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Best Floor Lamps in 2022 Reviews

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    Let’s get some light on it

    That is what lamps do. They light up a room or situation, so everyone can see clearly. Using one of the top 10 floor lamps in 2022 is a great way to see what is going on in any room.

    These lamps are designed to keep the darkness away and last you a long time. Going with one of the top 10 floor lamps in 2022 is a smart way to light up your environment.

    List of The Top 10 Floor Lamps in 2022 Reviews:

    10. Floor Lamp by Light Accents

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    Measuring 16 x 16 x 69”, this floor lamp has 5 adjustable arms. Their gooseneck design can be adjusted to shine in every direction. The opaque colored shades add a unique touch to any room’s décor.

    A rotating on/off switch allows you to be creative with your lighting options. Plus, its 5-foot power cord gives you enough space to locate the lamp n the right spot. A 25-watt bulb is the maximum wattage for each light arm.

    Special Features:

    • Creative on/off options
    • 5 gooseneck light arms
    • Uses candelabra, CFL or LED light bulbs
    • Versatility, it will work in all rooms of your home

    9. Brightech Litespan Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

    Brightech Litespan Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

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    This adjustable floor lamp will light up one specific area of your room. It provides 2,000 lumens of light for those who like to read or do crafts. The 12-watt LED bulb saves energy and stays cool even after hours of use.

    Its adjustable gooseneck works with the long power cord to provides you with placement options. Measuring 10.2 x 9 x 61 inches, it is tall enough to see over any table or chair.

    Special Features:

    • Energy saving 12-watt LED bulb
    • 2,000 lumen light
    • Should last up to 20years
    • Weighted base for stability
    • 3-year warranty

    8. Brightech Torchiere Floor Lamp

    Brightech Torchiere Floor Lamp

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    You can use the dimmer function to adjust the light to how bright you want it. The up to 3,000 lumen light fixture has 3 dimmer settings. Then the 30-watt LED fixture will help keep your energy bill low.

    Designed to last 20 years, this 10 x 10 x 63-inch floor amp will work in a bedroom or a 300 square foot room. The rotating head lets you decide where the light will go in your home.

    Special Features:

    • Rotating light fixture
    • 20-year longevity
    • Adjustable 3,000 lumen brightness
    • 3 dimmer settings
    • 63 inches tall

    7. Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp

    Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp

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    This is more of a mood light than a room brightener floor lamp. Its long light shade casts the mood you want. A 400 lumen LED light bulb is the recommended light to use in this 46” floor lamp.

    Its over 7-foot cord provides you with plenty of placement options. You can put it where you need the romantic setting the most. The shade is made of rice paper, so you can add a touch of the orient to your décor.

    Special Features:

    • Rice paper lamp shade
    • Mood setting floor lamp
    • Roughly 7-foot cord
    • Uses 40 watts of power

    6. Ikea Floor Uplight Lamp

    Ikea Floor Uplight Lamp

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    The on/off switch is located on the 6 ¼-foot power cord. The 69-inch lamp stands on a 10-inch base and uses an 11-inch light shade. The clouded light shade will diffuse the light evenly and keep the room from becoming too bright.

    Unfortunately, there is no dimmer switch included and there is no adjustment capability. But that doesn’t stop this light from lighting up the whole room. You can use regular type light bulbs with this unit.

    Special features:

    • Long approx. 6-foot power cord
    • Opaque light shade
    • 69 inches tall
    • Lights up the whole room
    • Simplicity in design and function

    5. Normande Lighting Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp

    Normande Lighting Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp

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    You can ight up any room with this 100-watt incandescent floor lamp. Then when you want a little less light, you can switch on the 40-watt companion lamp. Its 3-way switch allows you to cast as little or as much light as you need.

    The frosted light shades and metal wire shade holders brings a little tradition to your room’s décor. The 10.7 x 15.5 x 71-inch floor lamp should fit into any room you want to put it.

    Special Features:

    • Uses 100-watt incandescent light bulbs
    • Stands 71 inches tall
    • Frosted light shades
    • 3-way on or off switch
    • Versatile 2 lamp system

    4. Simple Designs Floor Lamp

    Simple Designs Floor Lamp

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    This 3-shelf floor lamp system uses a pull chain to turn the lamp on or off. The additional 3 shelves allow you to decorate your lamp area with knick-knacks or books. Then the linen shade casts a discreet light over the room while using an up to 100-watt light bulb.

    Standing 10.2 x 10.2 x 62.75 inches, this lamp should fit in any corner you have in your home. The floor lamp is designed to last you for years.

    Special Features:

    • 3 extra shelves for storage
    • Pull chain on and off switch
    • Linen lamp shade
    • Over 5 feet tall
    • Uses up to 100-watt bulbs

    3. Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

    Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

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    This uniquely designed floor lamp will have your friends complimenting you on your decorative taste. Its 3 light system should light up any room with ease. The burlap lamp shades and metal stand add a little rustic nature to any room.

    You can use a 100-watt incandescent bulb or a 12-watt CFL bulb. It is your choice. Plus, the 4-way light switch is attached to the metal stand. A unique floor lamp for unique people.

    Special Features:

    • 3 light system
    • Rustic look
    • 4-way power switch
    • Versatile bulb use
    • Burlap lamp shades

    2. 360 Lighting Dawson Antique Brass Floor Lamp

    360 Lighting Dawson Antique Brass Floor Lamp

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    You may not be able to dim the light bulb, but this lamp will provide enough spot lighting for reading. It will work for other activities as well. You can use a 15-watt LED light bulb which puts out roughly 1,300 lumens of power.

    The lamp arm is adjustable t help you get the right amount of light for your needs. The rotary switch works with the 5-foot cord to bring the bulb enough power to light your room.

    Special Features:

    • 5-foot power cord
    • Rotary on-off switch
    • 1,300 lumens of light
    • Energy saving 15-watt LED bulb
    • Brass design

    1. Milton Greens Stars Arc Floor Lamp

    Milton Greens Stars Arc Floor Lamp

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    The marble base and metal design provide a touch of modern art to your room. This arc floor lamp is adjustable and will reach over almost any tall piece of furniture you own. Then the over 5-foot cord allows you plenty of room to place this floor lamp properly.

    You can use either a 100-watt incandescent light bulb or a 23-watt CFL light bulb in this unit. The floor lamp stands 18 x 8.6 x 81 inches.

    Special Features:

    • 81-inch arc span
    • 64” power cord
    • Marble base for stability
    • Flexible light bulb use
    • CA title 20 compliant
    • Some Final Words

    Almost every home could use some floor lamp upgrading. Using one of the top 10 floor lamps in 2022 is a great way to improve your home’s look. These lamps are designed to save you money, look good in your home and last a long time.

    Ne of the top 10 floor lamps in 2022 is the way to bring light to any situation.

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