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Top 10 Best Ice Fishing Shelters Reviews In 2022

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    The winter terrain makes ice fishing pretty difficult as you have to deal with the cold. You require the best ice fishing shelters out there to survive the cold temperatures and get a good catch. These shelters or tents shelter you from the cold breeze and make it more comfortable for you fish. If you’re new to ice fishing and looking for the best shelter, then we are here to help you make a good selection. We’ve researched the top ice fishing shelters on the market and narrowed your search to these ten.

    Make sure you read our reviews and choose a shelter that best suits you during the winter.

    Table of the Best Ice Fishing Shelters Reviews

    10. Eskimo Quickfish3 Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter – 3 Persons

    Ice Fishing Shelters

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    This is a pretty simple shelter that comes fully assembled for immediate use. You only need to pull each side put and the roof, and you’re ready to go.  It is a durable shelter with quality YKK zippers that fully protect you from the cold out there.  It also features removable vinyl windows that give users a clear view of what is happening out there. Removing the windows also allows for free air movement.  Overall, this is a durable choice with a metal hub frame to keep it sturdy.


    • Solid poles
    • All metal hubs
    • Removable windows
    • YKK zippers
    • Easy setup in 60 seconds

    9. Goplus Portable Ice Shelter / Ice Fishing Tent

    Goplus Portable Ice Shelter Pop-up Ice Fishing Tent

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    The Goplus is a high-quality ice fishing tent made using the durable 300 Oxford fabric to keep the cold out and serve you for long. It is waterproof and resistant to 30 degrees frost giving you a warm ice fishing experience. It is a high-capacity shelter that can hold three people comfortably. You can also fold it into a compact unit and carry it in your backpack. There are also two layers of windows that allow light and keep out the wind. These layers are the transparent PVC material and the oxford fabric which can be used both or interchangeably depending on your needs.


    • Easy carrying
    • High quality 300 Oxford fabric
    • Waterproof
    • Two window layers

    8. Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay

    Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay

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    The Ice Cube ice is a three person’s ice shelter made of the durable 300 denier fabric to keep out the wind.  It also features a black coating that keeps all the light out. It is a versatile shelter with replaceable windows that feature a loop and a hook for secure fastening. It features a high 80-inch ceiling height and a 90 by 90 hub that makes the shelter stable. You also get a carry bag and six self-tapping ice anchors.


    • Durable 300 denier fabric
    • Blackout coating to keep lights out
    • Fastened windows with loop and hook
    • Six self-tapping ice anchors

    7. Happybuy Portable Ice Fishing Shelter for 2 Persons

    2 Person Pop-up Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

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    The Happyguy is a pretty simple selection ideal for 2-3 persons. It is an excellent shelter with four ground stakes, four guy ropes, and windows that are detachable. This allows you to regulate ventilation and enjoy the fresh air.  The poles of the tent are flexible allowing for easy assembly. Overall, it is a strong tent with six self-tapping ice anchors that offer maximum grip and rarely bend under pressure.


    • Durable 300 oxford fabric
    • Ideal for 2-3 persons
    • Sturdy 9.5 solid glass fiber poles
    • Easy assembly

    6. Elkton Outdoors Portable Insulated Ice Fishing Tent

    Elkton Outdoors Insulated Portable 3-4 Person Insulated Ice Fishing Tent

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    The Elkton is a large 70 by 70 by 80 inches tent and a great choice for hosting 3-4 people comfortably. It is a versatile tent with great insulation and waterproof features to keep you warm and dry during the fishing process. It comes with easy assembly instructions that take you only 30 seconds to fully set it up. There are an extra-large opening and a draw strong string that allows for easy folding and storage in the provided carry bag.


    • Easy storage and transport
    • Easy set up in 30 seconds
    • Waterproof and insulated
    • Drawstring and extra-wide opening

    5. Eskimo Quickfish Pop-Up Portable Ice Shelter – 6 Persons

    Pop-Up Portable Ice Shelter

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    This is probably one of the largest Eskimo ice fishing tents with a large capacity to hold up to six persons. It is a great hub design and one that allows for faster setup in less than 60 seconds. It features built-in skirt grommets and a durable 300 denier fabric for stability and durability.  This gives the tent a tight weave making it weatherproof, waterproof and wind blocking.  It folds into a compact unit to fit in the provided carry bag for easy transportation.  Overall, this is an excellent tent with removable window panels.


    • Removable window panels
    • Durable 300 denier fabric
    • Portable
    • 60 seconds setup

    4. TANGKULA Portable Waterproof Ice Shelter – 8 Persons

    TANGKULA Portable Waterproof Ice Shelter

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    If you want to go ice fishing as a family, then you need a large 8-person ice fishing tent like this TANGKULA. It is a lightweight selection yet sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, cold and water outdoors. It is a lightweight option weighing a mere 31lbs. However, this tent is waterproof and resistance to frost at 31 degrees. It features detachable windows and flexible poles that allows for easy assembly. You can also fold it with ease and transport it on the trunk of your car.


    • Large 8-person capacity
    • Lightweight yet sturdy
    • Durable Oxford fabric
    • Waterproof

    3. Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated Shelter – 2-3 Men

    Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2 - 3 Man Shelter

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    This is a square 80 by 80 by 80 inches ice shelter ideal for 1-2persons. It is a perfect pick for couples or buddy friends that want to enjoy an ice fishing experience. The tent features top insulation to keep the cold out while retaining heat inside the tent. Despite the small size, this tent is spacious inside and gives you 30 percent more fishing space than most 2-persons tent.


    • 30 percent more fishing space
    • 1-2 person tent
    • Top insulation
    • Over-sized hubs

    2. Eskimo EVO IT Portable Insulated Ice Shelter

    Eskimo EVO IT Portable Flip Style Insulated Ice Shelter with Pop Up Hub Sides

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    Eskimo ice fishing shelters rank among the best and this EVO IT will be a great selection with back panels and an insulated top. It covers the top and both sides perfectly with a slanting side to prevent water and snow building on the roof.  The insulating materials help keep the cold out and heat inside. It is a large capacity shelter giving you a sizeable fishable area by utilizing hub technology and fiberglass poles. Oversized doors allow for easy movement in and out of the tent.


    • Back panels and insulated roof
    • More fishable area
    • Tow oversized doors for easy entry
    • Self-tapping ice anchors

    1. Ice Cube Two Man Instant Shelter by ThunderBay

    Ice Cube Two Man Instant Shelter by ThunderBay

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    The two-man Instant ice fishing tent is another excellent choice to keep you warm and safe during your fishing expeditions. It is a durable and high-quality 300-denial fabric tent capable of blocking winding and keeping out cold. A blackout coating enables you to control light inside and outside of the tent. It also features adjustable windows with hooks and loops.  Overall, this tent is a valuable buy and comes with a carry bag and six self-tapping anchors.


    • Durable 300 denial fabric
    • Blackout coating
    • Hook and loop
    • Six self-tapping ice anchors


    Ice fishing is one of the best activities to take you outdoors, but you need the best ice fishing shelter to make the conditions conducive for you. Make sure you buy one of these highly rated ice fishing shelters above and make ice fishing a fun activity. They are the best on the market with excellent features and affordable prices.

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