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Top 10 Best UV Meters in 2022

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    Ultraviolet lights are used in so many different areas starting from medical to industrial processes. They help in sterilizing products, conduct different experiments, manipulating environmental processors, and much more. A UV meter is used to measure the UV radiation measurement in the indoor and outdoor conditions accurately. This measurement can help in taking correct decision for fulfilling different requirements perfectly. The following is the list of the top 10 best UV meters in 2108 that you should consider buying if you need one.

    List of Top 10 Best UV Meters in 2022

    10. ELEOPTION UV Strength Tester

    ELEOPTION High Precision UV Strength Tester UV Meter

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    This UV meter has the measurement range from 0 to 20 UVA and UVB. There are five functions available from month to seconds. It comes with 30-second alarm sound by default. You can set the timing in 12-hour or 24-hour scale. There are calendars available for 4 years and various chimes available for different operations. The LCD screen shows the reading which is readable in the bright outdoor light. All you have to do is press the U button and make the meter sensor face the sunlight.

    9. TOPCHANCES UV Strength Tester

     High Precision UV Strength Tester UV Meter Photometer

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    This is another handheld UV strength measuring meter ranging from 0 to 20 UVA and UVB. The increment is 0.5 unit. It operates on battery and the sensor is highly sensitive. The accurate is also praiseworthy and the color is not going to fade when placed under the strong sunlight. This is a newly launched product and the design is quite eye-catching. The display screen is readable under strong light and you can hang it anywhere where the sunlight falls directly.

    8. Solarmeter UV Index Meter

    Solarmeter Model 6.5R Reptile UV Index Meter

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    This UV meter is specifically designed for reptile husbandry and the design is eye-catching. The device and brand have their reputation in the worldwide market and various breeders and scientists rely on it completely. The meter is easy to use even though it might look intimidating at first. There is a Ferguson Zone chart for instant UVI readout with accuracy. The reading is readable on the screen and if you want you can save it for future references. As the battery starts to go low, the reading will become dim. One battery lasts for nearly 2 years.

    7. Sper Scientific UV Light Meter

    Sper Scientific 850009 UV Light Meter

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    The product features under Amazon’s Choice for UV light meter category. This is a highly accurate UV meter used for scientific purposes. The construction is compact and it can sense long and medium waves. It is a widely used product in the forensic department, dermatology, chromatography and much more. One can also use it in the natural environment as well as museums. It is used in various other scientific applications in the laboratory and industry. The product is certified for its accuracy and it shows, max, min, average and can record data.

    6. REED Instruments Lux Light Meter

     REED Instruments R8120 Lux Light Meter

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    The design of the UV meter is quite new and the sensor for measuring the intensity is detachable. The digital screen shows four digit precision and the measuring unit is LUX. The measuring range is up to 20000. The device is mountable on the tripod and there is zero adjustment screw. There is a separate sensor cover provided and the battery has a long life. It is easy to carry from place to place due to its compact and portable size.

    5. General Tools Digital UVA/UVB Meter

     General Tools UV513AB Digital UVA/UVB Meter

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    Unlike other digital UV meters, it has backlit LCD screen which makes the reading visible clearly under the strong surrounding light. The screen can show up to 4 digits and the maximum and minimum range is shown. There is a low battery indicator so that you can understand when to replace it. When the measurement goes over the range, you will get an indication and the product has traceable calibration with certification. The range of measurement is 280 to 400 nanometers. The device finds application in the laboratory, industrial processes, environment monitoring and much more.

    4. General Tools Digital Light Meter

    General Tools DLM2000 Digital Light Meter

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    This is a different version of digital light meter from the same brand we have covered in the previous product. There are more controls onboard for data recording. The product is lightweight and easy to carry around. There is low battery indicator and overload indicator. Zero adjustment is perfect and it is ideal for low light conditions. The measuring unit is LUX and there are six different ranges of measurements possible. The digital screen shows the data with accuracy and precision.

    3. Solarmeter Advanced UV Index Meter

    Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV Index Meter

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    This UV meter uses Silicone Carbide for effective measurement. It is used for reptile light intensity and aging. You can record, monitor and compare data. The operation is easy and the sensor is highly sensitive. As the battery starts to go low, the reading starts to become dim. The battery life is high and there are various color options available to choose from. There is also a spectrum chart provided on the top for an instantaneous conclusion.

    2. Enshey FUV-001 Smart UV ( Ultra Violet ) Checker

    Finlon Smart UV Checker UVA UVB Meter

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    This is a smart device, you can read the readings on your smartphone or tablet. This is a futuristic product that will soon take over the market for its convenience and contemporary technology. The data are displayed in real-time via Smart UV Checker app. The design of the device is compact and lightweight. It sports semiconductor sensors for high sensitivity and accuracy. The wavelength range is 240 to 380 nanometer while the operating temperature is 20 to 50 degree Celsius.

    1. Dr.Meter Digital Illuminance Meter

     Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter-UV Meters

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    This is the bestseller in the photographic light meter category at present. There are four different ranges of measurement possible in LUX. The accuracy is quite high and the response is instant. There is an over-range indicator and the display shows the reading with units. It can store data for past references. The power consumption is very low and the company offers one year of warranty. The operating temperature is 32 to 104 degrees in Fahrenheit scale. It finds application in all the different fields where measurement of light intensity is a necessity.


    While buying a UV meter, do check the wavelengths that selected meter can measure. There are three different wavelengths available in the ultraviolet spectrum and not every device is equipped to measure the entire spectrum. There are some that are suitable for indoor and industrial use while others are tailor-made for continuous outdoor exposure. All the above-listed top 10 best UV meters in 2108 are of premium quality, highly accurate, and durable.

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