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Top 10 Best Scooter Helmets in 2021 + Buying Guide

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    Whether you are just starting out in riding scooter or you are a professional scooter athlete, having a good and sturdy scooter helmet on always make you feel safe and protected during performing the action.

    This is why there are a tons of great scooter helmet produced and sold out there in the market these days because of how important it is. However, as a consumer, it might be difficult and complicated to buy one because buyers may not be sure about the quality and durability of each product.

    No worries anymore because our team will help you to deal with this like a piece of cake. After long hour of research, we have finally conducted a list of top 10 best scooter helmets in 2021.

    List Of Top 10 Best Scooter Helmets in 2021

    10. Woljay

    Woljay Leather Motorcycle

    The helmet from Woljay is very well made with sturdy and hard shell and cheap leather. You would feel great wearing this helmet because it is lightweight and can protect you from any potential injuries that might occur. However, it comes in only one size which is a bit hard if your hard is too small or too big but most people are satisfied with fit and said it fits perfectly. The size of this helmet is 56cm (22 inches) to 62cm (24.4 inches). On top of that, it uses a convenient chin strap one touch buckle which is very easy for user to put on or take off.

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    ProRider BMX Bike

    The PRORIDER helmet is a classic multi-sports helmet which is made of hard outer shell for more protection. It complies with CPSC standards for helmet safety. It is designed for a wide range of outdoor sports including biking, skating and so on. On top of that, it also features the ventilation channels for cooling comfort so that your head would not drench in sweat. Moreover, it also comes with durable polyester straps with quick-release buckle for you to easily put on or take off.

    Plus, it also includes padded inserts to help adjust the fitness of the helmet. As for the size, there are a wide range of size from X-small to X-large. The X-small typically fits children from 3-6 years old, the Small/Medium fits ages 6-10 years old, and lastly the large/X-large typically fits adolescent and adults.

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    8. JBM international

    JBM Skateboard Helmet

    The skateboard helmet from JBM international adopts durable tough shell with soft liner which could absorb external pressure caused by crash in skating activities. You will feel much safer and more confident, and thus perform better in sports activities when wearing the scooter helmet.

    Moreover, it is designed with multiple vents, special aerodynamic design and breathable foam which makes the skate helmets sweat resistance and keep the users feel cool even during intense body movement which is considered as cool helmets for skateboarding or roller skate.

    On top of that, the scooter helmets equipped with adjustable straps for you to adjust flexibly to get a better fit. As adopt lightweight material with excellent quality, this skating helmet won’t cause additional pressure to your head. Last but not least, it is widely used in skating activities such as skateboarding, roller skating, inline skate, scooter and so on. It comes in three different sizes for you to choose.

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    7. Nutcase

    Nutcase - Solid Street Bike

    The scooter helmet from Nutcase is filled with protective EPS foam designed to disperse energy on impact and certified for biking and skating which protects you from potential injuries. Moreover, the Street Helmet has a dial fit system that you can adjust and remove as needed. Plus, It comes with three sets of foam pads to change out for a more customized fit. It is very easy to put on and take off because you can snap in and out of your helmet in a flash, even with gloves.

    The Fidlock magnetic closure is easy to open and close and it’s covered in soft padding that’s comfortable on your chin. Most importantly, the helmet is breezy and lightweight with in-mold shell has 11 vents and internal channeling for maximum airflow to keep you cool as a cucumber, all day long.

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    6. Tourdarson

    Tourdarson Skateboard

    The Hard-Shell scooter helmet from Tourdarson is made of a durable, high-density and injection molded ABS Shell which ensure that you head would be protected while wearing this helmet. Moreover, it is highly ventilated because there are 13 strategically places vents that each on does its part of exhausting hot air out and bringing cool air in which keeps you cooler and sweat free during long session.

    On top of that, the scooter helmet is equipped with adjustable system for you to adjust flexibly to get a better fit. It is super convenience because it is for a wide range of sport such as cycling, skateboarding and so on.

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    5. Flybar

    Flybar Dual Certified

    All of the helmets from Flybar are CPSC & ASTM Safety Certified for bicycling, longboarding, roller and in-line skating, aggressive/trick skateboarding, scooter & pogoing. It comes in a wide range of colors and designs for you to choose from whether you want a cool printed design or a simple solid matte color, each is a great and safe choice. Moreover, it also comes with 12 wide stylish vents to provide you with even air flow to keep you cool. Regarding the size, each style comes in 3 sizes.

