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Top 10 Best Medical Walking Boots for Broken Ankles & Foot In 2022

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    When you think of it, the feet are the most neglected parts of the body. This is why most people do not take their time to take proper care of their feet. However, if you have ever been affected by feet complication either because of standing for long,  wearing the wrong type of shoe or accidents you know how hard to can be walking from one place to the other. Fortunately, with the best walking boots, it is possible to perform your daily activities without much pain.

    Whether you are suffering from a foot injury, ankle sprain or fracture wearing solid walking boots is crucial for your recovery. These shoes are designed to offer protection to the damaged area to ensure that you take a little time as possible to recover.

    Remember to expect for the lucky few who had specially fitted walking boots to fit your specific needs; it is not easy finding a good pair through the multitudes available in the market. After taking a considerable amount of time and energy scouting for the best models on the market, we rounded up a list of the best walking boots you can find on the market today. More: Best shoe storage benches

    Table of the Best Walking Boots Reviews

    10. United Surgical Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

    Walking Boots

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    If your work involves walking for long distances, you can keep up with your activities without extreme feet fatigue or injury. In fact, this boot is designed to help treat a wide range of foot injuries including soft tissue injuries, acute ankle sprains as well as stabilizing lower leg foot after ankle fracture. These boots are crafted from plastic moulded uprights with spring steel reinforcement to ensure durability. In addition, the shoes feature a shock-absorbing cushioned insoles to reduce impact when walking.

    Key features

    • Low profile and rocker bottom
    • Contoured strut design
    • Shock-absorbing cushioned insole
    • Light in weight

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    9. Aircast SP – Short Pneumatic Walker Brace & Walking Boots for Foot

    Aircast SP - Short Pneumatic Walker Brace / Walking Boot

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    The Aircast SP Walking Boot is a removable cast designed to help you tackle your day-to-day activities while still recovering from an injury. It uniquely designed to offer you protection as well as pneumatic support ensuring stable fractures of ankle and foot. The shoe has a lightweight, and semi-rigid shell with a pre-inflated interior cell that you can customize to meet your feet comfort.

    Key features

    • Lower rocker sole boosts your mobility
    • Universal fit
    • Provides pneumatic support
    • Offers roomy interior for dressings without sacrificing comfort

    8. United Surgical Air Cam Walking Boot for Sprained Ankles

    United Surgical Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

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    The United surgical air cam walker boot features a low profile and rocker sole that promotes natural gait allowing you to perform daily tasks. Made by a reputable company, you can be sure to get the best comfort ensuring no pain when walking. Besides, this shoe features an adjustable and contoured strut ensuring that the boot conforms to the user’s feet. What’s more, the boot has a high weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

    Key features

    • Provides good traction
    • Lightweight construction
    • Upright moulded uprights
    • Rocker bottom promotes natural step

    7. Aircast AirSelect Walker Walking Boots

    Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace / Walking Boot

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    If you are having problems walking because of an injury, you will love these shoes from Aircast. Unlike other models, this brand has engineered their shoes to provide ultimate comfort and protection for your feet. The shoes are crafted from high-end materials that ensure durability. Another unique feature that comes with these shoes is the overlapping air cell lines that provide pneumatic compression which is great for healing various feet conditions including oedema.

    Key features

    • SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock
    • Skid-resistant rubber tread
    • Open-frame design that provides ventilation
    • Semi-rigid shell providing full-shell protection

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    6. Aircast FP Foam Pneumatic Walking Boot

    Aircast FP Foam Pneumatic Walking Boot

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    With a reputation for combining irresistible design and innovative technology, this is a perfect choice for someone looking for more mobility. The shoes come with incredibly low weight and firm shell to ensure your feet get maximum protection. It is a full size-walking boot with an advanced design that ensures flexibility around the calf for strength and comfort.

    Key features

    • Protection and pneumatic support
    • Hand bulb air pump makes it easy to customize
    • Universal fit
    • Foam Pneumatic

    5. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

    BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

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    If your primary concern is durability above every other thing, then these boots from BraceAbility are a great choice. These boots are clinically proven to treat and protect your feet against metatarsal fracture; sprain, stress fracture broke toe as well as any other injury that requires you to immobilize your foot and still be able to walk to perform your work. The boot comes with a comfortable deluxe foam line, an open to design and wide toe bed that allows for room for bandaging and swelling.

    Key features

    • Clinically proven to treat and protect your feet
    • Comes with a comfortable foam liner
    • Polymer plastic offer rigid protection
    • Wide toe bed and open to design,

    4. Cam Walker Fracture Boot

    Cam Walker Fracture Boot

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    Produced by one of the most popular orthopaedic boot manufacturers the Cam Walker fracture boot stand out from the competition thanks to its ability to provide good stability for trauma as well as post-operation victims. For this reason, any person suffering from lowers leg injury, soft tissue afflictions, and stress fractures, this is a perfect choice. The boot comes with a low profile bottom that removes the pain from your plantar while promoting a natural gait.

    Key features

    • Lightweight construction
    • Comes with a comfortable innersole
    • Provides good traction

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    3. Short Cam Walker Fracture Boot

    Short Cam Walker Fracture Boot

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    Comfortable orthopedic boots are not simple to come by. However, short cam fracture boot is one of the few models that ensure optimal comfort while remaining affordable. Along with providing you with flexibility thanks to its lightweight design, this boot comes with exclusive straps that ensure a good fit regardless of your needs. Additionally, this boot comes with an ergonomic frame that provides the best protection and support.

    Key features

    • Ergonomic frame
    • Comfortable and not too heavy
    • Contoured struts reduce pressure
    • Steel-reinforced plastic uprights

    2. United Surgical Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

    United Surgical Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

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    The United Surgical fracture boot is another high-recommended boot that enables the user to maintain the correct posture when walking. It is characterized by soft and lightweight materials that ensure flexibility without compromising your foot comfort. More to that, this boot comes with a sturdy yet versatile frame that keeps your ankle and foot in a stable position.

    Key features

    • Lightweight construction
    • Consistent internal air balance
    • Open-toe design allows for bandaging
    • Foam material feels soft

    1. ProCare XcelTrax Air Tall Walker Brace/Waling Boots

    ProCare XcelTrax Air Tall Walker Brace

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    Not only will this walker brace provide unrivaled protection, but it also offers the user with great mobility and pneumatic support that is much needed when you have a lower foot injury. The boot is designed to help you overcome various foot injuries including ankle sprains, post-operative trauma, fractures, as well as forefoot injuries. When you purchase this boot, you will also benefit from the air pump that allows you to customize the boot to fit your needs. Additionally, thanks to the soft nylon coupled with foam liner, your foot will get additional cushioning that absorbs shocks allowing you to walk comfortably.

    Key features

    • Unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame
    • Absorbs shock from walking thanks to a soft, comfortable liner
    • Integrated pump design makes it easy to adjust
    • Lightweight design for flexibility

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