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Top 10 Best Fuel Transfer Pumps for Sale Reviews In 2022

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    Fuel transfer pumps come in a variety of sizes with various features meant to fit the job and task at hand. While some are portable, others need to remain stationary. Several have the ability to dispense not only gasoline, but petrol, pesticides, and even water. When searching for the right pump for you, several different factors should affect your decision.

    Because pumps operate using different voltages and amounts of energy, be sure to know if it is energy and/or fuel-efficient. Pumps can also be extremely loud you should determine what the volume level is when the machine is in use. Different brands offer their own manufacturer warranties with specifically stipulated requirements.

    Before purchasing, know the requirements, and if your unit will be replaced, refunded, or if you are responsible for costs and will await reimbursement. Finally, depending on the exact job and your particular needs, certain products have extra features or are known to work better in specific situations. It is with that in mind that we present you with a list of the best fuel transfer pumps worth giving a try.

    Table of the Best Fuel Transfer Pumps

    10. Fill-Rite FR1210G Fuel Transfer Pumps 12 Volt

    Fuel Transfer Pumps

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    If you spend a lot of time filling your farm or off-road vehicles, you’ll likely appreciate the flexibility of the Fill-Rite FR1210G Fuel Transfer Pump. It is engineered to pump Diesel, gasoline, and many types of kerosene and methanol, making it the hands-on choice for a great deal of the market. The pump itself is rated to put out 15 gallons per minute through the included 12-foot hose that comes fully equipped with a manual nozzle so that you can use it on all types of equipment. This model also proves to be quick to setup. There is a telescoping suction pipe that can be inserted into the tank that you draw from, giving you a greater range for deep storage tanks.

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    9. Goplus 20GPM Gasoline 12 Volt Fuel Transfer Pump

    Goplus 20GPM Gasoline Fuel Transfer Pump

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    With most fuel transfer pumps 12 volts, there is a performance hit in terms of the voltage once you start trying to pump at higher rates of speed. Not so with the Goplus 20 gallons per minute Fuel Transfer Pump. You can easily operate it with 12 DC volts, allowing you to connect it to your truck or tractor and start transferring anywhere that you are. It is also engineered to sit flush with flat tanks, allowing you to set it up rapidly and start pumping. Like the Fill-Rite, the Goplus is capable of transferring several different types of fuel.

    8. FUELWORKS Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

    Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

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    If you are looking for mobility, the Fuelworks Electric Transfer Pump is one that you will want to consider for your boat, home, or farm. It is a small pump that can output 10 gallons of Diesel per minute. It isn’t engineered to handle other types of fuels, but for Diesel work, the 13 foot included hose makes it more useful than most base models. This pump is not using for gasoline.

    7. Fill-Rite Telescoping Suction Pipe Fuel Transfer Pump

    Fill-Rite FR4210G Fuel Transfer Pump

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    Like its sister model that pumps 15 gallons per minute, the FR4210G pumps several different types of fuels. The primary difference is that it can pump fuel at 20 gallons per minute, saving you time if you have large equipment to fill. Engineered for safety, Fill-Rite uses only the safest materials and tests extensively for durability so that consumers can feel comfortable coming to rely upon their model without having to worry about maintenance cycles.

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    6. Fill-Rite FR711VA 115V AC High Flow Pump

    Fill-Rite FR711VA 115V AC High Flow Pump

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    Although most of Fill-Rite’s Transfer Pumps can be equipped to meter the fuel that you are transferring, the FR711VA AC High Flow Pump ships with an integrated digital meter that will tell you instantly precisely how much gasoline you have transferred at any given time. In addition to a meter, it also features an 18-foot hose that will allow you to manoeuvre more than you can with some of their competitor’s models. Pushing gasoline, Diesel, or kerosene down a longer hose is no problem for the 115-volt engine that is rated to be explosion-proof. Of course, having an automatic nozzle makes it very simple to set the high flow pump up and then just turn the nozzle on like you are at a gas station. You can then focus on planning your next move while your tank starts to fill up. This model of high flow pump will pump all fuels that it is rated for at 20 gallons per minute.

    5. Goplus 110V Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump for Oil

    Goplus 110V Electric Diesel Oil Fuel Transfer Pump

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    If you have joined the Metric age and measure your fuel in litres, the Goplus 110V Diesel Oil Fuel Transfer Pump is a good option. It includes a meter that measures the output flow through a 13-foot hose featuring a manual nozzle. And while it is not engineered to handle gasoline, it does output 60 litres per minute, or about 16 gallons of Diesel and other types of fuel. Additionally, it has a suction hose that can go meters deep into your gasoline tank, making it easy to draw your fuel reserve all the way down while transferring fuel.

    4. ARKSEN Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump 12 Volt

    ARKSEN Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump 12 Volt

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    One of the stronger 20 gallons per minute pumps, the Arksen Fuel Transfer Pump still only requires 12 volts of power to move your fuel. It is built to be used in areas that are busy. You can leave it attached while you work and padlock the nozzle until you need it again. In addition to gasoline, Diesel, and Kerosene, those that use Hexane, mineral spirits, or Heptane will find that it has been tested and rated to work well with those fuels as well.

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    3. Fuelworks 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

    Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

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    Designed to lock onto a gas tank or a barrel, the Fuelworks 10305708A is capable of transferring almost all types of fuel at 15 gallons per minute. It ships with a 14-foot cable that has a manual nozzle that can be adjusted to fit almost any type of tank. Drawing only 12 volts, the power cable is long enough at 6 feet to reach any portable power source that you plan to use.

    2. DuraMax Fluid Transfer Pump & Rolling Gas Can

    DuraMax Fluid Transfer Pump

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    Electric motors are an excellent way to transfer fuel. On the other hand, there are times around the farm where it is more convenient to have a sturdy tool that can back up your efforts. The Duramax Flo n’ Go is actually a rolling 14-gallon resin gas can that has a siphon hose attached so that you can fill it from your tank and deliver it to the vehicle that needs gasoline. Simple, straightforward, well-designed, and safe, it will work under almost any type of weather conditions that you yourself are working in.

    1. Orion Motor Tech Diesel Kerosene Fuel Transfer

    Orion Motor Tech 12V Bio Diesel Kerosene Fuel Transfer

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    Although many pumps are designed to transfer fuel from your large tank to your vehicles, the Orion Motor Tech Pump is also capable of being used to pump oil up to storage tanks that are overhead. You can, therefore, use it with Diesel and motor oils and a hose to pump fuel up to a height of 32 feet, making it indispensable as a tool for replenishing large tanks. The fuel output is 12 gallons a minute.

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