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Top 10 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors in 2020

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    Blood pressure with slight deviations can have serious consequences. High blood pressure has been one of the most life-threatening factors and patients with a history of blood pressure related ailments need a constant check so that any kind of irregularity can come to notice before it turns disastrous. Wrist blood pressure monitors serve the exact purpose conveniently any kind of chaos. These devices keep a track of the blood pressure and keep the patient aware of the status. These devices are chosen on the basis of their reliability and ease of use. Though the options are many, here is a list of most powerful and reliable devices that will help you keep an eye on your blood pressure.

    List of Top Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Review

    Accurate Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff for Home with BP Monitors Pulse Hypertension Measurement Larger Cuff 2 Users AC Adapter for Elderly LCD Yellow Display
    Clinical Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Accurate, FDA Approved - Adjustable Cuff, Large Screen Display, Portable Case - Irregular Heartbeat & Hypertension Detector by Generation Guard
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    Magicfly Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Case, FDA Approved, Heart Zone Guidance and Irregular Heartbeat Detector, 90 Memory Capacity,Two User Modes
    PrSung Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - FDA Approved - Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors with Case
    iProven Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watch - Digital Home Blood Pressure Meter - Manual Parent Blood Pressure Cuff - Clinically Accurate & Fast Reading - BPM-337 by iProven (Grey)
    Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from GreaterGoods, Ultra Portable High Accuracy Readings with Easy-to-Read LCD, Two User Support and 2-Year Warranty
    Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor FDA Approved by Generation Guard with Large Screen Display Portable Case Irregular Heartbeat BP and Adjustable Wrist Cuff Perfect for Health Monitoring
    Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor ST-501
    Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor; 100-Reading Memory with Heart Zone Guidance and UltraSilent Inflation by Omron
    Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor - Platinum Series, 5.5
    $27.99$39.99 (30% off)

    10. Accurate Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


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    Available in two colors black and white, this blood pressure monitor makes monitoring and easy and quick job. The reading is available in minutes and the device is extremely lightweight to be carried anywhere for a continuous check.


    • The LCD screen of this wrist monitor displays the results making it easy to use and understand.
    • The entire process involves clicking on just one button as compared to the traditional methods.
    • This device can store the last ninety readings to keep a pattern ready for medical examinations and overall results.
    • The cuff fitting perimeter is 13.5-19.5 cm and the device come with a ninety-day warranty period

    9. Clinical Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


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    This user-friendly device is proven to be extremely reliable. Approved by the FDA, this device comes with a power saving operation that shuts down the device automatically after three minutes of use to keep the life prolong.


    • The device utilizes the Oscillometric technology and fits a circumference of 13.5-21.5 cm.
    • The device can accommodate saved data of two users, with 90 readings each and 180 readings in total.
    • The device notifies the user in case of irregular heartbeats while in use.
    • Recommended by doctors, this device comes with a warranty of two years.



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    This device simplifies the tracking of blood pressure as well as the pulse rate. This quick, compact size and the user-friendly device works with the Oscillometric principle and weighs 9.6 ounces. The entire process is completed with a simple click on the on/off button.


    • The LCD display makes it easy to read the results and these results are further stored automatically.
    • The auto-power-off function is activated if the device stays idle for more than one minute.
    • The device is small in size and can be carried along to keep a check on the go.
    • The devices simultaneously register systolic-diastolic pressure, heartbeat and the pulse rate.



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    The device is extremely easy to use and provides reliable results in minimum time. This on-the-go friend is compact and easy to carry so that you can keep a track of your health even when traveling. This device weighs four ounces.


    • The device comes with LCD display for easy understanding which displays pulse, blood pressure, date and time.
    • This device can store previous data of ninety readings and provides an average of last three records.
    • The device features three colored vertical bars to understand blood pressure results. The green color indicates normal blood pressure, yellow indicates slightly higher blood pressure and red is a warning.
    • This device works with two AAA batteries.



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    This device provides with an insight about the health of your heart and the blood pressure. Compact in size, the device is perfect to be your travel partner so that you can stay updated about your health. The device is extremely reliable.


    • The LCD screen facilitates easy reading and you can get your results at a glance.
    • The cuff automatically inflates during the measurement and the device gives access to data of sixty previous recordings.
    • The readings are available within mere thirty seconds and the device also detects irregular heartbeats.
    • The device comes with a hundred days money back policy.



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    This FDA approved device is one of the good looking and extremely reliable devices that help you monitor your blood pressure and heartbeat even on the go. The device is very easy to use, and the results are available in almost no time.


    • The LCD screen displays oversized numbers so that the readings becomes easy to understand.
    • This device is perfect to be shared by two persons simultaneously as it has the capacity to save the data of both.
    • This device fits a circumference of 13.5 to 21.5 cm. The device comes with a pouch for easy storage.
    • This blood monitoring device comes with a warranty of two years.



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    This blood pressure monitor makes life easier by keeping a track on the blood pressure with its state of the art technology. The device features effortless controls and is extremely reliable in terms of the results. The monitor works with two AAA batteries which are a part of the package.


    • The cuff of this blood pressure monitoring device fits the wrist sizes of five inches to nine inches.
    • The measurements are available on the LCD screen which can display the same in mmHg or kPa.
    • This device features the memory recall function which allows the user to save the previous reading in case not done before.
    • This device has got you covered as it comes with a hundred percent money back guarantee.



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    This device is approved by the FDA and is fully automatic. The blood pressure monitoring device is accurate and easy to use. The measurements can be stored to keep a continuous track of the pattern. This lightweight device can be carried along while traveling as well.


    • This device features an extra-large LCD so that the results are easy to read.
    • This device can be used by two people and has the capacity to store sixty readings of each person, making it a 120 in total.
    • The device comes with a carry case and operates on two AAA batteries.
    • The device notifies in case of irregular heartbeat.



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    Omron is one of the known names when it comes to health monitors. This device is easy to use and is recommended by many doctors. The results are reliable and accurate with the inflation being quiet. The entire process takes nothing more than a minute.


    • This device can help review and store as many as hundred readings taken in the past.
    • The device facilitates immediate notification in case abnormal or irregular heartbeat is detected.
    • The package includes the device, the carrying case, and two AAA batteries.
    • The LCD displays the results including the pulse rate, date and time.


    Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

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    This device fits a cuff size of 5.5- 8.5” and is one of the most clinically accurate devices available in the market. This device is easy to use and is extremely compact to be carried along. This device is FDA approved and powers off automatically when not in use.


    • This device has a large LCD display so read the results conveniently. The backlight of the screen makes reading possible in the night.
    • This device features an irregular heartbeat indicator.
    • This monitor can store as many as six readings from the past to keep a track of the pattern.
    • The readings take one minute and the device comes with a warranty of one year.


    High Blood pressure can be extremely dangerous. Heading towards a clinic is a time-consuming process and with these automatic devices, you can stay updated in no time. Choose one of the reliable devices today to steer clear of any health disasters in future.

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