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Best Masonry Trowels for 2022 – Buyers’ Guide

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    Are you looking for masonry trowels for the construction jobs? This could be a hard time for you because such a great quality of product is hard to find, and there are too many products and too much information that you need to be selective.

    However, even if choosing a good masonry trowel isn’t easy; we have worked painstakingly to recommend you the top ten best masonry trowels in 2022. You should bring up your note so that you can make a real informed decision.

    List Of Top 10 Best Masonry Trowels for 2022

    10. Mintcraft

    Mintcraft 36206

    There are many important accessories that very necessary for construction work. One of those importance stuff, we can see that trowel is the important accessories that we will introduce today. We will bring you with good quality and easy using type of trowel so that you can choose for your construction job. First one is the trowel from Mintcraft. This one has a very nice and sharp blade which its size of 16 inches in length and 4 inches in blade width. Moreover, this trowel is super convenience to use as a tool dig, apply, smooth, and mix cement. It also has portable handle bar for holding. The product is very light that make it easy to carry. It is made from aluminum.

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    9. QLT by Marshalltown


    Most construction workers might know this style of trowel. The shape of this trowel blade is like a leave which is so cute. This trowel is basically made in China by Marshalltown manufacturer. The producer made the trowel with a wood handle bar that can make it easier for you to hold and do your job the construction site. Moreover, the blade of this trowel is made of steel that has such strong impact and endurance. What is even more convenience for construction work is the weight of this trowel is very light so you don’t need much energy to hold it. The length of its blade is about 10 inches. With this one in hand, you will make sure mixing and digging your cement very well.

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    8. Draper Redline

     Draper Trowel

    If you ever see only a simple style of Masonry trowel in fish market, now we can introduce you with the modern and good-looking kind of trowel for your construction job. Here we have trowel from Draper Redline which it comes with set of 5 different styles of trowels in one package. If you purchase this set, you can almost have done with various activities of constructions work. These trowels are made with soft hand grip so that user will feel more comfortable working on it. The blade of this trowel is made out from steel that is super durable to use. The trowel is also light so you can easily carry it. Its weight is about 2 pounds only. You will have a proper job like digging, mixing, smoothing or apply your cement mixture with these trowels.

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    7. Rolson

     Rolson 52489

    We know that most of us really would like to have more while to spend less. So, that is why today we also bring another beneficial trowel product to you. It is a brand from Rolson which consists five pieces of trowels. By this, you only have to purchase it one time and you get everything in your hand. The five pieces of trowels has its own shape and benefit and focus about your constructions work. So, this set will do a lot. In order to make it more comfortable for customers, they made these trowels with soft handle bar. Moreover, there are three different colors you can choose such as brown, silver and black. Its blade is invented from steel so it can endure for long term using.

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    6. Bon

    Bon 72-435

    Bon is a single type of trowel where the quality and the look is guarantee by its manufacturer. This single trowel is designed very carefully from high quality material. Its blade is made from steel while the handle bar of the trowel is made from leather. Moreover, the blade is very neat and made super cool in shape which make it look like a leave. With the leather hand grip, this trowel will ensure a reliable performance of the trowel itself as you will feel safe and comfortable to use even if for long term. The soft hand grip won’t make your hand hurt while making use of this trowels even for mixing cement, applying or smoothing the mixture of cement.

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    5. Masta Professional Tools

    MASTA Handy

    Are you having trouble searching for tool to support your construction job? Here, we can introduce to you the Masta Professional Tools which is one of the best quality masonry trowel product. This trowel is very supportive because it can help you even during tough job and it is very resistance to damage. The trowel is made from stainless steel and also come with comfortable hand grip that allow you to perform your job very well. Moreover, this trowel is super flexible as it can use on any type of surface even if it is a brick or floor. You don’t need to worry about the energy you have to carry it as it produced with lightweight. That it is super convenience to use and place anywhere you want with its compatible size.

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    4. OX Tools

    OX Tools

    OX Tools is one of the brand name that known for high quality products including the construction accessories such as the trowel, tuck pointer or smoothing tool and so on. However, today at this we will bring one product from OX Tools which is a small tuck pointer which is very different from all of the above-mentioned style. This style is so small but it contains such good function to use for construction work and to fix any small damage area. It made with soft and comfortable hand grip as well which make it even easier to hold and use. The blade of this small trowel is also made from steel. It is also light in weight so good to carry it with you. Moreover, this product also got 90 days guarantee for you as well.

