a floating water mat with you. A floating water mat lets you float on the water and it is more comfortable than a floating tube. You can lie down on the floating mat and enjoy the summer on the water body and get a tan comfortably. They are highly stable and your entire family can lie down on it and have a great family time in your vacation. The following is the list of the top 10 best floating water mats in 2019 that you need to consider buying.

    List of Top Best Floating Water Mats Reviews

    10. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat


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    This is quite a large water mat for the entire family to sleep on the water together and relax. The design has been done ergonomically so that you get maximum comfort. There are many connectors available so that you can join it with other floating objects and keep them in one place. The material is high-quality vinyl and it will not be allergic to different skin types. You can fold it into a very small object which makes it easy to store and carry with you on the vacation. The area dimensions are 114 x 84 inches.

    9. Fun Float Floating Water Mat


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    The material quality is commendable and the high-density cell foam is used which increases the tensile strength of the object to the maximum. There is no maintenance required and you can roll it comfortably into a small object and carry along without a headache. It can carry the weight of 1250 pounds which means 7-8 people can fit it comfortably. The product dimensions are 216 x 72 inches.

    8. Fedmax Floating Mat


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    This is a thick and tough water mat and it comes with tether rope included so that you can tie it to the banks or other objects so that it does not float away. It is a large mat that can carry a weight of 1540 pounds and hence, it is suitable for as many as 10 adults. There are two Velcro straps available so that you can roll it up quickly. The material is tear resistant and long lasting than standard products. The floating water mat is designed for fresh as well as salt water. The product dimensions are 18 x 6 feet.

    7. Redneck Convent Jumbo Water Mat


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    This is a unique water mat that does not require any inflating. It comes in ready to use mode and it works on any water body including lake and ocean. You can anchor the water mat with the help of the tether bungee rope and use the heavy-duty carabineer to bind it with other objects. The material of the product is of high-quality so that it can be long-lasting. It is also double layered with thick crisscross foam for comfort. The dimensions are 18 x 6 feet.

    6. Fun Float Floating Pool Bed


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    This is a superior floating water mat from Fun Float and it is having super soft memory foam for ultimate comfort for hours without anybody pain. There is the vinyl coat for sustaining various weather extremities and the head pillow is integrated. It is suitable for couple or individuals and it is resistant to UV rays, chlorinated water. The wavy surface on one of the edges is skid-proof and you can support your head and neck comfortably. It is useable on all water surfaces and it can carry around 165 pounds of weight. The dimensions are 72 x 26 inches.

    5. TRC Recreation Pool Float


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    The floating water mat is highly comfortable due to its super soft and smooth surface. The surface has a vinyl coating that helps to protect the product from sun rays, salt water, and even chlorine water. Therefore, you can expect the mat to have a long duration of life. There is a roll pillow on one of the edges which acts like a head and neck rest. It is designed for individual use and dimensions are 70 x 26 inches.

    4. O’Brien Water Carpet


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    The product features under Amazon’s Choice in the floating water mat category. It is 18 feet x 6 feet in area and it supports 6 people comfortably. The water mat is highly stable which enables the people to walk and play on it without submerging it under water. There is a grommet kit provided to tether the mat in the case in you in running water body. It is easy to roll up and store.

    3. Airhead GANG Mat


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    This is a complete set of floating water mat and it is designed for 6 people. In the package, you will get 4 grommets to tether the mat with your boat or dock so that it does not run away in running water. It can be used on both sides and the colors are different. There are two extra inflatable stabilizer fins available. The product has a zippered connection which makes it very stable and comfortable. The material used is of high-quality PVC which is tear resistant.

    2. Rubber Dockie Floating Water Pad


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    This s a large-sized floating water pad with 18 x 6 feet of area and it can hold 6-8 people comfortably. There is bungee tether option available and there is a pair of Velcro straps available for tight storage. The product has high-grade thick foam for comfort and the matrix is reinforced for long-lasting durability. The weight capacity is 1200 pounds and it rolls up to 26 x 26 x 72 inches.

    1. Wow Sports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway

    WOW-Floating Water Mats

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    This is the popular brand in the mat segment and the product is used for professional water sports player for relaxation. The product is 10 x 6 feet in area and it can hold up to 6 people comfortably. The zipper system helps you to attach many other water mats side by side. You can walk and play on it due to its high stability. There are grommets available for tethering and high-duty PVC has been used that makes it tear resistant.


    Before buying a floating water mat, make sure you check the area as well as the weight sustainability of the product so that you can accommodate your weight or all your family members at once. If you need headrest do check out whether the mat you are buying has it or not as many of them do not provide it explicitly. Furthermore, if you are going to use it in ocean water, make sure there is a rope provided to lock it in a fixed position.

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