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Best Hair Clippers for Men in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guides

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    List Of Top 10 Best Hair Clippers for Men in 2022

    10. Philips Norelco

    Philips Norelco Multi

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    The professional hair clipper that can save you from the messy hair goes to Philips Norelco. This is the right set you need for trimming the hair on the face and body at the same time. There are up to 23 pieces of shaver and clipper, and each of them is great for working on your beard, face, nose, ear and more.

    With the great technology that it adopts, it can precisely cut you hair with less effort. The battery of this cordless hair clipper can be used for 5 hours. For getting the full charge, it needs about 2 hours. You can rinse it after using it without any concern since it is constructed from the high-quality stainless steel.

    9. Sminiker

    Sminiker Professional

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    If you used to use many tools for trimming the hair on your body part, it is the time to use this professional cordless hair clipper kit instead.  SMINIKER Professional hair clipper is the user-friendly comes with the guides comb, allowing you to adjust and get the style you want. The blade is made from titanium, the high-quality blade guarantee to give the nice trim. The powerful product work quietly without producing any loud noise, this is perfect for cutting the hair for the babies and young kids.

    The package of this product come with 2 rechargeable batteries. The good news for the user is, you will also get 1-year warranty when you make the purchase as well.

    8. DEERCON

    DEERCON Cordless Hair

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    Deercon is another reputable brand that you should not overlook. More than just trimming the hair, it is great for working with the beard too. The ceramic blade is both strong and durable; therefore, the cutting performance of it is ensured. There are 3 different speeds you can easily choose, each one of them is great for working with different length. The kit of it comes with the combs that have 4 different size.

    No matter what hair style you want, this professional hair clipper gives you the way to style your hair without going to the barber shop. You can check the battery status on the LED display of it. Get this product today and enjoy 1-year warranty.

    7. Wahl

    Wahl Clipper Self

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    This is the time to hear from the popular brand, Wahl, and it is known to be the best hair clipper kit. The full kit of it comes with many necessary tools for your grooming time. The powerful motor of it can effective cut the thick hair better than ordinary product. More than just working well with the hair, you can choose it for trimming the hair around the ear, neckline and more.

    This cordless product uses the rechargeable batteries; therefore, you can use it without any concern. If we take a closer look at its blade, it is extremely durable. This way you can clip, shave and trim in less time and effort. With all the features mentioned, we believe that you have not reason to hesitate.

    6. RENPHO

    RENPHO Clippers for Men

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    The next product is known to be the unique and incredible choice for men. RENPHO clipper is designed to be the cordless product. You can bring it along no matter where you go. The high speed motor can effectively deliver the best result even if you have thick hair. This product intends to work best on various body parts ranging from beard, mustaches, neck, ear and more.  The battery attached with this hair clipper is 1400 mAh and it can run for 4.5 hours.

    There are many different speeds you can choose based on your preference. Next, you don’t need to worry about the noise as it is just 50db. The package of this product comes with the storage bag. You can get 1-year warranty when you make the purchase.

    5. Paubea

    Paubea Electric Cordless

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    The Next best product that you should definitely own is Paubea Electric Cordless Hair Clippers. First off, it is the all in one clipper that comes with the combs. You can adjust the guide combs in order to get the style you are looking for. For the convenience of the user in controlling the setting, the LED display is designed with this incredible clipper. You will sure to have great time checking the battery, setting, and cleaning time. You can rinse it with the water after you done using it.

    Please be noted that the battery of it can run up to 60 minutes. More than this, you can choose to use it as the corded and cordless product. This way, we can guarantee that you can clip your hair for the whole month.

    4. Liberex

    Hair Clippers - Liberex

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    This hair clipper is the cordless and rechargeable hair clipper for both experienced and inexperienced users. It is known to be one of Liberex products, so the quality of it can be trusted. It can effectively cut your hair without producing heat. The blade is the titanium material that can precisely cut your hair. More than just being the cordless product, you can choose to plug it in the socket and use it. The charging time that it needs is 4 hours and it can run continuously for 180 minutes.

    t is the time to get this product and enjoy using the high-performing product in the affordable price. If you are not satisfied with the quality of it, you can also ask to get your money back as well.

