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Top 10 Best Shopping Cart Covers Reviews In 2020

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    Shopping cart covers are pretty useful when shopping with your baby. It is a great way to prevent the baby from getting into contact from germs on the shopping cart and its handles. Most bacterial and viral infections in children are as a result of infections from the shopping cart. You need a shopping cart cover to offer protection of your baby from all manner of germs. Choosing the best shopping cart covers on the market should not be a difficult task if you know the best. In this post, we want to help you choose the best-rated shopping cart cover by narrowing your search to ten. These ten are the top picks on the market right now, and you can choose any from the list that best matches your needs. Click here to read the beach cart reviews.

    Table of the Best Shopping Cart Covers Reviews

    10. Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

    Shopping Cart Covers

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    This is a pretty beautiful cover and one that comes with a lovely animal design. It is a great cart cover and one that will serve you well. The cover features a sippy cup strap to keep your baby’s drinks close.  It also features a teether and two toys to keep your baby busy as you do shop. Overall, it is a valuable choice with a safety harness.  The construction is 100 percent polyester, and you can be sure of long-lasting durability.


    • A teeter and two toys
    • Polyester fiber
    • Safety harness
    • Sippy cup stray

    9. Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover for High Chair

    Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

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    The Crocnfrog baby shopping cart cover is a high-chair cover with a polka dot design to look beautiful and lovely. It is a durable polyester construction and one of the most comfortable seats made of 100 percent cotton.  Overall, this cover is silky soft and one that will make your child feel comfortable and relaxed. It is a compact cover that easily folds in less than a minute for storage and easily spreads on the cart. It also features three toys to keep the baby playing and engaged.


    • Three toys
    • Polka dot design
    • Durable polyester construction
    • 100 percent cotton seat

    8. Lumiere Baby Shopping Cart Cover for Baby & Toddler

    Lumiere Baby Shopping Cart Cover for Baby and Toddler

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    The Lumiere shopping cart baby cover is another versatile pick to protect your baby from germs giving you peace of mind. The cover can be used for babies and toddlers giving a complete cover of the handles, back and sides of the cart.  It is a roll-in and foldable design that allows you to carry it in your bag with ease. Other great features include a sturdy Velcro strap to store items like your phone. The phone is protected by a clear screen that allows your baby to play with it without touching it. Overall, this cover is safe to use with an easy adjusting safety harness. The installation is also easy with the Velcro strap and elastic bands on both sides.


    • Easy installation
    • Elastic bands and Velcro straps on both sides
    • Roll-in foldable design
    • Full coverage of the cart

    7. 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover by Crocnfrog

    Shopping Cart Cover

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    This is an attractive shopping cart cover with a lovely owl design to wow your baby while they rest on it. It is a large cover that fits larger carts like the Costco and Target with easy giving your baby full protection from germs.  The cover is a silky soft fabric with 100 percent cotton in the sitting area. Folding for storage and transportation is easy.  The cover also features two toy loops to keep the favorite baby toys. A vinyl cover on the front area gives you space to safely store your phone as your baby watches videos and plays games with it.


    • Vinyl cover to keep the phone and let the baby play games with damaging it
    • Lovely owl cartoon decorations
    • 100 cotton sitting area
    • Fits medium to large carts

    6. Boppy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

    Boppy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

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    The Boppy cart and high chair cover are exactly what you need when shopping with your baby or visiting a restaurant. It is a pretty comfortable cover made of polyester fill, cotton, and polyester. This is an extra-large size cover capable of fitting some of the largest carts and giving 360 degrees coverage.  It also features a slide line system that keeps the baby’s toy within reach. It comes with a bonus plush crinkle toy to get your baby entertained. Overall, this is an incredible cover with safety straps and one that is machine washable.


    • Machine washable
    • Plush crinkle bonus toy
    • Slide line system to keep toys close
    • Polyester fill, cotton, and polyester

    5. Shopping Cart Cover for Baby or Toddler

    Shopping Cart Cover for Baby or Toddler

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    This is another versatile shopping cart and high chairs baby cover for a complete protection from germs. It features a unique upside-down design where the cute animal decorations on the cover face your baby. This is a quality cover with see-through pockets to place your phone and entertain your babies with games and videos.  It is a unisex universal design that fits a wide range of carts. The installation process is also easy with Velcro straps and elastic bands to secure it. You can also fold it and fit it into a pouch for easy storage.


    • Foldable to fit a carry pouch
    • See-through cover
    • Lovely animal decorations that face the child
    • Unisex and universal fit design

    4. Boppy Luxe Jumbo Dots Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

    Boppy Luxe Jumbo Dots Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

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    The Boppy Luxe shopping cart cover is a plush design that will offer maximum comfort to your little one. It features a plush Minky seat that feels warm and comfortable for your baby.  The cover includes a storage pocket for personal items and a bottle pocket. You can have peace of mind when shopping with the cover fitting most carts and high chairs.  A further patented slide system helps keep toys within the baby’s reach.  For safety purposes, there are two-point safety harness and safety straps that keep the baby secure.


    • Machine washable
    • Two-point safety harness
    • Safety straps
    • Extra-large
    • Plush Minky seat

    3. 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover and High Chair Cover

    Shopping Cart Cover and High Chair Cover

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    This is another 100 percent cotton baby cart cover for complete germ protection. It is a durable cover that fits a wide range of carts covering the handle, backrest, sides, and legs.  It features a universal design that installs easily. A super stable buckle keeps it firmly in place. The gray color of the cover makes it a perfect unisex design to suit both boys and girls. You can be sure your baby is protected and comfortable with a removable pillow for added comfort.  The seat is full harness guaranteeing the safety of your baby.


    • Unisex gray color
    • Buckle straps to keep it place
    • 100 percent soft and non-irritating cotton
    • Easy installation

    2. Shopping Cart Cover for Baby Or Toddler

    Shopping Cart Cover for Baby Or Toddler

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    This is a highly rated cart cover with wide coverage of the cart to offer maximum protection from germs.  It is a lovely colorful design that comes with two loops for the toys, a teether a see-through pocket to place your phone. The see-through pocket allows your baby to play with your phone without damaging it. Overall, this is a unisex and universal cover that will fit a wide range of shopping carts. It also includes two small pockets to keep toys and snacks and a large pocket for your personal items.


    • Universal and unisex design
    • Two small pockets for toys
    • Large pocket for personal items
    • See-through cover for the phone
    • Two toy loops and a teether

    1. Leachco Prop R Shopper Body Fit Shopping Cart Cover

    Leachco Prop 'R Shopper Body Fit Shopping Cart Cover

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    The Leachco baby cart cover is the perfect blend of cotton and polyester to give you a comfortable seat for your baby.  This cover is 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton.  It is a quality cover made in the USA to the highest standards. The sizing is quite generous giving a complete cover of the cart and ensuring your child is fully protected from germs.  Inside padding adds to the comfort making this one of the best cart covers.


    • Generous sizing
    • Inside padding
    • 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton
    • Unique snug side and hug props


    When shopping with your baby, make sure great care is taken to ensure they don’t touch cart handles which are highly contaminated. Get one of these amazing cart covers to keep your baby safe. These are the best shopping cart covers on the market so go ahead and order one that suits your needs with confidence.

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