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Top 10 Best Food Steamers in 2021

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    Are you looking for cooking steamers? A steamer must be good because happiness in your family is partly contributed by healthy food you and your family members have. The products should be an ideal in terms of both quality and efficiency. As a result, we recommend you the top ten best food steamers in 2021. We hope you enjoy the reading.

    List Of Top 10 Best Food Steamers in 2021

    10. Elechomes

    Elechomes LED

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    The first food steamer review that you are going to hear from is from Elechomes. This is the high-quality rice cooker which is designed to have LED display. More than just having 1 function, you can get up to 16 incredible functions in just one product. You can conveniently adjust the temperature of the cooker with ease. It can even keep the tasty food warm for the whole time, allowing you and your family to have warm meal all the time.

    Next, this steamer adopts the new innovative technology that benefits greatly to the busy people. As illustration, you can set the timer and delay the cooking time based on your schedule.

    With this one, no matter how busy you are, you will always come home for your food. The bowl attached with this steamer can be removed. Last but not least, the size of this rice cooker is 0 x 10 x 10 inches, and it uses 860 watts power.

    9. Magic Chef

    Magic Chef MCSFS12ST

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    We will give you the way to prepare your tasty meal every day in the effortless way. This is the superb food steamer from Magic Chef and it is designed to have the full size of 9.4 x 15.4 x 16.1 inches. Taking a look at this product, there are 3 layers in total. Each one of them is well constructed from the high-quality stainless steel, so the quality can be trusted to last for years. With up to 3 different cooking layers, you can cook various foods at the same time.

    Adding extra convenience for the user in controlling the setting, the program can be selected on the LCD display. It is also well recognized as the safe product to use as it can automatically shut-down when the food is done. On top of being the convenience product to use, you can even wash it in the dishwasher too.

    8. AICOK

    AICOK Food Steamer

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    This is the large capacity food steamer and rice cooker that has the size of 8.3 x 16.9 x 10.2 inches. AICOK Food Steamer is the perfect streamer for cooking the veggie, fish, egg, and rice. It is also known to be the safe choice to choose as it is produced from BPA-free material. This product is safe to use, and it can withstand the maximum temperature up to 284°F. You can easily check the status of your food as it is the transparent one. There are 3 tiers; therefore, you can cook up to 3 dishes at the same time.

    We do recommend you place the food that takes longer time at the base part.  For the busy user, you can choose to set the timer, it will produce the sound when the time is up. Better in term of the quality and warranty, the company of this product is happy to offer a 2-year warranty.

    7. Hamilton Beach

     Hamilton Beach

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    It is the 2-tire black and silver steamer from the popular brand, Hamilton Beach. First off, the size of this incredible steamer is 8.6 x 12.9 x 12.7 inches, so the maximum capacity that it can hold is 5.5 quart. The size of it is perfect for placing in the cabinet. It is suitable for cooking various foods ranging from veggie, fish, rice at the same time. You can choose to remove the divider for getting space for your whole food as well.

    With this steamer, you will sure to get tasty and warm every meal. After the cooking, it will automatically switch to warm. You can choose and control the setting on the digital touchpad. This user-friendly product is even suitable for washing by hand only. Don’t wait any longer, it is the time to get this product and enjoy the tasty meal all the time.

    6. Oster

    Oster Double Tiered

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    Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer is made for assisting the busy people. This high-quality food steamer is designed to have double layers, so you can cook 2 different food at the same time. The clear bowl allows you to check the status of your food without removing the lid. The maximum capacity that this 2-tire food steamer can hold is 5 quarts. We believe that it is the ideal choice to avoid consuming cooking oil in the daily meal. You can now cook you own tasty and safe food with less time and effort. For example, you can set the timer and get it to cook your food when needed.

    Adding to that, the safety of the house is ensured as it will automatically shut-off when the task is done. You can check the status of the steamer by looking for the light in the touchpad. The size of this durable product is 8.4 x 8.4 x 8.8 inches and you can wash it in the dishwasher too.

    5. BELLA

     BELLA (13872)

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    We know that it is hard to get the food steamer and rice cooker that carries superb quality. BELLA, the renowned brand, is designed to have 2 tiers. Each tray is perfect for cooking different food; therefore, you will get 2 tasty foods at the same time. The size of it is 11.6 x 8.9 x 11.7 inches, so it can conveniently hold up to 7.4 quarts. With the large capacity of it, cooking the food for your guess in no longer a problem.

    We know that you look for something that we cook and warm your food fast. This steamer needs only 30 seconds to give the heat out. This product cares about the user; therefore, you will also get many accessories and recipe when you make the purchase. Get this steamer today and get the food without oil and smoke.

    4. Zojirushi

    Zojirushi NS-ZCC10

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    We are here to introduce to you the easiest and healthiest choice for preparing the food. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 is the combination of steamer and rice cooker in just one product. The first great feature that makes it different from other products is it is wall mountable. Without worry, if it cannot fix into the cabinet, you can simply just mount it. You can also check the status of this product on the LCD screen of it too.

