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Top 10 Best Inversion Tables in 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

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    This review will be helpful for those who have suffered from back pain or joint issues. Inversion tables will be your rescue. Its functions are to help you relax your muscle and reduce your joint or back pain. Inversion tables, these days, have improved its lock system and made it more comfortable for the users with such pains.

    Many options are available on the market, but finding the perfect inversion table can be a challenging task. Therefore, to aid your selection, here’s a look at the top 10 best inversion tables in 2021.

    List Of Top 10 Best Inversion Tables in 2021

    10. Ironman iControl 400 Disk:

    Ironman iControl

    We’re sure that at least 1 out of 10 adults are experiencing pains at somewhere of their body, after a long day of work, or even doing exercise. That’s why we are introducing you to this Ironman iControl 400 disk that will calm all of your pains and give you a healthier lifestyle that you’ve ever wished for. Ironman iControl 400 Disk is structured with a tough steel design that provides a durable, stainless and can hold a person with heavy weight with this inversion table, which will last for years.

    It is resistantly stands for scratch-free and the place where you lay yourself down is foamy and cushy due to its soft cushion, prevents you from hurting your back. Moreover, it has a big grip for you to hold in order to secure yourself in place and it makes you stay stable. Also, it has an adjustable inverting angle for you to customize the angle that you want temporarily and it holds yourself in the right position and stability.

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    9. Exerpeutic 975SL:

    Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive

    Finding a therapy for reducing your back and neck pains won’t be hard anymore, because we are delivering you one of the best inversion tables, the Exerpeutic 975SL that comes with satisfying features. Firstly, it is built with tough steel material that is enhancing the durability in using and it is stainless as well as high capacity in holding heavy weight. It comes with an adjustable angle degree that allows you to temporarily stay at your desired angle. Another thing is that it has 2 grips at both sides of the lower metal structure that gives you the upper hand in stability by holding yourself in place without any flexibility while inversing yourself.

    Exerpeutic 975SL provides customers with a double layer cushion that gives a soft and foamy at the back side, while resting on it and the holder of the ankle also comes with puffy foam as well, eliminating pain around your ankle, while resting your legs on it. There are also large handles providing for both sides of this inversion table giving you an extra stability, while working with it. It also comes with 1yeara warranty as well.

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    8. Yoleo Gravity:

    Yoleo Gravity Heavy

    When Yoleo launches this Yoleo Gravity inversion tables, we know that this is going to be an absolute stunning, since they are always providing great products for consumers. Enhancing your healthy lifestyle won’t be a concern anymore, when Yoleo Gravity enters your house. It comes with 3 different colors, which are all cute and fancy. The structure of this inversion table looks strong and durable by its thick, sleek and extra wide steel brushed with smooth black color, seemingly tough and stainless steel simultaneously. Talking about the back rest, it is design with a thick foam and an extra support for your lower back, improving your blood flows, reduce your pains and spines more effectively.

    There is a 3 adjustable position available for you to customize your own angle in inversing and the handle is well designed with great curves in handling yourself in one position. The best thing about this is there is an adjustable height available, so kids, adults or elder people can all exercise on this great inversion table. Moreover, there is also a belt that gives an extra safety in securing yourself in one place without falling off and it is foldable as well.

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    7. Teeter EP-560 Ltd.:

    Teeter EP-560 Ltd

    This is highly recommended for elder people, who tend to have their backs hurt after sitting and watching TV all day long, or even do the housework. Teeter is especially designed for them, to reduce the pain of their backs, improves blood circulation, heal their muscles pain, straightening their bones, facet syndrome and many more. This inversion table is also recommended by the doctors and therapists. Not to mention, it doesn’t provide any padded foams at the back, but instead they are providing massage balls for them, to help reducing their pains more effectively and also supported back layer is available on this Teeter.

    Moreover, we notice that most of the inversion tables only provide 180 degrees inversing, but for this it allows them to inverse themselves up to 360degrees, which is really great for exercising. There are also height adjustments for this inversion tables and the ankle support fits perfectly right for the rested ankles, while working out as well.

