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Top 10 Best Car Tents & Car Garage Shelters In 2022

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    Ever you want to protect your car from the various meteorological conditions but don’t know how? Are you still searching for a car tent? You might be in luck, because today we are talking about car tents and which one you should buy. Getting the perfect car top tents can be difficult, because they have different sizes, colors and even frame thicknesses. Choosing the right one is really important as you don’t want your car to be too hot or too cold, or your paint to be affected by the harsh conditions it faces every day. Plus, you don’t want to get into a blazing hot or freezing cold car whenever you want to go somewhere, right? First,

    I would like to say that this mega-review is not done in any particular order, so the first won’t be the best and the 10th won’t be the worst! Without any further introduction, here are the 10 best car tents that might be worth your money:

    Table of the Best Car Tents for Camping

    10. Caravan Canopy 10×20-Feet Camping Car Tents

    Car Tents

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    This sturdy car tent gives excellent water resistance properties. The polyethylene top is infused with heat-seal technology designed to protect your car while keeping damage from UV rays to a minimum. Powder-coated steel legs gives long lasting support and have foot pads for increased stability. This tent stands 8 feet 9 inches tall and creates a sheltered space of 200 square feet. The Caravan Canopy Carport weighs in at 58.2 pounds and that is about it for this one, nothing special here, but you shouldn’t expect anything special from this lower-end spectrum of tents. However it does its job pretty well, not to mention it looks pretty good too.

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    9. Abba Patio Heavy Duty Portable Car Canopy Shelter

    Portable Garage Car Canopy Shelter

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    If it wasn’t for the quality of these products, we wouldn’t be talking about it this much, but Abba Patio is returning to our list with a tent in the more premium category. This one is a 12 x 20 feet white polyethylene tent that features 8 1.5 inch steel legs and 3 removable panels. The polyethylene cover extends to cover the sides for maximum protection from the elements. The walls created by the cover can be detached depending on the weather condition. The versatility of this one makes it great for travelling because you can remove the 3 panels and take it with you.

    8. Abba Patio 10×20 Portable Garage Car Canopy Shelter

    best roof top tent

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    This one is just continuing the trend, a premium, Abba Patio tent. This is a Beige, 143-pound tent, featuring 8 1.5 inch steel legs. At 9.4 Feet it is a pretty tall tent. It creates 200 square feet of sheltered area. Heavy-duty bungee cords are included in the package to keep the cover of the tent in place. I would have nothing to complain about this one because it just looks gorgeous with the beige finish, plus, it is a very premium, robust tent which doesn’t need much assembling.

    7. The Quictent 20×10 Waterproof Car Canopy Tent

    metal carport canopy

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    The Quictent Heavy Duty Car Carport is another lower end one. It comes in at 8.7 feet tall and 79 pounds in height. The frame is made out of 1.5-inch thick steel and your car is protected from UV light and water. After all, no one wants a car with rusted and UV-light exposed paint. Besides all that this one should fit a pretty big vehicle inside because of its 8.7-foot tallness. Extra-thick polyethylene cover is used for long-term protection and maximum durability. The cover won’t tear and has excellent waterproof and UV-resistant qualities.

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    6. Qisan Metal Carport Canopy Car Tents with Sidewalls

    portable car canopy

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    This one is again following the lower end portable car canopy trend. This one comes in at 10 x 20 feet, and 38.9 pounds hence it is advertised as “calm environment only”, and you should really listen to that, after all, you don’t want your tent flying all over the neighbourhood. That set aside this one sport a white powder-coated iron framework. At that 38.9 pound mark, I wouldn’t be able to find a reason not to buy it if I would need a really portable and convenient car tent.

    5. Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Car Shelter

    car storage tent

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    For this one, we are returning to Abba Patio tents, but this time we are taking a look at a smaller, but not necessarily less premium one. The Abba Patio Storage Shelter is a heavy duty 8×14 feet tent sporting 6 1.5 inch legs. The tent looks really good and will house your car inside with no problem, just make sure it is not too gigantic!

    4. Abba Patio 10×20 Outdoor Car Tents with Legs

    portable car canopy

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    Here we are talking about an Abba Patio product again. The Abba Patio Outdoor Carport Canopy is featuring 6 1.5 inches in diameter legs and is made out of water resistant polyethylene not to mention it is quite a tall tent at 9.5 feet. This one is perfect for taller vehicles because of that 9.5-foot tallness.

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    3. Abba Patio Outdoor Portable Garage Shelter

    portable garage shelter

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    The Abba Patio Carport Car Canopy is, obviously, yet another Abba Patio car tent, and if you thought this one is an exception to the Abba Patio premium build quality, this one is not an exception. This is a white car tent with 8 steel legs and a peak height of 9 feet. If you don’t feel the comfort, maybe your car will.

    2. Abba Patio Heavy Duty Canopy Storage Shelter

    portable garage shelter

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    The Abba Patio Storage Shelter is a grey polyethylene 10 x 10 feet tent. It measures in at 120 x 120 x 104.4 inches packed, while still being reasonably heavy at 80 pounds. The poles are made of steel with a diameter of 1.5 inches. This is a sturdy car tent that won’t fall over your car and most importantly protect it, plus it is very simple to assemble.

    1. Bestmart INC 10x15ft Heavy Duty Beige Carport Portable Garage Storage Shed Canopy


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    Last, but not least, we have the Bestmart INC Garage in-a-Box Canopy Carport weighing 102.5 pounds and built out of polyethylene. It is using slightly slimmer legs at a diameter of 1.375 inches. The framework is made out of powder-coated steel. This one is a good choice for those of you who need a bigger car storage tent. Despite to little-known brand, this tent can do it all while not shouting “I’m rich!”

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