    Next, just like the nonstick pan, it allows you to conveniently cook. The timer feature is great for the busy bee, you can simply set the cooking time and wait for your tasty food. For ensuring that it is the safe choice to choose, it can automatically shut off. The size of it is 13 x 8.1 x 10.1 inches. The good news for the user is, you can get 1-year warranty when you make the purchase.

    3. Rosewill

     Rosewill Electric Food

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    Here arrives the high-quality food steamer that your kitchen needs. Rosewill Electric Food Steamer is well constructed from the BPA free material, so we dare to guarantee that it is extremely safe to use. The basket is designed to be the transparent, allowing you to set the cooking progress in the easy way. There are 3 tiers in this food steamer, you should place the food that takes longer cooking time at the base for the best result.

    The capacity that it can hold is up to 9.5 quarts. It will automatically shut off when there is no water. Better than this, you can choose to set the timer for up to 60 minutes as well. If we take a closer look at the design of it, there are the egg holder, so it is even more convenient when you boil the egg. This environmental-friendly product comes in the total dimension of 12.2 x 9.2 x 15.6 inches.

    2. Secura

    Secura 2-Tier

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    If you are here with us, we reckon that you are looking for the electric steamer for cooking your tasty meal. This is one of Secura products and there are many features that makes it the right choice to choose. The materials used for producing this product is the stainless steel. On top of the great quality, it is also known to be the safe choice for cooking the food with as well. It will take only 15 seconds for generating the steam and heat. With up to 2 layers, you will be able to cook both rice and food at the same time.

    If you take a closer look at the design of it, each part of it is meticulously done. The handle is built to last, so you can carry it without causing any damage. The water line is clearly shown, allowing you to cook the rice with the peace in mind. The total size of this steamer is 15.6 x 12.5 x 12.3 inches.

    1. Cuisinart

    Cuisinart STM

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    The last review in the list goes to Cuisinart glass steamer. This is the stainless steel product that is designed to hold up to 5 liters. You can choose the setting by selecting the option from the LCD control panel of it. There are 5 awesome programs in total. Those are great for cooking seafood, grains, veggie, poultry and more. For the busy person, you can choose the timer that last for 60 minutes. For ensuring the safety of the user, the water tank can hold 1 liter of water. This way, you don’t need to worry about it getting overheated.

    As it is 100% free from the BPA materials, you can now use the high-quality product that is safe for your health. The total dimension of it is 13.7 x 13.2 x 9.4 inches. Don’t wait any longer, it is the time to get this product and enjoy the privilege of a 3-year warranty.

    Buying Guides for Food Steamers

    . Materials

    First and foremost, you should take a close consideration to the materials used for producing this food steamer. Some products are made from stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Each of them comes in different price and advantages. Stainless steel product is well-known to be the durable product to use. It can distribute the heat evenly; therefore, each layer of the streamer will be well cooked. The price of the stainless-steel steamer can be a bit higher than other types of steamer as well. Next, aluminum steamer is best known for the light weight of it. The quality and capacity of it is somehow as good as the stainless-steel product. The inexpensive steamer goes to the plastic one. When you get the plastic steamer, it is important to consider closely about what type of plastic is being used. The safe choice should be the one which is BPA free.

    . Size

    Steamers also design to have different size from one model to another. You are usually able to get the 2 and 3 tiers steamer. The choice totally depends on your usage, as illustration, the more layers you have, the more foods you can cook. The key to think about when you make the purchase is whether it can cook enough food for your family. We believe that the large size steamer is great for using in the big family. Next, don’t forget that you need to place it in the cabinet about using it, for that reason, the size, shape and capacity of it are the thing we cannot overlook.

    . Extra features

    Many steamers that follow new innovative design have more incredible feature for ensuring the comfort of the user. Those bonus feature that can be found in the premium quality steamer are timer, auto shut-off, digital display, keep-warm function and more. It is highly recommended to get the steamer that can set the timer if you are the people person. You can set the timer for it to cook at the specific time.

    More than this, some models can delay the cooking time for you too. For ensuring the safety of the user, it is a wise choice to get the steamer that can automatically shut down. The food steamer will shut-off when the timer is up or when the water is run out. This is important if you usually engage in other activities while cooking. Last but indeed not the least, the LCD display allows you to choose the setting even better.


    We hope you can get a right food steamer. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on our food steamer reviews if there is any. All the best!


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    List of  Top 10 Best Food Steamers


    10. Mockins


    Are you looking for a good quality of food steamer? Mockins could be your option. The steamer got the tenth-best place for several reasons. Mockins is made of stainless steel while the core is made of aluminum. As a result, it is strong because of the heavy-duty material. Moreover, since the material is good, the heat can be fairly distributed throughout the bottom of steamer. Furthermore, the handle has a good quality because it keep your hands cool while the pot can accommodate different types of cooking surfaces ranging from electric to gas.

