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Top 10 Best Projector Screens Reviews In 2022

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    Are you looking to make your watching or gaming experience go beyond a 70-inch 4K HDTV? If you have a good projector, then you need the best projector screens to enjoy your movies in a crisp, clear manner. The projector screen is ideal for home theater fanatics and can make your home the best place to enjoy and watch movies. In this post, we are reviewing the best projector screens to buy. Read through our review and make sure you choose a projector screen that meets your watching needs.

    Table of the Best Projector Screens Reviews

    10. VIVO 100-Inch Projector Screen for Home Theater

    Projector Screens

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    This is a versatile projector screen for ceiling and wall installation. It is a durable choice that comes with a sturdy metal casing to protect it. This screen offers a wide 120 degrees viewing angle. It features a matte white surface area that distributes light in all directions. There is a further built-in mount for easy mounting on walls. To enhance picture contrast, the screen features four-sided black borders and a screen material gain of 1:1. Overall, this is an excellent projector screen compatible with a wide range of DLP and LED projectors.


    • Crisp 120 degrees viewing angle
    • Four black sided corners to enhance the contrast of the picture
    • Matte white surface area for better diffusion of light
    • Built-in mounting

    9. Owlenz 120-inch Portable Projection Screens for Movie

    Owlenz 120 inch Projection Screen

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    This is a convenient projector screen that folds to allow for ease of carrying and storage. It is a compact pick designed in a folding manner for portability. It folds and can be carried on the backpack wherever you go. This makes it pretty versatile for use anywhere from watching movies, classes, presentation, outdoor and a lot more. The surface features a high-absorbency material that is anti-crease. Overall, it sets up quickly and delivers brighter images.


    • Anti-crease
    • High absorbency material
    • Foldable design for secure storage and transport
    • Easy to set up
    • Wide application

    8. Best 119-Inch Manual Projector Projection Screen

     Manual Projector Projection Screen Pull Down Screen

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    With a ratio of 1:1 gain, this best choice projector will offer you sharp and bright images that bring the cinema experience to your home. It is a white screen for even diffusion of light and a black border to enhance the picture contrast. This is one of the best projector screens for business, homes, and schools.  It is perfectly sized at 92.4 by 74.5 inches and easily mounts on walls and ceilings. It is also anti-static, anti-fabric and lightweight for easy carrying.


    • Bright, beautiful images
    • 1:1 high gain
    • Built-in self-lock mechanism
    • Anti-static and anti-fabric screen

    7. VIVO 100-inch Indoor/Outdoor Portable Projector Screens

    VIVO 100" Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

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    This is a 100-inch diagonal projector screen ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. It features a heavy-duty tripod stand that allows for use anywhere you go without necessary hanging to walls. You can be sure of bright and sharp images with a high 1:1 screen material gain and a crisp 120 degrees viewing angle. It is a versatile screen that adjusts to the height of the screen. There is a further handle lock to keep it in place when watching.


    • Universally compatible with a wide range of LED and LCD projectors
    • Auto locking mechanism
    • 1:1 high gain
    • 120 viewing angle
    • Highly portable

    6. TaoTronics Projector Screen with Stand for Movie Screen

    Projector Screen with Stand, TaoTronics Indoor and Outdoor Movie Screen

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    TaoTronics is a premium projector screen with a wrinkle-free display to help you watch movies at home.  It features a premium 1.1 gain, a sturdy stand, and a versatile viewing angle. This screen features a wide 160 degrees viewing angle to enable you to watch your favorite movies from any angles in the house. It is pretty easy to set up in two minutes without using any screws. You can clean easily, and it does not stain.


    • Versatile 160 degrees angle
    • 1.1 gain
    • Avoids yellow staining and easy to clean
    • Fast two-minute setup
    • Stable tripod stand

    5. GBTIGER 150″ Outdoor Folding Projector Screen for Theater

    GBTIGER 150 inch Outdoor Movie Projector Screen with Bag

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    The GBTIGER is one large and professional projector screen with a wide viewing area. It is an upgraded version of the previous GBTIGER with new improvements.  Some of the new features include hanging holes that make installation a lot easier.  The screen is lightweight, mildew resistant, synthetic fiber and pretty easy to clean using soapy water. Overall, this is a versatile screen that can be used in various areas. It is lightweight and comes shipped in a compact package.


    • Synthetic fiber screen material
    • Hanging holes for easy installation
    • Wide viewing area
    • Foldable and portable

    4. GO-80 80-Inch Projection Screen with Mount on Tripod & Wall

    rojection Screen with Mount

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    This is another highly portable projector screen that comes with a stand for ease of use everywhere. It features a bright fiberglass screen for sharp and clear images. You can carry it anywhere as it weighs a mere less than 9 pounds. It is a complete package of the screen material, wall mounts, and tripod stands. You can quickly set it up in two minutes. Overall, this is a great projector screen that comes with all the required accessories and carrying case.


    • Highly portable weighing less than 9 pounds
    • Bright white fiberglass
    • Tripod stand and carrying case included
    • High definition viewing

    3. TaoTronics Indoor Projector Screen for Outdoor Movie Screen

    Projector Screen with Stand

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    TaoTronics is a premium projector screen with a quality screen that is wrinkle-free, non-yellow staining and quite easy to clean. It is 6.6 feet wide, 5.6 feet high and comes with a tripod stand 2.6 feet. This is the perfect gift for mothers as it sets up quickly in two minutes without the use of screws.  It has a large 160 degrees viewing angle and a 1.1 gain for clearer and sharper images. This allows you to sit at any angle and still enjoy crisp, clear images.


    • It offers a versatile 160 degrees viewing angle
    • 1.1 gain
    • 2-minute fast setup
    • Wrinkle-free screen
    • Avoids yellow staining

    2. STR-169120 Silver 120-inch Projector Screen

    STR-169120 Silver 120-inch Projector Screen

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    This is a top-rated projector screen and one of the best-selling picks on the market with a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees. It also has a 1.1 gain and allows one to watch from any angle without losing resolution. It is sturdy and durable with a beveled aluminum frame. The assembly of the screen is also easy with a tensioning rod system. Top and bottom mounting brackets allow for easy installation.


    • Heavy duty beveled aluminum frame
    • 1.1 gain
    • Large 160 degrees viewing angle
    • Easy and quick assembly

    1. Best 100-Inch Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

    Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

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    This is the best projector screen on the market with a high 1.3 gain and a white matte screen for bright and sharp images. It is one of the easiest screens to mount. It is a motor operated screen with remote control features that allow for easy use. It is lightweight and can be transported anywhere making it ideal for business, homes, and classrooms.


    • Motor-operated screen
    • Bright and beautiful images
    • Lightweight casing
    • Anti-fabric and anti-static


    Enhance your watching experience by getting the best projector screens on the market this year. Projector screens are ideal for giving you sharp, clear and bright images. These are the best choices on the market and make sure you buy from our reviews to get the best deal.

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