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Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans for Bedroom in (2022) Reviews

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    Pedestal fan for bedrooms are products that we bring at your disposal to provide you with fresh and cool atmosphere. These brands come in unique qualities and designs that influence their pricing. They are highly rated and praised by customer for their long-term service of comfort and fresh air in your room. The article we are availing to you as our customer gives you a great insight of the top most treasured ones.

    List of the Best Pedestal Fans for Bedroom in 2022:

    10. Kaz Honeywell hs-1665 quiet set

    Kaz Honeywell hs-1665 quiet set
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    This brand come with a 16” adjustable stand that aids project unto where it is required. It is available in four different color that create beauty in your room. The device is powerful and quiet that aids provide cooling to the entire room. It has LED controls with a remote control that makes it a 1, 2, 3, 4 hours shut off timer. If your small is small or medium sized we recommend you to have this brand because it is designed to suit them perfectly.

    9. Vornado 683 pedestal whole room air circulator

    Vornado 683 pedestal whole room air circulator
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    This merchandise features signature grill and deep pitched propeller that move air up to 75 feet enhancing aerodynamically circulation of air in the entire room. The device also comes with 3-speed front facing control that allows quick, simple and easy selection of speed. Its ass easy to assemble since it comes with a tool free base that is well designed for quick setup, reassembling and storing of the same. The brand offers you with a 32 inch – 38 inch height so as to control project of the air. Our product comes with 5 year guarantee if it does not meet your needs.

    8. Lasko #2535 oscillating pedestal fans

    Lasko #2535 oscillating pedestal fans
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    It offers an adjustable height of 41” to 52” which provides you with an opportunity to control comfort in your room. Material used to make this brand is plastic which makes it durable. Features optional sleep mode that allows you to enjoy six hours of comfort with a touch of a button with automatic shut-off. The brand has an easy to carry handle and optional oscillation, directional louvre which directs fresh air up or down as need aided by three powerful speeds for widespread comfort in your room. The good comes with a patented fused safety plug.

    7. Comfort zone cZST161BTE pedestal fan

    Comfort zone cZST161BTE pedestal fan
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    The item has quad-pod patented and quick pre-assembled folding base that makes it simple to setup and enjoy comfort in the house. It features adjustable height with different tilts offering 3 different speeds of fresh and cool atmosphere. Available color of the brand is white.

    6. Costway 18-inch pedestal fan

    Costway 18-inch pedestal fan
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    This fan features convenient electronic timer that can be set from 40-120 minutes to offers oscillation making the entire room cool. It comes with 3 speed, energy efficient motor operates quietly and adjustable tilt back to address and settle your different needs. Rotates up to 90 degrees angle making the entire room feel cool and freshened. Has long blades that aids circulate cool air in all rooms; small, medium and large rooms.

    5. Lasko #4930 remote control oscillating fan

    Lasko #4930 remote control oscillating fan
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    The product comes is in grey color featuring a high speed that is controlled using a remote. Height of 20 inch and 3 powerhouse speeds to manage the wind circulating in your room. The modes of speed helps oscillations to be broad and cover a wide area offering fresh and cool air. The unit also includes electronic on-off timer that provides you with an opportunity to program freshness in your house and also safe on power usage.

    4. Costway 16” adjustable pedestal fan

    Costway 16” adjustable pedestal fan
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    It is a user friendly and convenient timer device that can be set from 0.5 – 7. 5 hours. These product has three modes that is normal, nature and sleep which cool oscillations keeping your room fresh. Features adjustable tilt back and head that adapts to different needs of your room. Comes with double blades that produces more powerful wind for coolness of your room. Has multifunction remote control system that is controlling using manual controller and as well also come with a remoter.

    3. Kaz Honeywell HS- 1655 quiet set

    Kaz Honeywell HS- 1655 quiet set
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    This brand is available in for different colors made of plastic material making it long lasting and give quality service. It has powerful and quiet output of five speeds or levels enhancing circulation of wind all over the whole room. Has adjustable height and 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 hours shut off timer.

    2. Rowenta VU5551 turbo silence oscillating fan

    Rowenta VU5551 turbo silence oscillating fan
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    It is suitable for home or office with 4 speed oscillating 16 inch pedestal fan making them most powerful and quiet. Comes with 3 mid to high or turbo boost speeds that adds an extra powerful feeling and blast of instant fresh air. Speed settings can be easily and quickly manually adjusted or using a remote control. Made of 5 blade fan head that pivots up to 90 degrees in left, right, up and down directions that is entirely all directions and you can set stationary for targeted area. Come s with 42-54 inches adjustable height, stable base and a built in hand for effortless movement from one room to another.

    1. Lasko 1827 adjustable elegance and performance pedestal fan

    Lasko 1827 adjustable elegance and performance pedestal fan
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    The merchandise quietly cools with three energy efficient speeds and features an elegant grill design. It features tilt back that aids to direct air where it is needed and made of simple tools that needs no assembling. Assures 100 plus years of wide oscillation, quality, comfort and durability.

    If you have ever been looking for pedestal fan for your bedroom the above mention ones will not fail or disappoint you. They offer comfort, coolness, durability and quality service without fail. These brands come on prices that are very affordable. They have all traits to draw attention of your cash consider freshness in your home with one them.

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