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Top 10 Best Table Tennis Paddles Review In 2022

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    The best table tennis paddles can be the difference when it comes to winning a table tennis game or losing. This is why it is important to choose a tennis paddle that will make it easier for you to play and win the game. With thousands of models to choose from, it can be challenging getting the best one. This is why we have taken our time and carefully selected for you the best of these table tennis paddles on the market. Read through our table tennis paddle reviews to choose a paddle that best suits you.

    Top 10 Best Table Tennis Paddles Reviews

    10-Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddles

    Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddles

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    This is a plywood tennis paddle designed for basic level play and great durability.  It is an excellent paddle that comes with a memory book to note own your scores, winnings, and personal messages. The paddle features a jet basic rubber and a flexible PVC side to protect the racket. For better control, the blade has a flared handle. Overall, this is high-quality tennis paddle sold with a 30-day money back guarantee.


    • Flexible PVC side tape
    • Jet basic rubber
    • Five plywood design for durability
    • Memory book bonus

    9-JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle

    JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle - 4 Pack Pro Premium Table Tennis Racket Set, 8 Balls, Professional/Recreational Game Racquet, Practice Training Bat, Accessories Bundle Portable Kit Cover Case Bag

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    This is a versatile kit of four ping pong paddles, eight tennis balls and a portable carrying case bag to get you started on your tennis game. It is a superior quality tennis paddle for better control, spin, and speed.  The paddles measure 9 inches long and 5.9 inches wide to create the best balance. They are a durable choice made of the five-plywood and feature an ergonomic handle which is flared for better control.  The ITTF approved rubber surface offers better spins and high bounce. Overall, these paddles are a top choice since they come with eight 40mm tournament balls.


    • Eight 40-mm tournament balls
    • Sturdy 5-ply pure wood blade paddles
    • Measure 10inches long and 5.9 inches wide
    • Eco-Friendly durable rubber

    8-MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle

    MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle Advanced Training Table Tennis Racket With Carry Case (2PCS)

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    This is a professional ping pong paddle set with good spin and control.  They are a versatile choice made of the 7-plywood blade to feel a little heavy but deliver high performance.  The surface is made of quality rubber and 2mm sponge for better ball bounce. This set features comfortable flared handles for easy control. Overall, these paddles are ideal for advanced training and all lever players. They come with 100 percent money back guarantee within 60 days from the date of purchase.


    • 7 plywood blade
    • A little heavy
    • Excellent performance with selected rubber and 2mm sponge
    • Two paddles and a carrying bag
    • Flared type handles

    7-Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle

    Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle Advanced Trainning Ping Pong Racket With Carry Case, 7 ply Wooden Blade with Long Handle

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    These are a set of professional ping pong paddles for better control, stability, placement, and accuracy.  They are a tough pick with seven pure baseboard layers.  These seven layers of cotton help to control the ball speed. A protective film over the paddles helps prevent dust and friction. Overall, these are quality paddles with 0.44mm rubber protection to prevent damage. The shipping package includes three professional balls to get you started right away.


    • Seven layers of cotton materials
    • 0.4mm rubber lining protection
    • Quality paddle handle
    • Protective film to avoid rust and friction

    6-STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

    STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

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    This is a high-performance table tennis racket with an ITTF approved rubber to meet tournament standards.  The paddles feature a crystal technology that hardens the plate to deliver great speeds of the ball. With a performance rating of 82 controls, 77 spin, and 80 spins, you can never go wrong buying this racket.  It is a fantastic choice with a 2mm sponge and a 5-ply light blade.


    • 5-ply light blade
    • 2mm sponge
    • ITTF approved rubber
    • Crystal technology hardens

    5-Ping Pong Paddle Set NIBIRU SPORT

    Ping Pong Paddle Set (4-Player Bundle) 4 Ping Pong Paddles, 8 ABS Tournament Level Balls | Convenient Storage Bag | Full Table Tennis Set | Advanced Speed, Control, Spin | Indoor & Outdoor Play

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    This is a premier quality of two sets of table tennis paddles and eight balls of high-quality ABS plastic. It is a valuable buy to get you started in your tennis play right away. These two sets are of high-quality with each racket made of the firm plywood and ideal sponge. The racket hits the ball with the right speeds, control and spins helping you win. The provided balls are durable enough to withstand both indoor and outdoor play demands. Overall, these are superior quality paddles that can be used by people of all ages.


    • A great set of four paddles and eight premium 40mm balls
    • Durable and firm plywood paddles
    • Sponge thickness
    • Premier thickness and balance

    4-Upstreet Ping Pong Paddle Set

    Upstreet Ping Pong Paddle Set includes 4 Ping Pong Paddles with 3 Star Ping Pong Balls for Table Tennis

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    This is another exciting set of four high-end table tennis paddles with seven layers to deliver a tremendous bouncy. They are covered with a high-quality rubber to withstand the high, rigorous demands of the tennis games both indoor and outdoor. You also get ten professional ping pong balls of standard 40mm size.  You can enjoy 9.4 control, 7.6 spin and 7.8 power ratings with these rackets.  This coupled with the excellent customer service, and 12-months warranty makes this paddles a great buy.


    • A set of two paddles
    • Ten professional and standard size 40mm balls
    • Seven layers of bouncy
    • Rubber protection

    3-Ping Pong Paddle JT-700 with Killer Spin

    Ping Pong Paddle JT-700 with Killer Spin + Case for Free

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    This ping pong paddles features an aggressive playing killer spin to help you get the right balance, speed and control to win matches.  It is a new design paddle with a lovely yellow painting.  The paddle features the best quality rubber and a 2mm sponge to offer great ball bouncy. Made of pure plywood, this is a durable choice with good ratings of 79-control, 82-fast speed, 91-stable and 82 spins.


    • High-quality rubber
    • 2mm sponge
    • Cool yellow design
    • 5 Ply pure wood

    2-STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

    STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

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    This is another highly rated STIGA table tennis paddle for high-performance play. It is a professional tennis table paddle and comes featuring an ITTF approved rubber to match tournament standards. The use of carbon technology ensures you get accurate control, great power, and speed. Other great features include a 7-plywood light blade, 99-speed, 100-spin and 80 controls. S5 rubber protection and a further 2mm sponge ensure both durability and high performance.


    • ITTF approved rubber
    • 2mm sponge
    • Carbon technology
    • 7-ply extra-light blade

    1-Table Tennis Ping Pong Set

    Table Tennis Ping Pong Set - Pack of 4 Premium Paddles/Rackets and 6 Table Tennis Balls - Soft Sponge Rubber - Ideal for Professional & Recreational Games - 2 or 4 Players - Perfect Set On The Go

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    This is the leading table tennis paddle on the market with a 5.6mm thickness and a 5-ply blade to give you an edge over your opponent. These paddles are versatile when looping strokes. Each of the paddles comes covered with the high-quality spongy rubber at 1.55mm thickness to offer you superior spin and control. You get four premium paddles which are a great set and six balls to get you started. The handles of the rackets have an ergonomic grip for easy handling. Overall, these paddles are ideal for both the beginners and professionals.


    • Ergonomic grip
    • Ideal for both beginners and professionals
    • Six balls bonus
    • Superior rubber cover


    Enjoy your table tennis game by buying the best table tennis paddles on the market right now. The reviews above bring you the best selection on the market so that you can take less time shopping and instead concentrate on your game. Buy from our list above to get the best quality and good value for your money.

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