Top 10 Best Women’s Tennis Rackets in 2018

Are you a core fan of tennis? Do you wish to have a beautiful, well-designed, and highly-functioning racquet for 2018? We know you really want to have an ideal racquet. Thus, we have worked hard to compile you a list of top ten best women’s tennis rackets of the year, and we will review tennis rackets selected below. We hope you’ll enjoy the reading.

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List of  Top 10 Best Women’s Tennis Rackets in 2018

10. Wilson US Open

The best product goes to Wilson US Open. You would admire its qualities if you are going to read about this last product. Wilson US Open have it all as an ideal racquet. The product is made of aluminum. As as result, it is strong and good for your performance in many situations. Additionally, this tennis racquet got 10 in regards of the approval for its quality.

However, the strung doesn’t come with a cover. Furthermore, it is highly recommended for amateur players. Lastly, the product comes with four sizes. Hence, you have more options to choose for your own styles and skills.

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Oppum is the best tennis racquet brand. There are only a few other brands that are as good and well-known as Oppum. The product comes with a number of features that make it the eight-best tennis racquet for female players.

First, the material is fully made of carbon fiber, strong and helps you to perform well. There is another option for you. You can choose the racket that is made of aluminum carbon and 30% carbon fiber. You can get either one based on your consideration.

Additionally, the model comes with a grip size as 4 3/8. The size is good for both advanced and amateur players. Moreover, the structure is integral forming while it is also very lightweight. Lastly, the racquet is as heavy as 0.61(lb).

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8. Wilson US

Do you still hesitate to get a right option? It is not much difficult because Wilson US can help you. There are several qualities that you would fall in love with the product. Wilson US comes with the technology as called as Arc2. This cutting-edge technology helps you to stabilize and gain full control on the racquet. Furthermore, another technology adopted in the design as known as ‘Double Hold’ allows you to maximize power to fully perform. Additionally, the technology gives incentive to a greater sweet spot.

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Lastly, the model is an ideal because it combines essential elements such as power, control and comfort. Hence, the product is highly recommended for beginners and intermediate players.

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7. Wilson Hyper

Do you want to consider other options before making decision? This is okay because Wilson Hyper could be the one you would fall in love. The product got the fourth-best rank for a number for reasons. It is designed with power frame. Therefore, it is highly recommended for players who have short and compact swings. Furthermore, oversized head also helps to generate more power.

Additionally, the head helps to make a heavy balance. Hence, you can have a good stability as well as momentum. Lastly, you can adopt pattern of open string so that you can get more spin and power.

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6. Wilson Federer

There is always imperfection in perfection. And, if you are not yet satisfied with the aforementioned racquets, Wilson Federer could be a good one. The product got the third-best place for several reasons. It adopts high-end technology as called as Arc technology. Hence, the stability is greater while you can have extra control on the racquet.

Furthermore, the grip is perforated; thus, you can have more comfort while playing with this cool racquet.

Additionally, the strings maximize power. There is no wonder that Wilson Federer got the third-best place. Lastly, the stop shocking pads cuts down vibration of racquet. As a result, you can have better control. We believe this one is just right for you.

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5. Wilson Tour Slam

Are you still looking for a perfect one? Here you got another option. Wilson Tour Slam got the second-best rank for a few reasons. First, the racquet is synthetic. Additionally, it is made of aluminum, strong and good for your performance. Furthermore, it adopts the cutting-edge technology as known as ‘Volcanic Frame’ so that you can have greater stability and power.

Moreover, power is increased by the strings well designed by Wilson team. Lastly, the vibration can be reduced for a better control due to a careful design on stop shocking pads.

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4. Babolat Aeropro Lite Tennis Racquet

One of the ultimate picks is this lovely tennis racket from Bobolat. It is a fast-selling racket that comes in 2 sizes you can select. It is weightless, weighing only about 10 ounces – perfect for girls, women, juniors as well as the elderly. For superior performance, this one is great in terms of speed, spin, and comfort.