    There are small/medium for 53-55 cm, medium/large for 55-58 cm, large/X-large for 58-61 cm. In order to get the perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead. Most importantly, it features strong ABS outer shell and EPS foam inner lining to protect your head from impact while providing comfort and snug fit. Last but not least, the Flybar Certified Helmets features an adjustable spin dial on the back of the helmet to ensure you achieve a perfect and safe fit.

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    4. Razor

    Razor V-17 Youth

    The scooter helmet from Razor comes in one size and fits head sizes of 22inches to 23,5 inches. Moreover, it guarantees full ventilation because it features eleven vents to extract hot air and bring in cool air to keep your head cool at all times. On top of that, it also includes extra pads from you to comfortably adjust the fitness of your helmet.

    It is very easy to put on and take off because it comes with side release buckles for you to adjust and fasten with ease. Last but definitely not least, this helmet is very ideal for young children from 8 years old to 14 years old and it also complies with CPSC standards which ensure that your children would be protected when wearing this helmet.

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    3. MONATA

    MONATA Skateboard

    The MONATA scooter helmet construction is made up of a durable, high density injection molded ABS shell, and it is also equipped with EPS foam for added protection which meets the CPSC/EN 1078 safety standards. On top of that, the helmet is with designed 11 passive ventilation holes to keep you secure and cool even during performing in a hot summer day.

    Moreover, the self-adjusting Lifestyle Fit system allows for easy and precise adjustment at any time thanks to an accessible wheel, thus bringing you comfort of use and maximum security. Last but not least, the skateboarding helmets equipped with micro fiber lining which provides a high comfort on the forehead, and its moisture wicking fabric pulls sweat away from your skins so you would not soaked in your own sweat while performing.

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    2. Retrospec CM-1

     Retrospec CM-1

    This Retrospec CM-1 is tested and approved for many outdoor activities. Moreover, this classic skate design helmet with 8 vents to keep you cool and comfortable and 2 sets of interchangeable pads for a custom fit. Plus, it is fully formed ABS surrounds high quality EPS foam to ensure safety on impact.

    On top of that, you can pick from a variety of matte Colors to perfectly accent your bike and augment your personality and this helmet is recommended for riders who age 14+.

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    1. Triple Eight

    Triple Eight Sweatsaver

    This is a classic skate helmet for everyone with ABS outer shell and stick-free with moisture-wicking Sweatsaver liner. The Sweatsaver liner attaches with hook-and-loop tape and is easily-removable for cleaning; adjustable chin strap. Moreover, Ideal for skateboarding, roller skating, and roller derby.

    It comes in a wide range of sizes from X-small to XX-large which can fit everyone. To determine proper size, measure with a soft tape measure or string and match it with the sizing list. On top of that, it is ideal for skateboarding, roller skating, and roller derby.

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    Buying Guides: What make the best scooter helmet?

    After reading this we hope that you would feel relax and easy when you want to get yourself a good scooter helmet to protect yourself, your children and your family. Here is a list of buying guide to further assist you.

    Material used: If you are the risky rider, you may want to consider going for something made out of Polycarbonate, EPS, ABS or Thermoplastic because it offers better protection and can survive harsh condition.

    Weight of the helmet: The heavy ones are most often more durable because they are stronger. However, if you are in for long rides, you may experience neck strain. If you just riding for 1 hour, you can always go for the lightweight ones as they also provide you enough protection.

    Fit: You need to choose the perfect fit because if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, you may face pain or discomfort.


    After going through the review, you can see that all of the products feature different designs and coloring. However, they are the toughest helmets that provide the best protection for your head during doing sports. If you have found the one you love from this list, feel free to get yours while stocks last.


    Old Edition = Archived Purpose Only - Read More

    Archived List Of Best Scooter Helmets

    MMG Open Face Helmet

    Motorcycle Scooter PILOT

    To start our product review, we would like you to see a scooter gear which is known as Motorcycle Scooter PILOT Open Face Helmet. It is one of the most sturdy motor scooter helmets that come with a design of matte finish. Thus, it looks super duper professional on the wear. Although it looks solid, this product weighs very lightly which always keeps you comfortable on the ride. On the inside, it comes with thick padding system for higher safety. This helps prevent your head from getting crashed when you fall down.

    Other than this, this helmet features an open face design that is highly equipped with a crystal-clear visor. The visor itself is flippable, so it always give you choice between closing down or opening up. It is very smooth and you can always deal with these works with just a single hand while riding your scooter.

