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Top 10 Best Outdoor Griddles in 2022 Reviews

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    There is absolutely no doubt griddles cook delicious food. Whether is fried eggs or hamburgers all the food will be exceptional. Such is the enjoyable experience when cooking that reflects the quality of the meal. With the griddle, you will get the heat that you require to cook the food. An opportunity with this griddle will make you forget the hassle of using the other traditional cooking methods.

    You will definitely like the experience. Getting an ideal griddle for your uses isn’t an easy task as it may appear. However, below is a review containing the best griddles in the market together with their attributes. Potential buyers can use this review as a guide in their decision making.

    List Of Best Outdoor Griddle Grill Reviews in 2022:

    10. Brasero Portable 26 inch outdoor Flattop Gas Outdoor Griddles

    Brasero Portable 26 inch outdoor Flat top Gas griddle Check Price

    • By: Brasero Outdoor Griddles

    First and foremost, we have this griddle that will be a great addition to your kitchen. This will ensure you spend the least energy when cooking. Likewise, the griddles are environmentally friendly. With this cooking will be enjoyable as there will neither be smoke emitted nor flare-ups.  With this, you can easily prepare both large and small foods like eggs veggies and much more. It also has a gas regulator for the gas used to be minimized. Additionally, the cast iron griddle is enameled to prevent it from rusting. On the other hand, this ensures the griddle last for the lengthy duration. Check Out Best Grill Cleaner

    Extra features:

    • It’s very economical when it comes to the consumption of gases.
    • It is versatile to prepare any food that you may want both large and small foods.

    9. Royal Gourmet Portable 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle Pd1201

    Royal Gourmet Portable 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle Check Price

    • By: Royal Gourmet Outdoor Griddles

    Next on the list is this royal gourmet griddle. It’s made of the stainless steel that is very durable. The control panel has the piezo ignition system that is very reliable to switch it on and.  Besides the griddle features 2 burners that give a combined output of 12000 but. On top, it contains a steel griddle which has a capacity capable of frying eggs rice and other large foods. Likewise, the griddles cover an area of 306 inches squared. With it being easily portable you can easily carry it to whatever place you want whether camping or picnics. Additionally, it comes with a side cup for you to easily collect oil when you are busy terms of maintenance, the griddle is easy to clean with a paper towel and warmed soap water.

    Extra features:

    • The burners can be controlled separately but in the end, gives 1200 BTU.
    • It’s easily portable to be used for outdoor events.

    8. Camp Chef PRO60X Two-Burner Camp Stove with Professional Outdoor Griddles

    Camp Chef PRO60X Two-Burner Camp Stove with Professional SG30 Griddle Check Price

    • By: Camp Chef Outdoor Griddles

    Upgrade your kitchen with this camp chef product. With a total output of 60000 from the burners. It has 2 shelves on either side for storing items. For protection against the strong winds, it has the reliable windscreens on the three sides. Besides, it has a handle for easy transporting of the griddle. This newly designed griddle can be great for outside events such as the cabins, backyard and back patios. With this, you can bake the pizzas, fry bacon, and grill freaks. This griddle will give you a cooking experience that you will not find in any place.

    Extra features:

    • It has the three-sided windscreen for protection against the winds.
    • It can pair easily with other 14’’  branded accessories.

    7. HEAVY 32″ Wide Stainless Steel Flat Top Double Outdoor Griddles Grill

    HEAVY 32" Wide Stainless Steel Flat Top Double Griddle Grill Check Price

    • By: Griddles Outdoor Griddle

    If durability is one of your concerns when looking for a griddle for your use then buy this HEAVY 32 griddle. The heavy-duty stainless steel will withstand heavy use to last you longer. The strong nature can be useful especially when you need to move with it to different places. Furthermore, the griddle will fit easily on top of the double burner stand for even heat circulation.

    On the other hand, the griddle includes a grease channel that contains a drain hole. With an immense cooking area of 31.25 widths to 15.5 depth, this will accommodate both your small and large foods. Its portability design is another great attribute it has. With only 29 pounds this will not strain you when shifting places.

    Extra features:

    • It’s made of the best material HEAVY 32 metal thus it’s very durable.
    • The griddle fits on the oven ensures good heat circulation.

    6. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Outdoor Griddles

    Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill With Patio Cover Check Price

    • By: Camp Chef Outdoor Griddles

    This camp chef grill is another great griddle on the list. If you want a griddle with plenty of features then this must one of them. It boasts of a massive 429-inch cooking surface area. Likewise, it includes 141 in the rack. The cooking temperatures range of 160 to 500 degrees will prepare your food within the shortest time.

    In terms of heat well, the minimum is 2000 BTU per hour and the maximum is 25000 BTU per hour. You will also find it easy to use the patented ash cleaner. Moreover, it contains an internal meat temperature check. In terms of pricing well this one fits your budget well as it’s priced under 200$. The many features plus the quality of service will definitely prove to be worth the investment in the end.

    Extra features:

    • It contains a well-designed ash cleanout.
    • It is easily affordable as it’s priced at 200 dollars.

    5. Royal Gourmet Regal GB4000 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill Outdoor Griddles

    Royal Gourmet Regal GB4000 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

    Check Price

    • By: Royal Gourmet Outdoor Griddles

    In the classification of the best griddle, you surely cannot leave out the royal gourmet product. It boasts of 4 steel tube burners with each having 13000 BTU thus totaling up to 52000 power. The cooking surface area measures 33.5’ and 19.7’’. Besides, it has a reliable ignition system that reliably performs with each push.