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The racket is finished off with a special painting, signaling your opponent that you are using the latest Aero technology of Bobolat. And, you can always request it to be prestrung when it arrives at your doorstep.

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3. Senston Professional Tennis Racquet

Here, let us introduce to you a racket from another reputable brand, Senston. This one is available in 3 beautiful colors – blue, white, and black & blue. The string used is polyester string, which performs better compared to nylon strings. For the racquet’s construction itself, it is made of aluminum, boosting the racket’s flexi and stability.

The overall weight of the item is about 280 g. Package includes the racket, racket cover, vibration damper and an overgrip. Please always use the racket overgrip when you are in the game to extend the handle’s life.

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2. HEAD Tour Pro Tennis Racquet

Want a tennis racket with an oversized head? Check out what the HEAD Tour Pro Prestrung Tennis Racquet has to offer. The racket comes with a big head for optimal sweet spot and the additional power you may need during the play. Its special Titanium O-Beam craftsmanship promotes added comfort, strength and durability while the Nano Titanium Technology enhances stability and power.

And, it comes in 3 sizes you can choose from. Plus, be noted the racquet will be prestrung and no cover will come along the package.

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1. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet (4-1/2), Strung
$79.95$99.99 (20% off)

What we have here is a top notch tennis racquet made of graphite and titanium; super light yet of mighty performance. The racquet will feel great in your hands. You will feel very little vibration as well. It is a game changer especially for all beginners and intermediate level players. If you want to splurge a little on a high performing tennis racquet, this is probably the one.

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Whether you fall in love with nike tennis racquet or any other brands, it is good that you choose a racquet based on your skills and techniques. We hope after you check out these tennis rackets, you could buy tennis racquets that are just right for you. We wish you all the best.

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Babolat Pure Drive Blue/Black Tennis Racquet

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Are you looking for tennis racquets for your weekend exercise? Babolat comes for you. There are several reasons that make the product the tenth-best rank. It comes with a powerful machine. The racket is designed to allow the tennis players to balance between power and feeling. As a result, you can get a remarkable performance. Furthermore, the racket’s size comes as followed. The head is 100 in² while the length is 27 in.

Additionally, the strung is as heavy as 11.2oz. The racket comes with a power level between low and medium while you can adjust stroke style between medium and full. Also, the string’s tension is between 50-59 lbs. Lastly, the racket adopts the latest technology as call as FSI technology.


Aoneky Adult Tennis Racket

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Do you still hesitate to get a right racquet? There are other several options. One of those options is Aoneky. The product deserves the seventh-best place for some reasons. First, both frame and handle are integrally molded.

What’s a thorough design idea? Additionally, the racquet is made of carbon aluminum. Therefore, it is strong, durable and good for your performance.

The model also has an upgraded version when it comes to hand grip. Lastly, the grip length is 4 1/8 inch. You should get Aoneky soon.

Wilson Tour


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The sixth-best racquet for female players goes to Wilson Tour. The product is good and ideal for some reasons. The model comes with a head with a size of 112 square inch. Moreover, the racquet is designed for your comfort while it won’t make you fear to highly perform with such power. Additionally, it is highly recommended for beginners because it got a big hitting area. No matter how little contact you have, it could guarantee your performance.

Additionally, with the length of 27.5 inches, you can hit the ball with an additional momentum. Lastly, the product comes with cutting-edge technology. Hence, you can maximize power on each of your swings.


Are you looking for a better option? Wilson could be a good option for you. There are several features that you would fall in love with the model. The product is designed with oversized head. Moreover, the frame is lightweight; therefore, it is easy for you to play with this racquet. Lastly, the product is highly recommended for a female player who has advanced ability.

These qualities mark the product one of several good tennis racquets. You should not hesitate to get this one as there could be only a few products that are able to match with Wilson.

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