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Top 10 Best Trunk Coffee Tables in 2022

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    Is it hard to find a proper table for your coffee time with your friends at home?  Get a trunk coffee table now, you will be surprised after knowing about its benefits. Trunks that are used as coffee tables are becoming very trendy these days. Not only do they a touch of vintage style to the space, they’re also roomy enough to store stuff like extra blankets, books, magazines, electronics, DVDs, or anything else you don’t want to keep out in the open for everyone to see. So, in this article, we have come up with a list of Top 10 Best Trunk Coffee Tables in 2022 for you to sift through below.

    List Of Top 10 Best Trunk Coffee Tables in 2022

    10. HOMES: Inside+Out

    ioHOMES Achley

    A table is one of the important furniture that every house has it for the important use. We may use the table for many purpose but mostly we can see that in our living room, there is always a table for placing things; especially, things of decorative purpose like a candle, cup, book, vase and more.

    Like this HOMES table, it is made for serving as a trunk table for your living room. We can call it a trunk coffee table. This table is made from wooden material with its size of 47 inches in length, 17 in width and 17 inches in height. It contains 2 large drawers which you can store many things in there. The weight of this table is only 37 pounds which you can move it around by hand.

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    9. Vintiquewise

    Vintiquewise QI003250L

    Some people just love to have atypical things in their house just like this Vintiquewise table whose style is really different from other tables. The table is decorated with a pirate treasure box look but it can actually be used as a table. This trunk coffee table has its size of about 23 inches in width, 12 inches in dimension and 14,5 inches in height.

    It can serve as a storage box while at the same time it can be your table too. You can easily put this in the living room or anywhere else. You can also move it around too because it is not too heavy in weight. It has a real finish material of antique wood which is really cool and creative.

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    8. Styled Shopping

    Styled Shopping Newport

    Styled shopping is also a wooden made table which you can buy one for your house. This wood table has the finished look with brown color with very clean design. You can also use this trunk table for any purpose as you want.

    It does not mean you can only use it for drinking coffee but you can use for learning purpose, for party and also for storage as well. About the storage, this table also come with its one big storage inside which allows you to place just about anything inside there.

    The size of this table is about 29 inches long and 19 inches in height. The estimated weight of this trunk table is only 20 pounds that is not heavy. So, you can move it around.

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    7. Furniture of America

    Furniture of America

    There are many types of tables that we can find in the furniture store; however, this Furniture of America table is very unique in its design; it could bring style and creativity to your area. This table is made out of wooden material and equipped with metal parts and some other design. This finish looks for this table make it look like a big treasure box.

    The size of this table is quite large with its length of about 42 inches, width of about 24 inches and height is about 18 inches. Not only used a table, it is also made with a big storage inside it. This hidden storage is just there below the tabletop. If you wish to move it around, it may require around 2 people to hold it since its weight is quite heavy of about 62 pounds.

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    6. Household Essentials

    Household Essentials

    Another unique looking trunk coffee table is from Household Essentials brand. This is a medium size trunk table which can serve many purpose of using. It can be your coffee table, chilling or drinking table and also be your storage box at the same. So, it is very convenient to have this one at home. The size of this table is around 18 inches in length. The height is about 11 inches.

    Moreover, underneath the tabletop you will find a storage there whisch you can place anything small things you want. At first glance, it looks like a jewel box but it is not because the design is inspired by that look only. The table itself is also painted colorful that makes it extra attractive, too.

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    5. Festnight

     Festnight Vintage

    If you are looking for some vintage looking table, you can also choose this Festnight Trunk coffee table here. This vintage styled table is very simple in its look but it has its unique design. It is made from wooden material and the finish look is painted with multi-colors.

    The size of this table is around 33 inches in length, about 20 inches in width and about 14 inches in its height. So, as the size describes, this table is quite small to place it in your bedroom or living room. You can also move it around as well. Not only serve the table itself, this table also has its own cabinet beneath that allows you to store small, necessary items.

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    4. Southern Enterprise

    Coffee-Tables, Cherry


    Trunk coffee tables are available everywhere; especially, at the furniture store. However, you can also find it online just like this Southern Enterprise brand which allows you to order it by your own. This table is very beautiful in its own style. It looks like an old-styled table placed where people gathered around and discuss over their business with the table.

    Its finish color is a dark cherry color. Imagine the look of this table, it is very neat and so high class. Just like other tables, this trunk table also has the storage part where you may store your stuff there. The overall table dimensions are about 39 inches for the length, 21 inches for the width and 19 inches for the height. The table’s weight is 65 pounds.

