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Best Large Rugs in 2022 – Buyers’ Guide

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    A large area rug can tremendously elevate the look of every home. Since there are carpets for sale today, you’ll probably have a difficult time deciding the most suitable product for using in your living areas. For your convenience, our team has come up with this list of Top 10 Best Large Rugs in 2022, so we will introduce to these items’ sizes, features and special functions. Read on to learn more.

    List Of Top 10 Best Large Rugs in 2022

    10. Forever Lover

    Ultra Soft 4.5 Cm

    Placing a rug in the house is the right and easy way to decorate your indoor ares, so now is the show time of this superb ultra-soft rug from Forever Lover. This brand new product is perfect for using in the living room as it shows your style. The material used for producing such a high-quality product is synthetic one. For adding warmth and comfort for the user when you are walking on it, the thickness of it is up to 4.5 cm. You will sure to get the warmth and comfort when you walk on it.

    More than this, it is also known to be the right choice for placing in the room, play area, yoga place and more too. This rug comes in a beautiful pink color; therefore, it will match well with your indoor decoration. The rug is washable too, so you can wash it without any concern. The size of it is 4 x 5 feet.

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    GORILLA GRIP Original

    We reckon that you are looking for an awesome large rug for living room for placing in your beautiful house. This is the nursery area rug which is brought to you by Gorilla Grip. The material used for producing this product is the premium quality one; therefore, the rug is both soft and durable. The top layer of the rug is very thick and fluffy; you will get great warmth when you are sitting and walking on it. The base part of the rug is designed to have grip dots. It is great for keeping the rug in place and dry all the time.

    For the convenience in cleaning and maintaining it, feel free to use the vacuum cleaner to clean it. However, it is also suitable for washing by hand and the machine too. This cozy rug has the size of 4 x 6 inches and it comes in many colors for you to choose. Don’t wait any longer, it is the right time to buy it with confidence.

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    8. Nourison

    Nourison PSN03

    Here arrives another large rug for bedroom that has the size of 8 x 10 inches. Nourison Rug uses the combination of many shades such as blue, grey, saffron and magenta for designing this superb looking rug. The combination of different textile and color will make sure that it matches well with the indoor decoration. This simple yet attractive pattern will continue to be the popular one. The material used for making this smart looking rug is polypropylene fiber; as a great result, the quality of it is great even when you are using it for years.

    The softness of the rug is very comfortable to walk and sit on. Please be noted that the height of it is 0.5 inches, the right thickness that you should always choose.  If you are looking for a nice rug that displays the classic style, this is the right product to choose.

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    7. Rugshop

    Rugshop Contemporary

    We would like to introduce to you the next high-quality rug that can be washed with ease. This is a product from Rugshop, and it comes with the total size of 122 x 94 x 0.5 inches. This large rug is the ideal product for placing in many places in the house ranging from bedroom, living room and more. Instead of using a yoga mat, you can also choose it if you want to do yoga too. In terms of quality, it is the superb one. The polypropylene can resist fade, stains, soil and bacteria very well. This great feature is suitable for the houses that has kids and pets.

    More than just a durable product, the beauty of it will capture your heart. No matter where you place it, it conjures the warmth feeling all the time. With the great features mentioned, we bet that you have no reason to say no to it.

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    We have spotted another reputable product and it is known to be a top-rated large area rug. RUGPADUSA rug pad is designed to have the size up to 9 x 12 inches, this plushy rug is well known to have a great quality. The thickness of it is up to 3/8 inches, so you will feel the warmth and comfort when you walk on it. Better than other choices, this one can effectively protect the floor from the damage too.

    With this, you can now make sure that your rug stays in place without worry about the stain on the floor. This way, you can place it on all types of floor without any concern. If you are an environmental-friendly person, you are sure that you will love it. The material chosen for making this rug recycles from carpet fiber. Both the quality and durability of it has been proved to meet the standard.

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    5. Sweet Home Stores

    Sweet Home Stores

    This rug from weet Home Stores allows you to decorate your house without demolishing any part of the room. You can simple place this attractive rug on the floor and see how modern your living room becomes. Fisst of all, this superb rug comes with various sizes; therefore, it is great for using in many places. If you choose this brand, you can choose the rug size, shape and pattern that you like easily.

    More than just placing it at the sofa, you can decorate your house by placing it at the door way too. The natural color of it adds the beauty to the place in the harmonious way. The warmth from the rug makes it the right place for reading and relaxing during the winter.

    You can have the trust on the quality of it since the it is guaranteed to last for years. If you get yours, you will get the hassle-free return if you are not satisfied with it.

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    4. Maples

    Maples Rugs

    Maples Rugs gives you a nice way to enhance the luxury vibe in your house within your own budget. First off, this is the superior-quality product which is produced in USA and it has the size up to 120 x 84 x 0.4 inches. It can cover the large area in your house; therefore, it is highly recommended for using in the dining room, living room, bedroom and so on.