    Lastly, the product comes with a lifetime replacement. As a result, you don’t need to risk getting a wrong product.



    The ninth-best steamer goes to Klarstein. There are several reasons that the product deserves the rank. The electric vegetable steamer comes with three separate panels; as a result, you can steam and cook different foods at the same time in just forty minutes. Isn’t this efficient? Furthermore, the steamer is electric. It is as powerful as 1500W.

    Moreover, it can accommodate up to 1.9 qt., while you can set seven different options for your steaming programs. What’s a variety of choices to make?

    What’s more, the steamer comes with a steaming section that boosts to steaming progress and saves energy. Lastly, it is also convenient to use. You can remove the top to fill the water in, and refill in at the side of the steamer. The designer is brilliant.

    8. Aicok


    Do you still hesitate to get an option? Aicok can be a good option for you. There are several reasons that the model got the eighth-best place. The steamer is efficient because it is powerful. It comes with a 800w steaming design so that it can steam faster and more evenly. Moreover, it can accommodate food up to 9.5 quart. Isn’t the amount just enough for your family? Furthermore, there is no impact on your health while using the steamer because it is BPA-free. You can increase temperature up to 284°F. You can also set timing for the steamer to automatically shut itself off.

    Additionally, it will shut itself off if it runs out of water. What’s more, Aicok is also easy to use because you can water the water level through the transparent class. Lastly, the product comes with a two-year warranty.

    7. TIMMY


    There are several reasons that Timmy got the seventh-best rank. First, the construction is durable because the material is made of stainless steel. It can also resist rustiness while the steamer is already polished. Furthermore, you can collapse and compact the steamer to save the space for storage.

    Moreover, there is no negative impact on your healthy if you use the product. The reason is that Timmy is BPA-free. Additionally, it comes with an O-Ring for handling easily. Lastly, the steamer is as high as 3.4 inches.

    6. Rosewill


    Rosewill got the sixth-best rank for a number of reasons. The product comes with three tiers while the material is BPA-free. As a result, there is no harm on your health. It can accommodate food up to 9.5 quarts as well. Aren’t they just enough for an ideal food steamer? Furthermore, the steamer is as powerful as 800W so that the heat is generated in just forty seconds.

    Additionally, you can set timing within sixty minutes while there is an auto-off function when the steamer runs out of water. Moreover, you can see through to check the water level. Lastly, the steamer is safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

    5. COSORI


    You will fall in love with Cosori if you read its qualities. There are several reasons that the electric food steamer deserves the fifth-best place. The product comes with six options that you can control your steamer. This is a high-end technology. Furthermore, it comes with an indicator that provides information ranging from cooking time to Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can also adjust temperature and cooking mode manually with such indicator as well. This is highly recommended if you plan to have pasta or hot pot since the program is also designed for the two types of food.

    Moreover, the product brings about technology that allows the heat to generate faster. It is also guaranteed that there won’t be harm on your health because the product is eco-friendly. You shouldn’t wait anymore.

    4. BELLA


    Are you still looking for a good food steamer in your mind? Bella could be the favorite one for following reasons. It comes up with technology that generate faster in just thirty seconds. As a result, it is convenient to steam and cook any types of food ranging from fish to grain or dim sum. Moreover, it also brings about two baskets; as a result, you can divide between meat and vegetables in the two baskets. It is also good for your health.

    The high-end technology adopted in the steamer makes vegetables retain their proteins, as well as original color, and taste. Furthermore, there is an auto-off function if the water is dried out. It is designed for safety purpose. Lastly, the product is BPA-free.

    3. Hamilton


    The third-best product goes to Hamilton. There are many great qualities that you would admire. First, the best vegetable food steamer comes with two tiers. Hence, you can separate foods in those two baskets. Additionally, there is an automatic-warming function. If the food is well cooked, then the machine will transit into the warming function.

    Furthermore, Mamilton is attached with controlling touchpad so that you can just control any functions by your fingerprints. Lastly, it is highly recommended that you clean Hamilton by hands.

    2. Oster


    The second-best food steamer goes to Oster. There are a few qualities that you would admire it. The commercial food steamer comes with two separate baskets while it can accommodate food up to five quarts. Furthermore, the steaming bowls are also transparent. What’s a great ideal of qualities? Additionally, the steamer has an auto-off function so that if the food is cooked or the steamer runs out of water, the steamer will switch itself off.

    Moreover, there is an indicator light so that you can know the stage of the steamer. Lastly, it is safe to clean this product in the dishwasher.

    1. Farberware


    The first and best food steamer goes to Farberware. There are several reasons that make the product high in value. Farbeware is made of stainless steel. Hence, it is durable. Furthermore, the core is made of aluminum so that it can ensure heating is fairly distributed.

    Moreover, the product comes with a good quality of handle so that you can ensure you can carry it conveniently. Lastly, the kitchen steamer comes with a lifetime warranty. You shouldn’t wait anymore.


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