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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks Reviews In 2022

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    Motorcycle theft is nothing new and if you’re not careful when parking, you might soon regret. This is why motorcycle locks are pretty essential when parking your motorcycle at places where theft incidents are high. Sometimes people steal motorcycles because they are easy targets. However, you can easily prevent this by getting the best motorcycle lock on the market. Choosing the best and most secure motorcycle locks is not an easy task. This is why we’ve researched for you these leading locks in the market to buy this year. Read through our reviews and pick a lock that will best secure your motorcycle at all times.

    Table of the Best Motorcycle Locks Reviews

    10. MysBiker Disc Anti-theft Motorcycle Alarm Lock

    Motorcycle Locks

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    This is a practical lock to keep thieves away and ensure your motorcycle is safe and secure where you parked it. The lock features a 110-decibel alarm that will activate when any vibration is felt. This will scare any thieves away and keep your belonging safe and secure.  The lock is enclosed in a thick 1.5m disc to be easily seen. This reminds you to open it before riding away preventing any potential damage. The construction of the lock is strong and durable featuring forged steel and 14mm double locking. Overall, this is a secure lock that comes with long-lasting 6LR44 batteries and another extra six piece spare batteries.


    • Wide application range
    • Easy to notice with a 1.5m disc enclosure
    • Durable forged steel
    • Long-life pre-fitted 6 LR44 batteries

    9. YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock

    YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock

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    YOHOOLYO is another leading brand in the industry to keep your motorcycle safe at any public place.  It is another durable padlock with a loud 11db alarm. The lock features a thick 7mm locking pin that easily set at any 360 degrees. It is a pretty compact lock that is portable but still strong and loud. The alarm activates the lock senses immediately any vibration alerting you of theft. There are two keys to giving you a spare. Overall, this is an excellent motorcycle padlock with easy assembly for immediate use.


    • Loud 11db alarm
    • 7mm thick locking pin
    • Two keys
    • Portable and lightweight

    8. BigPantha 1 Motorcycle Lock A Lock Grip

    BigPantha 1 Motorcycle Lock - A Grip/Throttle/Brake/Handlebar Lock to Secure Your Bike

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    This is a versatile grip lock that works with all two-wheel motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and sports bike.  The lock features a thick 1.5 inches in diameter grip to fit a wide range of motorcycles. It is time-tested and tampers resistant. The lock is extremely difficult for any thief to break making it by far the safest motorcycle lock.  The lock is pretty lightweight and highly portable. It comes with a carry bag for easy use everywhere. It is also easy to use helping you save time. You can easily lock your bike in less than 5 seconds.


    • Easy to use
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Bonus carry bag
    • Fits all two-wheel motorcycles

    7. Alarm Disc Lock – Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

    Alarm Disc Lock, Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

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    This is another highly visible motorcycle lock with a sensitive alarm that easily activates with simple shock vibrations. The alarm is loud at 11db alerting you of any interference on your motorcycle.  The lock is pretty easy to lock with a simple press operation. It also features an enclosed 5ft disc lock cable that easily reminds you to unlock your motorcycle before riding. Overall, this is a highly portable, solid and waterproof bike with all the necessary accessories included. It runs on six zinc batteries and features an extra 6 back up batteries for an extended reach.


    • Waterproof and solid
    • Runs on six zinc batteries
    • Loud 110db alarm
    • Easy press lock

    7. JACOOL Anti-Theft Waterproof Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock

    JACOOL Anti-theft Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Alarm Disc Lock

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    The JACOOL motorcycle lock is a superior quality lock with a 6mm thick locking pin diameter that easily activates an alarm upon vibration.  The construction of the lock is durable and waterproof allowing for long-lasting use. It features the durable forged steel which resists rust and corrosion.  You also get a free 1.2m orange reminder cable. This helps prevent the many cases people forget and start their motorcycle while the lock is on. Overall, this is versatile with a wide range of activities and one you can buy.


    • Long 1.2m reminder orange cable
    • Loud 110db alarm
    • Waterproof
    • Durable forged steel construction

    5. Winner International The Club UTL810 Utility Lock

    Winner International The Club UTL810 Utility Lock

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    The Winner International is an excellent utility lock that will secure your motorcycle everywhere you. It is an excellent high-quality construction lock capable of withstanding up to 1,500 pounds of pressure.  The lock is weather resistant and can easily be used when there is rain.  It features a vinyl coating tempered steel that protects it from scratches and scrapes. You can also adjust the length from 8.5 inches to 11.5 inches to fit different needs.


    • Easy to use
    • Vinyl coating to protect from scrapes and scratches
    • Weather resistant
    • Heavy duty construction to withstand 1500 pounds

    4. BigPantha Upgraded Motorcycle Lock

    BigPantha Upgraded Motorcycle Lock

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    The BigPantha is another excellent motorcycle lock that works by immobilizing the clutch or the throttle and making it impossible to move the motorcycle. This is a practical deterrent to keep your motorcycle and other automobiles safe in public places. It locks fast and is quite easy to use saving time and other hassles. It is a lightweight and portable lock that easily fits in your pocket and can easily be carried with you everywhere. The construction is durable, weatherproof, rustproof, heatproof and dustproof to last you for long. It also has a lifetime warranty and comes with all necessary accessories.


    • Waterproof a and rustproof
    • Simple to use and lock in 5 seconds
    • Portable and lightweight
    • Tamper resistant

    3. ILamourCar Disc Brake Lock

    ILamourCar Disc Brake Lock,Alarm Disc Lock,Motorcycle Bike

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    The ILamourCar is an automatic motorcycle lock with a compact design and loud alarm to keep your motorcycle and other items safe. This is a durable, heavy-duty alloy constructed lock that will last you for years compared to other units. It is strong and impossible to pry away or saw off. It features a unique Germany cutting edging technology guaranteeing you maximum protection.  The lock features an easy to notice 4.3 feet orange cable that reminds you to remove the lock. Overall, this is one of the best motorcycle locks in the market with a wide range of use.


    • Easy to notice 4.3 orange cable
    • Heavy duty allow steel construction
    • Loud 110db alarm
    • Wide applications

    2. Bibowa Disc Brake Lock with Alarm

    Bibowa Disc Brake Lock With Alarm - Anti -Theft Disc Lock Motorcycle Alarm

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    The Bibow motorcycle lock is another durable and strong pick that serves a wide range of applications. The lock secures your motorcycle, scooter, chopper, cruiser, racing bike and sports bike. It features a rugged and waterproof construction to serve you in all weathers. This is a long-lasting lock that runs on the durable LR44 batteries. It is small and compact but features a loud alarm sound. It also double reinforced and comes with a thick 6mm locking pin.


    • Waterproof
    • Strong and durable
    • A thick 6mm locking pin
    • Free 5ft orange reminder cable

    1. LIHAO Motorcycle Disc Lock, Anti-theft Waterproof Disc Brake Lock

    LIHAO Motorcycle Disc Lock, Anti-theft Waterproof Disc Brake Alarm Lock for Motorbike Scooter

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    The LIHAO motorcycle lock is our final pick with a lightweight, compact and portable design to allow for easy use everywhere. It is a simple but sturdy and strong lock that will ensure maximum protection of your motorcycle.  The lock features 110dB alarm which is activated through a sophisticated microprocessor trigger. The construction features the highest quality hardened steel for top security.


    • Hardened steel for added security
    • Compact, lightweight and portable
    • Shock and motion sensors
    • 110dB alarm


    Make sure your motorcycle is safe and secure when in public places by getting one of these amazing locks. These are the best motorcycle locks on the market currently and best placed to offer you maximum protection. They are highly rated and recommended for use.

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