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    3. M-D Building Products

     M-D Building

    Here we come to the third suggestion of trowel product. This one is also different in style from other type mentioned above as well. It is a best match for using to smoothen your mixing cement. It has quite big blade so the trowel makes it even easier and faster to do the job. In order to support your work, this trowel is designed with a handle bar that is very soft and comfortable to hold on. The trowel has its size of 4 inches by 16 inches. The steel blade of this trowel makes it stronger for tough situation and also resistance to damage. You can choose this for your heavy-duty work at site.

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    2. Goldblatt

    Goldblatt Masonry

    Another type of trowel that we would like to introduce to you today is from Goldblatt. It is best for your gardening activities. The trowel is made with such compatible size, not too big and not too small. The Goldblatt trowel has one comfortable handle bar so that you can hold it and use to mix the cement, smooth or apply your elements. The hand grip itself won’t hurt your hand easily, plus its blade is invented from steel but it is just light. So, all in all, this one is very light in weight so you can carty it without using much energy. The trowel can be used for any area possible, flat floor or flat bricklayer.

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    1. MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line


    Last but not least, we have another model of masonry trowel for you which is a product from MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line. This one is also a single trowel that made from high quality steel to support long term using. The handle bar of this trowel is just right at its position for holding and balancing. Moreover, the blade itself is just flat and strong which make the impact area is even strong. This trowel is reviewed as an effective companion for construction workers. The blade is also designed like a leave that it is easy to use for mixing, smoothing and apply activity.

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    Buying Guide for Masonry Trowels 

    There are many type of products for construction work. Even for this one type, the trowel, it is very hard to decide which one that you should pick for your guy workers. That is why we have to help you with the decision by listing down some of guiding points so that they can help you to think of the criteria of good trowel. Please take a look at below guiding points.

    Weight: First thing first, we have to think about the weight of the trowel itself. For any construction work, you have to choose any trowel with lightweight so that you can use it for longer time without feeling tired as you need to hold it and work with it. So, the lightweight one will provide you with more comfortable feeling.

    Size: Secondly, you should take a look at its size. The trowel for construction work should not be too big as you won’t easily use it for many situations. You can choose the appropriate size in accordance with your work as well.

    Hand Grip: The trowel without a handgrip will be a trouble for you. You won’t get a chance to feel easy while using it if it doesn’t have hand grip. That is hand grip or handle bar is important to trowel. You have to look for those trowel that have comfortable and soft hand grip so that you can feel easier while working with it.

    Multiple purposes: For multipurpose, we refer to how the trowel can be used for any kind of surface or any kind of activities. For example, you should choose the one that can be used on any surface such as bricklayer, floor layer, or more. Also, you should also choose it if it can use for many activities or not. Those activities such as mixing cement, smoothing, applying or fixing the damage area.


    Even if there are too many products to choose, it isn’t quite difficult if you take one of the best masonry trowels from our recommendations into consideration. All you need is to sift through these reviews thoroughly so that you can get the right one.

    Please look at the qualities including the blade, the handle, and the types of products that really fit the jobs you want to achieve. After all, we wish you a good luck to get the right product. And, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.


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    List of  The Best Masonry Trowels

     10. MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line

    MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 33 13FG 13-Inch

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    Are you looking for the best trowels in town? There are many options, and one among them could be MarshallTown The Premier Line. There are several reasons that the product deserves the tenth-best place. It comes with the material made of steel which is of high grade and quality. We know that you don’t really expect the material made of poor quality of steel. Furthermore, the impact area is super strong so that you can make sure the trowel can perform its jobs quite well.

    Additionally, the handle is made for convenience because you can easily balance. Lastly, the blade is polished; as a result, it looks good and fantastic. What are you waiting for?

    9. QEP

    6 in. x 2 in. Flat Margin Trowel

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    The ninth-best masonry trowel goes to QEP. You would fall in love you go into the details about its quality. There are several reasons that the product deserves the place. First, it can be applied into different reach areas ranging from toe kicks to underneath cabinets. Additionally, the size of blade is as followed; 6” x 2”. As a result, it is big enough to perform the job. Furthermore, the blade is made of hardened steel so that durability is guaranteed.