    Triple 8 Skateboard Helmet

    Triple 8 Skateboard Helmet

    One thing that you surely and initially like about Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner is that it comes with so many color options. This basically gives you better choice of choosing your favorite color to fit your scooter. Whether you are a starter or an athletic scooter, the manufacture highly designs that special feature, known as sweatsaver liner, to fit all kinds of scooting actions. It also helps to kick away any bacteria from your skin as well. Together with multi impact design, this product surely keeps you safe every time you scoot.

    Perfectly finished with ABS shell and high quality rubber, it brings about studiness and durability. Thus, it does not easily break down even after a few time falling. What is more, Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner does come with chin straps that can be adjusted to fit certain level of your comfortness.

    Micro Blue Scootersauras Helmet

    Micro Blue Scootersauras

    Now, let us draw your attention to look at a kid’s helmet that is considered as one of many cool scooter helmets for children in this 2021. Micro Blue Scootersaurus Helmet features cartoon drawing outer shell that looks really cute on children’s head. It is highly made of solid rubber and plastic to ensure greater durability. On top of the head, you will see air ventilation system that is perfectly constructed to keep constant airfloor. This way, it helps to keep the head of your little ones away from sweat. Also, it does kick away the built up heat during a long period of wearing as well.

    Furthermore, Micro Blue Scootersauras Helmet comes with highly padded interior to keep your children feel cozy all days. Besides, it helps to protect the head pretty well whenever your kids fall to the ground as well. The product also arrives with a soft chin straps that can be regulated to fit the right position.

    AoMigell Kids Helmet

    ADMIRE Kids Skateboard Skate

    Aomigell Kids Boys Girls Bike Helmet is fashionably inspired by unisex design for both gender usage. This one comes in a set of a single helmet and a couple of elbow pads and knee pads for full protection. By having these worn on your kid, you no longer have to worry if they will get injured every time they fall. Thanks to its strong construction, this makes it fit to most outdoor sports including bicycling and scooting. Moreover, the product itself comes with various sizes that fit from 3 years old kid onwards. It is also lightweight on head; thus, it does not make your little ones feel uncomfortable at any rates.

    The helmet is actually made of grand PC plastic and polystyrene materials which can greatly withstand great strength. At the same time, it is well padded on the inside to make sure that the head of your kid can never get hit whenever they fall or crash to the ground. The chin straps is also built with velcro closure to ensure a good stay regardless of any activities.

    Triple Eight Lil 8 Certified Helmet

    Triple Eight Lil 8 Certified Helmet

    If you are currently looking for any womens scooter helmets, we sure believe that you would love to own this Triple Eight Lil 8 Certified Helmet. Like the previous product, this one is highly designed to fit both genders, men and women. Its simple yet fashionable construction makes it look good to most kind of sports including scooting, skating, and bicycling. It also comes with many colors so you can easily choose between blue, pink, green, black, and white. Highly made of ABS materials for its outer shell, this helmet perfectly deals with high impact and strength like nothing else.

    More importantly, it comes with EPS liner that has great ability to resist moisture. Therefore, it keeps you away from sweat while you are doing sports. To ensure that there is increased comfortness of users, the manufacturer adds extra sweatsaver fit pad for better result to sweat proof. Triple Eight Lil 8 Certified Helmet also delivers the best custom fit to all sizes and shapes of heads as it features fit dial strap that can be conveniently adjusted.

    Triple Eight Helmet with Saver Liner

    Triple Eight Helmet with Sweat

    Up next, it is also another product from Triple Eight Company. This one is known as Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner. It is a budget-friendly scooter gear to own because it is below 100 bucks. Although it comes with cheaper price, it has so many good features to consider. By having this on, users can totally feel at ease because of its very comfortable, soft, and well padded interior. Together with its tough outer shell and high impact design, this gear is a very suitable materials to have for most types of outdoor sports.

    It is not only designed for scooting, but users can as well use it for biking, and skating. Similarly to its family members, this one does feature sweatsaver liner to ensure a good wipe of sweat from your skin. Thereby, allowing you to continue doing your sport with convenience.

    Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner (Medium)

    Triple Eight Helmet

    The top ranking on the list is still given to the one from Triple Eight brand. This product looks like a retro scooter helmet on the head. However, it has a very simple build of red and black colors to makes it looks suitable to almost every type of people. What customers love most about it is its lightweight feature. This makes it super comfortable to wear, easy to carry and hold, and perfect for storage. The outer shell of this helmet is designed in matte black color while the inner padding system comes in red.

    The chin safety straps comes in style of mixture between black and red making it looks very unique. Perfectly built with ABS plastic, it is not easy to break and can handle high impact. Apart from this, it has air vent system to chase away built up heat and sweat from your head and hair during sport as well.

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