    On the other hand, the side tables give additional working area space. Space is large such that it can hold up to 25 lb. of items. Moreover, it has a heavy duty shelf that you can use just in case you want to store your items.  It also has temperature setting for you to choose between low and high. Finally, it is equipped with 4 wheels to make moving from one place to another easy.

    Extra features:

    • The 4 powers have a cooking power of 52000 BTU.
    • It has side tables for additional working space.

    4. Blackstone Signature Accessories – Best Outdoor Griddle Grill

    Blackstone Signature Accessories

    Check Price
    • By: Blackstone

    With this Blackstone griddle, you will find cooking enjoyable. Its open design can be used by both the guest and cook. The grill table can also be used for as protector against winds when cooking.  In addition, it has a size of 32 lengths, and 64 widths and a further of 12 inches depth. The countertop has a powder coating to make it easy for you when cleaning.

    On the other hand, the 36” top is well designed to fit easily on the grill base. At the top is the 680 square inches of cooking area. Additionally, it has 36” polyester cover to be used in covering the grill. With the cover, you can remain confident that your grill has been well taken care of. Other features include the 36” griddle bag that is well designed to fit the griddle. It has zippers and is well reinforced for it to be durable.

    Extra features:

    • Its open design can allow for both cook and guest interaction.
    • It comes with an additional carry bag for use.
    • The heavy-duty polyester cover is used to protect the cover.

    3. Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

    Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station Check Price

    • By: Blackstone Outdoor Griddles

    If you want the griddle with a large surface area for cooking then this should fit your needs. This one has a massive 720 square inches area. This size can be great for cooking breakfast, dinner, and lunch. With the bottom shelf and 2 side shelves offer storage space for kitchen items. Moreover, it’s made of powder coated steel frame so durability shouldn’t be any of your concerns.

    Likewise, it still has the still burners and cooktops that contribute to their longevity. When the need for transport arises well you can remove the griddle top, fold the legs and roll it easily as it has the 4 caster legs. In terms, of heat, it has 4 burners that total up to 60,000 BTU.  With the reliable control panel, it will be easy to adjust from low to high. This grill will definitely be a great addition to your kitchen collection.

    Extra features:

    • It has controllable heat from a maximum of 60000 BTU.
    • The griddle has its parts made of steel for durability purposes.

    2. Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

    Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo Check Price

    • By: Royal Gourmet Outdoor Griddles

    Replace your standard grill with this griddle. With a surface area of around 292 square inches, each this will offer a great cooking area for your meals. Boasting of the 4 burners that give a total output of 48000 BTU. On either side of the griddle is a 2 side table for additional working space.

    For use, it has the reliable ignition that starts just with a simple push of the ignition button. Moreover, the grease channels and drip pans make cleaning the griddle an easier task. Likewise, it’s easy to transport it as the folding frame plus the four caster wheels ensure they can be moved to the desired destination easily.

    Extra features:

    • It has a dual surface with grill with both offering a cooking space.
    • The electronic ignition will make cooking enjoyable.

    1. Camp Chef, Best Professional Restaurant Grade Cooking Flat Tog Grill – Best Outdoor Griddles

    Camp Chef, Best Professional Restaurant Grade Cooking Flat Top Grill

    Check Price

    • By: Camp Chef Outdoor Griddles

    Eliminate the hassle of using kerosene to cook by getting this griddle. It’s simple and very enjoyable to use. This one has a top griddle with an area of 20.5 x 31 for use. Besides this it as a cooking surface area of  604 square terms of heat, it has 4 burners that contribute every 12000 BTU that adds up to massive 48000 power. It also contains a grease management channels for easy maintenance. The ignition system is also reliable. Additionally, the two shelves can be used as a working area. Underneath the griddle features a grill that can be used for making chickens and hamburgers.

    Extra features:

    • Underneath the griddle is a massive grill to make delicacies.
    • The flat top griddle can be interchanged depending on what you want to cook.

    What to consider when buying an outdoor griddle

    Grilling area: the surface area of the griddle affects the cooking time. If you are looking for a grill to cook food for a large family then choose one with a large surface area. This will reduce the effort used and create more joy in the end.

    Burners: the griddles are equipped with different numbers from 2 to 4. Getting one with the right numbers will definitely make difference when cooking delicacies. Those with 4 burners produce more heat is more effective than those with two.

    Griddle styles: the griddle comes in different styles we have the countertop, drop in and the teppanyaki griddles. Countertop and drop in are the common ones. You can choose any depending on your preferred uses.

    Price: the griddles are relatively expensive products. However, you will always find one that fits your budget limit. If you want that is more effective and has many features you should not hesitate to spend more.

    Why you need the outdoor griddle

    Portability: the various griddles are foldable design for easy transport. Whereas some have wheels for easy pushing others can be placed in a carrier bag for easy transportation. The grills normally don’t have much weight.

    Versatility: both indoors and outdoors the griddles can help you well.  You can also cook plenty of food and delicacies with this griddle. Both for large and small families the grid will do that. All you have to do is to carry it along with you.

    Easy cooking: both the great power and the surface area cook food effectively. The burners give more than enough heat for cooking. You may even have to readjust the temperature whether you want low or high. Additionally, there is an additional working space for you. With this cooking will be enjoyable forget the hassle of using kerosene.

    To wrap it up

    You have to look for the best griddle if you want to have a great cooking experience. From the number of burners to the griddle type all of them affect their effectiveness. All the griddle in this review are of great quality .you can choose any for your uses from the ones listed here but be rest assured all will give a great cooking experience.

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