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Top 10 Best Salon Towels for Women and Men Reviews In 2022

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    For estheticians, manicurists, hairdressers, and barbers, there is on the thing that they must have almost every time in their line of work. The quality salon towels are a must for these jobs. These salon towels must be able to withstand harsh chemicals and durable, yet they also need to stay fresh and soft after washing and drying them. To help you get quality salon on the market, we have reviewed the top best salon towels. Go through our reviews below and find yourself the best towel for your salon. You can also use these towels at home.

    Top 10 Best Salon Towels Reviews

    10. Utopia 24-Pack Towels Cotton Bleach Proof Salon Towels

    Utopia Towels Cotton Bleach Proof Salon Towels (24-Pack, Black,16 x 27 inches) - Bleach Safe Gym Hand Towel

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    If you are looking for high-quality and absorbent salon towel, this is a 24-Pack great set for you. These towels dry fast and they are a perfect addition to any salon. They are made from 100% terry cotton material to retain and absorb more moisture. Measuring 27 x 16 inches, they are perfect for most salon tasks. Additionally, these towels are machine washable and shrink resistant.

    Key features

    • Measures27 BY 16 inches
    • Comfortable and soft
    • Made from 100% quality terry cloth cotton
    • Retain and absorb moisture faster

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    9. Egyptian Towels 100% Cotton SALON Towels

    Egyptian Towels 100% Cotton Salon Towels 16” x 27”

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    These salon towels from Egyptian are another lovely brand of 12 towels. These 12 towels measure 16 by 27 inches. They are made from 100-per cent cotton material making them high absorbing and soft. These towels will remain soft after washing drying. You can use them on various tasks including massage, carpeting, polishing chrome, wax removal, wax removal and much more.

    Key features

    • Made from 100% soft cotton
    • They are High absorbent
    • Each towel measure 27 by 16 inches
    • Remain soft after dry and washing

    8. HomeLabels Cotton Salon Towels- (12-Pack)

    Cotton Salon Towels - Gym Towel

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    HomeLabels is one of the well-known brands that produce high-quality salon towel quite sometime now. These towels will remain fresh and vibrant for a long time giving you a perfect service.  Each towel measures 26 x 16 inches giving you high-performance levels. These salon towels are colour safe and can be washed with cold and hot water to remove lotions, stains, makers, hair dyes and other chemicals.

    Key features

    • Each towel measures 26 x 16 inches
    • Stay vibrant and fresh for long
    • Made up of 100% Ringspun Cotton material

    7. Comfy Microfiber Black Salon Towels- 10 Packs

    Comfy Microfiber Salon Towels 10 Pack

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    The Comfy Microfiber s10- pack salon towels are absorbent, long-lasting and soft. These salon towels are 6-times durable than most cotton salon towels on the market. Each towel measures 29 by 16 inches and is large enough for various salon task. They also feature 20% polyamide and 80% polyester making them shrinks and stain-resistant.

    Key features

    • 20% polyamide and 80% polyester
    • Highly absorbent
    • Soft and ultra-absorbent
    • Stain and shrink resistant

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    6. Comfy White Microfiber 10-pack White Salon Towels

    Comfy White Microfiber Salon Towels - 10 Pack

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    These towels are great for individuals who are looking for high-quality salon towels at an affordable price.  The salon towels are made from high-quality terry cloth cotton material making the high absorbing. They also remain vibrant and fresh and retain moisture for long.  In addition, these salon towels will remain clean and fresh making your customers feel very comfortable.

    Key features

    • Measures 27 by 16 inches
    • Machine washable
    • Quick-drying
    • They are white in colour

    5. MagTex Cotton Salon Towels

    Cotton Salon Towels (24-Pack, Black,16x27 inches)

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    The MagTex Cotton Salon towels are among the absorbent, sturdiest and softest salon towels on the market. This is a perfect pack of 24 high-quality towels to serve all your salon needs including bathing and hair care. The salon towels are made from 100% cotton material that will remain vibrant and fresh and retain moisture for long.

    Key features

    • Stain and shrink resistant
    • Made from 100% soft cotton
    • Remain soft after dry and washing
    • They are High absorbent

    4. MagTex 24-Pack Cotton Salon Towels

    Cotton Salon Towels (24-Pack, White,16x27 inches)

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    These 24-pack cotton salon towels are made using 100% cotton material that has no chemicals and synthetic materials. This makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin. They retain and absorb more moisture. These towels measure 27 x 16 inches making them reliable and efficient. You can also wash these salon towels in a washing machine with coloured clothes.

    Key features

    • High absorbent and moisture-retaining
    • Measures 16 by27 inches
    • Made up of 100-per cent Cotton Material
    • Look clean and stays fresh for longer

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    3. Gold Textiles 12-Pack Cotton Salon Towels

    Cotton Salon Towels (12-Pack, White,16x27 inches)

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    These Gold Textiles 12-Pack Cotton salon towels are long lasting, durable and absorbent. They are soft and even softer after drying and washing. These salon towels measure 16×27 inches which give you the proper coverage. They are made from a 100-per cent high-quality cotton material which makes them wonderfully soft and super absorbent.

    Key features

    • They are highly absorbent
    • Perfect for home or business use
    • Measures 16 by 27inches
    • They are hypoallergenic ideal for with sensitive skin

    2. Diane Softees Salon Towels 10-Pack

    Diane Softees with Duraguard

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    Diane Softees Salon Towels with Duraguard offer amazing stain resistance, durability, and absorbency. These are super-soft making them perfect for all your beauty and hair care needs. Moreover, these salon towels are also 3-times more absorbent than cotton towels. The towels are also perfect for car and home cleaning.

    Key features

    • Each towel measures 16 by 29 Inches
    • Stain-resistant and won’t shrink
    • They are 6x more durable than cotton towels

    1. Towels by Doctor Joe ULTRA Salon Towels

    Towels by Doctor Joe ULTRA-15BLK Safe-2-Bleach Deep Black 16"x27"

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    Doctor Joe makes which are bleach-proof and 8 times more durable than other salon towels on the market. These towels are 8-times more durable and stronger than the cotton towels resisting from the harsh chemical in your salon.  The manufacturer has guaranteed you over 500- times washing without bleach. The towels will also remain soft after washing and drying.

    Key features

    • Safe to bleach microfiber
    • They are highly absorbent
    • Easy to dry and clean

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