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    6. Innova ITX9600:

     Innova Health and Fitness

    One of the best selling inversion tables is here, we are introducing you Innova ITX9600 that comes with special features and reasonable price. It comes with a strong and durable steel structure with a brushed matte gray in a rectangle shape that gives the inversion table more stability and toughness, while using. The handle comes with a well-built design that includes curviness and foamy texture while holding without having to experience numbs while handling it.

    There are 2 different adjustable features that include; neck height adjustments and the inversion table height adjustments, for that it gives you more choices it customizing your own height and length way and it eases your way in working out too. There are also 6 various angles available for you to adjust due to your preferences and the backrest foam is thick and foamy, giving you an extra support in resting yourself on it. It is stable, durable and light, buying this won’t be a disappointment.

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    5. ONETWOFIT OT079:

     ONETWOFIT Heavy Duty

    ONETWOFIT is also one of best inversion tables of all by its great performances with special features in enhancing the users’ health. It is constructed with a tough and durable steel structure brushed with bright silver that is seemingly strong and stable. It comes with a sleek and soft backrest pads that helps you in soothing your pain as well as easing your way in working out. the handle is covered with the soft foamy material that is giving you an extra stability and improving your arms muscles. The ankle rest is perfectly designed and it works well aligning your resting positions.

    Not to mention, it doesn’t include neck rest height adjustments but only the inversion tables height adjustments, which is also acceptable with the price, we can’t go wrong with it. It can hold up to 110kg which we can say that it has a large capacity in holding a person on this sports equipment. There are also 3 different types in angle adjustments, which each of the angle calms different pains and problems due to your choice. It is foldable, portable and space saving as its size and weight.

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    4. Body Vision IT9825:

    Body Vision

    Hands up for those who loves the combination of red or blue or yellow with black and for those are finding a great quality inversion table to put in you home, this one is for you “Body Vision IT9825”. It comes with a thoughtful design and sleek structure of metallic materials coated with shiny black rectangular shaped inversion tables that has a lower sticky tube in supporting the stability of this inversion table, while working out. It offers a pillow for neck rest support and the pillow is removable, soft and foamy great for working out in inversing yourself.

    It provides a puffy and soft foam material at the handle bar and ankle rest that eases you and makes you feel comfortable and motivated in exercising. Also, there is Lumbar support pad which is removable and you can put it whenever you want to. Moreover, there are also 4 different adjustable angle positions for you to adjust on your own and there are height adjustments available for this inversion table too. It is foldable, space saving and affordable at the same time.

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    3. HYD-Parts:

     HYD-Parts Inversion

    Finding a remedy in soothing your pains at the back or muscles or spines won’t worry you anymore, when HYD-Parts launches the market. It comes with 2 different sassy colors; either gray and red or blue and black, the choice is all yours. The handle bar is covered with a soft and foamy material that eases the users with comfortability and also stability, while holding it. HYD is providing you tough and durable steel quality that is able to use for a very long period after purchasing this inversion table.

    The backrest pad is thick and sleek, makes you feel relieve and relaxed, while resting yourself on it. There is also a dual-lock to ensure that there is no instability occurring while you are working out. There are also cushion available for both sides of the ankle support and there are multiple angle adjustments for you to customize your desired positions with various benefits. There are also guides and manuals that come along with the box after you purchase this product, hence it is easy to assemble and store too.

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    2. Harison:

    HARISON Inversion

    When it comes to sports equipment, you should never how good Harison is, it is what we called perfection. It does well with both performances and main-made materials. It is structed with joints, and tough and durable metallic design. It is seemingly well-built and strong due to its large size and both internal and external quality. There is a handle grip the bottom of this equipment that allows you to have an extra stability, when you are hanging yourself downwards. There are 4 various inversion angles for you to customize, and its differential in each angle has different benefits providing for you.

