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Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2022

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    Are you currently finding ways to deal with boredom during a long road traveling? Watching videos or playing game can be one of the most efficient methods to kill time. Therefore, a long battery life portable DVD players is what you need.

    We have collected the top quality DVD players that can help keep you entertained during traveling. Some of are more than just DVD players but also game consoles. Let’s find out the details and features of the top 10 best portable DVD players below.

    List Of Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2022

    10. FUNAVO Portable DVD Player

    FUNAVO 10.5" Portable DVD Player

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    FUNAVO is an adorable kids portable dvd player that is designed specifically for kids. This blue technology is painted with loving cartoon picture that represents and entertains small children. Featuring swiveling head, it can be turned to multi-direction at 270 degrees for better and convenient viewing. Besides that, it is also foldable at 180 degrees making storage a lot easier. As being built with rechargeable battery, it allows you to recharge it once its longlife battery is out.

    This FUNAVO DVD Player includes a carry case which allows kids to put it down for better organization. It also has a matching headphone which has a lovely look and delivers high quality surround sound.

    9. TENKER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player

    TENKER 10.5" Portable Dvd Player

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    Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery, TENKER is a mini dvd deck that runs up to 3 hours sharpe for movie. It comes with a very compact design which is only 10.5 inches. Therefore, it is very ideal for road trips. Even it is a DVD player, it fully supports CD, VCD, SD cards and others. Moreover, the swivel head design allows users to move the screen to multiple angles and flip it for a better view.

    Users can turn this DVD Player into a tablet mode for ease of car headrest attaching during traveling. In addition, TENKER is built with modern technology of breakpoint memory which continually plays from where you pause it last time.

    8. ieGeek Portable DVD Player

    ieGeek 11.5" Portable DVD Player

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    With 11.5 inch screen, ieGeek is one of the small dvd players that is up next on our list. Although it is very compact, its carries out superb features that is useful for its users. This product features a large battery capacity of 2500 mAh that is able to run up to 5 hours. Therefore, it is perfect for any long road trip. Once the battery runs out, users can simply recharge it in the car because there is an AC power adapter included. ieGeek Portable DVD Player can also be inserted with USB and SD card for storage expansion.

    Thanks to its 360 degree moving screen, this technology allows its users to swivel it to multiple direction for a good viewing angle.

    7. Pyle 15″ Portable DVD Player

    Upgraded Pyle 15" Portable DVD Player

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    The DVD Player by Pyle is all about portability, quality, and convenience. It features a 15 inch screen which is great for video viewing. It has a very lightweight and compact design that is very portable for traveling. On top of that, the built-in stereo speakers of this product deliver the best surround sound of all time for both playing with or without headphone. Pyle has a long life time battery that allows users to use it for a long period of time.

    It also includes a rechargeable cable which can quickly and conveniently charge the battery for other uses. A remote controller is also added to make sure ease of use is always there for the users.

    6. UEME Portable DVD Player

    UEME 10.1" Portable DVD Player

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    UEME Portable DVD Player is ideal for both travel and home use as it comes with all the possible features to entertain the users. It may has a tiny screen of only 10.1 inch, but it features high video resolution of about 1024 x 600. That way, video viewing is very clear for your eyes. Furthermore, this DVD player has a stereo speakers that bring out the best anti-shock audio. Being built with a large capacity battery, UEME is able to work for up to 4 hours with a single charge.

    This product has a 3.5mm headphone jack which allows users to plug in the headphone. Apart from that, there is USB and SD card ports available for additional memory storage.

    5. THZY DR.J Portable DVD Player

    DR.J 14.1 inch 7 Hours Portable

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    THZY DR.J Portable DVD Player has the longest battery lifetime which is very ideal for on the go trip. Being equipped with 6000 mAh battery, it allows you to enjoy using it up to 7 hours straight per charge. The manufacturer includes TFT screen to ensure that your eyes will be well protected from too much brightness. The screen itself can be rotated to 270 degrees which makes choosing the right angle very easy for you. This DVD player also features 180 degree flipping design for ease of viewing.

    THZY DR.J Portable DVD Player is built with USB and SD card ports allowing you to play video from other sources conveniently. Also, it has a built-in power adapter that can be used with both car and home plugging system.

    4. DBPOWER Portable DVD Player

    DBPOWER 14" Portable DVD Player

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    DBPOWER Portable DVD Player is another handheld dvd player that goes with you everywhere. It is nicely built with a 14 inch screen that plays video with high resolution. Being attached with the best speakers, antishock stereo sound is also delivered while the video is being played. DBPOWER is very convenient to use because it is designed as a multimedia supporter. Therefore, it is very compatible with CD, VCD, DVD, and a lot more.

    DBPOWER Portable DVD Player is always up with you. Because it has a very big battery capacity, it stays awake up to 3 hours. Beside, it assists users in recharging even during the road trip as the AC adapter is also included.

    3. COOAU Portable DVD Player

    COOAU 11.5" Portable DVD Player

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    Coming further, another portable DVD player to add on is COOAU Portable DVD Player. Coming with the size of 11.5 inches, this makes the best DVD player to carry on the trip. The swivel screen of this technology can be moved to 270 degrees making viewing a lot better. With the long life battery, it helps to lessen your boredom for about 5 hours straight.

    COOAU Portable DVD Player does not only allow you to watch movie, but it also acts as the best gaming station on the car. It features a game controller within the purchase with offers additional ways for boredom releasing.

    2. Sylvania Portable DVD Player

    Sylvania 15.6-Inch Swivel

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    If you want a little bit larger DVD player that still keeps its portability, Sylvania is what we would like to suggest. It is portably built with 15.6 inch size which allows you to pack it on your backpack or bag easily for every trip. It is not only small but it has a very long battery life that keeps accompanying you for around 3 hours. Sylvania features a rotatable screen which you can swivel it at 270 degrees for ease of viewing. Its two stereo speakers offer clear and loud audio sound while watching video or listening to music.

    Sylvania also arrives with a remote control which helps you to change any functions more conveniently without having to reach the machine.

    1. DBPOWER 10.5’’ Portable DVD Player

    DBPOWER 10.5" Portable DVD Player

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    DBPOWER 10.5’’ portable DVD player wins over other products because it has many superior features that entertain you to the max. First off, its large battery capacity keeps you away from worrying that it will shut off at anytime. Having a built-in 2500 mAh battery, this DVD console runs up to 4 hours straight. In addition to this benefit, it is also included with a car charger which allows you to recharge it right away even while you are traveling. Moreover, its sound and viewing quality is the best among all because it is built with an eye-protection screen with high resolution video running.

    DBPOWER 10.5’’ Portable DVD Player carries out a multimedia feature which also allows you to connect this player to your TV for better viewing experience.


    All in all, it can be seen that the products we recommend are highly built for both home use and traveling. A long battery life is one important thing while other features such as clear viewing, perfect sound, and portability are what added to make them the best portable DVD players in 2022.

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