    3. CEENWES

    CEENWES Updated Version

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    CEENWES makes the way to our list today and introduce this beard and hair clipper. This is the user-friendly choice that comes with the guided combs. You can adjust the length by just moving the comb. It is the convenient and effective option for grooming at home. In term of the durability, it guarantees to last for years. The material used for producing the blade is titanium; therefore, it will not corrode. The battery attached with this hair clipper is chargeable and it can run for many hours.

    As it is the cordless clipper, you will be able to bring it along and use it everywhere you go. The noise produced is as low as 50 db, so it is suitable for using with the kid and baby. Better than other product, you can get 1-year warranty from the company as well.

    2. WONER

    WONER Hair Trimmers

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    If you are here with us, we reckon that you are looking for the professional hair clipper, as well as the cordless product. This incredible kit from WONER comes with everything you need for completing your grooming task. There are 16 pieces in total and each of them is important for trimming your hair. The tools are stored in the hard case, so you will be able to find everything you need. The blade is very sharp as it is well constructed from the ceramic. You can just rinse it with the water for maintaining its quality.

    There are the guide combs, allowing you to adjust the right length with ease. For the convenience of the user, it is attached with 2000mA battery and it can be used for 240 minutes. For gaining your trust, the company of this product is happy to offer the warranty.

    1. Hatteker

    Hatteker Cordless Hair

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    The last but best product in the list goes to the professional beard and hair clipper. Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer is the ideal choice for using with all types of hair. You can cut your hair in any style you like in less time and effort. The motor is very powerful; there are also various speeds for you to choose. You don’t need to worry about the heat and noise; therefore, it is also known to be the right product for using with the babies and kids. The battery of this product allows you to comfortably use it for 2.5 hours.

    Next, you can clean it with water too since the hold product is waterproof. You can check the battery status on the LCD display easily. More than this, you can lock the setting that you already set too; this way you don’t need to reset it every time you need it.

    Buying Guide

    · Maintenance

    Besides looking for the modern product, it is also important to look for the product that will not rust or corrode. To make your life easier, it is a wise choice to get the hair clipping set that can be rinsed in the water. Next, the battery life of the product is what you should consider too. You will not want to spend your time charging it again and again. To solve this, get the high-quality product that has great battery.

    · Feature

    Some models design to give you everything you need in the package. The highly recommended hair trimmer is the one that provide everything you need in the box. The guide combs should come in many sizes and lengths, so you can style your hair in the suitable length all the time.

    · Warranty

    Similar to many other electric products, getting the warranty from the beard and hair clipper is important.  Getting the product that has warranty can also show the superior quality that it has as well. Before making any purchase, pay a close attention to the term and warranty offered by this company.


    Old Edition = Archived Purpose Only - Read More

    Do you want to keep your family members stylish while you have skills to cut men’s hair in some sorts? Or, are you a professional hairdresser? Then, it is important that you have a hair clipper which functions the best and allows you to keep everyone in style.

    A good hair clipper will keep everyone polished. They will love themselves more. In addition, a good hair clipper is easy for you to make a hairstyle for everyone. It is easy to grip and makes a perfect precision. Here are top ten best hair clippers for men in 2022.

    List of  Top 10 Best Hair Clippers for Men in 2022


    10. Hatteker


    Hatteker is attached with blade made of titanium ceramic. The blade fits different types of hair while it could be washed with water. In addition, you could set a precise length ranging from 0.5mm to 2.5mm. There is also a LED display which you could read the battery capacity. Thus, you could know how much time left until the product could no more operate. The product has seven combs for seven different lengths. Those lengths include 4-6mm, 7-9mm, 10-12mm, 16-18mm, 22-24mm, and 28-30mm.

    In regards to the battery, it could operate for one hour while it takes 1.5 hours to be fully charged. Hetteker could be used without or with cord. There are two ways that you could charge the machine. One is to use an adaptor while another one is a stand.

    9. Hatteker Hair Clippers


    The electric hair trimmer comes with an amazing package because you will also get a one-year warranty. At the same time, you could also get the replacement for blade. There is a LCD indicator that you could read the batter level. There are also a plug symbol and a transport lock. The blade is made of titanium ceramic which could be washed by water. There are six different guide combs including 4-6mm, 7-9mm, 10-12mm, 16-18mm, 22-24mm, and 28-30mm.