    Moreover, Harison is great for all types of heights since it is ergonomically designed to make it fits for everyone with different heights with its adjustable heights panel. Moving to the handling bar is perfectly designed with a perfect length and curves that give an extra stability, while working. The backrest pad is designed to fit yourself by its curviness to suit the physical body and its backrest pad is thick and foamy giving you an extra support almost everywhere in a 3D design and comfortably to rest on. There is safety belt available for this inversion table and there is 5 years warranty with the steel structure, 1year warranty with the inversible hang ups and 30days return if there is any dissatisfaction. It comes with a set guides, manuals and tool for you to assemble.

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    1. Bigzzia Gravity:

    Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty

    Last but not least is the ultimate inversion table among the 10th. By just hearing its name Bigzzia, we already knew that is huge with both performances, design and size. It looks absolutely stunning with its design, each side of the metal straps are huge and tough as it seems, it is polished with a sleek black, stainless steel and scratch-free. There are 3 different position angles for you to adjust based on your own preferences that each of the angle provides different benefits for you.

    The handle is strong by its durable steel and it is covered with foamy and soft material. We’re just going to skip the structure of this inversion table, because it’s too great and durable that makes us speechless. The backrest pad has a soft cushion and high quality that makes you feel comfortable, while resting your back on. The ankle support fits perfectly to your ankle, giving you a double stability, while using.

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    Buying Guide: What is considered to be the best inversion table?

    All of the inversion tables are doing a very great job in enhancing your health in healthier lifestyle by just hopping on it for a few minutes. After having an experience of reviewing products, we realized that just a product review is not enough for consumers to decide on getting one of them. There are still concerns on how to seek for a good quality inversion that offers a long-term usage, so this buying guide will guide you to the best inversion table that you are wishing for based on a few bullet points:

    • Dual Safety Lock: It is a better idea to find the inversion table that has a double lock to ensure that there is no instability, while working out.
    • Height Adjustments: This is very crucial, every inversion table should provide this, because it allows all kinds of users buying it without any hesitation.
    • Setup Tools and Manuals: It is a god idea to ask the seller, if there are any setup tools available for you, so that you don’t have to waste an extra cash just to assemble your new inversion table.

    Warranty and Guarantee: Sports equipment should all be providing warranty for the structure and invertibility, and the seller should allow the buyers to return them back, if it doesn’t come like the picture or any other dissatisfaction.


    Back pain is what everybody wants to get rid of and when it comes to releasing this kind of pain, inversion tables tend to be the options. All of the inversion tables that we have already reviewed above are the top rated and well known for its best functions in relieving pain and its durability. Without spending money every month on therapy, consider inversion therapy offered to you by these inversion tables above for the sake of health improvement or fitness reasons in the most convenient way.


    Old Edition = Archived Purpose Only - Read More

    Archived List of Top Best Inversion Tables

    Exerpeutic Inversion Table

    EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with SURELOCK Safety Ratchet System

    Exerpeutic inversion table is one of the perfect models that offer 165 degree inversion with Surelock adjustable ratchet ankle locking system. The height of this one can be adjusted from 4 foot 9 inches to 6 foot 6 inches and comes with foldable function for easy storage. It will not cause any pain while inverting and features airsoft technology that will let air into chambers to fit your leg’s shape.

    This one also comes with removable lumbar pillow and stretch bar so that you can add more support on your lower back while change your body positioning. Be sure to be healthy with this inversion table exercise.

    Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table

    Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

    If you are looking for a durable back inversion table then you should consider this one. Teeter inversion table is constructed with high grade material including auto locking hinges, or some other heat treated steel parts that is trustable and durable. Designed with Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle system, it will help cut down the need for bending with ergo embrace support for weight comfortable and adjustable foot platform for feet fitting.

    There is stretch max handle that offers more options along with traction handles for additional decompression. Come to be ready to serve without any assembly required.