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    3. Best Home Products

    Best Home Parsons

    The Best Home Products also has its own coffee trunk table which you can also find it very good to buy one for your living room. If you have seen the look of this table, you will love it because it is designed very simple and also cool at the same time. This table is converted from hardwood material and hardware material. The finish look of this table is very solid with black color painted on.

    Under the tabletop, there contains a big storage where you can use to keep everything you might need either a pillow, blanket and more. The inside space is about 4 inches high. The overall size of this table is 35 inches quite big but not too heavy that you can lift and move it around with ease.

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    2. Pemberly Row

    Pemberly Row Rolling

    Here, we can see that this table is also has some vintage look and very unique from other tables, too. It has 4 wheels too that very quick to move it around with the wheels. Beneath this table, there is a wide storage that you can use it to store your accessories.

    With its appropriate size, you can place anywhere you want. Its overall size is about 37 inches. Moreover, its height is very suitable and it is about 18 inches only. Regarding the weight, this table’s weight only 62 pounds.

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    1. VidaXL

    vidaXL Rustic Storage

    Last but not least, we have another brand from VidaXL which is quite a good brand that offers high quality tables. The material of this table is made wood. This table is a hundred percent handmade product but they make it very neat and of good quality. The length size of this table is 43 inches with 16 inches height. Since its made from wood material, the weight is quite heav; of about 50 pounds.

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    Buying Guide for trunk coffee tables

    When buying important furniture, you have to consider how it’s made and other criteria. If you skip some must-have points, you might end up choosing a wrong table for yourself. So, below, you will find some guiding points to choose the right and best trunk table for your needs and preference.

    Material: First thing first, you have to look at the material that the table is made of. So, it can depend on your preference as well but you have to make sure you check on how it is made from. You may look for wooden material or plastic material but make sure it is strong enough to resist damage.

    Size: Secondly, you may look at its size because if you buy trunk coffee tables, you should not choose any table that is too big because it might eat your space. So, you can to consider you space first when buying a table.

    Shape: Shape is also important because if you choose the wrong shape it might look awkward to fit in. So, you also need to know about where you will place them first so that you can determine which shape of table you may choose. Mostly, the rectangle shape is the most suitable one.

    More functions: If you buy a table that can serve many purposes, you choose the right one because you get to save your budget at once. You should buy trunk tables that also contains drawers or any storage that you can place your accessories too if that’s one of your needs.


    Now you have just gone through the Top 10 Best Trunk Coffee Tables in 2022 and their features/information. Own one of these models now as you will not only get a durable and sturdy coffee table but also a secret and safe space for storage. Any of them should serve you well.


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    List of  Top 10 Best Trunk Coffee Tables in 2022

    10. Pyramid Trunk Table Collection

     Pyramid Trunk Table Collection , 1 Coffee Table , 2 End Tables Set , Oak

    First off, we would like to start with this Pyramid Trunk Table Collection by FurnitureMaxx. This is a chest coffee table that is comes with a set of a cocktail table and another two end tables. The size of the coffee table is 37.75″ W x 20.75″ D x 19″ H, while the ends table size is 20″ W x 20″ D x 23.75″ H. What is more, the whole structure of this trunk collection is built with a tough black metal, which has a premium quality that can guarantee the quality and durability of the table.

    More importantly, this table is also designed with a lid open space for your additional storage as well. Aside from that, you can also find it convenient to put this table together since the installation is so quick and easy.

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    9. Woolwich Trunk Coffee Table with Lift Top

     Woolwich Trunk Coffee Table with Lift Top - Accent Furniture -Framed drawer fronts-

    Woolwich Trunk Coffee Table with Lift Top is a rectangle trunk coffee table that is designed with a huge storage inside the table. This storage trunk coffee table is built with a movable top surface which you can put and hide your personal belonging from other people eyes.

    Apart from that, this Woolwich Trunk Coffee Table with Lift Top has is tough which is designed to be used for long lasting. Its whole structure is made of the high-quality hardwood and finished with oak veneer for durable use.

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    8. go2buy Storage Coffee Table Wooden Trunk Sofa

     go2buy Storage Coffee Table Wooden Trunk Sofa Table for Living Room, Espresso

    This is a Storage Coffee Table Wooden Trunk Sofa brought to you by go2buy. This vintage trunk coffee tables comes with the overall size of 119 x 59 x 43 cm / 46.9 x 23.2 x 16.9’’ (LxWxH). The structure of the table is made of a premium board and melamine which can ensure the longevity and the quality of the table to be used for a very long time.

