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Top 10 Best Golf Ball Retrievers Reviews In 2022

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    Golf is a relaxing game that you play without breaking too much sweat. However, the challenge usually comes with retrieving your golf balls from the holes. The constant bending and standing motion to pick the ball can affect your back and leave it feeling painful. To deal with that problem, you need to get the best golf ball retrievers on the market. The retrievers allow you to pick the balls from the hole without bending.

    Go through our extensive list of these retriever poles and get one that best suits your needs. We’ve narrowed your search of the best retrievers to just ten that we think are the best on the market. Read on and place your order today.

    Table of the Best Golf Ball Retrievers Reviews

    10. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

    Golf Ball Retrievers

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    This is a quality aluminum alloy retriever that will remain stable without bending even when fully extended. It is a versatile pole that expands from a low 15 inches to a maximum 45 inches to help you collect your balls with ease. It features a stainless steel retriever for easy picking of balls.  The retriever comes in a dual zip headcover to look just like another club in your bag. It also features a durable, ergonomic grip handle.


    • Ergonomic grip handle
    • Extendable height from 15-45 inches
    • Dual zip head cover
    • Stainless steel retrieving mechanism

    9. IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

    IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

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    IGOTCHA is a 14-inch retriever but with capabilities to extend up to 19 feet. It is another top quality selection weighing a mere 19 ounces. You can easily carry it with you in the golf bag. The retriever collapses to a mere 21 inches to fit in your golf bag. It easily extends through the spring-release mechanism. The patented head features a stainless steel shaft for easy ball retrieving.


    • 19 ounces
    • 14-foot length
    • 18-foot maximum reach
    • Collapses to 21 inches
    • Patented spring release head

    8. JP Lann Golf Ball Retrievers

    JP Lann Golf Ball Retrievers

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    The JP Lann golf ball retrievers are among the best in the market with great reviews and recommendations.  The Retrievers are available in two styles of an orange pressure cup and a metal hinge to choose from. It is a remarkably well-functioning retriever available in the sizes of 9, 12, 15 and 18 foot. The 6 and 7-foot size which is a compact design is only available in the orange pressure cups.


    • A metal hinge or orange pressure cups
    • Available in different sizes of 9, 12, 15 and 18 foot
    • Easily expands and locks firmly

    7. ProActive Sports Hinged Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

    Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

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    The ProActive Sports gold ball retriever is an outstanding choice for retrieving your ball from deep holes or water with ease. It features a hinged cup design that efficiently traps the ball and secures it firmly for a faster retriever.  This is a lightweight aluminum construction tubing telescoping pole for easy handling. It easily extends to a maximum of 18 feet to reach deep holes with ease.  The rubber handle also offers users a firm and ergonomic grip.


    • Lightweight aluminum tubing
    • Rubber handle for ergonomic grips
    • Hinged cup design for easy trapping and securing of the ball
    • Faster retrieval of the gold balls from deep waters or holes

    6. Search N Rescue Hinge Cup Retriever

    Search N Rescue Hinge Cup Retriever

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    The Search and Rescue, golf ball retriever, is a versatile choice with a hinged metal cup. This cup easily retrieves balls from any surface with ease making this one of the best retrievers on the market. It is a pretty simple retriever with a 12 feet pole. The pole features an ergonomic rubber grip handle for easy use.  Overall, the construction of the retriever is durable and lightweight.


    • Lightweight and durable
    • Easy to use
    • Hinged metal cup
    • 12 foot

    5. Search and Rescue Retriever by JTD ENTERPRISES

    Search and Rescue Retriever

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    This is a small and compact Search and Rescue golf ball retriever that works by placing the head of the retriever over the entire ball and lifting it. The durable stainless steel mechanism ring firmly locks the ball in place lifting it once without falls.  It is a powder coated stainless steel that ensures there is no damage from bad weather.  You can easily collapse or extend this pole to fit in your bag.  A further dual zipper head cover allows it to be stored easily.


    • Durable and stainless steel rings that lock the ball firmly
    • Weather resistant and powder coated
    • Dual zipper head cover
    • Easy ball recovery

    4. JBM Golf Ball Retriever Device

    JBM Golf Ball Retriever Device

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    This is a stylish golf retriever with a cup design holder to hold the ball in place and prevent slipping. It is a quality and elegant retriever with an amazing 6 feet long to ensure you can pick balls from damp areas or in water.  You can also customize the length of the retriever to suit your needs. The handle of the retriever features a firm cork, and sturdy grip handle to ensure the retriever never leaves your hand.  Overall, this is a light frame construction from a high-quality rust-free aluminum alloy.


    • High-quality aluminum alloy
    • Rust free
    • Sturdy and firm cork grips
    • Customizable length
    • Cup holders

    3. IGOTCHA Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever

    IGOTCHA Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever

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    This is a full-size IGOTCHA golf ball retriever with a long telescoping handle to reach balls in waters or damp areas. It is an excellent buy with good reviews online and from a big brand so that you can buy with confidence. The retriever measures 21 feet long and weighs a mere 25oz. It, however, retracts to a mere 46 inches to allow for easy storage.


    • Full-size retriever
    • Telescoping shaft
    • Retracts from 21 feet to 46 inches
    • Weighs 25oz

    2. Search ‘N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever

     Search 'N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever

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    This is another sturdy and stretch pole with capabilities to extend up to 15 feet and reach some of the balls on waters and damp areas. It is a pretty easy to use retriever that collects the ball without applying too much pressure. The retriever also collapses with ease to a mere 22 inches pole such that it can fit in your pocket. Overall, the construction is sturdy, and the retriever feels lightweight and easy to use.


    • Lightweight
    • Easy to use
    • Collapses to a mere 22 inches
    • Extends to 15 feet

    1. Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever by ProActive

    Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever by ProActive Sports

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    This is the leading golf ball retriever on the market with a cup-shaped holder that easily traps the ball and secures it for lift without slips.  The head features a Hi-Vis for maximum retrieval from the waters with ease. This is a high-quality, lightweight aluminum construction for easy handling. The shaft of the retriever easily extends to a maximum of 6.5 feet to reach balls in waters.


    • Extends to a maximum 6.5 feet
    • Hi-Vis head
    • Cup-shaped head for easy trapping of the ball
    • High-quality aluminum construction


    Go right ahead and order one of these amazing gold ball retrievers today to have a bend free golf time. These are the best golf ball retrievers on the market currently with a wide array of features for easy use. Choose from our carefully selected list and get the best value for money.

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