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Top 10 Best Large Bird Cages in 2019

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    For those who own bird pets at home, have you ever known that the size and the quality of your large bird cages actually matter to the physical health of your bird?  Of course, a small cage could possibly cause your bird to feel stressed, leading to a poor health.

    All pets enjoy healthier and happier lives when they have room to flit and fly in their cage or aviary. Thus, to help search and shop for an ideal bird cage, we have made the list of Top 10 Best Large Bird Cages in 2019 for you to browse through below.

    List Of Top 10 Best Large Bird Cages in 2019

    10. Yaheetech 52″ Bird Cage Large

    Yaheetech 52" Bird Cage Large

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    Probably, you are looking for a large bird cage that could offer your pet birds a better environment to live. Thus, here we have this Yaheetech 52″ Bird Cage Large. This parrot cage is a well constructed cage that comes with in size of 30.8 x 20.5 x 52″(L x W x H). The whole cage is made of high quality iron which can ensure its sturdiness and durability.

    Moreover, to make your pet bird more comfortable, the cage is designed the standing branch of solid wood.  Aside from that, this cage is also designed with one sand tray which can be easily removeed and replaceed and another four trays for putting food and water.

    9. New Large Play Top Bird Cage

    New Large Play Top Bird Cage Parttot

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    The next best large bird cage that comes in line is from Mcage. New Large Play Top Bird Cage gives you two choices of color to choose between black vein and white vein. The structure of the cage is built with premium iron which does not contain any toxic powder that would injure your birds. More than that, the full size of this hanging bird cage is 32”L x 30”W x 70”H which is large enough to provide the best environment for your birds, and it would also make you as the owner easier and more desirable.

    In addition, the cage is equipped with two plates and other one tray made from durable and strong steel that is ease to remove and clean.

    8. Super Deal Large Bird Cage

    Super Deal 53"/61"/68" Large Bird

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    Super Deal Large Bird Cage does live up its name for being tough which is resistant to the harsh weathers. This cockatiel cage by Super Deal is formed with the high quality of metal which can ensure it durability and longevity. Likewise, it is finished with the powder that is chemical-free, so that it can guarantee the safety of your bird.

    More importantly, to make the owner and the birds more convenient, the cage is designed with a useful playground for the birds which they can climb up and down with the standing woods while it is included with five removable bowls and one sand tray.

    7. New Large Open Play Top

    New Large Double Ladders

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    Here, we have the New Lage Open Play Top cage. This outdoor bird cage comes in the size of 32” L x 30′ ‘W x 63’ ‘H which includes the play top. The open play top allows you and your pet birds to enjoy the outdoor activities together. Aside from that, the feeding bowls and the tray of the cage are designed with the stainless steel which is sturdy and easy to keep it clean.

    Moreover, it is also equipped with a bottom tray which your birds can move safely and comfortably. Additionally, it also comes with a tough key lock that you can secure your birds as well.

    6. Prevue Hendryx Signature Series

    Prevue Hendryx Signature Series

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    This is a super elegant Prevue Hendryx Signature series that you should own for your pet birds. It is the largest hanging bird cage that comes with three bowls which are made from steel and another one standing perch that is made from hardwood. All the materials used to make the entire cage are durable and of high quality

    More than that, the bottom tray is also easy to clean and put back. Besides that, the overall dimension of the cage is 46-Inch long, 36-inch wide, 78-3/4-inch high with 1-3/8-inch wire spacing. This is such a huge space for your birds to mobilize in.

    5. Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel

    Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel

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    If you are looking for a simple yet, beautifully made bird cage for your pet birds, this bird parrot cage cockatiel would be the best one. It is simply designed with free chemical power that could has the bad impact to your birds. The cage is built in the size of 20 x 20 x 65″h and the top of the cage is a close roof which can protect your birds from the rain.

    More than that, the design of this cockatiel cage also adds two swings out door for feeding and another three-standing wood for the birds. Aside from that, at the bottom of the cage, there is a plastic tray designed to be removable which enables the owner’s ease in keeping it clean.

    4. Best Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage

    Best Choice Products New Large

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    Here is another large bird cage from Best Choice Products. This bird stand has a sturdy construction in which the whole structurer is made of durable and sturdy steel. Its full size is 24″ (L) x22″ (W) x 37-1/2″ (H). The design of the cage additionally comes with a single wooden perch which can make your bird stand comfortably.

    Moreover, inside the cage, it also has three feeding bowls and an easily-to-clean tray which all are made of the steel of high quality. More importantly, the cage is also designed to provide a play area for your birds at the top of the roof.

    3. Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage Play Top

    Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage Play

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    Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage Play Top is one of the large birds cage that provide a featured fun for your pet birds at the rooftop of the cage. This parrot cage has the overall size of 24 x 22 x 35.3″ (L x W x H) which is a large living space for the birds. With this bird cage, you can also feed your birds easily and comfortably with five steel bowls for food and water.

    More than that, it is additionally made with two wooden perches. Plus, the cage also comes with 4 rolling legs that can be easily moved without producing any noise.

    2. Hagen Hagen

    Hagen Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage

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    Here, we have the Hagen Hagen by Vision, a large birds cage that offers you many options of cage patterns and sizes. For the size of this outdoor bird cage, you can choose between small size, medium and large size. Aside from that, the construction is also nice and sturdy with a clear plastic tray that can be removable; the owner can find it easy to clean the dirt.  Besides that, the assembly of the cage is also easy, so the owner can build it straight forward by just following the instructions.

    1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Iron Cage

    Prevue Hendryx Pet Products

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    Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Iron Cage would allow your pet birds to move freely with the size of 31” long, 20 1/2” wide, 53” high with 1/2” wire spacing. This hanging bird cage is fully constructed with t iron that has a premium quality which makes the cage tough and can be used for a very long time.

    It is also designed with the four plastic cups that can be easy for the owner to feed. More than that, the bottom of the cage is simply designed with the removable plastic tray which is easy to keep it clean. Last but not least, the installation of the cage is also easy and quick.


    It’s probably time to replace your old bird cage with any of these top 10 best large bird cages in 2019 now to make a better living environment for your beloved pet birds. All of these products are beautifully made bird cages of a sturdy construction along with the featured fun area at the rooftop for the utmost comfort and fun of your beloved pet.

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