    However, the material is also made for flexibility as well. Lastly, you can keep balancing while performing the jobs. What a great deal to get this concrete trowel.


    MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 45 6D 6-Inch

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    Do you still hesitate to get an option? The uncertainty can be real because there are too many products that you cannot know their real qualities. However, Marshalltown might make you fall in love with this trowel. There are several reasons that the product deserves the eighth-best place. The blade is made of steel composed of high carbon.

    Therefore, strength and durability are guaranteed. Furthermore, the product is also resilient. What’s more, the handle is ergonomic while it also guards your finger from any potential injury.

    Lastly, fatigues are reduced while the handle makes your hand feel soft its excellent qualities. This is one of the best cement tools.

    7. The Premier Line 33

    MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 33 11FG 11-Inch Narrow London Brick Trowel

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    Are there any other options? The Premier Line could be one of the best option. It got the seventh-best rank for quite a good number of reasons. The blade is made of tool steel with high grade. As a result, the blade is strong and resistant. Furthermore, the strength is within the impact area which allows you to operate it smoothly and satisfy your expectation. Furthermore, the handle is designed to fit with your hands while operating this brick trowel because you can get the right hang and balance your performance quite well.

    Lastly, the blade is fully polished. You should get it now because there are not many products which are both strong and durable.

    6. M-D Building

    M-D Building Products

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    M-D Building is one of the best Mortar Trowel. The trowel has many good features that you cannot deny its quality.

    It receives the rank for following reasons. The grip is graded as TPR. As a result, it makes sure your hands are comfort and convenient when you operate the trowel. Furthermore, the blade is made of steel. More importantly, the steel is both hardened and tempered.

    Hence, it proves that the trowel is both strong and resistant. Lastly, the tile install tool is one of the most professional trowels in town. What are you still looking for?

    5. M-D Building Product

     Roll over image to zoom in M-D Building Products M-D Building Products 20058 3/16-Inch


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    The fifth-best trowel goes to M-D Building Product. There are several features that the product deserves such place.

    The trowel comes with the size as followed; 11” x 4.5”. Isn’t it a good size for a good trowel? Furthermore, the grip handle is comfortable for your hands; as a result, it’s never a difficult job to operate the model.

    What’s more, the cast shank is made of aluminum. Hence, it is of great quality. Lastly, the install tool is professional for its function. Aren’t these qualities great?

    4. The Premier Line 52D

    MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 52D 5-Inch

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    The fourth-best trowel goes to The Premier Line 52D. There are several advantages that the product got the place.

    First, the blade is made of steel composed of high carbon. As a result, the quality is durable and resistant.

    Additionally, from toe to heel, the product is already tempered and polished. Isn’t this the produce of excellence? Furthermore, the handle is resilient and easy to use.

    Lastly, the handle can help you to reduce fatigues because the handle is made as Durasoft. There is just nothing not to love about this The Premier Line 52D Masonry Trowel.

    3. QLT

    QLT By MARSHALLTOWN 926 10-Inch

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    QLT has got the third-best place for several reasons. The trowel is designed with London patter; therefore, it can highly perform when it comes to lay brick. Furthermore, the blade is shaped as rounded heel so that it can be carried forward. What’s more, the blade is even tempered and polished fully. As a result, there is no worry that how much you will enjoy your job.

    Lastly, the trowel is designed to collect mortar and prepare for spreading the next term of brick.

    2. Goldblatt

    Goldblatt G06984 Margin Trowel

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    Are there any other good options left? There are still, and one of them is Goldblatt. The model deserves the second-best place for several reasons. It comes with a size as followed; 5” x 2”. Additionally, the blade is made of steel while the tool is already tempered and heart-treated.

    Lastly, the trowel can be used in the masonry and concrete construction. These are all great qualities that you would admire if you get this model. You should get Goldblatt now.

    1. The Premier Line 45

    MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 45 6 6-Inch -Masonry Trowels

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    Are you waiting for the first-best trowel in town? The trowel’s qualities must be the best, and the reasons behind its reputation are as followed. The Premier Line 45 deserves the best place for several reasons. The blade is made of steel with high carbon. Furthermore, the trowel can be forced from just a single piece.

    What’s more, the handle is made of hardwood; as a result, it is convenient and balanced to use. Lastly, the model is the greatest among the group. You shouldn’t hesitate anymore.

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