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Top 10 Best Planter Boxes in 2022

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    Are you looking for ways to grow your own plants, flowers or vegetable for your own garden? Are you searching for ways to add more decoration to the garden in your house? Make sure to check out this review on the top 10 best planter boxes in 2022.

    These planter boxes come in various sizes/heights with different designs for meeting a wide variety of needs. Read on to learn more about the items and their desirable features.

    List Of Top 10 Best Planter Boxes in 2022

    10. Red Oak Road Planter Box

    Rustic Planters Box

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    Red Oak Road should be a frontier for you when it comes to choosing the planter boxes for your outdoor planter especially your beautiful garden. It features the unique and vintage look that is made by hand using lumber and nails. The planter box will come with deep and rich look since it has already been hand oiled before putting on the shelf in the market.

    The most surprising thing is that these planter boxes from Red Oak Road will always be different in nail holes, stains, original marking. You will experience using the perfect natural wood hand crafted that guaranteed to last for long.

    9. Boldly Growing Raised Bed Wood Gardening Box

    Raised Bed Wood Gardening Box

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    This Boldly Growing gardening box is perfect for growing your plants and vegetables. This tall outdoor garden planter boxes will offer you space to place your plants and grow them effectively with the dimension of 48 inches long and 41.3 inches wide. With this dimension, this box is capable of holding up to 10 cubic feet of soil.

    It is constructed of natural and unfinished wood that offers great look for your garden, easy to install and easy to find space to store. This kind of wood planter box is very strong and is rot resistant to ensure to drain well and has long lifespan.

    8. CYC Excel Cube Wood Planter Box Set

    CYS EXCEL - Cube Wood Planter Box

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    You can make your garden wonderful by just getting these wood planter boxes set from CYC Excel. The box is constructed with 9mm thick solid natural wood that is very sturdy and will last for long. This set is suitable to be used as an outdoor planter or indoor planter and is really great for most kind of small plants, succulent and some air plants.

    There are 7 size options you can choose from this model as well. Choose these planter boxes to show off your garden with the countryside stylish decoration.

    7. CYC Excel Galvanized Zinc Metal Rectangle Planter

    CYS EXCEL Galvanized Zinc

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    Made of galvanized metal, the CYC Excel is sturdy enough to allow the air to get access to your plants to help them grow faster and better. You can fill this planter box with plants and let them grow and make the zen style garden for you. It features simple design, is painted with black color and comes in rectangle shape which is perfect for most air plant and cactus.

    This rectangle planter box cannot only be used for decorating your garden but it also can help with your wedding decoration as flower boxes for the one who love to fill their wedding hall with fresh flowers.

    6. VeraCasa Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Kit

    VeraCasa Raised Vegetable

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    We have spotted the best garden bed from VeraCasa which is best known for its durability. This one guarantees to not rot and rust easily with the construction of premium PP plastic that is sturdy and withstand well with any weather. This plastic planter box is capable of helping the root of the plants breathe easily so that the plants will also grow perfectly.

    There is an additional tray at the bottom to hold the waters with the holes on 4 sizes to drain the water to protect the root from getting rot. No tool required installing this one and with just 10 minutes, everything will be good to go.

    5. Veradek Corten Steel Long Box Planter

    Corten Steel Long Box Planter

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    With a Veradek product, you can take some rest knowing that your garden is already wonderful with the plants decoration. This long box planter comes in rectangular size so that it can fit any corners much easier. Veradek has chosen high grade, thick gauge corten steel to build this one up to prevent rust and can live a long life.

    It will never frost or crack depending on weathers and will protect the root during winter and summer so that you plants will always be alive through season. Getting this one is just like paying the money on getting the modern decoration for your garden.

    4. Greenes Fence Best Cedar Raised Garden Bed Planter

    Best Value Cedar Raised Garden

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    Featuring the naturally rot and insect resistant white Cedar, Greenes Fence are glad to introduce you the best raised garden planter box. It is constructed with 0.5 inches thick Cedar wood that is natural and unfinished wood. This box will not damage easily, protect your plant from insect, prevent the root from rotting and is very easy to install.

    These strawberry planters are allowed to be stacked or connected to customize your own desire decoration for your garden.

    3. Best Choice Products Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

    Best Choice Products Raised

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    You will find this model attractive with its step design. This design will allow you to grow different kind of plants in various spaces easily. This 4 by 4 foot garden bed provides much space for your plants to grow with the construction of half thick solid wood that can last for season, allow the root to breathe and protect your plants from insect. You do not need many tools and spend more than 1 hour to assemble this one.

    2. Best Choice Products Vegetable Raised Garden Bed

    Best Choice Products Vegetable

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    The 8 by 2 foot Best Choice Raised Garden Bed set features the two in one structure with 10 inches height wall. You can separate the box into two parts by just putting the divider in the middle. It is the combination of 0.5 inches thick solid wood that ensures to have a long lifespan and resists well with pest. It gives enough room for your plant to grow and for the root to breathe so that your plants will be healthier.

    With just few minutes spent for assembly, it will ready to grow your plants. Plus, you can actually paint the box with your desire color as well.

    1. Best Choice Products Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

    Best Choice Products Raised

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    The planter’s rectangular shape from Best Choice Products will allow you to grow plants, flowers or herbs effectively with the ample space that can help the plants grow much faster and better. It is designed focused on durability to last through seasons since this herb planter box is constructed with 075 inches thick Cedar wood.

    You do not need to kneel down to check out on your plant as this one can stand at 30 inches tall. Build your beautiful garden with these planter boxes with just a few minutes and a few tools required for the first installation.


    When it comes to planter boxes, you might think it is just simple thing choosing one box to place in your garden. However, when you arrive to the store, there will be challenges getting the right one. All of these top 10 best planter boxes above should be one of the ultimate options for you since they are all known to help your plants grow more effectively and offer the best decoration to your garden.

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