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Top 10 Best Ski Bags Reviews In 2022

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    If you love skiing, then you know the challenge that comes with carrying your ski board everywhere you go. Taking your ski with you requires a unique bag specially designed to hold the ski whether on the car or plane. A proper ski bag is essential to keep your gears and equipment safe from damage. The bag also makes it easier for one to travel. There are hundreds of ski bags on the market something that makes it difficult for skiers to choose the best ski bag.

    In this post, we have narrowed your search for the best ski bags to just a few that we think will offer excellent value for your investment. Read on and choose one that best suits you. You can find more about the ski jackets.

    Table of the Best Ski Bags Reviews

    10. Stage Ski Bag

    Ski Bags

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    The Stage Ski bag starts our list with great features that allow for safe storage of ski bags. It is a large a great bag with a broad top opening for easy access and loading of the ski.  The bag further features external and internal stabilization straps that help hold the ski in place and prevent damage. It is a durable choice made of the 600D fabric and large enough to fit two skis of up to 175cm.


    • Fits two skis
    • Internal and external stabilization straps
    • Wide top opening
    • Durable 600D fabric

    9. Athalon Single Padded Ski Bag

    Athalon Single Padded Ski Bag

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    This is a high-density polyester constructed ski bag with a waterproof backing to keep your skis safe and dry from damage. It is a one pair ski bag ideal for travel with friends.  That bag fits a single ski measuring up to 155cm in length. Both ends of the bag are fully padded to protect your sis and prevent it damaging things it knocks when on transit. It also features interlocking and self-healing zippers.


    • Self-healing and interlocking zippers
    • High-density polyester
    • Holds one pair of skis
    • Fully padded end to end

    8. Athalon Padded Single Ski Bag- Up to 190CM

    Athalon Padded Single Ski Bag - Up to 190cm

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    This is a longer Athalon ski bag capable of holding a single ski measuring up to 190cm in length.  It is another tough choice when you have a longer ski measuring up to 180cm. The bag is durably constructed using high-density polyester fabric. It is waterproof and strong to keep your ski protected at all times.  It also features adjustable straps that securely hold your ski in place. Comfortable grip handles allow for easy carrying. Overall, this is a great ski bag with lightweight and robust construction.


    • Made of high-density polyester
    • Comfortable grip handles
    • Waterproof backing
    • Adjustable cinch straps



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    The BRUBAKER is another single ski bag with a durable polyester construction and strong double zippers. The bag securely holds your ski in place and allows for safe transport from point A to B. It features adjustable straps that secure the ski in place and prevent it moving around. The bag is partially foam padded on the inside and features a cut-resistant silver glass fabric lining to prevent any scratches on the skis. Overall, it is one of the most reliable ski bags made of the durable 600D fabric with double PU coating.


    • Strong double zipper
    • Adjustable straps
    • Partial foam padding
    • Double PU coating
    • 600D fabric

    6. High Sierra Double Nordic Ski Bag

    High Sierra Double Nordic Ski Bag

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    This is one of the largest ski bags on the list with capabilities of holding two pairs of skis measuring up to 210cm.  It is a pretty versatile ski bag with adjustable compression straps to securely hold the skis in place and prevent damage. The straps prevent the skis from shifting. They are easy to release allowing for faster access to the skis. The interior of the bag features dividers that are padded for better organization and protection of the skis. Overall, this is a strong ski bag with polyethylene board reinforced ends.


    • Both ends of the bag are reinforced with a high-density board
    • Holds two pairs of skis
    • Quick-release adjustable straps
    • Padded interior dividers

    5. Athalon Deluxe Ski and Boot Bag Combo Set

    Athalon Deluxe Ski & Boot Bag Combo Set

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    This is water repelling and high-density ski bag made of polyester and sports nylon. It is a long-lasting bag to help you move with your skis everywhere you go. It features self-healing high-quality coil zippers that open and close with ease. The compression straps are quick releasing and hold the skis firmly in place. The exterior of the bag features a heavy-duty webbing to prevent tear and wear. Overall, this bag is ideal for use anywhere with comfortable grip handles to help you carry it.


    • Comfortable grip handles
    • High-density polyester fabric and sport nylon
    • Water repellent
    • Self-healing coil zippers

    4. High Sierra Medium Ski Bag

    High Sierra Medium Ski Bag

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    This a durable 420D ski bag with a high weight to protection ratio. It is a great pick when you need a strong but lightweight ski to transport your skis easily.  The bag features DWR coating that offers light rain protection and a high degree of wind resistance.  It is a lightweight design weighing a mere 1.5 pounds. The interior of the bag is soft to protect your skis. It also features quick release adjustable straps and heavy duty exterior webbing. Overall, this ski bag can hold a ski measuring up to 165cm.


    • Self-repairing coil zippers
    • Quick release adjustable straps
    • Heavy-duty webbing
    • Lightweight design

    3. High Sierra Deluxe Single Ski Bag

    High Sierra Deluxe Single Ski Bag, Mercury/Black/Red Line

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    This High Sierra is a single ski bag with a large main compartment and U-shaped opening for easy loading and access.  The bag holds a single ski measuring 185 cm in length.  It features a padded center that helps protect the bindings. Each of the bags features quick release adjustable straps for securely holding the skis in place. The webbing handles are long and also work as shoulder straps giving you several carry options. Overall, this is a convenient ski bag to use as you wish. The extra-large handle features padding to allow for comfortable carrying.


    • A large main compartment that holds up to 185 cm ski
    • Padded center
    • Quick release adjustable straps
    • Extra-large padded handle
    • Long webbing handles

    2. High Sierra Deluxe Wheeled Double Ski Bag


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    This is one of the most convenient ski bags with a fully padded interior to protect your skis at all times. It is an excellent choice with two zippered exterior pockets to offer you more storage space for personal items. The bag can hold one or two pairs of skis and features straps that hold them in place. Carrying with a padded shoulder strap and grip wheels is easy.


    • Shoulder Straps
    • Tough grip wheels
    • Fully padded interior
    • Holds one or two skis
    • Two zippered exterior pockets

    1. High Sierra Pro Series Double Adjustable Ski bag

    High Sierra Pro Series Double Adjustable Ski Bag

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    The High Sierra Pro is one of the toughest ski bags made of the 400D and 840D fabric to withstand many years of use. It is a durable bag with an adjustable strap system to fit skis from 170-210cm. The bag features U-shaped opening and a large main compartment that is fully padded.  Its interior features dividers to hold gears. Overall, this is a durable ski bag for pros skiers. It offers large storage space with zippered front pockets for small items.


    • Fully padded interior
    • Dividers for storing gears
    • Extra front zippered pockets
    • Adjustable straps durable 400D and 840 D fabric


    Keep your skis safe and make them easy to carry everywhere you go by getting the best ski bags on the market. You have no excuse not to buy the best as we’ve already reviewed the leading ski bags on the market for you. Choose one that best suits your skiing needs and order right away.

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