    In addition, this trunk coffee table comes with additional space for storage inside the table which you can easily slide and put your belongings in. what is more, it is designed for multiple usages which you can use as the coffee table, study or working desk as well as a dining table.

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    7. Rustic Gray Large Wooden Storage Trunk Coffee

    Rustic Gray Large Wooden Storage Trunk Coffee Table with Two Drawers

    Rustic Gray Large Wooden Storage Trunk Coffee is a wooden trunk coffee table that is designed with the classic look. With the overall size of 29.25″ W x 18″ D x 19.75 H, this rustic trunk coffee table has come with a large space for storage inside the table. You can either hide your necessary stuff or make it as the glasses storing for drinking coffee.

    What is more, this coffee table is made with a beautiful design that inspire by the traditional style. The special thing of this trunk coffee table is that all the designs are crafting by hand. Thus, with this table, you can also use it to enhance your home decoration as well.

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    6. Target Marketing Systems Vintage Trunk Style

     Target Marketing Systems Vintage Trunk Style Living Room Coffee Table With Lift

    You probably surprise with the look of this coffee table. Yet, this Target Marketing Systems Vintage Trunk Style is made with a creative idea which can provide you a hug space for storage. It can function as your secret place to hide your valuable items. Aside from that, the overall dimension of this table is 40.5″ L x 15.75″ W x 21.6″ H, and it is weighted around 32 lbs.

    This size has made this coffee table as a perfect treasure chest coffee table for any living space. What is more, the top structure of the table is made of metal while the bottom base of the table is made of wood. All the materials used to produce this table are having a good quality which can ensure the durability of the table.

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    5. Pyramid Trunk Storage Bench Coffee Table

    Pyramid Trunk Storage Bench Coffee Table

    Coming to another best model of the trunk coffee table, we have this Pyramid Trunk Storage Bench Coffee Table in the list. This is a durable and sturdy antique trunk coffee table which is made of MDF wood and finished with pine veneer for a long-lasting use. Furthermore, this table has a tough construction of its feet which is made of a good quality of solid pine that could provide a well support to the body of the table.

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    4. Furniture of America Cassone Contemporary Trunk

    Furniture of America Cassone Contemporary Trunk Style Coffee Table

    Furniture of America Cassone Contemporary Trunk is a product from a US company which designs this table with the traditional look. Coming with a sturdy construction, the overall structure of this trunk coffee table is made of a tough wood with the metal frame, and finally finished with the cherry for its smoothness. This can make sure that it can be used for a long period. What is more, this antique trunk coffee table also builds with the size of 18″H x 42″W x 24″D which is suitable for any area of living.

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    3. Southern Enterprises Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Coffee Table

     Southern Enterprises CK1224T Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Coffee Table

    Here, let’s check out another well-made trunk coffee table from Southern Enterprises. It is called the Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Coffee Table. This black trunk coffee table is made with the authentic inspiration which makes the table looks like a traditional furniture that is valuable. More than that, its traditional look also makes this table more unique which can enhance the decoration of your house.

    Apart from that, this coffee table is made of a high quality of pine and MDF as well as metal which makes the table stay strong despite the heavy-duty use. More importantly, it also comes with the safety axes that could protect the table from crashing.

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    2. Yaheetech Slide Top Trunk Coffee Table

     Yaheetech Slide Top Trunk Coffee Table with Storage Box & 2 Drawers, Espresso Finish

    This is the perfect and durable Espresso Slide Top Coffee Table that is designed for multiple uses such as a coffee table, display table, bookshelf, working desk and so on. Yaheetech Slide Top Trunk Coffee Table is made of a good quality of board and melamine which makes it a tough and durable table that you can use over years. What is more, this vintage trunk coffee table also offers you a secret and safety space to store your valuable items as well.

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    1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

     Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Mestler Coffee Table - Cocktail Height - Rectangular - Rustic Brown-Trunk Coffee Tables

    Here, we have come to the last and best trunk coffee table which is this Ashley Furniture Signature Design. This model of table gives you a variety of different styles which includes a cabinet sofa table, coffee table, square end table and so on. All the styles of this table offers you a natural look which you can feel fresh while drinking coffee. What is more, this storage trunk coffee table comes with the size of 42″W x 28″D x 18″H, and its structure is made of manmade wood which is tough and can guarantee the quality of the table.

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