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Top 10 Best Patient Lifts Reviews In 2022

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    Patient lifts are specifically designed to lift and transfer a patient who needs mobility assistance to transfer them from a bed to the chair, bath, automobile, or commode. Patient lifts are safety devices that protect patients from any injuries. A few years ago, transferring and lifting a patient from one place to another was very dangerous.

    But, with a patient lift is easy and safe to transfer patients from one place to another. These lifts use a heavy hydraulic system which allows easy lifting and transferring of patients. They are also easy to operate. Below we have listed and reviewed the best electric and manual patient lifts currently available on the market. Read more about patients lifts below:

    Top 10 Best Patient Lifts Reviews

    10-Probasics Hydraulic Patient Body Lift

    Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift

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    Are for the best hydraulic lift that will help you to easily transfer your patients between bed and chair? Then, this is a great choice for you.  With an easy close/open and small footprint design, this lift is perfect for use in small spaces such as bedsides, toilets, and bathroom. It is also easy to operate this lift by applying a small force to the handle. Furthermore, it is very easy stable and has a weight capacity of 450 Lbs.

    Key features:

    • Very Easy to assemble and use
    • Have casters for easy rolling from one room to another
    • Constructed with lightweight and durable material
    • Weight capacity of 450 Lbs

    9-Drive Medical Patient Lift with Six Point Cradle

    Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lifts

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    The Drive Medical is another excellent hydraulic patient lift that allows easy and smooth transfer of patients. This lift has a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs. It also provides a good lifting range of 17.5-72 inches. The handle is also padded for added comfort when lifting your patient.

    Key features:

    • 6-point cradle design
    • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
    • Sturdy, durable, and stable base
    • Has casters for easy maneuvering

    8-Invacare Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift

    Invacare Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift

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    The Invacare hydraulic Patient Body Lift was specifically designed for transferring and lifting incapacitated patients from seat to beds with ease.  This lift is extremely versatile, it features a lightweight and slim design so it does not take up a lot of space and can easily be disassembled for easy transport and storage.  It also allows 360-degree patient rotation making it versatile and flexible.

    Key features:

    • 450lbs weight capacity
    • 360-degree rotation ability
    • Has a lifting range from 27 to 75-inches
    • Portable and lightweight design

    7-Invacare 9805P Personal Hydraulic Patient Lift- (Large R111)

    Invacare 9805P Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift Kit With Mesh Sling (Large R111)

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    The Invacare 9805P Hydraulic Patient Lift is can be used to transfer and lift patients from also anywhere. It is very easy to operate, allowing fast and safe transfer of the patient from bed or chair. This lift also features a six-point bar attachment that will allow all sling positions and styles. It has a lifting range of 20 – 64 inches for easy lifting of patients from floor to high beds.

    Key features:

    • 6-point swivel bar attachment
    • 360-degree patient rotation
    • Very easy to assemble and disassemble
    • Stable base with locking casters

    6-Invacare RPL450-2 Battery-Powered Lift

    Invacare RPL450-2 Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift

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    If you are looking for an electric Patient Lifts that is also easy to operate, then this a great pick.  The maximum capacity of this lift is 450 lbs, making it perfect for most people. It is constructed with a high-quality aluminum material making it strong and durable. This lift can also be folded for easy storage and transport. The Invacare RPL450-2 lift can also be used manually.

    Key features:

    • Comes with a charger
    • High-quality aluminum construction
    • Foldable design for easy storage and transport
    • Can be open operate automatically or manually

    5-Comfy Go 2022 NEW Multifunctional Patient Lift

    Comfy Go 2022 NEW Easy Body Lift

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    This is a multifunctional patient lift that comes with toilet Sling, Seat Belts, Foot and Calf Support Belt. Its stainless steel frame and waterproof sling make this patient lift perfect for showing and bathing. It has a maximum capacity of 450 lb. Additionally, this lift comes with 2 –years limited warranty from the manufacturer.

    Key features:

    • 4-in-1 patient lift
    • Lightweight and portable design
    • 2-years limited warranty
    • It is easy to assemble and use.

    4-Invacare 9805P Hydraulic Patient Body Lift

    Invacare 9805P Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift

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    The Hoyer classic is another heavy-duty lift with high-quality stainless steel construction. It is perfect for transferring and lifting patients from chair to bed and from chair to bath. This lift can easily support up to 450-pound weight. It features a heavy-duty hydraulic system which allows easy lowering and lifting. It can also be rotated 360-degrees.  The lift also comes with low-friction casters for easy rolling.

    Key features:

    • six-point attachment
    • compatible with multiple sling styles
    • durable stainless steel construction
    • easy to operate and assemble

    3-Invacare 9805P Hydraulic Patient Body Lift (Medium R110)

    Invacare 9805P Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift Kit With Mesh Sling (Medium R110)

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    The Invacare Patient Lift 9805P Features ergonomic design and strong construction, it also offers many features making patient transfer faster and easier, reducing the discomfort and stress during this process. This lift is constructed from heavy-duty steel making it strong and durable. And has a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs.

    Key features:

    • 20 – 64-inches height lifting range
    • Durable and lightweight design
    • 6-point swivel bar attachment
    • Comes with an affordable price

    2-McKesson 32424401 Entrust Hoyer Patient Transfer Sling Battery Lift

    Hoyer - Deluxe Power Patient Lifter

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    This is another electric patient lift with advanced feature to allow for easy and safe patient transfer. It runs on a high quality 12-V rechargeable battery. This lift is strong to support a maximum weight of 450 lbs. It is constructed from durable and lightweight stainless steel material making it strong and long-lasting. It is also easy to operate and assemble.

    Key features:

    • Adjustable and stable base
    • Simple to operate
    • Can be used manually or automatically
    • Durable steel construction

    1-Hoyer – Deluxe electric Patient Lifter – HPL402

    McKesson 32424401 Entrust Performance Hoyer Patient Transfer Sling Battery Lift

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    The Hoyer – Deluxe is out top pick on our list. This is one of the most affordable electric Patient Lifter currently available on the market.  This lift comes with ergonomic grip handles which help to reduce back strain. It also features caster bumpers and leg guards that help prevent any damage to your floor. This lift was designed to be strong, durable, easy to use, and meant to hold up to repeated daily use.

    Key features:

    • Ergonomic handle grips to prevent back strain
    • Heavy-gauge steel construction
    • 450 lbs safe working load
    • Easy to use and stable

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