    For ensuring that the quality of it last for a long time, the materials chosen are carefully selected. Nylon is well known for the fact that it resists stain and dirt well. The print on this rug is very attractive, choosing it for using in the house is the right way to show your style.

    Next, though the size of it is large, the weight of it is very light. It is great if you wish to move the rug later on. The cleaning process is easy too; for example, you can choose to sport dry or clean it. Don’t wait any longer, this incredible rug is waiting to be yours.

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    3. nuLOOM

    nuLOOM Moroccan

    It is a brilliant choice if you are choosing this large rug from nuLOOM. This popular brand is well designed in Turkey; so you can give your trust on the superb quality of it. The materials chosen for making this rug are very durable. This way you will only need to spend once and enjoy the great quality of it for years. Compared to many other rugs, this attractive rug is very affordable as well. Right now, you can get to change the look of your indoor area by spending less. It is suitable for using in all houses since it is the great for both kids and pets.

    For your information, this rug is constructed from the polypropylene fiber. If you are looking for the lightweight material and bright rug, choosing this product is the right choice. The size of it is 168 x 120 x 0.4 inches, you can even place it in the high traffic area without any concern too.

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    2. Ottomanson


    Ottomanson Area Rug is the reputable brand that makes the way to the list today. It is the beautiful grey rug that is perfect for styling your living place. It can change the dull fire place area into the modern and attractive one with ease. It is the right place to install if you want to get the warm reading place. You can choose it for installing in many areas in your house. The softness of it provides the great comfort for everyone.

    At the same time, this rug is safe for using in the house that has pet and kid. In terms of durability, it is exceptional; therefore, you can also place it in high-traffic areas as well. Last but indeed not the least, the size of it is 118 x 98 x 0.3 inches. Please keep in mind that it is great if you vacuum it regularly instead of rubbing it with wet towel.

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    1. Safavieh

    Safavieh Hudson

    If you are still here with us, we believe that you are waiting to know more about the champion in our list. Safavieh brings to you the large rug that has the size of 9 x 9 x 108 inches. It aims to offer the best in terms of quality and durability. This rug is also convenient to install, clean and maintain.

    The print and pattern on the rug are perfect for displaying the attractive look of it. No matter what decoration of your house is, this one guarantees to much well. If you want to place it in the high-traffic area, this product is the excellent choice. We bet that you don’t want to wait any longer, this product is waiting to be yours.

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    Buying guides: How to Choose the Best Large Rugs?

    · Size of the rug

    The first thing to put into your mind is the size of the rug. You need to check in advance the space available in your place. There are many decorative styles that you can follow, as illustration, some choose to place the rug under the table, half sofa and the whole sofa. It totally depends on the style and you own taste. If you are new too this, we do recommend the rug that is not too large that it hides the tile. At the same time, the rug shouldn’t too small since you need space to walk on it.

    · Maintenance

    If you plan to place the rug in the high traffic area, it is important to look for the large rug that can be washed with ease. Some rug allows you to machine wash it in the washing machine; therefore, you will find it very easy to maintain.  It is also a wise choice to choose the material that withstand the stain and dirt. The right rug color plays the role is keeping the rug looks news all the time too. Next, the high-quality product is good for the flood and tile in your house too.

    · Softness

    The purpose of choosing the rug if for walking and sitting one; therefore, it is important to check the warmth and softness offered by the product. During the winter, getting the warm rug for placing in the living room, dinning room and bedroom is the right way to keep your feet comfortable. You may also need to choose only the rug which is safe for the kids and pets to sit on.

    · Pattern

    The next thing to consider is the style and pattern of the rug itself. Though the rugs come in many patterns and they keep changing all the time, they are in only 2 categories. First one it the modern pattern, the great point of it is the attractiveness. However, the modern pattern tends to be replaced over time. If you wish to get the rug that suitable for using for a lifetime, we highly recommended the classic pattern rug. No matter what you choose, the beauty in your house is ensured.


    In conclusion, the products highlighted above are the top-rated ones, and they are all available on the market today. As each product is different in size and feature, you can depend on this article before making the purchase. None of your purchase from this list will ever fail you.


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    List of  the Best Large Rugs

    10. Contemporary Large Floral Soft Area Rug


    Contemporary Large Floral Soft Area Rug 7' 10" x 10' Blue


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    Right now, we wish to draw your attention to the very first product in the list today. This contemporary rug is well made from the polypropylene materials. Adding to that, this awesome product can resist stains well, too. Besides this, it is highly recommended for the house that has pets and small kids.

    More than this, choosing to use this incredible product will only offer the elegance and style to your house. With the dimension of 96 x 8 x 8 inches, we strongly recommend you to use this soft rug in the living room, hallway and more.

    9. Gertmenian 78245 Traditional Rug


    Gertmenian Traditional Rug Prime Label Classic Oriental Persian Area Carpet


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    The next product that we wish to draw your attention to is the one that has the total size of 108 x 144 x 0.2 inches. First and foremost, Gertmenian 78245 is the awesome rug designed with the excellent pattern. More than this, this unique area rug is highly recommended if your wish to get the product that suits your classy taste.