    8. Remington


    Remigton does not come with a hair clipper alone. It comes with 15 different pieces of kit, all for cutting, styling and protecting purposes. In addition, the combs could be adjusted for different lengths of cutting. There are styling comb, beard brush and blade’s oil as well. There is a pouch to keep all the items. In regards to the blading system, there is a system that makes the blades in good alignment for a smooth cut. The clippers could be swapped out with other attachments as well.

    Furthermore, the magnet motor is super-powerful. The cutting performance is 2x faster than a typical clipper. The blade edge also provides you a precise cutting. The product is easy to clean because it takes only a few second while you could clean it with water. The cord is 8 ft. The cord is sturdy and in good length.

    7. Wahl Professional


    Wahl professional is for professionals because it delivers professional precision as wished by the hairdresser. The performance is sharp while it guarantees a quick and smooth cut. The clipper fits most types of hair. The design is stylish while the product is powerful as it runs on a v5000 motor. Therefore, the product is the best for tapering, blends, fades, and cutting.

    The package includes other accessories such as oil, instructions, blade guard, cleaning brush and comb guides. The product comes with a length of 6.25”. The weight is 1lb. The product complies with a 120 voltage system.

    6. Wahl Professional 5-Star


    The product could be used with or without cord. It is designed for professional hairdressers since it could deliver a sharp performance. At the same time, the blade gives you a great speed and convenient usage. It runs on battery of lithium ion type. The package includes oil, cleaning brush, instructions, blade guard, recharging transformer and attachment combs. The best clippers comes with a length of 6.25” and weight of 10 oz.

    5. Wahl Clipper Color


    The product is easy to use. The guide combs which come in different colors allows you to easily remember the hair length of everyone’s favorite. There are also coded keys with colors so that you could combine the combs with the right settings. The accessories include neck duster, hair clips, trim guide for eyebrow and pocket comb. The men hair clippers could be the best gift for your beloved people.

    4. Wahl Clipper Home


    Wahl Clipper Home is the best product which includes thirty different pieces of kits ranging from cordless trimmer, personal trimmers to clipper with multi-cuts. The blades are made of steel with high carbon. Thus, the blades are sturdy and durable. The blade is self-sharping so that it could last longer with high performance.

    The product comes with a five-year limited warranty for the clippers and two-year limited warranty for the trimmers. The wahl hair clippers is a great product that you may need for your family members to remain stylish.

    3. Wahl Clipper Lithium


    Wahl Lithium operates under battery. It could operate for two hours. It takes only ten minutes for a quick charge. At the same time, the battery power remains for one year if you do not use it at all. The package includes guides combs with different sizes. Furthermore, the blade is self-sharpening while it could guarantee a precise performance.

    The package does not only includes guide combs but other accessories as well such as beard trimmer, hair trimmer, trimmers and clippers, hair clippers for men, mustache trimmers, fade, detailer, outliner, trimmers for facial hair, professional groomers, razors, shavers and barber clippers. The product is highly recommended for travelers. The professional hair clippers could also be upgraded.

    2. OSTER


    OSTER is operated under a quiet motor. The blade could be adjusted for different hair lengths ranging from 0mm to 1mm. The blade is made of steel while it could cut different types of hair, even dry or wet hair. Furthermore, the oster clippers’ design is ergonomic. The housing is textured so that you could grip easily.

    There are four different guide combs including ½”, 3/8”, ¼” and blending. The power cord is 8 ft. At the same time, the package also includes lubricating oil, blade guard, and cleaning brush.

    1. Wahl Clipper Chrom


    Wahl Clipper is attached with blade that is self-sharpening. The quality allows the blade to be sturdy and durable. At the same time, the blades could cut different types of air. However, it is recommended that the blade should be used with oil. Wahl Clipper Chrom could also be used for body grooming. The grip is comfortable while you could adjust different lengths as you want.


    Each of the products could be summed up into following features. The first feature is extra kits. You do not need a hair clipper alone but other items such as a shaver, body groomer and more so that you could get extra benefits from the clipper. In addition, feature such as blades assures that the product is durable. It also makes sure that you can give the perfect precision to the hair you cut. Furthermore, it is important that the cord is in a good length while the product is also in a perfect weight. Thus, it is easy for you to operate the clipper.

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