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Top 10 Best Outdoor Ladder Golfs Reviews In 2021

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    Are you looking forward to playing some ladder golfs during family reunions or barbecues? Then what you need is a ladder gold today to get you started. Choosing the best ladder golfs requires a keen understanding of your needs and the available ladder golfs in the market. You must purchase one that best fits your needs and offers you an excellent value for money. However, that should not be a problem if you’re reading this post. We have carefully selected some of the leading ladders golfs for you to buy this year. Go through our list below and get yourself one that best suits your needs. Read more the golf ball retriever reviews.

    Table of the Best Ladder Golfs Reviews

    10. GoSports Premium Metal Ladder Toss Game Set

    Ladder Golfs

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    This is a classic Ladder Toss Golf that comes in a complete set of six bolos, two steel targets, and premium carrying case. It is a portable ladder game that you can take with you anywhere for easy use outdoors. The construction of the set is a durable powder coated solid construction for long-lasting use. The bolos are made of soft rubber and safe to use indoors without damaging other items.  Overall, this is a fun game for all players of all ages.


    • Soft rubber bolos for safe use indoors
    • A complete set of two steel metal targets, six bolos, and a carrying case
    • Durable and powder coated steel
    • Fun for players of all ages

    9. Maranda Enterprises Ladderball Pro Steel

    Maranda Enterprises Ladderball Pro Steel

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    The Maranda Enterprises ladderball is another durable set constructed of powder-coated steel for durability. This is a pretty simple, quick and easy to use ladderball with high-quality bolos. It also comes with a storage bag for convenient carrying.  Overall, this ladder has been extensively tested by ASTM and approved for safe use. It is a popular selection with a big base to remain stable.


    • Storage bag for convenient carrying
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • ASTM toy safety approved
    • Powder coated steel construction

    8. GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game with 6 Bolos & Carrying Case

    GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game

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    These are some of the best-selling ladder toss game out there with excellent reviews. They are a quality pick that features pre-glued PVC targets for easy assembly in less than two minutes.  The ladder toss game is sold as a complete set of 6 golf ball bolos, two PVC targets, rules and a carrying case.  The bolos are made of the real golf balls and use thick ropes that help prevent any form of tangling. You can enjoy authentic and real gameplay using this unique ladder toss.


    • Bolos are made using real golf balls
    • Thick ropes to prevent tangling
    • Pre-glued PVC targets for easy assembly
    • Complete set of six bolos, two PVC targets, rules and a carrying case

    7. Maranda Enterprise Metal Ladderball Game

     Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game

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    The Maranda Enterprise Metal is an award-winning ladderball game with great features that allow for easy play and long-lasting use. It is a set of two steel goal uprights and six bolos of blue and red bolas to get you started. This is a durably constructed set where the bolos are made of soft plastic for indoor play. You also get a carrying case to enable you to carry your ladder game anywhere for easy play all outdoor activities. Overall, this ladderball game is a suitable pick for people from the age of eight upwards.


    • Award-winning ladderball game]
    • Soft plastic bolos for indoor play
    • Six bolos of red and blue
    • Great design for 2-4 players

    6. Maggift Ladder Toss Game Set Ladderball Game Set

    Maggift Ladder Toss Game Set Ladderball Game

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    The Maggift Ladder Toss Game is another high-quality set for an enjoyable ladder ball game indoors and outdoors. The set includes six bolas of three yellow and three blue, a carrying case and two sets of premium targets. It is a simple design that you can easily assemble in minutes without the use of any tools.  The design is lightweight with everything fitting in the provided carry case for easy storage and transport.  The target framework is easily created through the PVC pipes measuring 40 by 24 inches


    • Lightweight design
    • Easy to store and transport with a carry case
    • Simple assembly in minutes
    • PVC pipes to create target framework

    5. SF17018 Sports Festival Premium Ladder Ball Toss Game Set

    SF17018 Sports Festival Premium Ladder Ball Toss Game Set

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    The Sports Festival Ladder Ball Toss Game is another simplified design that you can easily assemble without tools in minutes. It is a quality ladder ball toss game with two premium PVC targets for easy play indoors and outdoors.  The package also features three red and three blue bolas made of high-quality golf ball material. Overall, this is a great ladder ball toss game for authentic game play.


    • Two premium PVC targets
    • Six bolas
    • Simplified assembly
    • Carrying case

    4. Viva Sol Ladderball Game

    Viva Sol Ladderball Game

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    If you love wooden products and would love a wooden ladder ball game set, then this is your best pick. The Viva Sol is a wooden ladder ball game with two solid hardwood ladder targets. It is a lovely design that also comes with six premium golf ball bolas to get playing right away. You also get a blue canvas bag for easy storage and transportation. The setup of this ladderball toss game is pretty easy with hand knob. The cross-bars are high-strength steel, and the bolas are heavy duty for durability. The poles further feature a built-in bottle opener to help you open our drinks with easy when cooling off.


    • Two solid hardwood ladder targets
    • Carrying bag with rope handles
    • Easy setup in minutes with hand knobs
    • High-strength steel cross-bars
    • Built-in bottle opener

    3. AmazonBasics Ladder Golf Set with Soft Carrying Case

    Ladder Golf Set with Soft Carrying Case

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    The AmazonBasics ladder golf is another lovely set of two upright ladder targets for easy family time play.  It comes with six bolas or blue and red for each target. The construction is durable with 40 by 24 inches PVC pipes creating the target framework.  This is a pretty simple ladder ball game with easy assembly. It is a perfect design for 2-4 players and suitable for ages of 14 and upwards.


    • Great design for 2-4 players
    • Suitable for age 14 upwards
    • Target framework made of 40 by 24 inches PVC pipes
    • Two upright ladder targets

    2. Harvil Premium Ladder Toss Game Set

    Harvil Premium Ladder Toss Game Set

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    The Harvil Ladder Toss Game is a premium set with lovely color designs to look beautiful in any home setting. This is a complete ladder set with beautiful color targets to make playtime more fun and enjoyable. It is a kid-friendly design with a steady base to make it stable. You can fill it with sand to make it stable with both ends caped to prevent the sand from leaking. It features a sturdy premium PVC target that is durable and capable of withstanding rain and sun. The balls are also of good quality and made of soft rubber for safe play indoors.  Overall, this is a portable and hassle-free ladderball game to carry with you anywhere.


    • A steady base for maximum playability
    • Base filled with sand and both ends capped to prevent leakage
    • Premium PVC target
    • Soft rubber bolos

    1. 3-in-1 Outdoor Toss Game Set-Ladder Ball Game, Disc Toss Game

    Outdoor Toss Game Set-Ladder Ball Game

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    The 3-in-1 Outdoor Toss Game is the best pick on our list with several features that make outdoor playing fun and enjoyable. This ladder features three devices of target toss game, ladder ball game, and disc toss game. It is a great way to enjoy endless fun with ultra-telescoping PVC poles. You also get six bolos, a tuck net, and manual instruction. The installation of this set is quite simple in less than two minutes. Overall, this is a lightweight design ladder ball game for easy play anywhere.


    • Easy installation
    • Telescopic snap joint poles
    • Six game balls
    • Three types of devices for endless play


    If you have an outdoor event with friends or a family reunion and looking for the best outdoor activity, then you need to buy ladder golfs. These are the best ladder golfs on the market right now with great features to make playtime fun and enjoyable. Go through our reviews and place your order with confidence.

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