    Adding to that, we are pleased to remind you that it is anti-skid as well due to the fact that this superb rug is well produced from the top grade material.

    8. 2817 Distressed Blue Rug Carpet


    2817 Distressed Blue 8 x 10 Area Rug Carpet Large New


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    2817 Distressed Blue rug carpet is the next incredible product that we wish to highlight its key features. First of all, if you wish to get one of the best home rugs that has the long-lasting quality, we can ensure you that this product is the right choice.

    On top of that feature mentioned, this product is an environmentally-friendly product as well since it is thoroughly produced from the polypropylene material. Hence, keeping this area carpet clean is not a concern too. For your information, the size of this carpet is 95 x 7 x 7 inches.

    7. Rugshop Modern Large Floral Rug


    Rugshop Modern Large Floral Pattern Area


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    If you are here, we believe that you are looking for the best rug for decorating your living area. Right now we wish to introduce to you one of the incredible products in the list, which is called the Rugshop Floral Rug. First off, the size of this stylish product is 63 x 7 x 0.5 inches.

    More than this, it is well designed with the superior quality product such as polypropylene; therefore, we can ensure you that this product resists soil, strain, fade and more very well. Adding to that, this pattern rug is the ideal one for using in many areas ranging from living rooms, kitchens, to hallways.

    6. 4678 Distressed Ivory Carpet


    4678 Distressed Ivory 8 x 10 Area Rug Carpet Large New


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    This is another superb rug that comes with the very attractive pattern, 4678 Distressed Ivory is one of the oversized rugs that carries that size of 95.8 x 9.1 x 6.8 inches. First and foremost, long-lasting and durability are the key important features that this rug offers. With the use of the polypropylene, we can ensure you that you will spend less time in cleaning this rug. Therefore, this modern area rug is the ideal one for the house that has pets and small kids.

    On top of the feature mentioned, this exquisite rug not only adds as the simple floor carpet, but it also beautifies your house as well.

    5. Mohawk Striped Printed Area Rug


    Mohawk Home New Wave Boho Striped Printed Area Rug


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    Mohawk Home Striped Printed Rug is one of the affordable rugs. It has the total size of 120 x 90 x 0.4 inches. The very first great feature of this rug is it has received many superb reviews on the quality and the durability that it offers. What’s more, with the use of the top grade nylon, the stain can be greatly eliminated.

    On top of that, for the convenience in keeping this rug is place, the latex is attached at the other side of the rug as well. Please be noted that, the stripes of this named carpet comes in many colors such as red, orange, blue and more.

    4. Tribeca by Home Dynamix


    Tribeca by Home Dynamix HD5376-999-1N Home Decor


    Check Price

    Here arrives another great product in the list which is well known as Tribeca by Home Dynamix. For those who wish to get the great rug for home decoration, we can ensure that this product is the right answer. First and foremost, as this product is the high quality one, it is suitable for placing on the high traffic areas.

    Furthermore, the color of this carpet can match well with the furniture and the décor in your house. For your information, this product has the size of 126 x 94 x 0.2 inches.

    3. Ottomanson Ultimate Shaggy Rug


    Ottomanson Ultimate Shaggy Collection Moroccan Trellis Design Shag Rug


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    We are happy to highlight the features of another awesome product which has the full rug size of 118 x 98 x 0.3 inches. The first key point that we wish to draw your attention to is the awesome fact that only the high quality polypropylene is used for producing this durable carpet. Adding to that, this nice product is both stylish and simple; therefore, it is suitable for using in the house if you wish to beautify your living area.

    Additionally, choosing to use this rug will only offer you the superb convenience as it is very soft. Last but not least, we would like to remind you that it is the ideal one for using at the heavy-traffic places.

    2. 2305 Beige Multi 5-feet 2-inch Rugs


    2305 Beige Multi 5-feet 2-inch By 7-feet 2-inch Modern Area Rugs Modern


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    2305 Beige Multi 5-feet 2-inch is the modern rug which received the rating as the second best in our today’s list. The first great point that we wish to highlight is the fact that it is thoroughly produced from the top grade polypropylene materials. Adding to that, it is also recommended for using in many areas ranging from living room, bedroom, to kitchen and more.

    Best yet, it can resist stain, soil, bacteria and many things alike well too. Last but not least, we wish to remind you that this product has the size of 5 x 7 x 0.8 inches.

    1. Ottomanson Paterson Collection Rug


    Ottomanson Paterson Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Lattice Area Rug-Large Rugs


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    As we always keep the best to the last, we are happy to introduce to you the top product in the list. Ottomanson Paterson is one of the best large rugs that comes with the gorgeous design. As a great result, we can ensure you that with this great product in the house, the beauty in the house in enhanced. More than this, for the durability of this product, this is well produced from the top grade polypropylene. Finally, please be reminded that the total dimension of this product is 118 x 94 x 0.5 inches.

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