    Innova Fitness Inversion Therapy Table

    Innova Fitness ITX9800 Inversion Therapy Table with Ankle Relief and Safety Features

    You are bound to find this Innova Fitness inversion table that is among the best in the market. It is constructed using heavy gauge steel tubing and comes with patent pending straps to offer more comfort to your legs, feet and ankles. You can easily adjust the inversion table to fit well with the user from 4 feet 10 inches up to 6 feet 6 inches with the overall weights of 300 pounds.

    With 5 position side inversion pin, you can adjust the angles of inversion up to 85 degree as well. This one is ideal if you are to improve your health, relieve the pain on your neck or your muscle or you can actually cut down some stress too.

    Merax Vibration Massage Inversion Table

    Along with the feature of massage, this inversion table will ensure to release your back pain and can actually make you feel healthy back again. This model from Merax is the combination of vibration massage and traditional inversion table that is equipped with ultra-thick backrest and the frame that secure your safety and make you feel relax when workout. You can also adjust to your comfortable height and get to work out in your perfect position.

    The rack behind is sage and sturdy with steel tubular construction that is capable of holding the user up to 300 pounds. It is foldable for easy storage and transport.

    Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

    Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

    Looking for an inversion table which is durable while offering you comfort with high weight capacity? Innova ITX9700 is the frontier. This body fit inversion table is made up of high quality memory foam backrest and a head pillow. There is a lumbar pad that is adjustable and you can also adjust the height to get your own comfort as well.

    Plus, this inversion table has soft handlebars for easy gripping. This one is designed with true balance system that offers the user up to 3 adjustable features as well as six angle pin system to make it safe and easy for the user during inversion experience.

    Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine

     Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine

    Invertio inversion table is a sturdy and strong inversion table that we have found on the market. This is the heavy duty inversion table that is constructed with tubular steel that is strong, sturdy and durable. It features sleek black upholstery with silver frame that is very easy for height adjustment from 5 foot 1 inch to 6 foot 6 inches. This inversion table is attached to large foam pad backrest and headrest with ankle support for body relaxation while inversion.

    There are 8 position options which allows you to choose your right fit and your perfect position during workout. This body inverter is foldable so that you can store it in your closet or under your bed.

    Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat Inversion Table

     Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

    Again from Innova. Innova ITM4800 inversion table is one among all the latest inversion table which is well known for its durability and best function. It is constructed with heavy duty steel tubing that offers this inversion table long life span and can supports the user up to 300 pounds. Thanks for its 6 positions adjustable pin system that makes positioning much easier and safer.

    To add more on this, the headrest pad and backrest pad can be easily adjusted so that you will feel much relax when inverting. For comfortable grip, you can use the soft and foam handlebars that are equipped on the side of the table.

    Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table

     Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table

    This Teeter EP-960 inversion tables can inverts through 20, 40, 60 degree to provide the perfect positions for inverting. It is designed best for teens from 4’8” to 6’6” who weighs up to 300 pounds. Made with heavy gauge steel parts, this inversion table is also attached with ankle lock handle, stretch max handles and traction handles to safeguard and assist you well during workout as well. More comfort, more stretch, more relief are best summarized these fitness gear inversion tables from Teeter.

    Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table for Back Pain Relief

     Teeter EP-560 with Back Pain Relief Kit

    The Teeter EP-560 is designed for the users from 4’8” to 6’6” and up to 300 pounds which also allows you to adjust the height and the angle very easy to ease security levels and comfort level. This inversion table can inverts spine and also reduce the pain that your back has suffered. Built with high quality materials, you can rely on it to improve your health and your shape.

    IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

     IRONMAN Fitness Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table-Inversion Tables

    Not only 300 pounds, but this Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table are made to hold up to 350 pounds with the height adjustment up to 6 feet 6 inch. This table is the combination of tubular steel frame, powder coated finish and nylon backrest to help cutting down your back pain and for stimulating circulation, too. Less noise you will hear when inverting. It can resist water well and is foldable so that you can store it easily with less space consuming.


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