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Top 10 Best Gymnastics Balance Beams Reviews In 2022

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    If you’re gymnastics or want your child to train gymnastics from an early age, the best you can do is to buy gymnastics balance beams. Gymnastics balance beams are usually rectangular or cube in shape and made of polished woods. However, the difference always comes in the finish with some of the best beams padded for extra comfort. Padding can be done by leather or suede. When buying gymnastic balance beams, make sure you buy one that is appropriate for your skill and age.

    In this review, you can find the best gymnastics balance beams on the market currently. Read through and choose one that best suits your needs and desires;

    Top 10 Best Gymnastics Balance Beams Reviews

    10-TumblTrak Sectional Floor Gymnastics Balance beams

    Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Gymnastics Balance Beams

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    This is a 4ft balance beam that helps improve your confidence. It is an ideal option for practice sessions that involve handstands, leaps, jumps and obstacle courses. The design of this beam is done in the USA while the manufacturing is done in China. Permanently attached Velcro fastener allows users to create longer beams by joining small ones.


    • Great design in the USA
    • Lightweight
    • Can easily be attached to make longer beams
    • 4ft long

    9-We Sell Mats 9’ Folding Floor Balance beam

    We Sell Mats 9' Folding Floor Balance Beam

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    This is a cheerleader of beginner balance beam designed for skill development. It is a 4” top surface which is the same width as the beams you find in professional games. It is a durable choice made of medium density foam. It is 9” long and has an extra wide base 6” wide to offer gymnastics better stability. Overall, you will get good value for your money as the beam also comes to you at a great price.


    • Standard 4” top surface
    • Wide base 6” wide for stability
    • Compact folding design
    • Made of medium density foam

    8-Z Athletic Gymnastic Folding Training Low Beam

    Z Athletic Gymnastics Folding Training Low Beam for Gymnastics, Tumbling

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    You can get the Z Athletic in two lengths of 9 and 8 feet depending on your practice needs. These beams are lightweight and ideal for training at home. For easy storage and handling, these beams fold in half. The firm and high-density cross-linked poly foam give you solid support where you can walk without the beams sinking. The outer part is further covered with synthetic suede to make it feel more comfortable.


    • Folds into half
    • Comes in two sizes of 8 &9 feet
    • Lightweight
    • Great solid support

    7-The Beam Store 8” Suede Gymnastics balance beams

    The Beam Store 8' Suede Balance Beam

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    This is a low profile balance beam that comes to you with 12” wide support for improved stability. It is 8 feet long, 7” high and 4” work surface areas matching to standard sizes. A soft and firm feel is provided through the top suede cover. The cross-linking of the foam padding in this beam is the same as the ones used in professional games. The weight limit is 250 pounds. A warranty is also issued upon purchase of this beam.


    • Suede covering
    • Heavy grade synthetic suede
    • Foam padding
    • Wood core and low profile

    6-Springee Gymnastics balance beams

    Springee Balance Beam - 9.5’ Extra Long, Folding Gymnastic Equipment for Girls, Boys, Toddlers, Teens - Increase Confidence and Skill in Your Kids - Extra Firm

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    You can easily build strength and confidence using this beam. The Springee is a top quality choice ideal for toddlers to beginners. It has a soft suede cover at the top to give a comfortable working surface area for your little ones. Soft non-slip bumps at the bottom of the beam help prevent it from sliding when in use. This ensures the safety of your little one. It is a space-saving design that folds into 4.9” long for easy storage and handling.


    • A space-saving design
    • Soft suede covers
    • Extra stability
    • Ideal for toddlers to teens

    5-JuberpSky Gymnastic 4ft balance beam for kids

    JuperbSky Gymnastics 4ft Balance Beam for kids

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    JuberpSky is a perfect choice for toddlers, cheerleaders and gymnastics to learn things like jumping, leaping, hand standing and walking. It is a durable choice made of mildew resistant, non-toxic and non-absorbent materials. The top of the beam is 4 inches wide similar to professional beams. Velcro straps help users connect to other beams and get longer workouts. Overall, this is a good choice that is lightweight, easy to carry and one that meets the CPSIA requirements for phthalates and lead.


    • It has a Velcro faster to connect more beams
    • Great top cover that is mildew resistant, non-absorbent and non-toxic
    • Made of heavy vinyl and high-density foam

    4-BestMart INC 7’ Sectional gymnastics floor balance beam

    Bestmart INC 7' Sectional Gymnastics Floor Balance Beam Skill Performance Training Folding

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    This is a pretty comfortable beam balance made of wood, foam and a top suede cover. The suede cover on this beam is the same as the one you get on competition beams so you will be training on the same competition standards. It is a versatile choice for a beam with Velcro fasters that allow users to connect with other beams for longer length beams. This is a perfect beam for kids from 3-6 years. The soft suede cover will protect their feet as they train.


    • Wood and foam materials]
    • Soft suede top cover to protect the feet
    • The 4-inch top which is the same width as most competition beams
    • The sectional beam that connects easily with other beams

    3-Best Choice Products 9Ft Gymnastic Sectional Foldable floor balance beam

    Best Choice Products 9FT Gymnastics Sectional Foldable Floor Balance Beam

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    This is a low profile beam perfect for confidence building at home. It is a long 9ft beam with a 4-inch top surface area same to competition beams. The Best Choice Balance beam is perfect for beginners and experience gymnastics making it a versatile choice. It is easy to store and carry. You can fold it after use without any problems to allow for easy storage. Overall, it is a quality beam made of the vinyl construction and medium density foam.


    • Compact and easy to store or carry
    • Easily folds
    • Heavily built using medium density foam and vinyl construction

    2-TumblTrak Addie Beam

    Tumbl Trak Addie Beam

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    The tumbl beam is a good choice covered with soft synthetic suede same as the ones in competitions. In fact, it feels like the actual competition beam giving you an edge when practicing.  It has molded leg supports made of a plastic material. The legs have a beveled top so that they don’t hurt just in case you slide from your beam. The corners of this beam are also round in shape making you feel safe and comfortable. It is long 94 inches and an ideal choice to consider buying. The beam is further backed by a two-year warranty.


    • Two-year warranty
    • Realistic suede feel
    • Support legs made of molded plastic

    1-Soozier 8’ Folding PU Leather Gymnastic Floor Balance Beam

    Soozier 8' Folding PU Leather Gymnastics Floor Balance Beam

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    This is the best gymnastic beam balance on the market currently and a good choice for either home or gym use. It has joinable arms so that you can easily connect two beams with ease. You attack the hook and fasten the fasteners creating one long beam. After use, you can easily fold the beam for storage. It is lightweight and easy to carry too. Overall, it is a safe and stable beam made from Ec0-Friendly EPE foam material.


    • Joinable beams
    • Ideal for home or gym use
    • Folds for easy storage and carry
    • Stable and safe


    Get any of these amazing gymnastic beam balance today and start improving your skills in gymnastics right at the comfort of your home. These are the best beams on the market currently and best suited to serve your balancing needs.

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